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Park Shin-hye Makes a Drastic Transformation in "Call"


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Actress Park Shin-hye is undergoing a massive transformation.


She is expected to take on the most thrilling role yet in her career. "Call" is a mystery thriller about two women living in the past and the present, connecting through a phone call.


Park Shin-hye plays Seo-yeon, a woman who coincidentally gets on the phone with Yeong-sook (Jeon Jong-seo), who lived in the same house 20 years ago, and tries to change her past. Park Shin-hye expresses not only external changes, such as hair and costume styles, but also delicate changes in emotions, depending on the changing situation.


"I haven't tried anything like this yet, so I chose "Call". Seo-yeon is the complete opposite from the characters of justice I've played until now. It was fun to be her", the actress said.

Director Lee Chung-hyun also said, "She's a very experienced, solid actress. Since she led "Call" as its center, it will act as proof that she can tackle genre movies well".


"Call" is due in March.


"Call" is directed by Lee Chung-hyun, and features Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Sung-ryung, Lee El, Park Ho-san, Oh Jung-se. Release date in Korea: 2020/03.






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[#HighcutEVENT] All of this starts with one phone call? ☎ #Shin Hye Park #Jeon Jong-seo starring Mystery thriller <#call> Do not watch alone?
✔ Winners: 5 winners (2 tickets per person)
✔How to apply: Summon a friend you want to see with your expectations. If you regram this video, the odds of winning UP!
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✔ Ticket Delivery: Monday, March 9


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Yes / high / flight / only / to / all / kill
[Mr. Reseller] # 1 first notice of the call is public!

Retweet the trailer right now
If you tag a friend you want to see with #call_advance shots!
The more friends you tag, the better your chances of winning UP:thumbsup: (-2/11)




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☎️ Call press con will be held on Feb.17. ( next Monday ) At 11 AM KST.

Place: CGV Apgujeong


 #ParkShinHye #박신혜 Seo Yeon

 #LeeChungHyun PD

#KimSungRyoung SY’s mom

#LeeEl YS’s mom

#JunJeongSeo Young Seok




Cr .LolaStarlight1

pic @GJWiJu



#Call Movie new still cut





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Extremely intense # call second poster released!
The freshest combination of 2020!
# Park Shin Hye X #Jeon Jong Seo X #Kim Sung Ryung X #EL
"In the past and present, only one person survives!"
Regram the poster and guess the last one.
☎️ <Call> advance ticket through lottery (~ 2/16)

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Still cut of Seoyeon 's Mother




'Call' Kim Seong-ryeong, mom to protect her daughter.


Kim Seong-ryeong said, "When I first saw the scenario, I was appalled as the pictures were clearly drawn in my head. Seo Yeon's mother, played by Kim Sung-ryong in 'Call', is a three-dimensional character with strong maternal love behind her friend.


Director Lee Chung-hyun, who directed the film, said, "I thought there was only Kim Seong-ryeong who could play the role of Seoyeon's mother."



Park Shin-Hye, who put together the acting breath, said,  “ As I watched Kim Seong-ryung's eyes & acted, the feelings transferred by themselves.”


Expect Call will be released next month.

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 Park Shin Hye's rage smoke is new! Exciting! :scream::scream:
☎️<Call> When you live like Park Shin Hye, what are you most upset about?
(When you're eating, your family treemate eats chicken next to the :triumph::triumph:)
Leave a comment after the video retweet!
We will give you a ticket in advance! (~ 2/16)


 Google Translate








cr: as tagged

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