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[Movie 2020] Call, 콜


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Park Shin Hye's 'hip' overfit suit fashion these days… "Model Look Bonnie"

Enter article 2020.02.20. 9:00 PM
Last Modified 2020.02.20. 9:01 pm

원본 이미지

Actress Park Shin-hye, Fendi 2020 Resort Collection / Photographer Kang Min-suk, Fendi

actor Park Shin-hye showed off a cool overfit suit fashion.

Park Shin-hye attended the film 'call' production report held in CGV Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 17th.


원본 이미지


Actor Park Shin-hye / Photo = News 1, Editor = Lee Eun-hee


Park Shin-hye appeared in a beige suit with a boxy fit that covers the body line.

Park Shin Hye chose a silk suit with a subtle pattern.

He also wore a strong red shirt as an inner jacket, adding points, and the shoes chose neat PVC strap sandals.

Park Shin Hye wore a neat design accessory such as a gold earring and a bold ring that clings to her ear instead of using a colored shirt.


원본 이미지

Fendi 2020 Resort Collection / Photo = Fendi


Park Shin Hye's outfit on this day is the fashion brand 'Fendi' 2020 Resort Collection.

Models in the lookbook wear beige silk jackets with elegant patterns and high waisted wide pants, and ivory loafers with Fendi's logo.

The model leans over the red shirt collar and wears a white belt with a Fendi logo buckle above the pants.

While Park Shin-hye chose a simple accessory, the model produced a gorgeous mood with vintage accessories and fur bags.

The model is wearing a gold medal necklace with a round pendant and a white and beige bag for added points.




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Park Shin Hye And Jeon Jong Seo Show The Vastly Different Highs And Lows Of Their Characters In Upcoming Thriller


Park Shin Hye And Jeon Jong Seo Show The Vastly Different Highs And Lows Of Their Characters In Upcoming Thriller

Feb 20, 2020
by R. Jun

Upcoming movie “Call” has released new stills of stars Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo!


“Call” is a mystery thriller about two women who live in different times and the events that unfold when they are connected through a phone call.


The new stills picture Park Shin Hye’s and Jeon Jong Seo’s characters in shockingly contrasting images.


In the film, Seo Yeon (played by Park Shin Hye) is connected via phone to Young Sook (played by Jeon Jong Seo), who lived in her house 20 years ago. The first still of Seo Yeon shows her happily reaching for a trace of Young Sook that she found in the house after their phone call.


In the following still, Seo Yeon is huddled on the floor in the dark, having crossed paths with a serial killer as a consequence of her phone call to the past.


Meanwhile, Young Sook exudes a sinister air, wearing a dark smile and a blood-stained shirt.

“Call” premieres in March.







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사진 출처: salt_ent IG https://instagram.com/p/B80oT6inp3V/?igshid=npujvfnd3iul




Actress Park Shin-hye's film <Call> Adoration
Let's watch it together
✔ KBS <movie is good>
: Saturday, February 22 10:20 am

✔ LG U + <Movie>
: Thursday, February 27
Google Translate   





☎️LINK: http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/enter/ilov

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Vogue Korea Logo
daily issue

Actresses occupy screens in the first half


In the meantime, it was true that the film industry lacked room for actresses. The role of actresses was limited because of the genre of the movie being produced and the character of the character. Actresses such as Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Hye-soo and Moon Sori steadily said, "I hope the actress will play more roles."


In recent years, more and more actresses have led the play, and since the first half of this year, the actresses have been on the screen.



# Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin Hye has been acting mainly as a cute and lovely character, mainly in a romantic comedy. Her eyes and her voice tone changed. We will meet her new look soon, not Park Shin Hye.




Mystery thriller Call is about to be released in March. A home phone running through time and space connects two women who live in different time zones. <Call>, which depicts what happens next, will create breathtaking tensions and thrills.




Park Shin Hye says she has revealed a sharp and dark side that she has never shown before.


google translate


full article: http://vogue.co.kr/2020/02/21/%ec%83%81%eb%b0%98%ea%b8%b0-%ec%8a%a4%ed%81%ac%eb%a6%b0%ec%9d%84-%ec%b0%a8%ec%a7%80%ed%95%9c-%ec%97%ac%eb%b0%b0%ec%9a%b0%eb%93%a4/?utm_source=naver&utm_medium=partnership

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Park Shin-hye Piques Curiosity in Her Upcoming Mystery Thriller

2020/02/22 Source

Actress Park Shin-hye's latest film, "Call", is set for release next month.


The mystery thriller travels back and forth in time, revolving around two women who are connected through a phone call as they live in a different time and space.


Park plays a woman in the present who tries to change the past, while her co-star Jeon Jong-seo takes on the role of a woman who attempts to change the future.


"Of all the films and TV series that I've appeared in, I can say this film is the strongest and most intense ever", she said in a press event early this week. "Viewers will find something different from the characters that I used to portray".


Jeon, who made her debut in Lee Chang-dong's film "Burning" and also joined the cast of Ana Lily Amirpour's American fantasy film "Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon", also said, "It wasn't easy to portray such an emotional, aggressive and even violent character".


"Call" is directed by Lee Chung-hyun, and features Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Sung-ryung, Lee El, Park Ho-san, Oh Jung-se. Release date in Korea: 2020/03.



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Well, well, well........ This is getting interesting. So JJS character from the past plays a serial killer and it looks like PSH character changed her fate due to her dad. This is like Signal but I hope there is a twist to it lol:lol:.....

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Call (2020) 콜 Movie Trailer | EONTALK



☎️LINK: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_17gbzv8eIA&t=15s


Call (2020) 콜 Movie Trailer 2 | EONTALK


☎️LINK: https://youtube.com/watch?v=sOuV9qLMedc



Coronavirus  Spreads, Film Emergency, Release Date, Promotion Schedule 'All-Stop'

As the number of coronavirus confirmed rapidly increased, the film schedule was 'all-stop', with the upcoming films canceling the premiere and interviews.




full article: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/312/0000436901

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[포토] 박신혜, 스릴러로 인사드려요~



전종서 (Jeon Jong Seo)-박신혜 (Park Shin Hye), 냉미녀와 온미녀의 절묘한 조화 ('콜' 제작보고회)




[1st Trailer] movie 'Call' will premiere in Taiwan on April 2020


【聲命線索】首支預告 朴信惠 × 全鐘瑞主演燒腦驚悚懼作!4/1 鈴聲響起



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Korean Film Director Gets Mistaken for a Handsome Young Actor at a Recent Press Conference

He’s the same age as Park Shin Hye.




5 days ago

A press conference for the upcoming film, Call, starring Park Shin Hye, recently took place in Gangnam, Seoul, but the director of the film stole the spotlight with his idol-like visuals.


The director of the film is Lee Chung Hyun (30) and he’s been revealed to be the same age as Park Shin Hye.




The young director is so handsome that he drew all the attention on stage for looking just like his fellow actors.




He gave off such different visuals from the typical director, that if he hadn’t introduced himself as the director, there might have been a big misunderstanding.




Following the success of his 2015 short, Bargain, Call will be his debut work, which is a thriller film about two women of two different time periods who connect through a single phone call.



With Park Shin Hye’s popularity and the handsome visuals of the director, there’s growing anticipation for what the film will have to offer.






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[PICTORIAL] Actress Park Shinhye and Jeon Jongseo looking so mysterious in a pictorial with MARIE CLAIRE, talks about their character in the movie.



Two actors from the movie "Call," which is scheduled to be released in March, Park Shinhye and Jeon Jongseo recently finished a film production briefing, and this time released a photoshoot and an interview in the March issue of Marie Claire.

The film 'Call' is a mystery thriller movie about two women living in different time zones, past and present, connected by one phone.

Park Shinhye, who plays the role of "Seoyeon," expressed her affection for the character she played. She also said she hopes the film "Call" itself will become a genre that works.

When asked how she felt when she first read the scenario, Jeon Jongseo, another actress in the movie said she felt like reading a carefully written well-made book, adding that the character "Youngsook" has a lot of charm in it.
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