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[Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death [Death Song] / 사의 찬미


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6- “Romance is a Bonus Book




Looking for: A mature romantic comedy

When: 2019

Cast: Lee JongSuk, Lee NaYoung

Summary: The drama tells the stories of people who work at a publishing company.

Why watch?: If you are looking for a mature and down-to-earth love story, this is for you. The main female character acted by Lee NaYoung is divorced (with a child) and is struggling to build up her “new” life. The drama is opening eyes on societal issues and has a ‘realistic’ plot. The sweet couple also has plenty of heart-fluttering scenes with good chemistry and solid acting.


8– “The Hymn of Death



Looking for: A romantic tragedy

When: 2018

Cast: Lee JongSukShin HyeSunLee JiHoon

Summary: With background stories on Yun SimDeok and Kim WooJin’s musical works in the 1920’s, the drama will tell the love story of Korea’s first soprano Yun SimDeok and genius playwright Kim WooJin.

Why watch?: No time to be bored with this short 2 episode drama based on a real story. The acting and set are perfect. The story is dramatic and heartbreaking from the very first scene.




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 death lauding over, then
you courage to look beautiful
you harden their beautiful when
you choose the moment of death is also very beautiful :heart:L WuLi_ fleshy ah shoot video in seconds


 death lauding over, then
this is what god is good drama[tears]
just do not really touching[tears]
simply do not tear too much[tears]
last night took more than three hours watching him[tears]
heard that it is based on a true event[tears]
and Lee Jong-suk zero paycheck starred in[tears]
the day for others I love crying[允悲]
all day long for others shed tears of love[跪了]
in fact rarely seen such a sad and touching drama[tears]
strong push ah[tears]


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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death [Death Song] / 사의 찬미

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