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[Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death [Death Song] / 사의 찬미


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Just want to post the Italian soprano song that Shim Deok sang in Hymn of Death. 




Lascia ch'io pianga


From the Opera, 'Rinaldo' by Georg Frideric Handel.


At the end of the first act, the knight Rinaldo sits with his lover, Almirena in the garden. All of a sudden the evil sorceress appears and abducts Almirena. At the start of the second act, Almirena sits in her captor's palace garden mourning her predicament. Having been taken away from the love of her life with no hope of ever escaping, Almirena can only pray for mercy.



Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
e che sospiri
la libertà.

Il duolo infranga
queste ritorte,
de' miei martiri
sol per pietà.



Let me weep over
my cruel fate,
and let me sigh for

May sorrow shatter
these chains,
for my torments
just out of pity.


(another translation)

Let me weep My cruel fate,

And that I should have freedom.

The duel infringes within these twisted places,

in my sufferings I pray for mercy.








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On 3/25/2019 at 9:58 PM, Reem yehya said:

Where can I read Kim Woo-jin's work, like poems and such? Is there a link to where I can read some of his work?


The back ground poem in the final dance scene of "He Hymn Of Death" is a poem "Nostalgic name" (Ca-ro Nome) written by Kim Woo-jin for his play "Shipwreck"


[Scrap] Kim Woo-jin / Shipwreck (Play)


Ca-ro Nome
잊지 못할 네 이름
내 가슴 속 깊이 들어온
네 이름 그리워라
내 가슴에 불지르고
마음에 끄지 못할
사랑의 불꽃을 준 
잊혀질 새 없이
이내 맘 그리워라
아!죽을 때에도
네 이름 부르련다
살아 있을 동안도
이 내 맘 그리워라
네 이름만 부르련다
죽어가는 그 때에도
살아 있을 동안도
이 내 맘 그리워라
아 아 그리워 
네 이름만 부르련다
네 이름만 부르련다
죽을 그 시간에도
죽을 그 시간에도 
오 네 이름만 부르련다
죽을 그 시간까지도
Ca-ro Nome 
Ca-ro Nome
네 이름 그리워라
내 가슴에 불지르고
마음에 끄지 못할
사랑의 불꽃을 준 
Ca-ro Nome 
Ca-ro Nome /그리운 그 이름/



Credit: http://m.blog.daum.net/_blog/_m/articleView.do?blogid=0Oq5n&articleno=208



Another article: http://m.blog.daum.net/rheesang100/207?np_nil_b=1

The Value of Humanity and Familialism in Expressionist Consciousness 
- Focused on Kim Woojin's "Shipwreck" - 

Perhaps it is a struggle to find human value, and it is also the result of the absence of love for the family. 

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 Lee Jong-suk [tears] # # Lee Jong-suk we wait for you 
| death lauding the first episode retouching |
look at two Shuo @ Lee Jong-suk of drama tears is not money[允悲][tears]death lauding actually see crying ...... crying eyes a little sore[允悲] 

[microphone]diagram ban two commercial change, please indicate the source

Episode retouching →O Yin Wei wooden Feather_
Episode retouching →O Yin Wei wooden Feather_
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ug8frcvj21401z41kx.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ugmja6wj21401z4b29.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ueqm541j21401z4x6p.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uetj6kfj21401z47wh.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uepzwupj21po0u0e81.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uepgmp0j21401z47wh.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uet0dlgj21401z4e81.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40ueu9sy1j21401z47wh.jpg
  • 4888dc03gy1g40uesbvyaj21401z4e81.jpg
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 death lauding 
What is immortal good drama[tears]
just do not really touching[tears]
simply do not tear too much[tears]
last night took more than three hours watching him[tears]
heard that it is based on a true event[tears]
and Lee Jong-suk zero paycheck starred in[tears]
the day of love for others cry[允悲]
for the love from others cry all day[跪了]
in fact rarely seen such a sad and touching drama[tears]
strong push ah[tears]


ð¨ #í¬ìí¸ #fanart ð¨ 몽ê¸ëª½ê¸.. ê°ì´ì´ ë­í´.. ê¸ìë ê°ì±ðð» 그림 ê°ì¬í©ëë¤ð . ðRepost @ssong.0914 ì´ì¢ì, ê¹ì°ì§ . í¸ìí ë°¤ ë길. ììì ë§ëìð⤠#ëë¼ëê³ì ì´ë¤ìì¬ëê¹ì§_20201233 . @jongsuk0206 #ì´ì¢ì #leejongsuk #jongsuk #jongsuk0206 #æé¾ç¢© #æéç¡ #ã¤ã¸ã§ã³ã½ã¯ #อีà¸à¸à¸à¸­à¸ #koreanactor #koreanmodel #hallyustar #deathsong #hymnofdeath  #hehymnofdeath #ì¬ì찬미 #ê¹ì°ì§ #kimwoojin #jeje_ì¬ì찬미



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