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[Drama 2017-2018] Love Returns / I hate to love you, 미워도 믿어도


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I hate you but I love you








Episodes: 120

Broadcasting: KBS

Airdate: Nov 13, 2017

time: 20:25 - 21:00



This drama follows the life of a woman who ironically blooms when she loses everything and decides to turn over a new leaf. She leaves behind the roller coaster life she lived and seeks revenge in this human drama about the valuable bond between people.



Lee Sun Yeol (INFINITE)

Han Hye Rin

Pyo Ye Jin


Source: asianwiki


Note: this drama will replace "Lovers Bloom"


oficcial site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/lovereturns/view/preview/index.html


long teaser:




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20 minutes ago, sava2sava said:

@0ly40  Thanks for the thread opening..  Will this one be replacing nameless woman.? 

Sorry @sava2sava I forgot to mention the drama will replace, but it will be instead "Lovers Bloom". For "Nameless Woman" the drama will be "my man's secret", I already open a thread for that:


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19 hours ago, evie7 said:

@zagigirl Come join us chingu! This drama looks promising.

Hi chingu :)...i might...with LiB i got used to watch same drama each night...will be empty now


18 hours ago, 0ly40 said:

press conf


OTP looks cute :wub:...and 'omma' is good actress...hope she won't be too evil :wink:


Hi @sava2sava &   @USAFarmgirl glad to see you here :heart:

 @0ly40 keep us posted ok? :)


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18 hours ago, zagigirl said:

Hi chingu :)...i might...with LiB i got used to watch same drama each night...will be empty now



TBH I always told myself that I wouldn't get into the k-daily dramas because I've been watching 2 American Soaps for decades. Why get into more? But I watched Golden Pocket for an 'oppa' when it was finished, I couldn't help myself but to watch another daily kdrama. They are just addicting. I'm hoping that 'omma' won't be too evil in this one too. She was hilarious in Five Kids, I hope we get to see more of that side to her acting in this one.  I was curious about what Ok Suk was saying about Sungyeol, they acted together in a daily drama before. I'm excited to watch Sungyeol in this drama too. I didn't like his performance in High School Love On but was impressed w/his acting in D-Day.  

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posterphoto902413.jpg images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQh_BX4QOgNyKl-PRZ2XEo

Watched the first episode and I was surprised at just how touched I was already when seeing Hong Seok Pyo crouched down in that corner and seeing the compassion being given by Gil Eun Jo a total stranger...  Thinking in my reality that we could use more people like her in the real world taking the time to reach out and truly care for someone whom we don't even know!  Looking forward to more thoughts and gems this drama has to offer and also in being here with all of you.  :heart:usafarmgirl

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A Judge declares Hong Seok Pyo guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to one year of imprisonment.  Due to extenuating circumstances, his sentence is suspended for two years.  A woman sits in the courtroom watching.


As Hong Seok Pyo, wearing a mask,  leaves the courthouse, he is beseiged byreporters.   The woman from the courtroon attempts to disperse them.  Hong and the woman run off, followed by the reporters.


Hah!  The man in the mask was actually a decoy.  From behind a pillar, Hong watches as the reporters oursue toe decoy.


The woman and the decoy take refuge in a Men's Restroom, where the decoy removes his mask.


In an apartment, the woman argues with the decoy while attempting to phone Hong, without success.
Hong is boozzing it up in a nightclub.


In the same nightclub, Gil Eun Zo  dances wildly.  Outside the nightclub, a doorman prevents her mother, Kim Haeng Ja, from entering. When she persists, a doorman throws her to the ground.  She creates a diversion by tossing a wad of money  into the air, then enters the nightclub.  Gil Eun Zo makes her escape.


In an alley, Gil encounters Hong, who is sobbing uncontrollably


In the nightclub Gil's Mother, who is making a scene, is being forcibly ejected.  She asks whether they realize that they are messing with Kim Haeng Ja, but her's is apparently not a name to conjure with.


Back in the alley, Hong is out cold.  Gil finds his phone and calls his home.  Just as the phone begins to ring, her Mother catches up with her and knocks the phone out of her hand.   


Gil's Mother drags her off.


The woman from the courthouse answers the phone and keeps shouting Hong's name, but back in the alley Hong is oblivious.


Gil's Mother drags her into their home and berates her.  They bicker.


It turns out that this was the date of her Father;s death.  She and her Mother hold a memorial service.  The two women continue to bicker.  We learn that for some reason, her Mother and father were unable to register their marriage.  The mother is angry about some money that Gil has taken and spent.  


The Mother tells Gil that she has had enough and orders her to move out of the house the next morning.  Then she agrees to let her stay if she agrees to work in her shop and go out on blind dates with men of her choosing.


Someone has transported the comatose Hong to his home, where he is sleeping in his bed.


In a third household, two sisters fight over under and outerwear.


One of the Sisters arrives for work at Genius Cosmetics and joins a group of young women employees.  Because her Sister appropriated the clothes she intended to wear, her outfit is inappropriate.  Her supervisor ridicules her.


The next morning Hong, who is somehow none the worse for drink, is dressed in a suit and ready for a day of work at Genius Cosmetics.  He is given a lady's bracelet charm that he was holding in his hand when he was retrieved from the alley.


In her bedroom, Gil searches unsuccessfully for the same bracelet charm.


Hong examines the charm as he is being driven to work.

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Gil returns to the nightclub in search of the bracelet charm she lost the night before, but receives no assistance from the nightclub's bouncer.


Gil arrives for work in the family pawnshop.  She is asked to verify the the authenticity of a designer handbag.  She pronounces it an obvious fake.


Gil is handed a note from her Mother telling her to report to the Beauty Center at 3:00 pm to buy clothes for  the first blind date she has arranged for her.


At Genius Cosmetics, Goo Jong Hee is disturbed because Hong does not plan to attend a meeting of the Board.


On her way to the Board meeting, Goo Jong Hee snaps at  Jung In Woo, who is dressed inappropriately because her sister appropriated her business attire.


In his office, Hong is putting his belongings in a cardboard box since he will be working at the Beauty Center for awhile.

At the beauty shop, two employees bicker.  Then a woman steams in with the "designer" handbag which has just been declared a fake.  One of the employees had given the handbag to the woman in satisfaction of a debt.  The employee angrily denies that the handbag is a fake and heads for the pawnsho[.


Gil arrives at the Beauty Center, trailed by her Mother.  Jung In Woo is assigned to assist her.  They immediately dislike each other.  Gil rejects all of Jung's recommendations and ridicules her attire.  When Gil emerges from the dressing room empty handed, she finds her Mother engaged in a dispute with Jung's supervisor.  they leave without [urchasing anything.


Goo Jong Hee and Goo Choong Seo discuss Hong's fued with the Board of Directors.  It turns out that Goo Choong Seo is looking forward to the dispute because he resents Hong's arrogance.


The beautyshop employee is at the pawnshop but Gil is not.  the agrieved em[loyee vows that she will remain in the shop until Gil returns.  Meanwhile she calls her Son, a bigshot attorney who gave her the bag, and informs him that the pawnshop claims that it is a fake.


When Gil's Mother arrives at the pawnshop, the beautyshop employee complains to her.  Gil's mother examines the handbag and pronounces it genuine.  Then there is confusion because there is a second, identical bag in the shop which is a "limited edition."  A loud argument ensues.


The bigshot attorney arrives at the pawnshop.  It turns out that the beauty shop employee actually bought the counterfeit bag from a swindler rather than the pawnshop.  


Jung In Woo arrives at the beauryshop and attacks her Sister.  Their Mother referees.

The employee returns to the beautyshop with her bigshot attorney son.  When he waks in the door, the sisters subside and each makes a play for the attorney.


When they arrive home, the beautyshop employee tries to persuade her bigshot attorney son to date one of the two sisters.  He lacks enthusiasm.


At dinner the sisters bicker.  Again, their mother referees.


Gil's mother studies the business card left by the bigshot attorney.  She thinks that he might be a good catch for her daughter.


As Hong sleeps, he has a dream in which he recalls his arrest for embezzlement.  When he wakes up, he notces and studies Gil's lost bracelet charm.  He vaguely recalls the young woman in the alley.

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Why do I have a feeling the male lead as been type cast. I remember he played a similar character in high school love on.


I’m a little reluctant taking on a 100+ drama, I always end up pissed off at the writers and the female leads. However from what I’ve seen in the first 4 episode I’ll give this drama a try, hopefully the story line doesn’t drag.


I might have to watch this one with my volume on mute though lol, so much screaming 

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As we continue to seek out all the clues and watch as the characters personalities are known and thus this story unfolds.  It reminds us as in the case of HJ seeing her at first with only my eyes and since this last episode understanding that it isn't bad to guess but to assume one knows by seeing a persons outside is truly unfair.  One mustn't judge to quickly for it would seem her respect in keeping a promise not for a day, or a year but for her lifetime. Makes her not only an amazing character but one to be admired...


I also thought about the struggles and pain in taking care of and giving ones life to raise someone else's children.  Only to not be given respect or gratitude but still be able day after day to provide, protect and love them because to you they are yours...


It also spoke to our hearts about taking people for granted until we are faced with the reality of losing them... Never was an idea or words or scene ever more true than that...  The panic one feels in their heart when a moment like this happens is indescribable.  It's just a little sad that that feeling came and went in the case of EJ towards HJ way to fast or did it?  As I watched as she peeked into HJ's room and then proceeded to pull the covers over her.  I realized something maybe the title isn't only about the romance or relationship of an OTP.  Maybe it's about EJ & HJ's relationship in EJ feeling as if she can't admit or show the love she feels inside towards HJ on the outside.  Because in her heart she would be neglecting her Mother and her Mothers memorey and somehow replacing her.   But still I think in time she will understand herself and her Mother and HJ most of all...


It's early but I am hoping it continues to move our hearts and inspire our lives...:heart:usafarmgirl

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