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[Drama 2017-2018] Love Returns / I hate to love you, 미워도 믿어도

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13 hours ago, jayakris said:


Yeah, when you have three "market" women, there will be some shouting.  Some more of it in Ep 15 today for your enjoyment! :) ... Man, the lawyer's mom is a piece of work.


Looks like they are slowly revealing the character of the people.  I was surprised at the suddenly-open chat between the lawyer and Inoo today.  So they both know what each other is about.  I really like the interactions between the other two (the leads), and Eunjo's scenes are all fun because she is quite a natural actress.  But she is still dumb about the lawyer, though she isn't falling for him either.


The loser seongsaengnim is beginning to scheme too, and it looks more and more like he (or the lawyer or his mom) will find a way to steal money or cause Haengja/Eunjo to lose their money.

Out of all the ahjummas out there, she's the one I hate the most. There's just something unlikable about her and I think she's the most cunning to the point that I don't want things to get with with her and sunbae. I hope imo will do everything she can to prevent it.


I'm afraid for Haeng Ja ahjumma as well. I know seongsaengnim is greedy with comes to money and he will find way to take advantage of ahjumma. I hope Eunjo finds out fast before things becomes nasty. It'll be sad and heartbreaking if he gets advantage of ahjumma.


Watched episode 15 raw because I can't just wait for the subtitled one. More scenes with the OTP and hope there's more on tomorrow's episode.

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Jung and her Mother are eating dinner.   Jung's Sister rushes in with the news:  the Stepmother has disappeared while still wearing a $300K diamond.  Jung's Mother runs off in search of the Stepmother.


The Big Shot Lawyer stops by the Pawn Shop to meet with the Stepmother but she is not there.


The Stepmother and Gil are still at the photography studio.  The Stepmother reaches for her phone and discovers that her Assistant at the Pawn Shop has called her over 20 times.  She connects with the Assistant, then heads for the Pawn Shop.


Jung's Mother, Assistant and Chingu are at the Pawn Shop awaiting the Stepmother's return.  They gossip about what the stepmother may have done with the diamond necklace.  Madame Goo and Assistant Gong rush into the Pawn Shop.


Big Shot Lawyer is hiding in the Stepmother's office.  For some reason, he does not want his Mother to know that he is there.


The Stepmother returns to the Pawn Shop and encounters the hysterical women.  She is insulted to learn that they thought she had run off with the necklace.  When Big shot's Mother suggests that the Stepmother may be handing over a fake version of the expensive jewelry, the Stepmother is too disgusted for words.


A jewelry appraiser arrives at the Pawn Shop and the women leave.  The Manager of the Small Cafe receives a phone call telling her that the misunderstanding has been resolved.


Gil argues with her Stepmother, wondering why she should care about an item that,, although expensive, she could easily pay for.  Stilll hiding in the Stepmother's office, Big Shot eavesdrops. 


Gil becomes emotional, telling her Stepmother that she felt sorry at the audition seeing how well she looked and realizing that she could look like that every day if she wasn't so cheap.  Then she storms out of the shop.


The Stepmother leaves the shop.  Big shot emerges from the Stepmother's office and talks briefly with her Assistant before leaving.  He asks her to to let anyone know that he was there and overheard the scene between Gil and her stepmother.


Hong and Gil encounter each other on the street.  They agree to have a drink together.  Big Shot arrives in time to see them walk off together and is jealous.


Gil and Hong drink beer.  Product Placement Alert:  OB Beer, the Official Beer of Korean Dramas.


Gil describes how she, her Brother and Stepmother had their family portrait taken and becomes emotional again.  Hong tells her that both of his parents are also dead.  He attributes his panic disorder to their premature deaths.  She says something about his Mother, elicits a Reaction, and realizes that his Mother is a sensitive subject to him.


Gil has finished her beer.   Hong hasn't touched his.  When he reaches for his can to open it, she reminds him that he shouldn't drink and then downs the beer herself.  


It turns out that Hong overheard Gil chastising her Stepmother.  He tells her that she should apologize "while she still can."

Big Shot has been standing outside the cafe watching Hong and Gil and getting angrier by the minute.


When Big Shot returns home, he reflects on how Hong is getting in the way of his plans.  He somehow overheard Hong discussing his panic disorder.  The gears in Big Shot's forehead are turning.


Hong returns home.  Remember the charm from Gil's bracelet?  He notices it sitting on his dresser and puts it in a drawer.


In her bedroom, Gil remembers Hong telling her to apologize to her stepmother and is sad.  Gil approaches her Stepmother's bedroom but changes her mind.




At the Beauty Center, Jung and the other staffers line up for Madame Goo's morning lecture.  She tells them that they will all receive bonuses for their good work on the audition.  Then she introduces them to a Twit, who turns out to be an efficiency expert who will shadow the employees and critique their productivity.  The Twit, who has previously clashed with Hong and doesn't realize that he is actually the CEO, gives Hong a "I'll be riding your behind especially hard" look.


Big shot arrives at the Pawn Shop and encounters Gil.  She gives him a thumb drive containing a video of the audition.  He pulls out a black cloth.  When she tells him that she knows that a rose will emerge from the cloth, he fumbles and drops the rose.  But in recognition of his effort, she agrees to have dinner with him the next day.


After Big Shot leaves, Gil puts two and two together (the hospital trip and the attempted magic trip) and realizes thather Stepmother's Assistant if feeding Big shot information on her.


The stepmother lies awake in her bedroom.  She recalls Gil's outburst and is troubled.


Gil is on her phone chastising her Stepmother's Assistant for feeding information about her to Big Shot.  Hong drops by the Pawn Shop and gives her her pay from the Beauty Center.


Jung and her Sister bicker.  Her Sister chastises her for having a crush on Big Shot when he obviously has no interest in her.

Goo's Assistant arrives  at the Stepmother's house with a giant fruit basket, Genius cosmetics' gesture of apology for the previous day's misunderstanding.


Jung's Father, now employed at the Small Cafe, serves customers.  Alone in the cafe for a few minutes, he picks up a microphone and begins singing karaoke.  Madame Goo immediately rushes in to complain about the noise.  The Manager of the small Cafe returns and attempts to placate Madame Goo.  Goo threatens a lawsuit and departs.


The payment from Genius Cosmetics is burning a hole in Gil's pocket and she immediately goes shopping.  She sees a piece of jewelry and considers buying it for her Stepmother.

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This drama is still keeping me off-balance.  I cannot get a sense of where the story is going.  Maybe I have seen too many daily dramas and keep expecting some serious trouble to start off.  Like the USB thing today in Ep 16.  I was immediately thinking that it had been erased and that Myeongjo was going to kicked out of med school or something.  And it turned out to be nothing much.  Shouldn't the writer know that we experienced drama viewers take any USB to always become the key item that whole 120-episode dramas revolve around??  I got fooled on that....  By the way, too many scenes with the loser dad today for my liking.   And what is Eunjo doing, with all this flirting with disaster... I mean... the lawyer?

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Gil returns home to an empty house.  She sees a memo Hong has written her Stepmother on ways to resolve noise complaints re the Small Cafe.  Then she opens a box and admires a piece of jewelry she has bought for her Stepmother's birthday.


Jung's Sister lies on her bed with a cosmetic mask on her face.  She plots how to get noticed by Goo's Assistant, who she mistakenly believes to be CEO Hong.


Jung has bought a gift for the Big Shot Lawyer.  Her Sister teases her because she does not have the courage to give it to him.

Jung's Mother enters the room.  She is still exhausted from the audition.


Big Shot Lawyer practices a magic trick in his bedroom.  He answers a knock on the door.  It is Jung, who has brought a snack, ostensibly for his Mother.  Then she gives him a new wallet.  How appropriate.  He successfully performs the magic trick with the black cloth and the rose for her.  And lets her keep the rose.


Gil discusses Hong's noise abatement proposal for the Small Cafe with her Stepmother.  Genius Cosmetics will rent the space from her and use it as a staff lounge during the day.   After hours, the space can be used as a nightclub.  /the Manager can continue working as the Manager.  Any profits will go to charity.  Gil is surprised to learn that the cafe has been running at a loss and that her Stepmother has been paying the difference out of her own pocket.


Hong explains the noise abatement proposal to Madame Goo and her Brother.  Gigolo Goo is pleased to learn that in the evenings, he will be the nightclub's featured singer.


Big Shot's Mother returns home.  When she learns about Jung's present, she is angry because she thinks that her son is rejecting all of the wealthy blind dates she arranges for him in favor of the poor girl Jung.  He assures her that he is pursuing a wealthy marriage partner.


In her bedroom, Jung admires the rose Big Shot gave her.


Jung's Mother and Big Shot's Mother discuss their last encounter with the Stepmother and agree that they were too harsh on her.


Jung;s Mother asks Jung's Sister to deliver a gift of expensive hair dye to the Stepmother.


Jung's Mother flashes back to a conversation with her Chingu  about Gil's Brother.  We learn that he is in his final year of medical school.  We also deduce that Jung's Mother is eager to make amends with the Stepmother because she would like to marry off one of her daughters to Gil's Brother.  In fact, she is hoping Jung's Sister will make a favorable impression when she delivers the gift.


Goo's Assistant talks with the Stepmother  and arranges a meeting for the following week to finalize plans for the Small Cafe.  Gil's Brother enters the room and he and the Assistant interact amiably.


Gil's Stepmother has set her up with a blind date.  In the final moments before he arrives, Gil is being passive aggressive.  She and her Stepmother bicker.


Jung's Sister sees the Assistant talking with Gil's Brother on the Street.  She still thinks the Assistant is CEO Hong.  For his part, Gil's Brother is under the impression that the Assistant is the owner of the phone he returned to Genius Cosmetics.  He is puzzled because he doesn't think the Assistant is his Sister's "type."


Madame Goo is sick in bed with a fever.  Just about everyone connected with the audition seems to be under the weather.


The Efficiency Twit, who thinks Hong is a mere Gofer, lectures him on how to do laundry.  A big pile of laundry is on the floor between them.  Later, Hong approaches a washing machine and eyes the unfamiliar contraption warily.


In a restaurant, Gil awaits her blind date who is late.  Her Stepmother sits at an adjoining table to make sure she goes through with the blind date.


The Blind Date arrives.  He awkwardly looks around the table, clearly attempting to assess her body parts which are hidden by the table.  She notices and the words "sexual harassment" are heard.  He has made a poor first impression and the encounter does not go well.


Big Shot's Mother is driving down the street but needs to pull over to attend to a bad case of indigestion.  When she returns from the loo, the Police are gathered around her car and not just because it is illegally parked.  It turns out that she has bought a stolen car.

Big Shot answers his phone and discovers that his Mother is being held at the Police Station.


Back at the restaurant, Gil's blind date continues its Southern Trajectory.  He sneers at the Stepmother's money lending business but indicates that he wouldn't be adverse to a fat loan for himself.  Gil storms out of the restaurant, followed by her Stepmother.


Gil walks down the street anticipating dinner with Big Shot.  Big Shot calls her and tells her that he has been unavoidably detained.


The stepmother sits in her bedroom and remembers how Gil lit into the Blind Date for mocking her money lending business.


Gil walks down a hallway and hears someone cursing in the Beauty Center.  She follows the sounds and discovers Hong struggling with the laundry.  He is hand washing the garments on using a washboard because he doesn't know how to operate a washing machine.  He agrees to rehire her and she agrees to help him with the laundry.


The Stepmother enters the Small Cafe and talks with Jung's Father, who is waiting tables.  The is pleasantly surprised when he learns that she wants to hire him as a tutor to teach him business management.

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Today's episode 17 was boring me to tears (too many Ajumma scenes) till the last 3-4 minutes when it got much better.  So I guess Inoo's sister is not just a self-centered airhead, after all.  I liked her encounter with the lawyer oppa.  And the ending scene was very nice.  The guy needs Eunjo as a mother figure too, and their expressions were priceless.


They need to move the story along.  Going a bit too slow.  The drama has dropped one percent down on viewership.  Stll #1 on Nielsen but has fallen to 2nd on TNmS ratings.  Have more scenes of the younger people than the annoying ajummas, I suggest!

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Jung's Father and the Stepmother discuss what she would like him to teach her aBout running a business.


Gil helps Hong do the laundry.  For some reason they are dancing on the laundry in their bare feet in a Large tub on the roof.  The washing machines must really be out of order.


Big Shot and his Mother return home after he has extricated her from the Police station.  they bicker.    He berates her for not wondering why she was being given such favorable terms on the car, which turned out to be stolen.


Jung has come to visit Big Shot but, unknown to he and his mother, stands outside their house listening to them argue.  When he storms out of the house he encounters Jung standing outside.  He tells her that the argument she just heard is what she has to look forward to if she hooks up with a poor man like himself.  He tells her that is why she should seek out a rich husband, just as he is seeking a rich wife.  She is crushed.


In her bedroom, Jung's Sister daydreams about Madame Goo's Assistant, who se mistakenly believes is CEO Hong.


Biog Shot's Mother goes out in search of her Son.  She stops by Jung's house but while talking with her, has a sudden attack of stomach distress.  While she is in the bathroom, Jung's Mother returns home.


Jung's Mother learns that Jung's Sister misplaced the gift of expensive hair dye on the bus rather than delivering it to the Stepmother.

As Big Shot's Mother emerges from the bathroom, she overhears Jung's Sister and learns why she is sick.  What Jung thought were potato fritters were actually some potatoes Jung's Sister had used to give herself a facial. (????  Potato facial?  Must be a Korean Thing.)


When Gil returns to the laundry room, the washing machines are functioning, full, and in use.  The Efficiency Twit decided to put the clothes in the washer himself.  Gil, realizing that all of her physical labor was needless, is peeved.  It turns out that the machines were not working because they were not plugged in.  The Efficiency Twit berates Hong.


Big Shot is walking down a dark street.  He sees Gil and is about to approach her when Hong joins her.  When Hong leaves to go home, Big Shot joins her and gallantly lends her his overcoat.


The Stepmother steps out of her house to look for Gil.  A cab pulls up and Gil and Big Shot get out.  After Gil goes into the house, Big Shot explains that he ran into Gil on the street and brought her home.  The Stepmother is grateful.   She tells him to stop by the shop to discuss some legal business.


Gil's Brother takes his sister's temperature and discovers that she is not running a fever, but simply cold after walking in the chill night air while still wet from doing the laundry.  Her Brother chastises her.

When Hong returns home, his Uncle Goo chastises him for doing the laundry outside in the cold.


Jung apologizes to Big shot's Mother for inadvertently giving her the cosmetic potatoes to eat.  Then Big Shot's Mother tells Jung to stay away from her son because she wants him to marry a  rich girl.  Jung is devastated.  Jung's Mother overhears and joins the fray.  She tells Big Shot's Mother that her Son is too poor for Jung.  Big shot arrives on the scene.  He and Jung separate their Mothers, who have come to blows.


Big Shot and his Mother return home and bicker.  He tells her that he is sick of being poor and has a plan for striking it rich.

In her bedroom, Gil considers the two men in her life in the context of the evening's events.  Big Shot suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

In his bedroom, Hong reviews the evenings events and realizes that he has flunked Gallantry 101.



Madame Goo arrives at the Beauty Center and learns that the Efficiency Twit has assigned Hong to take inventory in the stockroom.  Meanwhile, in the stockroom, Hong is blundering about and knocking things over.


The Efficiency Twit gives Madame Goo a stack of evaluations he has completed on the Beauty Center employees.  She notices that he has given Hong an "F."  Efficiency Twit tells her not to worry, since he will fire Hong if he doesn't improve.  Goo worries.


While lounging in her house, since she has been fired from Jung's Mother's Beauty Shop, Big Shot's Mother receives a call from Gigolo Goo.  She agrees to meet him at his Genius cosmetics office.


At the Beauty Shop Jung's Mother is complaining because she has to do a number of menial chores that would otherwise have been taken care of by Big Shot's Mother.  Her Chingu arrives and they discuss Big Shot's Mother.  The Chingu opines that "A woman with a son dies in her daughter in law's kitchen."


Big Shot arrives at the Pawn Shop and performs a magic trick for Gil.  It's the Rose Trick, and this time he performs it flawlessly.  Gil is charmed.  Then he tries a trick with a flaming napkin which he bungles.  He beats a hasty retreat.


Gil confronts her Stepmother's Assistant with her suspicion that she has been spying on her on Big shot's behalf, but doesn't seem to be angry about it.  Then she tells the Assistant that what she really likes is a man who can tell funny jokes, knowing that she will relay this information to Big Shot.


Big Shot receives a call from the Stepmother's Assistant and immediately resolves to learn some jokes.


In his CEO office at Genius cosmetics, Hong receives a text message from the Stepmother's Assistant.  She tells him that Gil wants him to stop contacting her since she almost froze to death the night before.  Madame Goo's Assistant looks on and barely stifles his laughter.


Back at the Pawn Shop, the Stepmother's Assistant hands a fax to gil.  It is an offer from Hong to teach her the beauty business.  She can't decide whether to accept or reject it.


Jung's Father walks down the street.  He spots the Stepmother and starts running.  Bewildered, she calls after him.

Jung's Father arrives at the Small Cafe and hides in the kitchen.  The Stepmother enters the Cafe a moment later and talks with the Manager.  The Manager tells her that the noise complaint has been resolved.  She also embarrasses the Stepmother by thanking her profusely for all she has done for her and the cafe.


After the Stepmother has left the Small Cafe, Jung's Father emerges from the kitchen.  While eavesdropping, he has learned for the first time that the Stepmother owns the Small Cafe.  He reflects that she is more prosperous than he thought.  Suddenly, the prospect of tutoring her is more attractive.

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As Jung's Father stands in the Small Cafe musing about the Stepmother's likely wealth, Jung's Mother enters the Cafe.  After an initial round of "What are you doing here," sparks fly.  When the Manager of the Small Cafe enters and asks him to bring Jung's mother a cup of tea, Jung's mother learns that he is working as a waiter in the cafe and smirks triumphantly.  The Manager departs and they resume bickering.


Big Shot's Mother talks with Gigolo Goo in his office.  It transpires that he would like her to test a new facial cream.  When Jung's Sister enters the office with tea, she and Big Shot's Mother are shocked to encounter each other.


When Jung's Sister leaves Goo's office, she reflects that if Big Shot's Mother is hitting on him, perhaps her own Mother might have a chance with Goo as well.


Big Shot's Mother walks down a darkened street and sees her Jung's parents  arguing in the distance.


Jung's parents enter the Beauty Shop and continue their argument.  He tells her that if she doesn't want him to work at the cafe, she needs to give him some money.  Jung walks in and is not enthusiastic to learn that her Father will be waiting tables at the Small Cafe. Then she restrains her Mother from physically attacking her Father.  Big Shot's Mother arrives and spies on the scene from around a corner.  Jung's Father gets going.


Big Shot's Mother returns to her home and roars with laughter.


Madame Goo's Assistant enters CEO Hong's office.  Hong is not there but his cell phone is sitting on a coffee table.  He mischievously uses the phone to text Gil and ask for a date.


Hong enters his office just as Goo's Assistant finishes the text.  He asks Hong to meet him at the time and place of the date with Gil, which Hong doesn't know about.


Gil reads "Hong's" text and smiles.


The Stepmother gathers her stepchildren and Assistant and informs them that she has decided to quit the money lending trade.  She tells Gil that since she will be able t concentrate on running the Pawn Shop,  Gil can pursue her interest in learning the beauty business.


Hong enters the stockroom to continue taking inventory but he is late.  The Efficiency Twit, who has been waiting impatiently for him,, fires Hong.


Gil waits at the appointed time and place for Hong to join her.  She receives a call from her Brother who is looking for a missing thumb drive.  She realizes that she mixed up the thumb drives and mistakenly gave her brother's to Big shot.  She calls Big Shot and he agrees to bring the thumb drive to her.


In the same cafe, Goo's Assistant is waiting at a table hoping to observe the results of his handiwork but is frustrated because Hong has not arrived.


Back in the stockroom, Hong argues with the Efficiency Twit but to no avail. 


Back at the cafe, Gil sits with Big Shot and then calls her Brother to inform him that she has recovered the thumb drive.  She proposes that they go elsewhere to eat dinner and Big Shot accepts.


In her office, Goo's Assistant confesses his botched plan to set Hong up on a date with Gil.  Goo rolls her eyes and sends the Assistant out to find Hong.


Madame Goo locates Hong in the stockroom, where he is curled up on the floor looking depressed.  She discovers that he has been "Fired" by the efficiency Twit.  He orders his Aunt to rehire him the next morning.


Jung's Mother's Chingu sees Gil and Big Shot walking down the street and realizes that this will make a choice morsel of gossip.  She immediately calls the Stepmother who is like, So what?  Then the Chingu calls Big Shot's Mother, who is overjoyed, but immediately realizes that she needs to patch things up with the Stepmother.


We observe Big Shot chatting amiably as they eat dinner.  She's like, "Let's just be friends."


Madame Goo and Hong return home.  She tells him that if he wants to remain "under cover," His only choice is to beg the Efficiency Twit to rehire him.


Big Shot's Mother stops by the Beauty Shop and makes peace with Jung's Mother so she can return to her old job.  The two of them agree to call the Stepmother and invite her to have a drink with them.  After some initial resistance, the Stepmother accepts their invitation.


Jung's Father stands on a street in the darkness after being kicked out of a hostelry for non-payment of rent.

Big Shot and Gil eat ice cream in a cafe.  The continue to chat amiably.


Back at the Beauty Shop, Big Shot's Mother and Jung's Mother are well into the soju when the Stepmother arrives to join them.  She accepts their apology and they all drink up.  They discuss finding mates for their children and then discuss finding mates for themselves.


Big Shot and his Mother return home at about the same time.  big Shot is sick from some spicy food he ate at dinner.  His mother finds a bottle of wine to open and returns to the Beauty Shop.


At the Beauty shop, all three women are drunk as skunks.  At the door Jung's Father, having been unable to find a warm place to sleep, presents himself sheepishly.

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I just finished watching it until E18 and can we just change the title to "The Gold Diggers Club"?


The list of gold diggers in my opinion:

Byun family: Dong Mi Ae (mom), Byun Bu Sik (son)

Jung family: Jung Geun Sub (dad), Jang Jung Sook (mom) - surprisingly she is, Jung In Jung (youngest daughter). The only person that is not a gold digger is Jung In Woo.


Glad that there is some OTP scenes that we have been waiting for though I would have love to have more and I wonder what's the deal with Assistant Manager Oh?


I'm worried for ahjumma Kim. I'm afraid professor Jung will swindle all her money. I hope he gets lost soon. I really can't stand him along with ahjumma Dong.

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Interesting observations.


Did you watch the previous drama in this KBS time slot? It's interesting to me that this K-Drama presents a vision of Korean society that is totally different from Lovers In Bloom.


In Lovers In Bloom, single mothers are considered so unusual that even a widow with a child is deemed unmarriagable.  In Love Returns, every single household is headed by a single woman (Including the Hong/Goo manse:  Where would these guys be without Madame Goo?)


In Love Returns, all of the women are "doing it for themselves" and the major male characters are all "dreamers" or "schemers."  (For a man who is likely to be a reliable bread-winner and a tolerable mate, one has to look at the secondary characters:  Gil's Brother (enough said), Madame Goo's Assistant (a reliable salary man with a sense of humor), and the efficiency Twit (if you like a litte, er, "structure" in your life.  He'd reliably bring home the bacon, but he'd also expect it to be cooked and on the table by ^:00 p.m. sharp every evening, and would have a low tolerance for dust bunnies.


@sava2sava  Hi.  Long time, no see.  What's your take on this drama?

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Jun's Mother pushes Jung's Father out of the Beauty Shop g and gives him enough money to crash at a sauna overnight.


The Stepmother has passed out.  Jung's Mother and Big shot's Mother continue to drink.


Jung's Mother calls Gil's Brother and asks him to retrieve this Stepmother.  Then she tells Jung's Sister, whom she would like to hook up with the aspiring doctor, to get dressed.  She does not, however, explain why she wants her daughter to get dressed.


Jung's Sister comes downstairs while Gil's Brother waits for his stepmother to emerge from the loo.  Unaware of who he is or why he is there, she is about to assault him with a broom when her Mother reenters the room.  When they are introduced he seems enchanted.  She, not so much.  Then she returns to her bedroom and begins to cry hysterically for no apparent reason.


Madame Goo is on the phone.  Apparently Hong has gone missing again


Hong is driving around the city while listening to K-Rap, angry over being fired.   He finds a text message on his phone from the Stepmother's Assistant telling him that Gil is angry with him and to never attempt to contact Gil again.


Gil sits in her bedroom staring at the rose Big Shot gave her.  She appears to be warming up to the attorney with the mercenary heart.  But then she looks at her phone and is angry to see that Hong has not  called to apologize for missing their dinner date.  Which he didn't know he had made.  Gil calls Hong but his phone is turned off.


Big shot emerges from the bathroom after another bout with his upset stomach.  His Mother is asleep on the living room couch.

Hong is asleep in his car.




Hong still has not returned home and Madame Goo is hysterical.  Her Brother reminds her that Hong has just been fired for the first time in his life and likely will return when he finishes processing the experience.


Hong awakens and realizes that he has slept in his car all night.  He reaches for his phone but his phone is dead.  He tries to start his car but his car is dead.


At the Beauty Shop, Big Shot's Mother has returned to work but Jung's Mother is still angry when she recalled that her employee thinks that Jung is not good enough for her Son.


Jung's Sister enters Gigolo Goo's office carrying a clup of coffee and a document.  Goo discovers that the coffee is salty and the document isn't the one he wanted.  He remarks that her mind is clearly elsewhere.


Hong withdraws money from an outdoor ATM.  A thief steals his phone and his money.


At the Pawn Shop, the Stepmother questions her Assistant about Gil's relationship with the Big Shot Lawyer.  The Stepmother seems to be satisfied that her plan is bearing fruit.


The Stepmother enters the Small Cafe and sits at a table with Jung's Father.  They make arrangements for her tutoring sessions.

Hong "borrows" a bicycle and leaves a note for the owner.


Big Shot's Mother picks up a flyer while loitering in the Pawn Shop.  She is disturbed to discover that a high end beauty spa will be opening a few doors down from Jung's Mother's Beauty Shop.  When the Stepmother arrives Big Shot's Mother, still trying to butter her up, gifts her with the facial cream Goo had given her to test.  After Big Shot's Mother leaves, the Stepmother's Assistant brightly observes that she is trying to set her Son up with Gil.


Jung's Mother encounters a crowd of ajumas who have just left the new beauty spa.


Madame Goo receives a phone call.  It is the angry owner of the bicycle Hong "borrowed."


Big Shot stops by the Beauty Center on some legal business.  Jung's Sister follows him into the hallway and chastises him for stringing Jung along.  From around a corner, Jung's Father has overheard the conversation.  He is angry that Jung is crushing on big Shot because he thinks Big Shot is a "jerk who looks like a weasel."


Big Shot and Madame Goo sit at a table in the Small Cafe reviewing papers.  Jung's Father serves both  of them water, but "accidentally" drenches Big Shot.


At the Pawn Shop, the Stepmother's Assistant tells Gil that the spicy food made Big Shot sick.


While searching for Hong, Madame Goo's Assistant stops by the Pawn Shop.  He confesses to Gil that he set up the previous night's "date" and that Hong knew nothing about it.


Gil walks through the streets at night searching for Hong.  She discovers him huddled on the sidewalk looking depressed and lost.  He is happy to see her.  She is surprised at how happy Hong is to see her.

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Unfortunately I haven't watched that daily drama. This would be my second daily drama. I have previously watched Sweet Home, Sweet Honey but I wasn't able to finish it. This would be the first daily drama that is really interesting and it just gets more interesting as the story progresses despite some minor characters are getting on my nerves.


I really like the conversation between the OTP when they were taking a break climbing up to Assistant Manager Oh's house.

Hong Suk Pyo: That's unexpected.

Gil Eun Jo: What do you mean?

Hong Suk Pyo: I thought you liked having fun.

Gil Eun Jo: I like having fun. That doesn't mean I don't have to work.


After that line from her, I appreciate more her character. I mean you normally see some characters who just wants to have fun and not work at all. I'm on E19 now and I really appreciate these long scenes with the OTP. I don't want that schemer lawyer to be in between them though I hope Hong Suk Pyo will develop feelings for Gil Eun Jo soon or is it too soon? 111 episodes to go before the end. XD

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9 hours ago, xiashenghan said:

I really like the conversation between the OTP when they were taking a break climbing up to Assistant Manager Oh's house.

Hong Suk Pyo: That's unexpected.

Gil Eun Jo: What do you mean?

Hong Suk Pyo: I thought you liked having fun.

Gil Eun Jo: I like having fun. That doesn't mean I don't have to work.


After that line from her, I appreciate more her character. I mean you normally see some characters who just wants to have fun and not work at all.


I liked that conversation too.  But the subtitles were not precise on the last line.  She said, "I like having fun. But you can't make a living from just fun all day long".  Same idea.  I find it funny when the subbers randomly change the lines as though the actual line won't work in English - though here it may have been to reduce the length of the line to read on screen.  What drives me crazy is when many lines in question forms are changed into statement forms. Way too often.  Like, "how good can that be?" will be changed to "that can't be good", for no reason....


Back to your point, yes, I too like her character.  There is enough of seriousness along with an easygoing attitude in her.  One of the more pleasant characters I have seen in dramas.  No attempt to act too goody goody but she is actually a very kind person.  So far she is not shown as one who would take much crap from anybody either.  Realistic to a good extent.  The actress is very good and natural with her expressions, and she fits the role perfectly.

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9 hours ago, xiashenghan said:

Unfortunately I haven't watched that daily drama. This would be my second daily drama. I have previously watched Sweet Home, Sweet Honey but I wasn't able to finish it.

I watched that one all the way through. Gosh, that was a painful drama.  The lead character was so goody goody till late in the drama, and it drove me mad.  And some ridiculously silly manipulations by that deputy of the CEO lady... 

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15 hours ago, sava2sava said:

Hello All Count Me In I've been following along with this drama

Good to see you here, @sava2sava... I was wondering where you were, because you were there in almost every drama thread I have been on - basically because I think you don't miss any drama :) ... So, no thread is complete unless you're there!


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