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[Drama 2017-2018] Love Returns / I hate to love you, 미워도 믿어도

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7 hours ago, hyall said:

Is this being subbed ? Looks interesting but worried even if subbed in English they may stop suddenly. How well is it doing ?

Yes, it is being subbed by some subbing group, and the subs seem to come up a few hours after the broadcast at illegal drama sites.  It is also subbed by KBS themselves and can be found at their KBS world TV yourtube site at about a week of delay.  They put up one episode each from Monday to Friday - so Ep 7 came up today (Tuesday), when ep 11 was broadcast on TV.  So it is safe to watch, as far as subs are concerned.

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The Big Shot Lawyer watches as Hong and Gil Bicker on the Street.  Then Hong walks away as Gil looks flabbergasted.


The Big Shot Lawyer approaches Gil and flashes her a guano consuming grin.  He has perhaps decided that it is more age appropriate to pursue the daughter than the Stepmother and will eventually yield the same financial result.  Little does he know that it was the Stepmother's plan all along to hook him up with Gil.


Gil recalls being introduced to Big Shot at her Stepmother's Pawn Shop.


The Big Shot Lawyer gallantly hands Gil a handkerchief which she uses to fix her smeared lipstick.  Then she is on her way.


Goo is lecturing Jung and her other subordinates at the Beauty Center on the forthcoming cosmetic model competition.  Hong, who is doing an  Undercover Boss at the Beauty Center, pretending to be a general gofer and flunky, joins the group.  Gil follows him in.


Goo meets with Hong and Gil in her office.  he reminds her that she resigned from the company and that her paycheck is in the mail. After he leaves the room, the two women bicker.


When Gil leaves goo's office she encounters Big Shot, who under some pretense has followed her into the building.  He invites her to dinner.Gil plays hard to get, but not too hard, and after emitting some bafflegab accepts his invitation.  Jung watches all of this from around a corner.


Gil encounters Gong Gyung Ha, Goo's Second In Command at the Beauty Center, and gives her an expensive lipstick as a gift.  In exchange, Gong agrees to text Gil to notify her when Hong leaves the building.


Jung encounters Gil in the Lady's Room.  Jung warns Gil not to toy with Big Shot's heart.  Gil is like, WTF?The claws are out.  They bicker.  Gil tells Jung that if she wanted to, she could buy Genius Cosmetics with her family's money and fire her.  Then she flounces off.


At their home, Hong and the two Goos discuss launching a new product.


Jung and her Sister are in their bedroom.  They can't help overhear their mother practicing her singing.  The practice session is not going well.  Their Mother tells them that she suspects that Big Shot's Mother also plans to sing a song at the audition.  We learn that even though Big Shot's Mother is her employee at the Beauty Shop, she is jealous of her because she graduated from college.  The girls try to teach their mother some K-Pop dance moves.


Gil tries to interest her Stepmother in making an investment in Genius Cosmetics, without success.  For the first time, Gil informs her Stepmother that she has been working part time at Genius Cosmetics.  Her Mother would prefer that she concentrate on getting her appraiser's license.


Big Shot returns home and greets his Mother.  She tries to persuade her Son to buy an expensive car.  He reminds her that they cannot afford an expensive car.


Gil's Brother arrives home and talks with his Stepmother.  She talks tentatively about perhaps investing in a new business.



Gong texts Gil to tip her off that Hong will be working late at the Beauty Center that night.


In her bedroom, Jung examines the dress her Father bought for her.


Jung stoops at the Cultural Center to talk with her Father.  When she arrives her Father, who has just learned that his class at the Cultural Center has been cancelled for lack of students, is shouting into his phone.  She reproaches him for getting fired "Again."  And for lacking self-discipline or any concern for persons other than himself.  Then she twists the knife by handing him an invitation to a Genius Cosmetics event, but then telling him not to come because he doesn't deserve to.


When Gil arrives home with some purchases in a shopping-bag, her Brother wonders how she purchased them.


Back at the Big Shot household, we learn that his Mother has actually signed a purchase contract for a new car without telling him.   When Big Shot arrives home, she hurriedly hides the paperwork.


Gil has brought dinner to Hong, who is working late.  Unaware that he is the company's CEO, she is explaining the ins and outs of cosmetics to him.  To illustrate how the same lipstick displays on different skin tones, she applies a lipstick first to her lips, then to his.  Just in time for Goo to arrive and ask, What is the meaning of this!  Aigoos ensue.


Jung's Father pounds soju in a tent cafe and curses his misspent life.  Gil's  Stepmother enters the tent cafe and spots him drinking alone.  She joins him.  He tells her that he is on his last drink and brags about his self-control.  He rattles on about the Meaning Of Life.  He explains to her that the class she has enrolled in has been cancelled.  Then he decides he'll have another drink, after all.


Gil's Stepmother sits in her bedroom and rubs beauty cream into her hands.  She remembers how Jun's Father, the first time she encountered him, had remarked on how beautiful her hands were.


The next day, Gil's Stepmother and Jung's Father are surprised to encounter each other at Genius Cosmetics.

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This drama is doing very well in viewership.  The first 11 episodes were all #1 in their time slot.  The viewership has not really gone up but hasn't dropped much either.


I get a sneaky suspicion that the storyline will change to more darker things than how it has so far been.    The very short synopsis from KBS says -


"The drama follows the life a woman who ends up losing everything after living a turbulent life. When she starts anew from the bottom, ironically, her life blossoms. The value that holds us together is not blood nor law, but rather love and affection between us."


I wonder who will be losing everything.  It has to be Gil Eunjo and her (step)mom.  Maybe the diamond necklace issue at the end of the episode 12 today, is the start of some darker stories?  We have not had any hints of real trouble so far, except the lawyer dude knowing of how rich Kim Haengja is, but he has not yet been portrayed as bad enough to steal money or anything.  I am curious now...


By the way, is the loser dad guy having schizophrenia or something?  Earlier they showed him in that class to not remember meeting Haengja and praising her hands.  Today they showed him suddenly getting into a brief act of rage and throwing the paper towels while walking out after cleaning his face that Haengja spat water on.  Weird!

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In a cafe next to the Beauty Center, Jung's Father is being fussed over by Gil's Stepmother and the cafe's owner.


Big Shot Lawyer arrives at an expensive restaurant for his luncheon date with Gil.


But Gil is stalking Hong in a department store.  Hong, in turn, is watching a stranger apply makeup.  The stranger is startled when she notices and raises an alarm. The woman thinks he is a purse snatcher and demands that the police be called.  Gil steps in and attempts to defuse the situation without success.  Then Jung, who is somehow in the vicinity, tries too get Jung off the hook.  The store personnel now think all three are part of a gang of purse snatchers.


At the restaurant, Big Shot sits alone at a table and studies the menu.


The Police arrive and, noticing the store's CCTV cameras, are like, Let's hit replay.  But when the store personnel confess that the CCTV is broken, everyone becomes angry withe the store's management.


The complainant finally claims that Hong scratched her expensive purse and demands compensation.  Gil steps in and pronounces the purse a cheap counterfeit.  The woman withdraws her demand for compensation but still insists that the police arrest Hong and Gil.


Hong and Gil sit in the crowded police station.  Gil notices that Big Shot Lawyer has called her several times, and is embarassed to realize that she has forgotten her dinner date with him.  She places a call to him and demands his presence at the Police Station.  Hong and Gil bicker while awaiting big Shot's arrival.


Big Shot arrives at the Police Station but springs only Gil.  Per Big Shot, Hong is on his own.  Hong pouts and tells Gil to get out of his face.  She departs with Big Shot.  Then Hong calls his family's lawyer.


Big Shot and Gil finally have their luncheon date, but in a crowded cafe rather than an expensive restaurant.  They eat tofu stew.  She tries to discourage him from continuing to work for her stepmother, saying she is a real slave-driver.  With a smile on his face, he tells her that he is working for the Stepmother to gain Gil's affection, since the Stepmother is rich and Gil will inherit a good deal of her wealth.


Goo is in her office on her phone.  She is exasperated to learn that Hong is being held at the police station.


By the time Goo and her Brother return home, Hong has been sprung from Police custody and is resting in his bedroom.  When they enter his bedroom, he pretends to be asleep.  They bicker.  We learn that after Hong's Mother died, Goo Jong Hee assumed the responsibility for raising Hong and still has a maternal feeling toward him.  She says that she hopes he finds a wife.  Soon.


Gil attempts to call Hong on her cell phone, without success.  She is worried that he may still be at the Police Station.

Hong checks his phone, notices Gil's texts, and smiles.


In the Pawn Shop, Gil locates a genuine version of the complainant's handbag.  She texts him pictures of the bag.  In subsequent texts, she asks to be rehired.


Gil has driven home in the dark.  When she gets out of her car, she discovers that Big Shot is standing in front of her house.  He presses for another luncheon date and she accepts.


Gil's Brother talks with his Stepmother as he leaves the house.  We learn that he has a part time job at a hospital.  He tries to persuade her to enter the makeup modeling competition.


A number of ajumas are gathered at Genius Cosmetics for the modeling competition.  to Goo's chagrin, they all seem to know and make eye contact with her brother.  Each of the contestants performs a song, dance, or song and dance.


In her bedroom, the Stepmother reads A Christmas Tale by Dickens.


Back at Genius Cosmetics, the audition continues.  Goo is bored but her Brother happily makes eye contact with all of the contestants.


Jung walks down the street and sees the Big Shot Lawyer.  She is irritated when Gil drives up and he gets in Gil's car.

Just as Goo is concluding the audition, the Stepmother rushes in and asks to participate.


For some reason Big Shot has blind folded Gil and led her into a hospital.


At the audition, the stepmother introduces herself as a money lender.  She promises, if selected, not to collect interest on her loans for 15 days and to make a contribution to the Merchant's Association.


We learn that Gil has always wanted to see her Brother working in the hospital but has not because she associates hospitals with her Mother's death.  When the blindfold is removed, she sees her Brother in a white coat talking with the doctors and is overcome with emotion.


Back at the audition, the Stepmother concludes her presentation by saying she hopes she is chosen.



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On 11/28/2017 at 9:47 AM, jayakris said:

So, is the daepyo (CEO) guy's mom is still alive?  I am not getting why his aunt and uncle behave like they do.  Normally they would be the types trying to cause him hell and try to steal the company, in dramas.  These two seem to be genuinely nice to their nephew.  Is the matriarch still alive and is watching them?


Well, eps 12 and 13 made it clear that his mother, the former chairman, is indeed dead.  Still not sure why the aunt and uncle are so nice to him.  Not that it is that rare in real life.  Just that we almost never see that in Kdramas :)


I watched Ep 13 today with serious worry that all kinds of problems were about to start with that whole diamond necklace thing.  Haengja not seeing her phone, the lawyer hiding and hearing things, the store girl not saying things clearly over the phone, the market ladies starting serious gossip etc.  In usual dramas, we could mark it down that this was going to be some serious issue (a $275K necklace, that too!) and Haengja would be in jail soon and all that.  And once again the drama fooled me, and it all went poof!   So, what is the story?  Still no angst and villains and all that?  Only normal and generally nice people in a drama?  How can there be a drama like that?  :)


Now the lawyer is being shown as a bit of a joker and not a serious scheming villain.  The attempt at magic was funny.


I really liked the convenience store chat today.  Carefully written and shot, and nicely done by the leads.

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Gil sees her Brother working at the hospital and is overcome by emotion.  Then she accuses the Big Shot Lawyer of toying with her emotions and stomps off.  This is not the reaction he expected.


When Big Shot reaches the sidewalk, Gil drives right past him without stopping.  He goes to an ATM and discoves that his bank account is empty.     Since he has no money for cab fare, he must walk home.


When Gil returns home, she remembers seeing her Brother in the hospital and is wistful.  We learn, as we have come to suspect, that he is a doctor.


Gil discovers that her Stepmother isn't home.  Then she remembers the audition.


Jung's Father lands a part time job working at the small cafe near Genius Cosmetics for the minimum wage.


The Stepmother returns to her Pawn Shop and opens a letter.  We learn that she owns the small cafe and that another tenant is claiming that the cafe is too noisy.


As Jung walks down the street, she is accosted by a homeless person.  As things begin to get ugly, Big Shot arrives and resolves the situation.  She invites him to walk with he and they play games at an arcade.  One of the games involves beating thing with a mallet and after his encounter with Gil, he is in the mood.


Jung and Big Shot stop for cold drinks at a cafe.  When he makes these small purchases with a credit card because he has no cash left, Jung notices.  He complains to her about his experience with Gil.  She tells him that she is disappointed that he would  continue to date a woman who mistreats him.  When he tells her that poor people can't afford to have pride, she becomes more disappointed with him.  Then he Gets Going, leaving her alone.


Jung's Mother returns home and reports, to Jung's Sister, that the audition did not go well.Jung returns home, stomps into her bedroom, and slams the door.  Her Mother is like, WTF?


Big Shot returns home and collapses in a chair, defeated.  Then he notices the automobile sales paperwork that his Mother has hidden under a piece of furniture.   His Mother returns home, angry at her poor audition performance, only to be confronted by her furious Son.  When she claims to have a plan for paying for the new car, he calls BS and rips the sales contract to shreds.


Hong arrives at the small cafe to meet Gil.   There are several musical instruments scattered around the cafe and he plays a tune on a keyboard.  While doing so, he remembers his unpleasant childhood piano lessons.  When Gil arrives, she tries to engage him in conversation about his piano playing, without success.


Hong tells Gil about her Stepmother's appearance at the audition.  He tells her that her Stepmother seemed much nicer than she had described.  They bicker.  When she guesses that he has Mother Issues of his own, he gets up and stomps off.


Things are not going well at the Goo household.  He has just discovered that hs Sister has gotten him fired from his cabaret job.  She tells him that she does not want a Brother who is a gigolo.  They bicker.  He places a call to Hong to tell him he is resigning from Genius Cosmetics.  


Back at the small cafe, Hong has left his phone behind.  Gil hears the phone buzz and answers it.  Before he can learn that his Nephew is not on the receiving end, Goo angrily orders Hong to fire him and rings off.  Gil is like, WTF?


Jung's Sister has been gazing at a photo of Hong online.  She tells Jung that she plans to ensnare Hong and will help her subdue Big Shot.


Unable to return Hong's phone to the Beauty Center, Gil has taken it home.  The phone's battery dies.


The next morning, Gil asks her Brother to return the phone to Hong on his way to work.  The Stepmother reminds Gil that it is her day to work at the Pawn Shop.


At Jun's Mother's Beauty Shop, she and her friends are distressed to learn that Gigolo Goo has been fired from the cabaret.


The Stepmother;s Assistant texts Big Shot to inform him that Gil likes magic tricks.   He has bribed the Assistant to provide him with information that will aid him in his pursuit of Gil.


The stepmother chastises Gil for her extravagant spending and tells her that she is suspending her credit card for another month.  Gil storms out of the room.


In her bedroom, Gil tries to decide which of her handbags she will sell for cash.


In his office, Gigolo Goo writes a letter of resignation.  His Assistant, Jung's Sister, enters the office.  When she leaves the office to get him a cup of coffee, she encounters Jung in the hallway and they bicker.


Goo tries to persuade her nephew to abandon his Undercover Boss project.  He threatens to reassign her to Busan if she doesn't stifle herself.  Gigolo Goo interrupts them to submit his resignation letter.    Hong tells him that he will read it later and leaves the room.  The Goos resume their bickering.


Neither Jung nor Hong are maintaining situational awareness as they walk down a hall.  They collide with each other and exchange shocked expressions.

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I just started watching the series today and so far I like both leads but the other characters are annoying as hell.


The lawyer is shady. I hope he's not scheming something evil to get the ahjumma's wealth and I so don't like his mom as well. The father is so heartless and greedy that I can't stand seeing him. I hope he won't try to do something and rob of ahjumma of her wealth as well. I'm really worried for ahjumma... She might get robbed off by these people.


The list of the people I don't really like are soooo long. It's sad though that in 6 episodes there are only few scenes with the main leads together but they sure are interesting together. I just hope I can still hold on and finish the drama since it looks interesting.


I really want the people to stop shouting. They're giving me a bad case of headache.


Catched up until E13 and that lawyer is still annoying. I'm really amazed at how he can hear Eun Jo and Suk's conversation at the convenience store despite him standing outside behind the glass and there is traffic. He sure has an amazing sense of hearing and his mom is annoying as well. How can she say that Haeng Ja ahjumma must have switched the jewelries with fake ones?! Aaaargh!!! That shady lawyer and his mom should be gone. I would be really happy if that happens because this drama has too much annoying characters. I'm just happy that the scenes between the two leads are too cute despite it being too short.


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Hong and Jung bump into each other in a hallway.  Each asks the other, hat are you doing here?  She thinks he has resigned and tells him that as a fellow poor person, he needs to suck it up and carry on.


Madame Goo complains to an underling about having to nursemaid the men in her life.  Jung's Sister eavesdrops from around the corner.


Gigolo Goo bustles into his office and gives Jung's Sister orders.  Apparently he has decided not to resign.


Gong enters Madame Goo's office expecting to find her boss, but encounters Hong lounging in a chair instead.  They have an awkward encounter and she departs.  Then he finally gets around to reading his Uncle's letter.  It is not a resignation letter.  Instead, he asks Hong to intervene with Madame Goo so that he can regain his night job as a cabaret singer.  Hong shakes his head in disbelief.


The Stepmother walks down a hallway outside the Beauty Center and upsets a cart of chicken dung which is sitting outside of the Small Cafe, creating a mess and a stink.  When several Beauty Center personnel arrive on the scene, she tells them that she will clean up the mess so get out of my face.  Why there should be a cart full of chicken dung in the hallway of an office building is unclear, but this is K-Drama so bear with me.


It turns out that the cart contains cardboard egg crates which smell of chicken dung.  The Stepmother plans to clean the egg crates and use them as sound insulation on the walls of the Small Cafe to resolve the noise complaints against her tenant.


The Manager of the Small Cafe explains to Hong that the Stepmother owns the cafe's space but lets her use it for free and the cafe's proceeds go to charity.  Hong is learning that the Stepmother has a "softer side."  The Manager further explains that anyone can come in and use the musical instruments scattered thru the cafe to reduce stress.


Gil's Brother stops at the Beauty Center on his way to work to drop off Hong's phone.  He leaves it with Madame Goo's Assistant.  The Assistant wonders how Gil ended up with Hong's phone.  We learn that one of the Assistant's primary assignments from Madame Goo is to shadow Hong and attempt to keep him out of trouble.


Jung's Sister, who has set her sights on marrying the CEO, sees Madame Goo's Assistant on the street and mistakenly concludes that he is the CEO.


Jung's Mother's Chingu, the proprietor of the Market's rice cake shop, meets with Madame Goo and attempts to persuade her to select the Stepmother as the winner of the beauty model audition.  She and the other merchants want the Stepmother to be selected because she has promised, if selected, to forgive 15 days of interest on the merchants' loans.


Jung overhears her Mother talking with her employee at the beauty shop, Big Shot Lawyer's mother.  She learns that Big Shot is going on a blind date.  She is jealous.


Gil attempts to sneak into her house with several shopping bags of expensive new clothes but is busted by her Brother.  Her mother also sees the shopping bags and wonders if she has somehow obtained a new credit card.


Gil's Brother tells her that he left the phone with "the Male Employee at the Beauty Center."  She is disappointed to learn that the Male employee only said thank you and nothing more.


On a dark street, Jung stalks the Big shot Lawyer as he returns from  She eavesdrops as he reports on the blind date to his Mother.  His Mother explodes when she learns that he does not plan to see the blind date again.   He tells his Mother that he considers marriage an "Opportunity" and is looking for a better one.


In her bedroom, Jung contemplates Big Shot's mercenary heart and is disappointed.  She learns that her Sister also views marriage as a purely economic transaction.


Madame Goo joins Hong in his bedroom as he does paperwork.  We learn that Hong has acquired a new cellphone and number but will keep the old phone and number for use at home.  We also learn that during her off hours, Madame Goo likes to guzzle wine straight from the bottle.  When Gigolo Goo loudly begins to rehearse a song elsewhere in the house, she storms out of the room.


When Madame Goo storms into her Brother's bedroom, he switches from a loud rock number to a romantic ballad.  She is enchanted.


Jung's Mother receives a text message informing her that she won the audition for the Genius Cosmetics modeling gig.  Her daughters wonder why she received this notification at such an odd hour.  She practices walking while balancing things on her head, model style.


In his bedroom, Big Shot is preparing for his next assault on Gil's affections by practicing magic tricks.  One of the tricks involves cards.  When his Mother sees the cards she thinks he has taken up gambling and pitches a mother dog.  We learn that she is upset because Big Shot's Father had a gambling problem.  When  she learns that he is practicing magic, her fury turns to bewilderment.


Gil applies a beauty mask to her Stepmother's face, then to her Brother's face, then her own.  After her Stepmother falls asleep, Gil carries one of the bags of expensive clothing into her Stepmother's room and leaves it there.


The Stepmother wakes up and discovers that Gil has bought her an expensive coat she had admired when they browsed at the department store.  The Stepmother wonders how Gil obtained the funds to purchase it.


In her bedroom, Gil receives a phone call from Big Shot.  We learn that the winner of the modeling contest is to be announced in a ceremony the next day at the marketplace.  He asks her to make a video of it since his Mother is one of the contestants.

In his bedroom, Hong is trying to call Gil but his calls are going to voicemail.




The Stepmother, anticipating the selection ceremony, addresses a photograph of Gil's deceased father.


The Stepmother arrives at the Small Cafe and listens while the cafe's manager sings a  song of lost love.  She remembers walking through a park on a Fall day with Gil's deceased Father.


Jung's Father joins the Stepmother and listens to the Manager sing.


The Stepmother, drinking from a water bottle,  remembers encountering Jung's Father in the cafe as he drank soju and talked of the emptiness of life without love.  When she realizes that he is sitting beside her, she is so shocked that the water flies out of her mouth and onto his face. 

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Morning.  A ceremony will be held today at which the winner of the cosmetic model competition will be announced.


The Stepmother apologizes for spitting water in Jun's Father's face and helps to clean him off.  He departs.


The Manager of the Small Cafe and the Stepmother discuss Jung's Father.


Madame Goo, her hair uo in curlers, bickers with her Brother.  He has cooked breakfast.  Hong joins them and thy eat.


Jung's Sister applies makeup and discusses her plan for meeting and ensnaring Hong with Jung.


Big Shot's Mother notices a pimple on the tip of her nose and melts down.


Gil tries to decide which outfit to wear.


A deliveryman arrives with the wrong materials.  When Hong tells him to return them the deliveryman, thinking that Hong is an entry-level flunky, tells him to return them himself.  Madame goo's assistant happens by and carries the packages away.

The Stepmother and the other ajumas from the marketplace arrive at the Beauty Center.  Jung fixes Big shot's Mother's pimple.


Madame Goo and Hong contemplate a large painting of Hong's deceased Mother in his office.  We learn that she was a harsh disciplinarian and that Hong still resents her.  Goo tells Hong that he should try to understand and forgive his deceased mother.  He storms out of the office.


Gil's Brother interacts with Goo's Assistant while Jung's Sister watches.  Both the Brother and the Sister are under the misimpression that the Assistant is CEO Hong.


Everyone gathers in the marketplace for the announcement ceremony.  Hong starts to have a panic attack.  Gil rushes over to calm him down.


Big shot notices Gil standing beside Hong and is jealous.  From afar, Jung watches Big Shot and is frustrated.


Gigolo Goo serves as master of ceremonies and makes several announcements.  When several people ask where CEO Hong is, Hong, still incognito, signals that he doesn't want to be introduced.  Goo continues with his announcements, ignoring the questions about Hong.


Each of the ajumas competing in the contest takes a turn walking across the stage.  Each is in a fashionable outfit with carefully applied makeup.  Everyone is especially shocked at how stunning the Stepmother looks.


Jung and her Mother arrive home.  Her Mother carries several bags of cosmetics.  Each of the contestants has received a modeling fee and she gripes about how little is left after the Korean Government has taken its cut.  She falls asleep, exhausted.


Madame Goo is pitching a fit.  They can't locate the Stepmother, who is wearing designer clothes and a $300,000 piece of jewelry they hve given her to use for the event.  Gong is dispatched to locate her.


Big Shot's Mother sits at her home with all of her new cosmetics.  she wonders who she can sell them to to make some money.  She tries to locate some perfume she received but it is missing.  At the pawn shop, Big Shot is giving the perfume to the Stepmother's assistant as a reward for her help in providing information about Gil.  When Hong walks in looking for Gil, Big Shot rudely asks what his business with her is.  Sparks begin to fly.  When Big Shot demands to know what his relationship with Gil is, Hong tells him that when he figures it out, he'll let him know.  Hong takes a phone call and departs.


Gil, her Brother and Stepmother sit for a family portrait.  Every time the photographer is ready to take the shot, one of them becomes emotional.  Then they get it together, hold hands, and the portrait is taken.


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2 minutes ago, jimb said:

Every time the photographer is ready to take the shot, one of them becomes emotional.  Then they get it together, hold hands, and the portrait is taken.



I had a good laugh when the third one started crying, which I didn't expect.  That was pretty funny.

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On 12/1/2017 at 11:32 AM, xiashenghan said:

I really want the people to stop shouting. They're giving me a bad case of headache.

  Reveal hidden contents

Catched up until E13 and that lawyer is still annoying. I'm really amazed at how he can hear Eun Jo and Suk's conversation at the convenience store despite him standing outside behind the glass and there is traffic. He sure has an amazing sense of hearing and his mom is annoying as well. How can she say that Haeng Ja ahjumma must have switched the jewelries with fake ones?! Aaaargh!!! That shady lawyer and his mom should be gone. I would be really happy if that happens because this drama has too much annoying characters. I'm just happy that the scenes between the two leads are too cute despite it being too short.



Yeah, when you have three "market" women, there will be some shouting.  Some more of it in Ep 15 today for your enjoyment! :) ... Man, the lawyer's mom is a piece of work.


Looks like they are slowly revealing the character of the people.  I was surprised at the suddenly-open chat between the lawyer and Inoo today.  So they both know what each other is about.  I really like the interactions between the other two (the leads), and Eunjo's scenes are all fun because she is quite a natural actress.  But she is still dumb about the lawyer, though she isn't falling for him either.


The loser seongsaengnim is beginning to scheme too, and it looks more and more like he (or the lawyer or his mom) will find a way to steal money or cause Haengja/Eunjo to lose their money.

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