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  1. I'm looking fwd to JR&stalker meeting next week ...it'll be more interesting if someone shake their hidden pink bubble
  2. Now...thats called fear Don't be...she has right jacket ...and they'll prolong ep if necessary just to give you a kiss
  3. Yeah, he is funny jealous Did you see his face when she beat mamma-boy in starting the fire?
  4. One thing is sure...our girl would never starve in Always...all guys brought her food ...poor JR couldn't even get to her Hope guys won't fight who'll carry her up the hill
  5. Ahhh those were the days Insticts + fast learner...what do we need for?!?
  6. Ah...poor me...at work, without sound, without subs...am i sane? Guess not right? ...bur they r so damn cute ...i just can't stop torturing me @triplem i give you five!
  7. Oh come on my chingu...you r right JR lacks experience but there r instincts as well right? We don't wait so eagerly to get a liplock...right? ...right!
  8. Change pic? No...i think we have to keep it till the end of a drama ...though mine is not bad even if it's sad
  9. ...i knew he is handsome...but i realize it again and again...and again ...and he's a good kisser...go JR today gooooooooo
  10. I think you have right feeling...on both watching the kiss and going after JR first...i'm afraid for JR ...but i'm looking fdw to stalker's face watching them kiss Of course he'll miss her...they r spending all day together...at work, after work even at night they text each other...he sees how good, smart and hardworking she is... how could he not miss all that right?...she is already under his skin I would really like if, apart of helping JR in stalker case, that prosecutor couple hangs out with our OTP as real friend couple...YS needs some female friend
  11. I like him...i'll start and if it won't be to dark and hard i might stay ...seems OTP has good chemistry
  12. Hug was nice ...but i wish they had their heads closer to touch each other Anyway...seems she'll kiss him tomm...i think i said it will be her the brave one
  13. YEah...but i wonder will be the one we r waiting for or from second couple EDIT: btw...i felt sorry when lady prosecutor cried ...at least she let the guy to comfort her
  14. JR bought a postcard with hearts ...but its's so not like him ...when he caught her at a store and ran after her ...they r so funny...i understand her that she feels bad but how could she think he'll let her be
  15. Sooo...next group is preparing to win or loose right? ...can't wait to see...kiss i mean, not some new pic That rich stalker guy really has nerves and thinks he's untouchable ...haking a lawyer's phone?...can't wait JR finds out
  16. Well...at least you admit to be happy for our missfortune...you trashy girl ...best luck next week! (or not ) As for sad Wookie...what can i say, you r right, he's handsome anyway ...i'll choose sad one later at night...but probably from Hotel king...i prefer it over Goblin
  17. Me too...since when we have to have penalty avatar? Not till the end of drama right? ...my Wookie gif wil cry Giving her his pocket was cute ...but kiss would be better
  18. I know that guy is a jerk and that he wronged her..but that does not give her the right to blame JR or others...she should know him better and that he would not ask for a case against her but that he had to accept it...as much bad as she feels she shouldn't be this hostile twds her's friends... Well i know...as good as JR is he won't mind her
  19. @Far^away i agree he already knew that the fact she was working with insurance will be her missfortune...but when prosecution stated it out loud with exact amount was difficult to hear and bigger damage was done As for poor woman and weak cooperation from her side i think its cause she already make up her peace she'll be convicted...to tell the truth i feel sorry for poor woman...she needs to hear (just like our girl heard from JR) that she's just a victim and that she's not alone...i hope she'll open up if not first then parallel with appearing that someone who hurt JR...possible real killer We r a bit mean? ...about accidentally missing characters i mean As for prosecutor lady...i found it uncomfortable when she said to her ex that not everyone was born with silver spoon in their mouth...what does it mean?...she has more rights to fight, to achieve first...they should let her and give up?
  20. Oh come on chingu...we still have 5, less or so, hours of hope...anything can happen in that elevator ...or after he get hit, it might not be the last scene (naive me right? ) she might hold him in her arms, he wakes up, she's happy and... So...don't give up yet my dear friend! Long live hope
  21. Aigoooo...poor our girl...last ep was definitly not a good one for her First he didn't like her pink choices for his office (though i give him right on that )...then he left her out for pasta lunch (though he hurried back to have a lunch with her)...then he wanted to clear things in front of everyone and finally he asked her such a delicate question openly in the street ...men! ...not to mention wrong pocket thing I'll be really glad today when he'll see what's look like to feel jealousy! ...though i adore him...he's so smart but how come he's so slow to get feelings...it's time he wakes up...looking fwd to OTP's future scenes BTW...i don't like his lady prosecutor friend's behaviour...when she found out he'll be accross her in that case she should of show a bit of worry cause he does have a reputation to be a good lawyer but wish them both to do their best ...not to be mad at him ...she seemed selfish
  22. @triplem ep 5-6...i said already they'll do it sooner then usual BTW...i didn't say so far but i really like how he pays attention to her and her feelings...that short moment she froze after that girl said about ex-BF stalking and drugging her...he in an instant realized it was the same that happend to her...he'll be partner who'll notice himself not like many guys who don't understand even if you tell them by words ...this was biggest so far but it was a few moments like this before...when he was watching her reaction on girls gossiping her or when a guy took her poster from a restaurant...what a caring guy...i'm in love
  23. There is always rain periods...but what's a bit of suffering if you have good memories? ...but if you don't its harder don' t you think?
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