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  1. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 116 When Yoon tells thePproducer that Hwang and her Mother will provide background on the events of the day her daughter disappeared, they begin to squirm. Yoon twists the knife, saying that she changed her mind about doing the show because finding Hwang’s missing cousin would “reduce her stress” during her pregnancy. As part of the show the Producer agrees to look into the Fake Detective who claimed Yoon’s Daughter was dead. He is like, OMG, could it be that someone doesn’t want you to find your missing Daughter? Kidding on the square, Yoon “jests” that Hwang and her Mother could have had such a motive since if she kicks the bucket without an heiress, they inherit everything. They fail to see the humor in her suggestion. Hwang and her Mother step outside. Hwang’s Mother promises to “Take care of it.” Hwang does not seem reassured. Lee’s Father has gone Gangnam-wood. He shows up to the arcade in sunglasses, in honor of his forthcoming appearance with the fermented skatefish. Lee’s Father recruits Dawg as his “Manager.” When they show up for the taping, Lee’s Father has the jitters. Dawg gives Lee’s Father some potion to quell his anxiety. As the commercial is being broadcast live, Lee’s Father cannot stomach to odiferous fish and runs from the set to hug a commode. At Chez Lee, the family watches it’s Patriarch’s career in entertainment crash and burn. At Chez Hwang, Dawg’s family watches in surprise as, standing in for the elder Lee, he consumes the fish with a big Skate-Eating Grin. All of that, er, Skate he has eaten since marrying Hwang’s Mother is finally paying off. Halmoni is suspicious when Hwang’s Mother shows no interest in watching her Husband on the Tee Vee. Park is surprised when his Wife doesn’t want to engage in happy talk about the “pregnancy.” Yoon is filmed for a segment of the Missing Daughter Search. When the Producer leaves Yoon’s office, Hwang’s Mother calls someone and tells him to “Take Care Of It.” At the Arcade, Dawg is reveling in his newfound notoriety. But Lee’s Father is surprised to learn that his videotaped misfire has become an Internet Sensation. A Hired Thug slips into the Producer’s office and steals all of hiss videotape on Yoon and her missing daughter. Later, he passes the tapes to Hwang’s Mother and receives a money envelope. While eating dinner with his Wife, Son and Daughter In Law, Park Sr. receives a call informing him that the videotapes have been stolen. Hwang rushes into her Mother’s house to tell her the news . . ., Which is that the tapes had already been uploaded to the Network’s computer before they were stolen, so the show will air next week anyway. Halmoni notes Hwang’s hurried arrival and departure and wonders why she is acting weird. When Hwang returns home, Yoon interrogates her about her visit with her Mother. In the end, the cat diddles but does not consume the mouse. When they go to their bedroom, Park wonders why his wife is actin weird. Hwang’s Mother sits at her desk attempting to formulate a Plan B. Hwang’s Mother gives Fake Daughter a large parcel to mail. Lee’s Mother gets into a brawl with a customer who attempts to return a dress with a kimchi stain. Video goes viral on the Internet and Tee Vee. The Producer calls Yoon and tells her that due to the bad publicity, they won’t be airing the Missing Daughter Search show.
  2. Except that on at least two occasions I can recall she was only prevented from striking Kang by the timely arrival of her Son or Yoon. Lee's Mother's resistance to Leo were ignorance, Archie Bunker style anti-Eyetalian xenophobia. Her actions toward Kang, on the other hand, are fairly described as vicious and hateful. In Leo's case, only her acquiescence to his marriage to her daughter was required. In Kang's case, I think she needs to make some acknowledgement of her shameful conduct and request Kang's forgiveness. Doesn't Korean tradition provide a totally secular process for doing so? Once and done.
  3. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 115 Hwang walks away from Kang in a huff. Kang is like, WTF? When Kang arrives at his office for a business meeting, Lee informs her that the Network is in a panic because the House of Yoon has cancelled its contracts over a mistake Hwang made. Hwang storms into Yoon’s office but she is not there. Then Hwang and her Mother bicker. Then Hwang gives her the lowdown. Hwang trails her Mother as she storms into Chez Park/Yoon. When Hwang’s Mother confronts Yoon, Hwang is more surprised than anyone else to learn that she is supposed to be pregnant. Hwang’s Mother hands Yoon one of those urine pregnancy tester dealies which reads positive, raising the question of who Hwang’s Mother knows that is really pregnant. Not to mention how she obtained the urine sample. When everyone begs Yoon to reconsider terminating the Shopping Network contracts, Yoon coldly informs them that she will “think about it.” Ha! The urine turns out to be Lee’s Sisters. Via a flashback, we learn that Hwang’s Mother demanded that Lee’s Sister produce a positive test to prove that she is pregnant. Ha! No more nocturnal “headaches” for Hwang until she conceives. Hwang’s Mother is like, Look at the ceiling and think of Korea. And if that doesn’t work, you can always say you miscarried. Unfortunately, Fake Daughter has real ears and has just added this exchange to her arsenal. Halmoni and Dawg celebrate the Fake News. Hwang’s Mother arrives home and is in no mood to join the celebration. When Lee’s Mother hears about the pregnancy test, she promises to “take care of it tomorrow.” Lee’s Father has landed a commercial modeling gig. Before he can become too full of himself, Lee reminds him that it is a commercial for stink fish. Yoon tells Kang that she has ways to “help” Lee’s Mother realize how wonderful Kang is. Kang asks Yoon not to cancel her firms contracts with the Shopping Network so that Hwang will not be fired. Hwang overhears. In her bedroom, Hwang flashes Devil Eyes. When she hears Kang say that Hwang is pregnant, Fake Daughter knows it’s Fake News. When his office mates hear that his wife is pregnant, Park becomes The Man. Kim laments his single status again. Hwang’s Mother steals one of Lee’s Sister’s ultrasound photos. Unfortunately for her, Lee’s Mother almost catches her in the act. Just as Lee’s Mother begins to Launch about the pregnancy test, Yoon walks in and quickly does the math. But Yoon pretends not to realize what is going on and continues into her office. When Hwang visits the gynecologist, she learns that she has a condition that makes becoming pregnant difficult and dangerous for her. Hwang gives the purloined ultrasound photo to Park, who is overjoyed. At dinner Park Sr. tells Yoon he has a new idea for finding her missing daughter. Hwang suddenly chokes on her food. It turns out that one of Park’s close relatives is producing a TV show devoted to finding missing children. When Hwang hears that the producer has already agreed to feature Yoon’s hunt for her daughter, Hwang gets morning sickness even though it is evening and she isn’t pregnant. Hwang tells Park that the prospect of her family’s story being on TV is stressing her out. When Park relays this to Yoon she tells him that she won’t be doing the show. After eavesdropping on this conversation, Hwang smirks. Morning. In his shop, Park Sr. asks Kang’s Mother if she and her Daughter would like to appear on his relative’s TV program. When she doesn’t leap at the chance, he is puzzled. Hwang arrives for work as her Boss meeting with Lee and Kang. Kang blurts out the Fake News. When her boss begins to rattle on about the Shopping Network’s great pregnancy benefits, Hwang begins to squirm. As Yoon enters the lobby of the Shopping Network, Hwang is galloping out of the building with Kang in tow. Aware that pregnant women rarely gallop, Yoon decides to investigate. Yoon overhears Hwang tell Kang that she wants her to die. Yoon sits in her office plotting her next move. As Hwang is dawdling in the courtyard, Park Sr.’s hotshot TV producer relative arrives. As Hwang wonders why the relative is visiting, Yoon emerges from her house and tells her she has decided to do the Missing Daughter Search show after all.
  4. I think the final episode will be a time/lapse wedding. A year later, everyone gathers for the wedding of Lee and Kang. All of the prodigals will have Learned Their Lessons and have been welcomed back into the fold.
  5. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 114 Hwang’s Mother enters Yoon’s office and begins to complain about the cancelled move. Yoon curtly orders her to get back to work. Yet she persists. Totally ignoring her Sister, Yoon calls Hwang and orders her to make any complaints she has face to face. Hwang’s Mother finally deduces that she is unwelcome in Yoon’s office and Gets Going. Hwang receives a call from her Mother, and warns her Mother to cool her jets. Kang arrives aa the Shopping Network for a meeting and encounters Hwang. Hwang huffs at her and stomps off. Park Sr. apologizes to Kang’s Mother for the change in plans. She tells him that she prefers things as they are anyway. Dawg hasn’t a dog in the moving fight. Kang tells her Team that Yoon has unexpectedly turned over the House Of Yoon’s prime Shopping Network timeslot to her. Ha! Hwang is in her Aunt’s office complaining about her decision to turn her timeslot over to Kang. Yoon reminds Hwang that she doesn’t need her permission. Yoon curtly orders Hwang to Get Going before her next appointment arrives. But before Hwang can get up from her chair, Kang comes through the door. Yoon pokes her head out of her office and orders Hwang’s Mother to fetch a round of coffee. She is like, Well I Never . . . Hwang’s Mother spills Kang’s coffee on her in the process of delivering it. Since Hwang is still around, Yoon orders her to clean up the mess. Some of the coffee has ruined Kang’s shoes. Yoon orders Hwang to have them shined. Kang tries to make nice with Hwang’s Mother on the way out, without any success. Like a malevolent tag team, Hwang arrives as her Mother is leaving and continues the abuse. From inside her office, Yoon has her ear to the door, taking this all in. Yoon is driving Kang and Hwang somewhere. Hwang is in the back seat, where Yoon ordered her to sit. Hwang sits in apprehensive silence as Yoon and Kang chat cheerfully. Yoon drops Hwang off nowhere near her office before she and Kang continue on to a restaurant for lunch. Before letting her out Yoon gives Hwang money for a taxi. Hwang stands on the sidewalk staring at the taxi money and is like, WTF? Lee arrives home while his Father is watching a commercial on the Shopping Network. His Father asks Lee how one becomes a model for such commercials. Lee gives his Mother some cosmetics but she is ungrateful. Yoon and Kang arrive home. Kang tells her that she hopes Yoon forgives Hwang for whatever Yoon is angry at her about. Yoon learns that Park Sr. and Jr. are leaving town for the evening to attend a funeral the next day. Thus, she and Hwang will be alone in the house. Since Hwang will not be home until late, Yoon asks Kang to keep her company. Yoon asks Kang questions about her childhood. Then they play a childhood game. From the courtyard, Kang’s adoptive Mother overhears them and is wistful. Halmoni wakes up in the middle of the night and encounters her Daughter hitting the sauce. Hard. Halmoni asks what’s wrong and Hwang’s Mother goes into her You Always Treated Yoon Better routine. Kang, who is spending the night with Yoon, goes to the kitchen for a glass of water just as Hwang is getting home. Hwang orders Kang out of the house but Yoon intervenes and orders Hwang to go to her room. After going to her room, Hwang has a panic attack. Morning. Dawg eats breakfast with his Soon and Mother In Law. They wonder why Hwang’s Mother is drinking and when Hwang will produce abambino. Hwang’s Boss tells her that she’s screwing up and needs to get her mind back on her work. When the Boss leaves, Hwang tells Lee to complete a portion of the assignment she has just been given and stomps out of the office . . . . . . And into Yoon’s office. When Hwang requests a favor to cover one of her errors at work, Yoon tells her to pound sand. When Hwang’s Mother walks in, Yoon storms out. Hwang’s Mother leaves Yoon’s office and gets into a fight with Lee’s Mother. We learn that Yoon is not only refusing to help Hwang fix her screwup, but has secretly instructed Fake Daughter to buy up the necessary materials from other suppliers, making it impossible for Hwang to correct her mistake. Lee’s Mother and Fake Daughter bicker with each other. Hwang’s Berates her when she learns that Hwang has been unable to fix the problem. Just then, Hwang is summoned to the office of the Shopping Network’s Uber Boss. As Hwang arrives at the C-Suite,, her Aunt is leaving. After learning that Yoon has just cancelled all of her firm’s business with the Shopping Network because of her screwup, Hwang tries to catch up with Yoon but trips on the sidewalk. When Kang happens along and helps Hwang to her feet, she learns that whatever just happened is All Her Fault.
  6. I think the writer intended to hook them up and then realized it would have been a misfire. There was a clear difference in the maturity levels of the two characters. I initially assumed that Hwang's Brother was supposed to be a middle school student. I was really shocked to realize that he was supposed to be college age. Kang's Sister, on the other hand, was clearly a full grown adult and nobody's fool. Their relationship would have worked as a platonic "big sister - little brother" relationship but not as a romantic relationship. At least that's my opinion. I could be wrong. RE LEE'S BABY AS EARLY WEDDING PRESENT QUIP: Wasn't Lee himself an (unplanned) "early wedding present?" You may recall Hwang's Mother taunting Lee's Mother about not being able to pursue her education because she became pregnant.
  7. Kang was probably pondering what kind of food she should lay out on the doorstep of her marital home to attract "The Stork." Just sayin' .. .
  8. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 113 Kang has two Mothers. Yoon learns of her Daughter’s true identity and her Sister’s betrayal. Too much information. Yoon recalls how hideously she treated Kang and her Mother in the initial episodes and is properly ashamed. Yoon asks Kang’s Adoptive Mother to keep her secret a bit longer, until she can properly reckon with her Sister. Hwang’s Mother tosses the purloined childhood photographs of Kang, intact, into a public trash can and then sets them on fire. She tells herself that it is all over. This much is true. Hwang’s Mother returns to the House of Yoon and finds only Lee’s Sister tending the store. When she complains that Lee’s Mother has stepped out, Lee’s Sister observes that Hwang’s Mother has just returned from stepping out as well. The old order changeth. Lee’s Mother, who appears to have breakfasted on ugly, causes a scene in Kang’s office, throwing things around and otherwise dispensing abuse. When she begins to sneer at Kang’s Adoptive Mother, Kang declares Enough Already. For good measure, Kang also informs her that she and her Son have agreed to be Together Forever. As Lee’s Mother raises her arm to give Kang a proper matriarchal beatdown, Yoon arrives and stays her hand. Yoon demands that Lee’s Mother apologize, but succeeds only in making leave Kang’s office. Yoon comforts Kang but does not reveal their secret. Yoon meets with Fake Daughter and demands The Truth. Or Else. Fake Daughter hands Yoon her cell phone, containing a veritable Collection of Hwang and her Mother’s Greatest Hits. Plus some fine cameos by Herself. When Lee walks Kang home, he learns of and apologizes for his Mother’s antics. At dinner with Hwang and the Parks, Yoon announces that she no longer wants to post the flyers. Rather, she will hire an army of detectives to track her missing Daughter down. Yoon gives Hwang a Meaningful Look and asks if she concurs in this strategy. With effort, Hwang forces outa “Yes.” Morning. Lee and his Mother quarrel at breakfast. Lee’s Mother is speechless when she learns that her Son has been knowingly dating a “foundling.” Lee’s Father calls a family vote. Lee’s Mother finds herself a minority of one. When Leo, the Pompitous of Love, weighs in, Lee’s Mother leaves the breakfast table in disgust. Yoon, wearing a scarf with a marble patte1rn, encounters Kang as she is leaving for work. Kang tells her that she now remembers that she liked to play with marbles as a child. Yoon takes her scarf off and gives it to Kaang. Kang’s Adoptive Mother notices the scarf. Hwang’s Mother enters Yoon’s office and addresses her informally. Bad move. Yoon spills her coffee on the floor and makes her Sister clean it up. During a business meeting, Kim notices that Lee and Kang have reconciled. At the end of the workday, Hwang’s Mother attempts to suck up to Yoon. This earns her a few extra assignments to accomplish before she can go home. Lee and Kang go window shopping for baby clothes. Hwang’s Mother arrives home as Halmoni, Park Sr., and Yoon are having coffee. When Yoon tells the group that she is hiring detectives to help Kang find her biological parents, Hwang’s Mother sickens. Kang’s Sister and Fake Daughter seem to be bonding. As Yoon and Kang are talking in the courtyard, Hwang joins them and notices that Kang is wearing Yoon’s marble-patterned scarf. Hwang reminds herself that she, Yoon and the Parks will be moving to a new house tomorrow. “Then this will all be over.” Ha! In their bedroom, Yoon tells Park Sr. that she has some secrets to share with him. In their bedroom, Park and Hwang pack for the big move. Morning. Hwang is all smirks as she awaits the arrival of the movers . . . . . . But the smirking woman has not yet heard the bad news . . . . . . Yoon enters the courtyard and tells her they won’t be moving after all.
  9. Back in the mists of time I posted a summary of a K-Drama episode and when I reread it was baffled to find a reference to Richard Simmons which I, myself, had not included. To make a long story short, after much bafflement and some inquiries I discovered that in typing a perfectly respectable "as," my keyboard had stuttered and added another "s." To which some machine at Soompi had responded to a perfectly obvious typo, which in context made no sense whatsoever as a vulgarity, by substituting the name of a personality who has been off the air for some decades. Since then, I've tried to poke fun at Soompi's "Bevis and Posterior Head" ("Hey Bevis, he said _______, heh, heh, her.") behavior by using "richardsimmons" for posterior. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Simmons who, as my Mother used to say, is likely "crying all the way to the bank" if he notices this stuff at all. On the other hand, if it is not (or never was) regarded as satire by anyone other than myself, I'm happy to drop it.
  10. @jayakris Touche. @awsparkle It seems to me that the writer is dropping breadcrumbs suggesting that neither Hwang nor Fake Daughter are irredeemable. I wouldn't be surprised if Fake Daughter ends up working with Kang's Mother in her shop or even, a stretch, finding true love at the last moment with Kim. The writer seems to me to have salted the latest episodes with sequences in which Hwang and Fake Daughter appear likable or at least sympathetically vulnerable. I don't detect any similar lifelines being thrown to Hwang's Mother,
  11. Not just under the D-Word. Since I first met my wife during the Clinton Administration, I've been privy to the travails of various members of her large extended family in Korea as they have applied for their first visa to visit the U.S.. Uniformly over the years they have been put through the wringer for their initial visa. USDOS absolutely will not issue a visa to anyone if there is any reason to suspect that they will not return to Korea before their visa expires. This takes time, so if Hwang's Mother needs to get out of Dodge post haste, a legal visit to the U.S. would not be her best option. I should also note that, based on my in laws' experience, once you have visited the U.S. and returned to Korea in compliance with your visa, you are golden. Any subsequent visits are TSA Express. @jayakris Agreed. Few spouses want to live with their mothers in law and having two to choose from merely doubles the headache.
  12. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 112 The thugs Get Going, leaving Kang in the parking garage with a concussion. When Lee runs into Kang’s hospital room, Kang’s Mother and Sister are sitting next to Kang’s bed. Kang’s Sister is welcoming, Kang’s Mother, not. We learn that Fake Daughter called for help and that Kang is still out cold. When the police ask Fake Daughter if she knows anyone who would like to harm her, she pretends to draw a blank. Kang’s Mother and Sister encounter Fake Daughter in the hospital corridor and fuss over her obvious facial wound. Then they take her home with them. Hwang’s Mother’s hired thugs still haven’t called with and she is fuming. So hard to hire good help these days. Hwang’s Mother’s day is only getting worse. Yoon arrives and curtly summons her into her office. Yoon begins with the small stuff. She has discovered that her Sister is embezzling corporate funds, likely to underwrite her growing hush money payments. Hwang’s Mother spurts bafflegab at machine-gun speed. Yoon ain’t buyin’. Yoon, still holding back 75% of what she knows, fires her Sister. Hwang’s Mother, unaware that she is getting off easy, pitches a mother dog. In their bedroom, Park hands Hwang a copy of one of the flyers she stole. She’s like, They crawled into my trunk – Honest! Hwang engages in what Richard Nixon would call a limited hangout. Kang’s Mother observes Lee’s bedside manner and is touched. Back in their bedroom, Hwang continues to pour it on. She stole the flyers because if Yoon’s Daughter is located, she will once again be denigrated and mistreated as she was as a child. Thinking he knows the full depths of his wife’s perfidy, Park promises to stand by Hwang no matter what. Not the first man to sign up for more “What” than he bargained for. Morning. At breakfast, Yoon learns of Kang’s injury for the first time. Hwang shifts nervously as Park Sr. adds details. Hwang tells Park Sr. that she is having his flyer reprinted. Yoon is proud of her niece’s thoughtfulness. Hwang’s Mother attempts to contact her hired thug but his phone is turned off. Probably was a “burner” anyway. Do they watch The Wire in Korea? Yes they do. Halmoni physically chastises Hwang’s Mother after she learns of her embezzlement. In an attempt to persuade Halmoni to lay off, Hwang’s Mother claims that her secret efforts to find Yoon’s missing daughter somehow resulted in her being blackmailed. Her pitch is so foul it makes Halmoni weep. Yoon’s Detective has traced some of the money her Sister embezzled to Fake Daughter’s bank account. Hwang and Fake Daughter face off. Under the impression that the thugs were in Hwang’s employ, Fake Daughter pleads for her life. Or is this a scam? Might Fake Daughter be starring on CCTV? Or her cell phone? OMG. Halmoni arrives in Yoon’s office to plead for Hwang’s Mother’s reinstatement. Halmoni and Yoon sit while Hwang’s Mother recites another apology. When Halmoni threatens to go down on her knees Yoon folds and agrees to reemploy her Sister in a menial capacity. When Hwang’s Mother begins to protest, Halmoni gives her a solid whack and tells her to take the deal while it is still on the table. When Halmoni leaves the two women alone, Hwang’s Mother claims to have no idea why Fake Daughter is missing from work. In a restaurant, Lee’s Father has arranged a meeting with Lee, Kang and Kang’s Mother. When Lee and Kang avow that they can’t live without each other, their parents relent. Kang’s Mother surrenders custody of her Daughter’s ring. Lee and Kang’s relationship is beginning its descent and will reach its destination in Episode 121. No call from the Thug. Fake Daughter missing from work. Hwang’s Mother wonders What It All Means. Well here’s a clue. When Hwang enters the room and tells her Mother she has just met with Fake Daughter, her Mother exclaims “That means she’s still alive! Hwang describes Fake Daughter’s plea but her Mother wasn’t born yesterday. Last week, either. Hwang’s Mother’s latest scheme is to ransack Kang’s house for any remaining childhood photos. But will Hwang tell her about the flyers? No. Hwang has had enough crazy for one day. When Lee walks Kang home she initiates a kiss. Without asking for permission. Morning. At the House of Yoon, Hwang’s Mother notes that Fake Daughter is acting weird. Ha! The worm has turned: Lee’s Mother is supervising Hwang’s Mother with gusto. Until her new subordinate gets lippy. Under the guise of delivering a Get Well Soon gift to Kang, Hwang’s Mother is ransacking her house. Hwang’s Mother steals a dozen photos, but Kang’s Mother returns home and surprises her before she clears the gate. Kang’s Mother attempts to stop Hwang’s Mother from leaving but is thrown to the ground. Once again Kang’s Mother’s head unites with a hard surface, but this time a week’s worth of missingmemoriesare knocked back into her frontal lobes. Just then, Yoon returns home just as Kang’s Mother remembers she has something to tell her. Unfortunately for Hwang’s Mother, Kang’s Mother has a wallet photo . . .
  13. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 111 Hwang and her Mother leave the jail after their meeting with Fake Daughter but there is no spring in their step. Hwang’s Mother assures her Daughter that she will take care of everything. Hasn’t she always? Fake Daughter, free once more, joins the two women. Hwang’s Mother sends her Daughter back to work. Fake Daughter needles Hwang’s Mother before strutting off. Lee is back at the Side Dish Shop, washing dishes this time. Unseen from the hallway, Kang’s Sister overhears her Mother telling Lee where he can go after he finishes washing the dishes. Kang’s Sister returns home and tells Kang about Lee’s unappreciated apprenticeship. Yoon and Park Sr. tell Kang’s Mother that she can move into their larger apartment after they relocate. Hwang has a nightmare in which Kang wants her marble back. Hwang’s Mother enters Yoon’s office and discovers the photograph of her and Fake Detective. Lee’s Sister orders Fake Daughter to do something. Fake Daughter tells her to do it herself. Hwang’s Mother tells Lee’s Sister to do as Fake Daughter says. Park Sr. shows Dawg a bunch of flyers they have printed up to assist in their search for Yoon’s missing daughter. It contains a prominent photo of Kang as a young girl. Hwang has coffee with Park and claims to not remember the details of her nightmare. When his Father texts a copy of his flyer to him, he shows it to her. Hwang’s Mother meets another thug in a restaurant and hands him a money envelope. Yoon busts her Sister for her duplicity with Fake Detective, then listens with disgust to her obvious lies. The fiddler plays on but for Hwang’s Mother the jig is pretty much up. Lee asks Kang to give him more time to work things out with her Mother. Park Sr. returns to his shop and discovers that someone has stolen all of his flyers. Halmoni accuses Park Sr. of lying about printing the flyers. Because who would want to steal them? Kang tells her Mother to just ignore Lee, since she has broken up with him. When Lee returns home, his Father does the sniff test and concludes that HE STAYED AWAY FROM THE Side Dish Store. Park cleans out Hwang’s car and discovers his Father’s missing flyers in the trunk. Lee’s Father visits the Side Dish Store and pitches reconciliation. A detective gives Yoon photos of her Sister’s latest questionable coffee date. Fake Daughter bickers with Lee’s Sister and Hwang’s Mother. As Kang is about to meet Fake Daughter on the sidewalk after work, she sees two thugs pull up in an SUV and drive off with Fake Daughter. Kang hops into a cab and is like, Follow that car! Kang follows the thugs to a parking garage. When one of them tosses Kang’s cell phone away, she goes Bruce Lee on their richardsimmonses. Kang is knocked unconscious. The thugs flee from the parking garage, leaving Kang and Fake Sister alone.
  14. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 110 With a pail of mop water, Kang’s Mother lets Lee know she is really angry. Lee gets going. Hwang’s Mother assures Yoon she is hot on Fake Detective’s trail. At home, Kang’s Mother reflects that maybe she brought too much harsh down on Lee’s head. Kang enters her Mother’s bedroom. Kang’s Mother observes that if she has really broken up with Lee, she should take his ring off her finger. Kang surrenders the ring to the custody of her Mother. Lee’s Father arrives for his cooking lesson and Kang’s Mother cooks his goose. Lee’s Father foolishly attempts to explain himself. Lee’s Father gets going. But he leaves with a check reimbursing him for his swindled funds. Lee’s Father shares his woe with Dawg and Park Sr.. They give him a difficult homework assignment. A policeman meets with Yoon and explains how the sender of the photograph masked his/her identity. Also that Fake Detective is a fake detective. Fake Daughter delivers coffee to the policeman. Then she needles Hwang’s Mother. Lee returns to Kang’s Mother’s Shop for a second helping of mop juice. Kang’s Mother discovers she has an unwanted apprentice on her hands. Lee slices his finger and Kang’s Mother returns to Mother Theresa mode. Peeling an onion makes Lee cry. Hwang and her Mother meet in a café to, as G. W. Bush would say, plot strategery. At the end of the work day, Fake Daughter arrives at Park and Kang’s office. The minx finagles Park into giving she and Kang a ride home. After Lee has worked in the Side Dish Store all day, his Father makes an inopportune appearance. Kang’s Mother seizes upon the opportunity to tell them both to get lost and stay lost. Hwang is working in the courtyard when her husband returns home. Noting that he has arrived with her two BFF’s doesn’t elevate her mood. Fake daughter finds an excuse to paw Park. Hwang is like GTH into the house, but not in so many words. After Hwang and Park disappear into their house, Kang catches Fake Daughter in full smirk. Hwang gives her spouse’s ears a proper verbal reaming. When Lee and his Father arrive home, Lee’s Mother detects the odor of kimchi. Lee’s Sister enters his bedroom and confesses to spilling the beans about their Mother’s misbehavior. Hwang phones her Mother. They agree that Something must be done about Fake Daughter. Morning. At breakfast, Park presses his wife’s case for moving to a new house. Park Sr. promises to make it happen. Kang’s Mother arrives at her shop and finds her unwanted helper loitering by the door. Lee refers to her as “Mother” and Gets Going before she can react. Lee arrives for a business meeting with Kang. She notices his chopped finger. He notices her ringless finger. Hwang’s Mother tries to assign some work to Fake Daughter and they bicker. Fake Daughter arrives at Chez Yoon-Hwang to deliver something and finds herself alone. In a bedroom Fake Daughter fingers some jewelry with larcenous intent until she is interrupted by Halmoni and two cops. Fake Daughter assures the police that Hwang’s Mother will confirm that she is in the house running an errand for her. Right . . . Ha! They have the Miranda Warning in Korea? Who knew? Hwang’s Mother assures Yoon that she is on the case but fears that Fake Detective has left Korea. Hwang’s Mother is on the phone with the police. Of course she never gave Fake Daughter permission to enter her house – let alone, to try on her jewelry. When the police officer gets off the phone Fake Daughter, who is expecting the cuffs to come off forthwith, gets a nasty surprise. Since she’s on probation, it’s back to jail for Fake Daughter. In her office, Yoon opens an envelope containing a brief note and a photo of her Sister sitting a café table with Fake Detective. Hwang unwisely visits Fake Daughter in jail. Hwang learns that she may soon be joining Fake Daughter behind bars. Hwang’s Mother arrives just in time to learn that she makes three.
  15. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 109 Yoon and Park Sr. are incredulous at they examine the photo they have received. They take the photo to the police, who tell them they will check the parcel service’s CCTV to see if they can identify the sender. Lee contrives a reason to take Kang somewhere on business. On their way, the sly dog guilts her into unwrapping a Tootsie Roll Pop for him. Dawg joins Kang’s Mothers informal cooking class. When Hwang’s Mother stops by to see why Yoon has skipped work, Yoon shares the photo with her. When Yoon says she will track down the “detective” who sold her the initial richard simmons and bull story about her daughter being dead, Hwang’s Mother graciously volunteers to conduct the search. Park tells Halmoni about the photo. Halmoni aigoos. Hwang’s Mother confronts Fake Detective. She realizes that there is another rat in the maze. Park Sr. arrives at the Arcade and tells Dawg and Kang’s Mother about the photo. Lee attempts to persuade Kang to have dinner with him. Turns out she is busy every night this week. Next week too. Hwang’s Mother tells her Daughter about the photo. Hwang agrees this isn’t great news. Hwang’s Mother somehow thinks that since Fake Detective is leaving Korea for a hasty vacation, things can’t get any worse. Hwang’s Mother tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Halmoni that Yoon’s Daughter is still dead. For some reason, everyone is eating together at a restaurant. Fake Daughter slyly remarks that both Yoon and Kang fiddle with their coffee cups the same way. Fake Daughter further tells the group that she has read somewhere that such tics are hereditary. Hwang and her Mother start to squirm. When Fake Daughter gets up to use the Lady’s room, Hwang follows and confronts her. Ha! Fake Daughter goads Hwang into slapping her. Fake Daughter sees that Park and his Father have observed the slap, but Hwang doesn’t because her back is turned to them. Fake Daughter performs for her audience. The two Gentlemen rescue the abused lady. Hwang, for her part, has some Splainin’ to do. When they return home, Hwang fills the Parks in on Fake Daughter’s history. Kang’s Mother discovers that YoonW’s designer is Lee’s Sister. Lee’s Sister spills some beans, as is her wont. Furious, Kang’s Mother orders her Daughter to break off all relations with the Witch’s Son. Kang meets Lee and breaks up with him. For absolutely the final time. Lee comes upon Kang’s Mother as she is mopping the hallway in front of her shop. Never approach an angry woman with a mop. Angry man, either. Kang’s Mother does not hit Lee with her mop. Unfortunately where there is a mop, there is often a pail of dirty water.
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