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[OFFICIAL] Gong Myoung ❤ Jung Hye Sung ❤ Candy Couple


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Just watched Ears Candy in English Subtitle and really happy to see them together. It's just like watching Drama and WGM is the sequence where finally they meet and can continue their love story. Ohhh. I see Myoung has date older woman (6 years older) so she's really OK with older lady.

I can see they are really sincere from the Ears Candy and I love that.

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Hi shippers,

If you would like to stream the newest episode, I suggest you watch it on the imbc website because it is very reliable. So for me create an account if you haven't done so and from there you can watch it perfectly fine. There is really no lag time. If you do not have an account here are the instructions to create one. 


The newest episode airs at 16:55 KST which means less than an hour to go :) By the way I really adore this new couple, there really is this instinctive feeling I get where I can feel they really do enjoy being around eachother and I think it is very refreshing to meet a couple that already has wasted no time at all in getting familiar with one another.


Have a wonderful day & Merry Christmas :)

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2 hours ago, stargazer1990 said:

Having difficulty finding, locating the "help" page.  I need to learn how to post gif, jpeg and such.  Please help. 

You can just copy paste the link of the URL and paste it then submit reply.

Just like this:


Please do come here often to help translate as well since you're a Korean! 

Oh and please don't quote images. Thank you! :)


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Just saw the livestream! :D and rewatched My Candy Ear ;D SOOOO GOOD!

A much more simple and less hold than the last one, but our couple is just too adorable.

Summary of Ep 3.

1. Hyesung visit Gongmyoung's house and brought along gameboy and cooking ingredients

2. GM established his nickname for her "aegy".

3. GM puts on apron for HS. She acts weird and plays around.

4. Hyesung cooks and GM is just super happy watching her cook for him

5.Eating together. He eats all of his food and cleans her bowl also. 

6. He makes patbingsu for her since she said she wanted it last ep. 

7. Playing PS2soccer game together

8. HS falling asleep so she went to his bed to rest while he cleans up the dishes. 


As for the rest. I'll leave it up to your guys's imagination ;) 

I'm quite certain that there will be an episode where they go to an amusement park together since they didn't go last time together in My Ear CandY! 

Im still upset that our couple has so little screen time :/ 



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Did GM say that he really want to go to the honeymoon house or something when HS ask him to sleep next to her? 


and i think the PD got us. GM say that they look like a real couple when HS making a dish not when the lying on the bed. But in the preview from lastweek, they put the word 부부같네 on the bed scene. 

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oh my goshhh... im seriously hooked to this couple now. i watched their previous episode everyday while waiting saturday to come. and when saturday is here, i watch the raw first. and tomorrow im going to watch the subbed version. then im gonna download their cut episode, and repeat the routine again until next saturday come. this only happen during Jjongah couple, and after that, no more download and watching raw version. what happen to me? T_T

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omo!! this couple knows how to make me dizzy with their interaction... after their "bed scene" in this episode, they tease us with preview showing their holding hand for next week ep... 


@rei22 hai, chingu! if i'm not wrong you are lucky jjongah shipper from indonesia, right?! glad to have you join this thread.. lets have fun together with this couple in this thread.. :)


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Seriously, the feels this couple is giving me!! and after that episode, eventhough there were no subs yet, I can't help but squeal in delight!! hahaha.

There's just this one scene where GM is staring at HS like she's the most adorable thing in the world. I think HS was answering GM coz he asked something about her "ideal man"? Not sure if the context was right but  I was just so blown away by how he was looking at her. :wub:



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@mardz That's right so much staring from him ini this ep. He said after watching their 1st broadcast he feel she is so cute so he decided to call her baby (me : squealing & cringing). 

I think after watching their 1st ep/broadcast Gong Myung just realized that he is REALLY her ideal type and he found that this girl is really cute and charming thus we can see some attraction from him. I mean why not? A pretty, cute and charming lady having a crush on you :wub: 

And next week is it linking finger that I see?

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