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  1. Its finally starting to have some movement https://dramapanda.com/2020/09/yang-yang-and-dilireba-collab-in-you-are-my-glory-another-drama-adapted-from-a-gu-man-novel.html
  2. The ending was anticlimactic they rushed the ending like I thought they would and made CT change too fast is there really a big stigma against mental health y after everything CT still isn't getting help I worry for XCZ that went back to Singapore with her nobody told LX it wasn't his fault his sister died that was one of the biggest thing they should have done Everything else that happened was what I expected Plagiarism problem solved LX mom trying to set him up with colleague After suicide attempt everything is just a ok ignore past problems LOL
  3. Preview for tomorrow episode LX mom trick his female dentist coworker into thinking that she invite all his coworkers to dinner so she was asking am I the only one here awkward lol finally the slam of table scene happens his mom keeps pushing him he says stop having these kind of things happening I have a girlfriend she keeps saying she doesn’t like JJ and he says I’m not telling u to like her in the end she says she hates her than LX slams the table http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/170532144.html?weibo_id=4545893628642956
  4. Clip of tomorrow episode where LX talking to his dad saying I have not been dreaming about my little sister does that mean she has forgiven him does it mean that all that I owe mom is over I keep wanting to shout out stop feeling bad it’s not ur fault http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/170516736.html?weibo_id=4545896526121309 JJ getting caught sleeping over at LX place I thought it was a one time deal LOL
  5. Im annoyed we only have two episodes left and they are using so much time on side characters nothing against them but I'm worried they are going to rush LX storyline and make it so LX mom miraculously turns for the better
  6. Preview for tomorrow episode JJ reaction when she knows her dad and HM are dating but only ZQ knows that she knows
  7. I’m rooting for SWL after all the backlash it’s good to see him do so well in this episode why do I feel even though everyone hates CT they may still try to reconcile everything it’s going to make me so mad but a lot of Chinese dramas do that So it won’t surprise me I just want her gone I’m really liking XCZ she’s a little bratty but who wouldn’t be with that kind of mom I love her scene with ZQ when she was telling him that LX did want to go back to China but she asked him to stay because she was scared to be the only one with her crazy mom I want to see her be free and grow to be i
  8. LX MOM cut up pix and thought she threw away his shoes LX fighting back so sad when he says they care for why don't you MY telling her mom he dreams ZQ mom and JJ dad OTP LOL
  9. After watching the full episode I feel bad for XCZ she wants familial love but LX isn't able to give it to her that's the reason she dislikes JJ she's just jealous when she saw how he was with JJ secretly (cute scene) she look so desperate for that kind of fondness I hope with ZQ she could get that even though I didn't like her when she was little I'm liking her a lot as time past she doesn't just put up with her mom antic she does fight back even though in the end she has no choice but to listen I love LX and his dad scene together they aren't as close like ZQ and JJ dad but they have a
  10. Finally LX dad is stepping up I saw someone already posted this but if ppl aren't to open through Weibo here's the twitter version I hope they don't miraculously say oh for her son she became good this has been her mental issue for more than 10 years she always knew he only needed JJ and her family and his dad to be happy but has always tried get in between that just because LX dad talk she changes that'll be too easy too stupid but I have a feeling that's what they r going to do The lady need psychiatric help
  11. Preview for next episode I have to put this spoiler video because ppl are yelling at LX too much LOL fight for JJ dad
  12. Crazy lady using every reason to stay in China poor little sister but at least she fights back I love these three together ZQ can deal with LX little sister she seems to listen to him she's always jealous of JJ because she has so much family who caring for her So happy for ZQ he's finally seeing he wasnt abandoned LOL LX saying sleep with me and ZQ saying he will tell his dad love ZQ and LX sister interactions
  13. This is the push LX needs to confront his mom it looks in the next episode she's pushing his bottom line which is JJ I think he is seeing that she is pulling away from him Cant blame her his. mom is so scary and crazy
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