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  1. I doubt they would kill her but like u it wouldn't surprise me if they did in the latest episodes they keep repeating leaving together after everything is finished and that gives me a bad feeling (too much bad experience with past drama)
  2. People feel so entitled to know everything about celebrities personal life its their own they don't have to tell u anything they don't want they owe u nothing I was on Weibo and some ppl were so mean I don't understand why ppl are mad who are u to them if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all it just makes you look bad
  3. All the rumor were true they did get married and have a child his respond made me feel bad little being a shipper they just wanted to give the child a normal life but I cannot help but feel happy that they are together https://dramapanda.com/2021/03/janice-wu-qian-photographed-with-a-child-rumoured-to-be-zhang-yujians.html#comment-80385
  4. https://dramapanda.com/2020/12/yang-yang-and-dilirebas-you-are-my-glory-unveils-the-first-look-at-the-full-cast.html So excited for this drama hopefully it come out soon
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