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  1. Watched the special episode a little disappointed its so short and was just clip compiled together IDK what I was expecting but it still was really cute I just wanted more
  2. I agree I love SYR and if they suddenly change her I feel the chemistry might not be as good because the new girl only filmed for 14days while we had SYR for two season even though season 2 NQ was recasted DW and SYR will have more time together and I don't know who the new girl is and how her acting skills are Also I doubt they will replace SYR completely because it seems like the director YangYang likes her a lot but we shall see keeping my fingers crossed
  3. I was so nervous that this drama was ending on the 24th episode because the site i usually watch it at wrote the end on the it but it didnt have any conclusion when i went to the baidu page it said that the drama has 35 episode Ill believe baidu because if it really ended at 24 episode that would be so unsatisfying no conclusion what so ever
  4. https://mydramalist.com/27467-go-go-squid the MDL page changed the air date to July 8 not sure if it is true or if it is just a made up date I feel it may be fake because I tried looking it up in other site like baidu and their official drama weibo page and there isn't any date posted there
  5. I'm so sad that its over went by so fast wish there were more episode seem like the last few episodes were rushed but I still loved it
  6. I watch the recent episodes the youth part seems to end on ep 15 but they might still do flashback
  7. I agree with you I would like to see them focus more on adult timeline I read the book a while ago and they go back and forth a lot so I’m not sure where they are going to focus on I always look forward to when they r grown ups rather than the school age days
  8. Preview for the next few episode it spoils the ending so watch with caution if you don't want to get spoiled
  9. If you understand Chinese then you can watch the latest raw episode google maplestage and the episodes are there sorry for posting direct links i dont think i am suppose to put links here that are not official
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