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[OFFICIAL] Gong Myoung ❤ Jung Hye Sung ❤ Candy Couple


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Hear that Gong Myung might be casted in a new 2018 tvn drama "You Who Forgot Poetry"....about medical staff in hospital (not the usual doctors). Another article from allkpop said confirmed but i prefer to wait abit.



Hyesung's variety show“Photo People” will debut on 18 Dec (mon, 9pm kst) on Naver TVCast, with 12 episodes.



Wonder who/what is she thinking of? The words in caption seem to be loosely translated to dating? 


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Wish everyone including Gong Myung and Jung Hye sung all the best and more success in 2018.


Congrats to Hye Sung for Best Supporting Actress win in the KBS awards....for Manhole and Chief Kim.





Gong Myung was there too. I believe u will present more good work and win awards in the future. Maybe even act together with Hye Sung.



Together with his 5urprise members.


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Some quick updates....Gong Myung was reported to have declined the lead role in the new tvn medical-themed drama "You Who Forgot Poetry".



Not sure why....hope not due to the current work strike situation in his agency Fantagio where the former CEO/founder was fired after company had a bigger shareholder under China company (plus other actions eg a stop on all staff's credit cards). The staff put up a protest about all these. Really hope this issue would be resolved soon.



A clip of their japan fanmeeting event in mid dec. Think the next one is in feb.



5urprise members were torchbearers for the upcoming winter olympics.

Gong Myung finally updated his instagram again....haha...usually work or official stuff like this...hardly private life stuff.

A clip :





Golden Disc Awards will be held on 10 and 11 Jan. Gong Myung is one of the presenters. I wonder if he would be handing award to NCT again...haha....he did so, i think twice in the past. His bro Doyoung is in NCT.




Jung Hye Sung in High Cut magazine.


Article about her talking about acting. She's really humble.



Still hoping for one day these 2 would act together in one drama/movie.

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Saw this at his fan twitter...a recent "repost". I wonder at that time, those beer they made for their friends.....did they keep some for themselves? how it taste?


From her fan's instagram :

Other similar pics :




More pics of him at the torch bearer event. His winter wear reminds me abit of his 1st WGM episode when he met Hyesung at the ski resort.





Wonder selfie is for himself....or sent to someone? 



* Btw i didn't read any new updates on Fantagio company....about its CEO being fired off after majority shares went to a china company. Hope regardless of what will happen....the artistes won't be affected.

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Jung Hye Sung wishes all a Happy New Year and said she would work hard in 2018, do better than last year. Lastly she wish all have delicious food and spend time with family.

Someone reposted this 2 mths ago. Well, i didn't watch that many WGM couples....but how often do they leave a possible kiss "incomplete" w/o confirm later? I mean usually they can show they nearly kiss....then either the guy or gal would giggle and suddenly move away w/o kiss.....not like this where the scene just jump. So this probably remains a mystery....haha.


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5urprise vlive. Gong Myung at 9 :40 onwards. Now sporting new hairstyle...haha...feel abit dumb. No eng sub.





Jung Hye Sung revealed some stuff in recent ep of Knowing Brothers....she said currently she got no boyfriend and is looking for one....and also now there's no more curfew.




Mmm....well....just hoping at least she and Gong Myung stay as friends. 



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Just a quick update on Gong Myung. He would act in a comedy movie "Extreme Job" , most probably supporting role. Start filming in Apr. Directed by  Lee Byung Hun (Twenty, Wind Wind Wind), the new movie would also star Shin Ha Kyun, Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Dong Hwi, Honey Lee and Jin Seon Kyu.





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Both colours (of their clothes) not exactly the same, but similar...blue, cyan?....anyway a feel of Spring.


Gong myung's recent pic in Cosmopolitan magazine.




And recent pic from Hyesung's instagram.

Happy Belated Birthday, Hyesung. (29 April 1991).

Btw Gong Myung will guest in a new korean vareity show called Busted (mystery themed) debuting on 4 May.


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Missed Gong Myung's 24th birthday last sat 26 May. Born in 1994.


Happy Belated Birthday. Wish u all the best in your career and everything.




Not much to update. Known he's involved in a movie called Extreme Job. And again, hope his agency Fantagio's problems would be fully resolved soon. His instagram is stagnant for some time and twitter not much important updates.




From Hyesung's instagram. Nice dresses.





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