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[On-Going Thailand Drama 2016] Secret Love: Puppy Honey

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It's quite funny that Off is being chased by Gun in Puppy Honey 2 but at the same time, courting a girl (who turns out to may or may not be having feelings for a female friend) in Love Songs Love Series.

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I threw my arms up in the air when Emma caught on to Night. "You have a crush on me right?" He was so obvious. lol Gurl, you're so smart! ^_^

I forgot her brother doesn't like Porsche. Dude's playing matchmaker now.

and Rome!! XD that moment when he leaned towards Pik. I thought he was going in for an awkward kiss, but instead he teases him. "Have a nice dream..." :D

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Promo for episode 4. ^_^


As I said on PM forum. I am really disappointed weekly and now sad too, about P/E story. They ruined everything. I can't even watch their story anymore and not getting irritated.

Pick/Rome scenes (+Din) were interesting. Pick's jealousy is really showing up and he really needs to realize it soon because, there were times in ep. 3 that he got a little overboard with the things he did to Din guy. WAKE UP!

All in all, mixed- feelings about this episode. Still, I am waiting for next week and more Pick/Rome... XD haha

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Can't wait for episode 3 whit English subtitles (T_T) I need to know if Porsche and Emma will broke up

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Hello everybody! :D

Just dropping by to ramble about my #pickrome feels for the pilot episode (coz it's taking forever to post them one by one on IG, hee hee)...

Without futher ado, here's my complete Feels List for #puppyhoney2 - Episode 1:


1. How Pick and Rome held hands in the title card.

I see what you did there, Show... If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think they were the main leads. :tongue: Is this your not-so-subtle attempt to reel me in? Coz it worked, LOL. *prays for more BL servings in S2*


2. Every #PickRome scene in the opening credits.

Awwwww. I can't be the only one watching the title sequence like Sherlock, right? B) Definitely making mental notes of these future OTP moments... My feels are ready for you, Pick and Rome!


3. When the screen revealed who Pick was calling.

I wasn't even sure why he was calling so urgently--but the moment Rome's name appeared, I squealed. :wub: In my delusional mind, Pick suddenly looked like a restless beau who couldn’t wait to hear his lover's voice!


4. Then Rome appeared in the next scene.

And guess what: He's in the red room! The very same room where all the electrifying things happened in the trailer. B) Are they really bringing out the big guns so soon?


5. When Rome finally came out...

...but no one was there! Acccck. You're really gonna delay their first scene together, are you? The suspense is killing meeee, Show. This on-screen reunion better be worth the wait.


6. That awkward beat after Din asked: "Waiting for someone?"

The way Rome shifted his eyes was spot-on! You can almost see the gears turning in his head: "Should I admit it? Should I not?" Hee. Better luck next time, Third Wheel!


PS: Please, please, please be a worthy competition... And oh, you just earned a few brownie points for offering to walk Rome to the gate.

7. How positive Rome was during that phone call.

Frankly, I'm impressed at how he rolled with the punches: You left? Let's grab a bite. You're already eating? I'll drop by. Your Dad's home? We'll have a man-to-man talk. :lol: Falling in love must've done wonders to his happy hormones!


8. Then Pick makes up for everything with a single line:

"Oh, and call me when you're home." SQUEEE. He even wanted to pass it off as an afterthought (nice try, Pick B)). Who knew that this tough cookie had a sweet and thoughtful filling? Congrats on making Rome's dimples appear again!


9. The way Rome started running like a man on a mission.

This is it, this is it, this is it! :wub: But my excitement isn't nearly half as Rome's: The guy had a spring in his step and a glint in his eye. Who can blame him? Somebody special is waiting at the finish line...


10. When Pick asked: "Why are you calling? I'm right here."

It's their first official frame together! *confetti* But before I could recover from fangirling, Rome mentioned oh-so-casually: "I thought you wouldn't wait for me." You sound like a couple already! ^_^ Are you?


11. Maybe not... coz Rome's tongue slipped:

"What about me? I'm still waiting for you." Read between the lines, Pick! Your unofficial lover (and thousands of BL fans, LOL) clearly wants to get rid of your "It's Complicated" status, hee hee.


12. How that snack was dripping in innuendo...

C'mon, the entire conversation was practically begging our minds for a trip to the gutter: "You're full already?" "No. I can eat more. (Rawr. B))" *shows you-know-what* "What about this?" "No." Are you suuure you don't want it, Rome?


13. The way Pick took that drunkard's hand off Rome.

Good job, Pick! You can never go wrong with a guy who knows a thing or two about How-to-be-a-Knight-in-Shining-Armor 101. BRB, I'm swooning...


14. That whole drunken speech.

Even if Pick or Rome doesn't wanna admit it, the man's  uncensored musings definitely struck a chord. To an extent, it set the stage for some mandatory angst in the near future.


15. The last straw that sent Pick's fist flying in an instant.

*gasp* Okay, this drunkard officially crossed the line. :o Imagine how alarmed Rome must've been... Good thing that Pick came to the rescue and landed a gratifying punch! You had it coming, Mister.


16. When Pick told Rome to go.

I was about to raise my eyebrows at Pick's harsh way of telling Rome to leave (I mean, please cut the poor guy some slack, it must've been traumatic)... but all my anger disappeared as soon as I saw what happened next!


17. Then Pick held Rome's hand... and time stood still.

ASDFG. Well played, Pick. If that blooming smile is any indication, then all of Rome's fears must've melted away during that magical slowmo. :heart: And I gotta admit, Show: This reunion is waaay more than what I hoped for! *Pause. Play. Repeat.*


18. How Rome wordlessly stared at the man in front of him.

And how Pick, without a single care about this public display of whatever-you-wanna-call-it, had zero plans of letting go! Gaaaah. :wub:When will our clueless Prince Charming realize that his actions are definitely more than platonic?


19. The dynamics of that cafeteria scene.

It's very Pick-ish of our veterinarian-in-training to downplay everything or turn it into laughing matter. And it's also very Rome-like of our junior to see the silverlining in everything--even when Pick keeps picking (hee) on him!


20. When Rome said: "Go ahead. I'll call you when I get home."

Then Pick tags along, as if they're joined to the hip. Seriously, Pick and Rome... How are we supposed to believe that you're "just friends" if you keep seending these couple-y signals? :lol:


21. How the veins on Pick's neck started popping out...

As soon as Rome and Din opened the door! *grabs popcorn* Everything--from his curt nod, to the way he tapped the railing--was a textbook example of someone who turned the Jealous Meter from zero to 110. I luff it.


22. When they pushed Pick's buttons with an innocent conversation.

Tense music? Check. Furrowed brows? Check. Even his eyes were closely watching their verbal tennis like it was the Wimbledon Finals! And how can I forget the look on Pick's face when Din casually touched Rome's arm? Priceless.


23. That moment when Pick tapped his inner FBI Agent.

Woah. Pick's chilling interrogation caught me off guard... But the coldness of his tone betrayed his true emotions: Everybody could see him boiling in jealousy from a block away! Well, everybody but Rome, LOL.


24. How Rome was more than willing to accept Pick's offer:

"Want me to carry you?" *insert sarcasm here* "Sure. Let's do that." BWHAHAHA. Apparently, no amount of snark could dampen his spirit! You deserve the Most Patient Award in BL Dramaland, Rome.


25. When Rome asked what's wrong.

Ever wondered why you're so upset, Pick? The answer starts with a J---and it's written all over your face! But I guess we'll have to save the revelation for later, 'coz somebody's still on the denial stage.


26. That invitation to Khao-Yai.

"Wanna come?" "Go on your own..." "No rush, I'll wait 'til you're free." Awwwww. Rome's never-say-die attitude is definitely growing on me! Have you found the Fountain of Positivity or something?


27. Then Rome dropped the million-dollar question:

"Soooo... are we boyfriends yet?" Now that's what you call a clever cliffhanger! TBH, isn't this what we all wanna know? No wonder Pick hit the breaks, LOL. Kudos for having the guts to address the elephant in the room, Rome.



So, yeah. I love this show. :lol:

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