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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT DREAM The 1st Album ‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’ OUT NOW! / NCT 127 X Amoeba Culture 'Save' OUT NOW! / #HotSauce8thWin

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엄마 보고 있죠? | 도영, 공명 ‘동형제’ W Korea Photoshoot Behind





NCT DREAM '고래 (Dive Into You)' DREAM-VERSE Chapter #1 The Love Triangle




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MAMAs was amazing there's so much that happened it's hard to wrap it up in one post but I'll try my best I squealed when I saw all the airport photos but then I started crying because Jaemin wasn

Hello guys (: I've been a long-time lurker in the NCT thread but I've never dared to sign up in OH cause I don't know if I'm all too good at contributing to your discussions but I MISSED rea

This collection would look amazing in the Jaehyun`s thread    


공룡 ABC | NCT DREAM과 함께 노래해요 | NCT DREAM X 핑크퐁




Dinosaurs A to Z | Sing along with NCT DREAM | NCT DREAM X PINKFONG



210505 NCT DREAM on Pinkfong's YouTube channel Header



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210505 MARK and TEN interaction on Instagram





210505 podomuseum’s Instagram update with XIAOJUN





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[WayV-ariety] The Lonely Master Chef XIAO | Oreo Cake





210505 MENSNONNOJP Twitter Update with JOHNNY 


For the 6th in our popular mini-series NCT 127 ON THE STREET, we will feature JOHNNY! Find out what the outfits that express his street vibe along with his maturity and grace are. Out on May 7. 



NCT DREAM will appear on 하하 PD (HAHA PD)'s YouTube Channel on May 6th, 9pm KST




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210506 Taeyong commented on Baekhyun's post


Taeyong: take care hyung happy birthday 


He also commented don't go hyung 


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NCT DREAM has been selected as the artist of May for 'MTV Asia Spotlight'!

To reveal various contents including the perfomance of their new song ‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’ and an interview! 



NCT Doyoung, debuting through musical 'Marie Antoinette'


Doyoung has been attending singing and acting lessons for his musical stage continuously, the musical vocal trainer said, "Doyoung is an artist that has a jewel-like voice, you can expect his passion towards Fersen role."


Doyoung said, "It's really an honor to be able to participate in 'Marie Antoinette'. I'm nervous since it's my first musical, but that's how much I've been waiting for the day to go on stage. I'll do my best so that I can show a good appearance."



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210506 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update 





210506 SHOTARO IG Story 





LUCAS on Keep Running




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[ENG SUB] 210429 NCT DREAM on Idol vs Idol (ep. 38)





Dream meets NCT DREAM 


*9:30pm KST




(CC) Chaotic 7 DREAM Meets Our Chaotic InterviewㅣHot SauceㅣQuestion Parade w/ NCT DREAM


*May 7th, 9:00AM KST




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210506 CHENLE Weibo Update with MARK






Happy "father & son"






[INFO] 210506 NCT DREAM is part of the line up of DMZ Concert on May 22nd at 7:00PM KST. It will be broadcasted on Gyeonggi Arts Center’s Youtube Channel.



Mark : Ah, I'm hungry! Should we eat?
Jeno : Yeah let's eat
Jaemin : Then, our maknae! You choose the menu. Do you have anything in mind?
Jisung : Do we have something like this? Powerful, strong, a taste that makes you keep thinking about it...
Haechan : There is something like that... it's NCT DREAM who comeback with their first full-length album, 'Hot Sauce'!
Haechan : Good taste in song!
Jisung : Good taste in dance!
Renjun : Good taste in stage (performance)!
Chenle : Once you taste it, you won't be able to get out of it!
Mark : NCT DREAM's first full album, Hot Sauce!
Together : May 13, 6PM KST on Thursday! Taste the flavour on M-Countdown!




NCT DREAM 'Hot Sauce' Preview on Mnet M Countdown next week



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210506 WINWIN IG Update








Translated by meltIips - SM_NCT




210506 JOHNNY IG Story





210506 InterFM897 Twitter Update with YUTA




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210506 WINWIN Weibo Update 





[INFO] 210506 NCT 127's congratulatory message for MAX Changmin's Free Hug will be released tomorrow, May 7th, at 8:00PM KST.





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  • kimlees changed the title to ❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT DREAM The 1st Album ‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’ OUT NOW! / NCT 127 X Amoeba Culture 'Save' OUT NOW! / #HotSauce8thWin

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