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[Drama 2016] Doctors 닥터스

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SBS ‘Doctors’ Quotes and Narration

July 1, 2016 | Quotes
Doctors is a human medical drama starring Kim Rae Won (Hong Ji Hong), Park Shin Hye (Yoo Hye Jung), Yoon Kyun Sang (Jung Yoon Do), Lee Sung Kyung (Jin Seo Woo) – currently broadcast every Monday & Tuesday on SBS.

This drama portrays the lifelong love journey of a man and a woman who carry scars from their past. Hong Ji Hong graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine. He’s Yoo Hye Jung’s and Jin Seo Woo’s homeroom teacher during his internship days then he follows his adoptive father’s footstep protecting Guk Il Medical Center. Yoo Hye Jung had a painful childhood, she lives with her grandmother after her father & step-mom abandoned her. Good at fighting, a badass & a good student, she pursues her dream to become a doctor and is now working at the same hospital with the hero, Jin Seo Woo and Jung Yoon Do.


Episode 1

“If you are destined to meet someone, you will at some point. The person I’m destined to meet is… here” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“Death is not a surprising thing here, though death should be a surprising thing everywhere but the person I’m destined to meet is NOT afraid of death” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“If I get caught hiding something, then they really take me for granted. If I have nothing to be ashamed of, then no one can trample over me” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“If you can’t hide it perfectly then don’t lie” -Hong Ji Hong-

“Being good at studying is a talent so don’t make your own life harder by torturing yourself setting ridiculously high goals if you cannot study.” -Hong Ji Hong-

“‘Just because’ is something that’s said between lovers when they do something illogical!” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“‘Just because’ is an expression to show my sterling qualities to someone who doesn’t understand it” -Hong Ji Hong-

“How can I love without going crazy?”  -Hong Ji Hong-

“A person who takes power needs to have a wide range of experience to have a mature attitude towards having power” -Hong Ji Hong-

“When good memories and a good person come to me at the same time, I have thoughts of becoming a better person” -Yoo Hye Jung-


Episode 2

“Living recklessly is self-abuse. It’s torturing oneself even more ruthlessly than death itself… Even at this very moment of wanting to live recklessly, deep inside my heart I ask ‘How long are you going to live this way?'” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“You don’t love through the heart, you love through the brain” -Hong Ji Hong-

“The only thing you learn from failure is.. you become intimidated” -Hong Ji Hong-

“Why am I yours? I’m mine! No one can have me” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“Don’t be someone who loves someone else, love yourself!” -Hong Ji Hong-

“If you’re happy, smile – don’t cry” -Hye Jung’s grandma-

“Not everything works out because you work hard but you had luck” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I thought of living differently as a simple thing because of one sweet moment of success I experienced. It advertised the fact that the environment that was embracing me was the same.” -Yoo Hye Jung-


Episode 3

“If you were born human, shouldn’t you life a special life?” -Hye Jung’s grandma-

“Becoming crazy when you’re in love is a proof that your brain is active. I drew a line at becoming crazy while loving that’s why I paid the price” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 4

“After I succeeded I realized that success is only sweet when you have someone to share it with” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“How can you have no doubt and be so sure about the things you believe? So if something goes beyond your knowledge, it’s all lies?”  -Yoo Hye Jung-

HJH: “Are you married?” YHJ: “No”
HJH: “Do you have a boyfriend?” YHJ: “No”
HJH: “Okay then!”

“Why would you believe people and make your own judgement when you didn’t hear from the person themselves?” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 5

“In dangerous situation, the body reacts first according to what it’s taught; by its habits and how it practiced. The body’s daily habits are learned in your childhood. Once those childhood years pass, nothing can make up for them.” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“As much as I got hurt while I loved, I grew” -Jung Yoon Do-

“Someone who grows up being protected trusts themselves & society” -Hong Ji Hong-

“The past can’t be altered nor secured. You can only accept it” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“You can’t change circumstances but you can change hearts” -Hong Ji Hong-

HJH: “I will do it.” YHJ: “It’s my fight. I don’t avoid fights that come to me. Don’t worry. I only go into fights that I win.”
HJH- “Don’t forget that I’ll always be next to you – that I’ll be ready to help you anytime.”

“Although it’s nice avoiding things that can be avoided, things that are meant to find you… will find you” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“You became a doctor before dating anyone so your dating cells have died. You can’t recognize the gaze a man gives to a woman” -Hong Ji Hong-

“When I meet you, it’s serious at first but the ending is always comical” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Hong Ji Hong-

“At that time, no matter what I ask – it’s going to be a yes, no matter what” -Hong Ji Hong-

“People say this: forgiving isn’t done for others, but for yourself. But you shouldn’t say things like that because forgiveness isn’t as light as it sounds”


Episode 6

“You don’t know how dear something is to you until you lose it…. I had no idea that the little things in life are what really mattered.”

“You said accidents can’t be restored & amended, but the heart can” -Yoo Hye Jung-

 “I want to give you something special, from one man to a woman.” -Hong Ji Hong-

“Life is worth living. I also have the chance to savor the little things in life” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 7

“Love between a man & a woman means fighting until one person dies. I don’t know how to love a man because I don’t know how to be loved as a woman” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“Just stay there… I’ll go to you. The person who knows it’s love… is (the one who’s) supposed to move” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I don’t care if it’s false (hope)… it’s better than nothing” -Jin Seo Woo-

“Those who excel in what they do always doubt themselves – that’s how they prevent their mistakes” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 8

“A child might forget her/his parents but parents would never forget their child” -Hye Jung’s Dad-

“A fire doesn’t happen if only one sparks” -Jung Yoon Do-

“For the first time, a girl holds my hand first” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 9

“Revenge helps soothe the anger of a victim, revenge gives you the strength to move forward. I won’t give up until I achieve my goal” -Hye Jung-

“Telling me to be careful is another way of saying you’re scared. All surgery has its own risks.” -Jung Yoon Do-

“In poor surroundings, self-admiration greatly helps you to succeed in life” -Hye Jung-

“When a doctor becomes a guardian of someone they love, they are weak” -Hye Jung-

“In weak surroundings, admiring one’s self greatly helps you to succeed in life” -Hye Jung-


Episode 10

“A genuine meeting can change a person. The person I am with at the moment could alter my life – that’s the reason why while someone hopes for someone, she might be in despair for another” -Hye Jung-

“Seo Woo: I finish my life showing off to others, now I can become a female fatale, seducing a man if I want to
Pi Young Kook: You can never become like that (female fatale) because people who’ll live like that don’t announce it to others; they just do it”

“Yoo Hye Jung: Are you okay with whatever I do?
Hong Ji Hong: Yes, everything’s okay.
Yoo Hye Jung: That’s a fantasy – not everything is okay even in a parent-child relationship”

“You always persuade me that we should do everything together but why do you always try to do things habitually? Is this love? No, that’s just a nuisance. I don’t do love that becomes a nuisance” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“In the past, he gave me ambition that made me want to become a good person. A good person is different from a good man & a good woman” -Yoo Hye Jung-


Episode 11

“Sincere love lets you meet a sincere person. It touched a part of me that I didn’t know – I didn’t even know that I was this kind of man” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I didn’t tell you to hate me – that’s an emotion you feel on your own. Same goes for liking other people” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“(A fight) is good because it means you love each other a lot. Seems like you unconsciously rejected someone who came deeply inside your life. When a woman & a man love, if one cannot go into the other’s life deeply, she’d become lonely.” -In Jo-

“Meet me formally with the man inside you” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“If I accept everything from you, I will not be able to live without you.” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“You give everything to me yet you don’t let me step into your life. I want to give everything to the man I love, to go deep into his life but you do everything by yourself that you don’t need anyone but yourself” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“There isn’t anything that won’t happen” -Yoo Hye Jung-

“When you get older, your child’s road become your road” -Jin Sung Jong-

“To a man, a father figure is similar to himself – to lose a father is similar to losing himself. That day, I lose myself” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 12

“The cells that make up a human constantly maintain a state of instability. Being alive is unstable. In the end, the essence of life changes. Father always told me that making decisions and taking responsibility is a man’s duty. It’s now a new beginning” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I don’t break into an empty house – I decided to walk the messy road but I refuse to be petty” -Jung Yoon Do-

“I realized that waiting for the woman I love could be the most active act” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I want to be part of your life. I’m sorry for telling you to change ~ you can think and make decisions by yourself. I will be by your side” -Hye Jung-

“Back hugs are touching – it gives me the feeling that someone is enduring you from behind & guiding you through life. It’s the biggest joy lovers can give to each other” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 13

“Love is history written as a joint project by two people. The key is to see how much you can understand and accept the other person’s past” -Hye Jung-

“Look deep into your heart and find out whether it’s love or just a feeling or relief… trust and love are two different emotions. When you love someone, you can go until the end even if you don’t trust that person” -Yeon Doo-

“I’m starting the adventure to become part of someone’s life” -Hye Jung-

“Expectations are a form of greed you set up to your standard, hoping someone else will fulfill it” – Yeon Doo-

“The start of relationship is getting into each other’s life and it’s also welcoming your other half to enter your life” -Hye Jung-


Episode 14

“Entering the life of another requires remaining oblivious to the silent but apparent scar in his or her life and not asking about it. It’s about being there by the person’s side supporting quietly” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I wish I have a zipper on my heart so I can open and shut it as I please” -Yeon Doo-

“We all have a past. Misfortune pasts aren’t hindrances from growing in the present. This is the reason why neurosurgeon Yoo Hye Jung is beautiful”

“Something that a stranger blurts out could heal your emotional scar or change the direction of your life. It’s not always your loved ones that mend your wounded heart, it could be one of the people whom we cross path with” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 15

“I won’t stop you from dying but explain to your kids before you kill yourself that it isn’t their fault. No one can replace a dad no matter how much others can help” -Hye Jung-

“You can’t live only doing the things you like” -Hye Jung-

“I wasn’t born into this world to fulfill your expectations!” -Jin Seo Woo-

“We hope for a miracle because we’re insecure” -Hye Jung-

“A miracle didn’t happen – it’s normal miracle doesn’t happen that’s why it’s called a miracle” -Hye Jung-


Episode 16

“Danger doesn’t send warning signals before it comes. While prying into another person’s life, I thought I was safe” -Hye Jung-

“I don’t want to have any regrets, whenever… whatever happens” -Hong Ji Hong-

“Love makes you do stupid things” -Jung Yoon Do-

“I’m following my heart and she’s following her heart. We can’t blame each other for following our heart” -Jung Yoon Do-

“The closer danger approaches me, the closer I feel towards the truth I’m looking for. I must turn danger… into an opportunity” -Hye Jung-


Episode 17

“The truth that can’t be punished by the law – the truth that has no choice but to rely on a good conscience. I chased after that truth to hear a sincere apology… I don’t know how my life will change the moment I find the truth” -Hye Jung-

“Love is a hard emotion to come by” -Jung Pa Ran-

“Why is it that people always begin to understand each other better after they part ways?” -Hye Jung-

“Be good to people before they leave you – be good to me when I’m still around” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I don’t believe in tomorrow… this moment right now is the only thing that matters to me because we might die tomorrow” -Hong Ji Hong-

“Focus on more positive aspects – life is short” -Jin Myung Hoon-

“In order to catch a monster, I have to become one of them” -Hye Jung-

“I don’t get absorbed in vengeance, destruction and punishment as there’s not even enough time to do what I love doing. There’s no tomorrow… for me” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I thought the world would change when the truth gets revealed. The world… doesn’t change” -Hye Jung-


Episode 18

“I once dreamt of revenge. I wanted to kill everyone and take my own life too. What goes around does come around. However, what’s at the center of such karma is the world… not me” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I’m sorry because you’re not happy. Because I said I love you but I can’t make you happy” -Hong Ji Hong-

“I’ve never been happy before. So whenever I’m happy, I tend to look for misery” -Hye Jung-

Hong Ji Hong: “Just don’t forget that I’m here for you”
Hye Jung: “How could I forget? You’re the pillar of my life”

“If you’re going to hang on then I will too” -Kim Woo Jin-

“I earn my living because I work for it not because someone else works for my living. The values I hold while I earn my living are important – what you value is worthless to me” -Hye Jung-

“Justice flows like a river in a place that cannot be seen. You just can’t see it.” -Hong Ji Hong-


Episode 19

“The greatest love that anyone can show for our loved ones is sacrificing ourselves. However… such sacrifice doesn’t beautify humanity” -Hye Jung-

“Family relationships are usually the most difficult ones. You get hurt the most by them yet feel the most attached to them.” -Hong Ji Hong-

“How can you be this cool? I’m really happy you’re my man” -Hye Jung-

“The past doesn’t have more power than the present” -Hye Jung-

“If you made a mistake, you should apologize. Why did you have to hurt someone’s feeling?” -Seo Woo-

“You have to wait until the final moment in life to find the meaning of life given to you. You have to go until the end” -Hye Jung-


Episode 20 [Final]

“You… who found your love & are trying to protect her, are even more cool!” -Yoon Do-

“Don’t disregard one-sided love. When it comes to anything that has the word ‘love’, doing it is better than not doing it at all” -Yoon Do-

“I don’t  know when I started loving him but I’ve been loving him all along. When you meet the one, you forget when your love started” -Hye Jung-

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@rori0711, I absolutely LOVE the quotes.  You captured all the highlights from each episode. You bring back such fond memories!!  

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On 20/07/2017 at 6:59 PM, Kasmic said:




On 20/07/2017 at 7:06 PM, Agie said:

@kasmic your proof reading and editing is awesome:tongue::grin:..... good job chingu


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20 hours ago, rori0711 said:

SBS ‘Doctors’ Quotes and Narration


wow :D  MISS THOSE TIMES ...enjoy this times . :D



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12 hours ago, lclarakl said:

@rori0711, I absolutely LOVE the quotes.  You captured all the highlights from each episode. You bring back such fond memories!!  


7 hours ago, alcides14ahjumma said:

@rori0711Second that:thumbsup:


May I third that :glasses:?

@rori0711 Such fond memories. What a flood! Awesome! Thank you for reminding me/us why and how DOCTORS captured our hearts. It was SO DARN GOOD!


On 7/20/2017 at 0:49 PM, alcides14ahjumma said:

@Kasmic Awesome job! Excellent demonstration of  leadership skills! A true leader knows that honesty, good morals, confidence in one's decisions, and fairness are non-negotiable. You really have taken good care of the Caregivers, our team, and the casts and crew that represent the drama Doctors. Once the rules of the "contest " were changed halfway through , without any previous notification, after the 1st offense (where changes had been made to favor the  dramas that were not following the rules of the "contest") and 2nd offense (which made NO sense whatsoever), the right action to take at that point was to withdraw from it.  WE DO NOT SUPPORT UNFAIRNESS nor do we feed dishonesty. We owe that to the viewers, supporters, and  followers of all ages within these threads,  as well as the artists within every drama and most importantly, to Soompi as an entertainment corporation with many rules to foster healthy entertainment  driven by a strong sense of integrity. It was the right decision to withdraw from the "contest" and I support it 100%.

We could see through the votes and comments , as we had seen during and after the broadcast, the love and positive impact  Doctors, and its respective cast's performances, had within worldwide viewers. A drama with meaning brought to life by some of the most talented, if not greatest, actors and actresses within the business at this moment in time. It is written in STONE. CAN NOT BE ERASED. 

Peace and Love to all. :wub:


So, now I see. Well-said, @alcides14ahjumma. My sentiments, exactly.

@Kasmic Chin up. You DID GREAT! I/we stand with you. Thank you for standing up as DOCTORS+PATIENTS and CAREGIVERS' spokesperson.


:heart: *mwah*

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@jadecloud WELCOME BACK SISTA!!! and @rori0711 @maria1983 @evie7 @lclarakl @alcides14ahjumma @Agie @anoasys @nonski @crssmnd950 Ive just logged on here just so I could catch you all. Im so glad your here and post some beautiful msg of support. It makes me feel so much at ease.

After a few days, I braved myself to read the round 2 contest page. Im so glad that I waited a few days as @lclarakl I def wouldnt be like you and I'd most likely post another angry post. Maybe Im too hot headed I dont know. I couldve used this as a driving edge to continue and persevere but in my state of mind I feel like I'd be swearing throughout my writing and wouldnt that be fun for the readers HAHAHA!  Yeah! Im not all that forgiving. 



THANK YOU TEAM and returning many virtual hugs, kisses and HI 5's! :heart:



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Hello Team!  I was able to open my email and read your messages and that drove me to post here.

This was definitely one of the most traumatic experience I've ever had but also one of the fondest since I was able to rekindle the friendship.

It was hard to be accused when we were just doing our best while others don't.  

The deadline... I can almost see @Kasmic tensed up because we don't know how to convert the @()&()$^ GMT+1 timeline when all this time Soompi and everyone else watching drama had been operating on KST!

All I can say is we did our wholehearted effort and I am proud of everyone.  Campaigning for Doctors was one of the best.  It was fun convincing every people I met to vote for Doctors.

I don't think I would join another contest like this from Soompi or from anywhere else.  

Nevertheless I would join all of you again in other endeavours.  

It had been a fun and memorable experience to be with you again sans the contest hullabaloo and its mods and mean contestants.

Stay strong everyone!

@Kasmic @lclarakl @jadecloud maria1983 @evie7 @alcides14ahjumma @Agie @anoasys @crssmnd950 @rori0711


@rori0711 thank you for posting the best moments... I had been looking for that compilation.

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2 hours ago, Kasmic said:

@jadecloud WELCOME BACK SISTA!!! and @rori0711 @maria1983 @evie7 @lclarakl @alcides14ahjumma @Agie @anoasys @nonski @crssmnd950 Ive just logged on here just so I could catch you all. Im so glad your here and post some beautiful msg of support. It makes me feel so much at ease.



1 hour ago, nonski said:



Nevertheless I would join all of you again in other endeavours.  


like ... you will joy a pervy world ...like this world use to be ??? :D





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That time when Hyejung and Soon Hee's first meeting. The former being knight in shining armor and the latter being swept off her feet...chasing her heroine down the road :wub::wub::wub: 

credit to owner

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1 hour ago, rori0711 said:

That time when Hyejung and Soon Hee's first meeting. The former being knight in shining armor and the latter being swept off her feet...chasing her heroine down the road :wub::wub::wub: 





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Oh I forgot to share this hilarious moment, as we were discussing the tasks @anoasys was hoping for a Karoke OST round... BAHAHA! yes chingu I dob you in. Now waiting on hearing your voice. Here is the OST full album. Take your pick? and if you choose the instrumental version then I guess  your singing solo :tongue:


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6 hours ago, Kasmic said:

Oh I forgot to share this hilarious moment, as we were discussing the tasks @anoasys was hoping for a Karoke OST round... BAHAHA! yes chingu I dob you in. Now waiting on hearing your voice. Here is the OST full album. Take your pick? and if you choose the instrumental version then I guess  your singing solo :tongue:



"No Way", "Sun Shower", "Always Like This" and "That Love" are my favorite songs of this drama; they just pulls at my heart. However, there are several others that I love too---heck, I love the entire album.  @anoasys, I say go for it. I tell everyone that if I had the gift to sing, everyone around me would think they were living in a musical every day.....:lol:

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Hey guys,

as you may, or may not know, in the preliminary rounds I voted for Goblin. For me, it was the best drama of 2016. It broke my heart as I have so much love for Park Shin Hye and I loved Doctors as well. Goblin didn't make it though. Doctors did. I was rooting for you from the benches and was amazed with what you managed to achieve.

I'm not here pointing fingers or placing blame. I'll try to explain and ask a question.

When the poll was running, we discovered that it was possible to vote multiple times. I myself voted 4 times (once for each team) on a single computer. We also received messages that some users were abusing that possibility. The mods creating the contest (of which I am no part), thought it would be obvious that you're only allowed to vote once. Some users didn't think so. 
When we discovered this problem, the mods and admins have been discussing for days how to solve this problem. Whatever option was suggested towards the rest of the mods and admins (and yes, a lot of us were involved during this), there was always a huge downside and we always knew that people would feel hurt or mistreated. We felt that not doing anything, would make a mockery of the contest and of Soompi and the users who played fair, so something needed to be done. In the end, the option to let all teams pass the first round was chosen as having the least impact. Perhaps we should've been clearer about the reasons, though it is true that in part this option was also chosen because we loved all submissions.

Although I'm not part of the contest mods, I have been following this fairly closely and I'm sad to see that you guys have withdrawn. So I'm here to ask you guys a question: Would you please reconsider backing out and show our undying love for Park Shin Hye (okay, and for that dude too...)? 

P.s. about the time conversion: try this site http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ ! 

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@CamelKnight First thank you so much for being the first (ok maybe not the first if you include the contest page) but definitely the ONLY mod whom cared enough to write to us to explain what went wrong with the contest. Second, thank you for asking us that question of a possibility for us to return to the contest. Soompi has a heart after all. So, Ive alerted my team on your message but with our time difference it's difficult to discuss this option with all my team members. Im still waiting on their replies. Yet I can tell you that we havent regretted our decision to withdraw from this contest so I dont think the majority of us would like to return.

To me, it's too late and the hurt has been done. Im still bitter, I still have so many questions yet to be answered but was told to "move on and focus on round 2". Not possible to focus when your at boiling point. So I and all of us moved on and that's NOT on round 2. The Doctors team has withdrawn from the contest and it wasnt a easy decision to make. Being our contest representative, I constantly asked myself did I make the right decision? maybe I was too hot headed? irrational? maybe my team wants to continue and prove to all what we achieve wasnt out of pot luck or through what some would call "abuse" (that I question) of votes? It was not until now that my team has fully returned and gave me a message of support that I can come back feeling so much at ease. Im glad I have my team supporting our withdrawal as well as many other supporters backing us. I cant thank them enough. Just goes to show that some friendships gained here was indeed genuine. 

As much as we support PSH, the other dude/s - KRW, YKS, LSK  and love the message that Doctors delivered to our hearts I cant continue this contest. There was so much more to discuss that we couldn't cover in round one and would've loved the challenge that round 2 proposed.  Sadly, given all the richard simmons that happened my mind isn't up for it. I wasn't joking about cursing all the way especially if we persevered on and Im sure all you'll be reading is richard simmons this and that. Not a good analysis is it? 

So thank you @CamelKnight for showing that you cared.

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