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  1. I feel the same dear @willenette We need something soon
  2. Hi, Hope everyone is fine Have a nice day And i hope for Prince new project soon.
  3. Hi This drama was really good and i really enjoy it. Was fun and full of sad moments. Prince is indeed an amazing actor and a funny one. In the end the girl was for him. Still not happy about this. And dad was just dead and that was all. Not a word about his death. I was scared detective will be dead and sacrificed. Just like that. But glad they didn't do that. I will be back!
  4. Hi, The most funny episode is definitely number 5, second season. And that little girl is amazing. Her interaction with detective is a pure joy. Very talented. Sad how all ended for her. Life is sad sometimes. Also always love how detective acts with the young ppl. He's so careful. I will be back!
  5. Hi. So... My favorite episode is 11, season 1. Still in shock about what happen. In the end we never really receive what we want and dream. No matter what we do, no matter the fight, when all change... remain changed forever. Sad. I will be back!
  6. Hi, Haha, was not easy for detective to accept the police department 3rd place. Always wanting to win. All. I will be back!
  7. Hi Hope we will see Prince in a detective role again. I love it!! Anf he's so funny I will be back!
  8. Hi And dad just like that? Dead and forgotten? A picture and that's all? I understand was not a good dad, human... And all. But still. I'm laughing at a person death. Hm, this is not me. I was also trying to find out who detective's mom is.. But no luck. He was just all alone growing up, I guess... I will be back!
  9. Hi Well, he upset the girl. After all they all cried his death. A lot! Like they should. Understandable. But was a good plan. I was scared that he's just dead forever and ever. The trust ppl have in him is something else. Love that. The girl is really, really upset. Maybe she has to pay for her past actions. don't know. But I'm somehow glad. Hm, I'm evil!! The bad guy can't win. Especially with the detective. I will be back!
  10. Hi In the end maybe i feel a little sad for the dad, but maybe this is what you receive when you're not a good man. Detective really knows how to make plans. Is the right person at the right time. Still love how everyone trust him exactly from the start. No wander the supreme bad guy was choosing him. Is some kind of test to see how good you are in your villain era. But no one can really beat detective. No matter what. I will be back!
  11. Hi Wow, Prince looks amazing in suits! And in all those interesting uniforms. Each and every single one of them. And like i already said, my favorite one is the white one from "Decibel", where he had to run the entire time. The girl will be upset, i guess. Once again detective's fault. Poor guy. He will never be in peace. We will see. I will be back!
  12. Hi What a beautiful day! So dad is just there to be sacrificed? That's all... He just have to pay for his bad life choices, proving that bad decisions in life never brings happiness and goodness. And our detective knows the best. Choosing the good side of the story forever and ever, thinking he's indeed the only one to defeat the bad guys, because someone has to do it and he's the right man for this mission. His integrity, his spirit fight, his intelligence, always there. Fighting. Never having a proper bed because he will never sleep a good sleep in his life. Interesting to watch all this and admire someone who really believes in something. Detective is indeed special . I will be back!
  13. I love this You have indeed a very beautiful way to explain and i love to read it all!! The story from "Doctors" inspire and we will always enjoy it. Two ppl who are destined to be together no matter what.
  14. Hm, what a good plan!! Nice to see all the work and good coordination to catch the bad bad guy. World needs more detectives like our detective. Indeed he's the one to do this job and ppl to appreciate all . The girl will be forever with him, right? Hm, i still don't like this. But he's the detective, we undestand her. Nice to see how ppl trust him just by instinct. He's a very interesting character and we can see he is created by someone who really loves main characters (even if he really suffers almost all the time). The fact he just refuse a promotion by just not enjoying building's colour... This is next top level incredible stuff and is something detective will do all the time, no matter what. Incredible I will be back!
  15. Hi Hm, they killed him? Or is just a plan? I don't want death for detective. He really deserve all the best after all he received. And a proper bed at least now. The police department is really funny.
  16. Hi Hm, the bad guy really has something with the detective. Really. Really. Seams an obsession. He made a life time purpose to distroy him? He wants to prove something? And dad will help detective? Interesting how they all know detective is the best. I will be back!
  17. Hi I believe detective became my favorite detective. I just love his chaotic existence, the way he creates bonds with people he meets all the time, his reactions with the kids. The way he doesn't try to explain the situation to them with empty words, big words , because they are still young and innocent and they will not understand really what is going on. There will be time for that. And once again he knows this the best. He was that kid. Seams all this comes from his childhood. But he was capable to survive all that and trying to help others. I will be back!
  18. Hi Why does detective has to suffer so much? He did nothing wrong. He just wanted to be good and help good ppl. That's all!! Just let him be and let him alone!!! Uffff, indeed the main character. Always suffering, always sad, always with sad destiny and sad past. And where is the mom? He doesn't have a mom? Where is she? And where is that bed? He deserve one. At least now. A proper / comfortable bed after all detective's fights. Fighting bad and awful men. Good that he has that funny police station. He's really in the right place I will be back!
  19. Indeed a story to talk about all the time . They really had all. All those beautiful scenes. Bicycle moment. Reunited after 13 years. Running on the football field. Fighting in the boxing area.... I always love reading your analyse. This story will forever have a special place in my heart.
  20. Thank you, dear @willenette! The detective will die? Hm, hope is just a wrong feeling and not a sad reality. He deserve peace and happiness in the end. After all he received all this time he really deserve a nice meditation moment in that beautiful forest. ( hm, sounds suspicious, but that forest is really beautiful ). But also who knows what peace and happiness means for them (????). Heaven? Okay, okay... I will accept all! Even sadness. I know the bad guy will pay for all he did. I just love that sad/humour mix. They really managed to create a beautiful story. Add all this in chaotic detective's life and we have almost perfection. I will be back!
  21. Hi Our detective is indeed made to suffer. A lot. All the time. Right? Good thing that he takes all with lot of humour and just looking ahead. Otherwise i believe will not be possible for him to just carry on all is happening. He just needs a time off. Some vacations. In the mountains, sea, nature. He did all, he does all. Is time for some rest and a proper bed. I wish!! But i believe all this will just remain a desire of mine. Plus he still has this fight with the maniac doctor. Our detective is indeed the main. Always suffer, always pain, never a proper bed. I'm curious how he will manage to resolve this case in the end. I will be back!
  22. I just love detective's dynamic with people!! I truly love it! Is interesting to watch all those moments. And his emotional intelligence is something out from this world ( this character is written by someone smart, who also love detective a lot) . Still don't like that he's back with that girl. I have my obsession. Sorry! But i guess i will just ignore this. Or go with the flow. The fact that he's thinking he must return alive and well from all those infernal missions with criminals, for her, is sweet. I must recognise this. A very good drama. I will be back!
  23. Hi I'm truly and simply hypnotised by how talented our Prince is!! And detective will be with the girl in the end, right? Not that I like it... But nothing to do. He's even jealous. He loves, who he loves and who am I to say something else? Well, i say something else... But all in vain and for nothing. KRW is indeed stellar!! Detective is the best detective!! His father will die in the end? Like some kind of the big sacrifice for his only son? Hm, we will see. I will be back!
  24. Your analize is always a pure joy to read. Indeed a very beautiful story about 2 ppl who are indeed meant to be together, no matter what. They are lucky!!
  25. Hi They just drink some suspicious water? They will just do anything. But all because they didn't prepared for that visit in the forest. Like alway all in the improvise. They are indeed chaos and i just love that. Hope they will be just fine with that almost black water... The villain seams smart. But our detective is smarter. Much more. Funny that he really thinks he can beat detective. We will see. I will be back!!
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