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  1. It is still on my watch list after watching it 4 times. But also I need more time after the tragedy before rewatching it again (I just couldn't find any better drama with so much depth). But at the end many of my favorite movie stars or singers already dead, one suicided too, and I am still watching their movies and listening to their songs eventually.
  2. Your pinpointing of exact relevant events in the drama is so convincing! JA also said it is easy to be a good person if got money. When one is absolutely penniless, in the bottom rank of the society, what can one offer to be kind?
  3. Thanks again for another good article. But I am not sure if kindness alone would bring this kind of transformation and healing. Is it more to do with the incredible, beyond description, connection between these 2 souls? Is JA that kind? Kind enough to sacrifice herself for him? What's brought the transformation of DH, from 'as long as no one knows', to 'let everyone knows'?
  4. This review is released in February 2024. Very new. Seems international reviews are in general more accurate, up to the point, and honest. Thanks indeed (will use google translate to read the whole review later). I don't think I can find a drama so well written, directed, perfectly casted, acted, and as emotional from beginning to end, as MM.
  5. But at the end everyone else, including SW and her dad, got healed, except YD. With his jealousy he still couldn’t face the happy JH/HJ couple and would look like a loser in any gathering involving them. So he could not be any true friend with them. YD is a well created character to show the unbreakable bond of the OTP. He is one of the many got rejected by HJ in the 13 years though he fared much worst with the presence of JH. It is interesting to see throughout the story that every time YD took a step towards HJ, and without exception, we would see she took a step closer to JH! YD is in fact waking up her love towards JH. His character is the key reason that he fared worst than the beginning before meeting HJ: - He refused to believe in what he actually seen, only wanted to believe in what he wanted to see, like the early signs that JH and HJ are closed, with them only wanted to work in a team and sneaking off for a long date in the drink party etc. - He was told JH and HJ have history and liked each other but he never cared to find out their actual story from SW, nor SH, nor IJ. - While SW, JH, HJ all spoken to one another about who they would like to work with beforehand, YD only told everyone in the face off meeting he wanted HJ, believing what he wanted would be automatic be granted. - He confessed multiple times to HJ without observing, nor hearing from her first what’s her feeling towards him. Kind of believing as long as he liked a woman the woman would like him back. - He didn’t understand it is never a battle between the men fighting for a woman, it is always decided by the woman who she would like. So one can only says YD is over confident, all about himself and self-centred, sorry to say. YG is actually the best example of how to approach one he loved, always standby her side as a friend till she is available.
  6. Many with SLS probably won't appreciate this assessment of YD.
  7. The only complain is the last drink party has been cut way too short because of the birth of the baby, depriving us a lots of expected fun. May be the drink party can be resumed in an epilogue, if not the wedding party, and this time a few more joined including SH (in her own bar anyway). Spotting their engagement rings JH is asked again (eventually he has to face the music) when did he fall for HJ. With some there knowing them from school time he can't lie, but also will be too much of a scandal saying 13 years ago, with HJ only 18! This time HJ jumps in and says he asked whether she is married, and whether she has a boy friend, on the very first day landing on the helipad. This might imply love at first sight! Recovering from shocks one asked HJ then what's your answers, and JH replys for her saying she only knew answering 'No' in the beginning.
  8. With this drama so sweet, and a kdramas rare great ending, I still in the mood of guessing the full story the PD/writer telling us but only showing us part of it. SH also met the teacher when HJ/JH walked home together on the 1st day. And we can safely suggest HJ would share with SH details of that extraordinary day regarding JH. Typical SH's response would be telling HJ the teacher's intention to persuade her, obviously. So either do it on her own, or suggested by SH, it is HJ who invited JH for a coffee in the hospital park in next day or so (she brought the drinks, and shown a bit of nervousness with a plan in her head. JH observed that and shown he was expecting something from her). Using typical girl's strategies she asked a question and suggested a hopefully wrong, but not embarrassing answer (JH still helping her as teacher/student), and bingo, JH confessed (he simply happily obliged). At this early stage HJ only wanted to hear his part but not telling her part. HJ naturally would report that to SH afterwards, as the teacher kind of their fun object. Next we heard SH asking HJ her progress with JH after the kiss in the rain. So, probably shouldn't blame the fast pace romance on JH alone.
  9. That first day of re-union clearly confirmed the true feeling of the OTP before they were forced to separate 13 years ago. HJ's momentary lost of control when asked and responded to JH’s most penetrating questions about her love life status, and her clear annoyance of JH got married with mentioning of his marriage whenever there is an opportunity (and she also told SH about JH’s marriage), it is basically she let slipped that she kept herself available for him but disappointed he didn't! And smart JH corrected her at the boxing ring in the evening and they are all good even walking home together, marking the beginning of their joyful journey (when JH became her hong hong hong). It is also important that HJ let this "married?" man knowing her whereabout in the evening when receiving his 1st phone call. With any other wanting to meet her, including YD, she would say let's meet in the hospital.
  10. This has to be the shortest, yet most shocking, sutprising, and sweetest Kdrama original dialogue.
  11. Looking at the rear mirror after watching the whole drama, the 4 kisses can only be described as perfectly filmed and acted according to the story line and characters. 1st one in the rain a love offering by JH, totally non-sexual, and a heart attack moment for the 31 years old never kissed woman. Body totally frozen other than her heels, subconsciously lifted to show her willingness to this beyond her reach cute teacher of last 13 years. The 2nd and 3rd ones really not suitable to watch with family if got teens. 1st one initiated by HJ, 2nd one by JH, both kind of giving everything away to each other, soul and body, and in confined space! Last one symbol for happiness thereafter..
  12. Curious about the timeline since the helicopter landing reunion. With no winter clothing ever shown, will it be just kind of spring to autumn story line when JH proposed, meaning they both still at 40/31 Korean age? Anyone in this forum ever mentioned it?
  13. My history with kdramas is less than 2 years via Netflix, and only watched Doctors via recommendation of an Aussi friend end of last year. I do wish more should make comments on the whole drama after finishing watching it or rewatching it. Via hindsight I believe the key beauty of this drama are all the hints carefully planted in the first 3 episodes on the future relationship of the OTP. Some examples : - the microscope encounter is an indication that HJ/JH are destined to share the microscope in their future professional life. Hence YD really have no chance of having HJ as his assistant right from the start. Sorry for YD shippers. - like most teens girls, HJ is fully aware of her attraction, in repelling SC’s physical invasion, calling JH Lolita complex etc. For her to walk into JH’s sleeping room uninvited, acting innocent, after saving the pregnant woman on the street, is naughty, inappropriate (imagine her school friends know she is with the teacher in his sleeping room!). And JH didn’t kick her out already indicated they are fond of each other. No surprise Injoo seeing this attractive girl with JH in his private space is such an alarm. Then their future main dating location is JH’s room (besides the workplace) instead of the usual drinking/dining restaurants in kdramas.
  14. Watching Doctor Slump, the shadow of Doctors is way too strong (watched Doctors 3 times, with the last time reading this forum in conjunction, and in hindsight all the comments, forecasts become really super interesting). PSH as a high school student in Doctor Slump still looks amazingly convincing. But having a younger male lead, because of his school days scene, seems not having the same strong chemistry of older, more mature actors usually matched with PSH (Doctors, Memory of The Alhambra, Sisyphus, even the earlier Heirs). And the stylish designer dresses of PSH in Doctors are sadly missing.
  15. Latest favourable review (March 15. 2024) on MM. https://rollingstoneindia.com/k-drama-flashback-my-mister/ But in the review: 'An ongoing source of emotional depth and intrigue is the tangled one between Dong-hoon and Ji-an, for example. Their relationship, which was built on mutual understanding and similar experiences, changes in ways that go against accepted social mores.' So what is exactly DH and JA's relationship 'that go against accepted social mores'? And also what is the main story of MM? Lots of side stories and supporting characters won't make a story or drama a great classic, right?
  16. Yes, no matter how charming, up front, Yoon Do might seems to be, if there is such a man in the real world, who would openingly chase after a woman already in relationship, with the woman never shown any interest in him (even rejected and still persisted in YD's case), every man and woman in dating age would build a wall against him. Who would like to know someone who keeps trying to take over your girl friend just because he desires? He can only exists in drama world for the sake of the story line.
  17. Because of the 2 weeks’ break between the release of episode 14, and episode 15/16, everyone is making predictions here in this forum. Death of JA is a possibility because of her sacrificial love for DH demonstrated and the talks of reborn (not really caused by the preview of her getting hit by a car). While many predicted DH will get very upset knowing the wiretap even seeing how he held the phone in the cinema at end of episode 14, after release of episode 15 most forgotten about their predictions and its significant implications! The Tumblr review is beautifully written. Thanks indeed.
  18. Watching others kdramas just couldn't stop reference back to MM. In Doctor John life of the female lead is so miserable, worrying about the serious health issue of the male lead, but even he promised to keep her informed he failed to do so, akways not answering her phone calls nor text. I just hope the female lead would have the wiretap!!! In Doctors (2016) the long term girl friend knows the male lead's heart has gone to the other girl once he asked her to help that girl, to avoid the scandal if he keep seeing the girl (his student). And the long term girl friend left the male lead as a result. So that's the usual plot line to establish YH leaving DH. In DB there are so many against the age gap romance even though it only really started after the long long 13 years timeskip. Some also supported the younger second male lead to be her endgame, just like supporting the loan shark to have romance with JA. So all look familiar. Looking through the rear mirror when the filming of the final scene at the cafe was leaked before the release of the last 2 episodes, everyone got excited and made guesses on the ending around page 160 here. All relieved as JA didn't die. One predicted DH and JA bumped into each other after timeskip, say hello, how are you, bye and parted forever. One said sign is good as it is the first time they met under bright daylight full sunshine. So case of you see what you wanted to see.
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