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[Drama 2016] Doctors 닥터스


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Posted by MaiaD   19 hours ago

Medical Dramas You Should Definitely Add to Your Watchlist




There are days that we like to watch inspiring K-Dramas, may it be due to sharing the same interest, sharing the same career path alongside the main leads, or for pure entertainment. And one of the drama themes K-Drama fans and viewers enjoy is medical dramas, particularly those with medical accuracy and set in the hospital or clinics.


Medical dramas, sometimes laced with other subthemes, may it be friendship, romance, politics, and such, becomes much more enjoyable and, all the while, learning about medical terms and procedures.


Regardless of your reason for watching medical dramas, we are very sure that you should add these dramas to your watchlist if you haven't seen them yet! Here are some enjoyable and exciting medical dramas that you should definitely give a try!


4. Doctors / Doctor Crush

Cast Members: Kim Rae WonPark Shin Hye, Yoon Kyun SangLee Sung Kyung








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I gave one-on-one tutoring to Park Shin-hye, who asked me to study, and the tutor showed me a genealogy that summarized only the essentials, but Lee Seong-kyung was rightly beaten in the back; #Morecatch #Doctors #SBSCatch




19 may 2022
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(Shake Friendship) Lee Seong-kyung is upset because his partner likes my friend. But the situation is even more upset because of Park Shin-hye, who doesn’t even care. ZIP #CollectedCatch #Doctors #SBSCatch



 cr. SBS Catch

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