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18 minutes ago, mustardmaimai said:

Finally finished watching ep 15 & 16, and all I can say is - what's up with the squad undermining Taekie's ramyun making skills? You gotta let Taekie make the ramyun sometime! I mean he's always offering to do it but always gets pushed off.


Says something about how everybody keeps underestimating him. You know, I bet he's probably better at making ramyun than anybody else in the whole of Ssangmundong. The show's been ace at turning all Taekie related setups and expectations on their heads and I'd love to see a ramyun scene with everybody beside themselves drooling cause Taekie's ramyun is so damn bashda. Followed by some bleating goats, of course. Don't know why I'm so bugged by Taekie being banned from the kitchen lol, maybe I'm just hungry.

Next time we gather in Taekie's room for a party, I don't want pizzas or bananas, but some namja ramyun made by Taek.

lets hope there will be ramyun making special focus by Chef Taek and he be all ready with the ramyun before anyone can stop him

tbh the gang love baby sitting taek too much they might purposely don't wanna lose that special privileged only them have if Tk do everything better than they ever could and breaking the dynamic or illusion they create over the years....im sure deep down they know tk can learn anything as fast as lightning..and tk also play along let everyone taeken care of him and he love being with them no matter how they treat him they like family already...it like the bubble the 5 create to protect what they have the special space belong to only 5 of them and no one else

like the time when they confidence they can easily beat him in blue marble as long as no one let him read the instruction but its loo late since he already start reading and once his genius brain digesting the formula and learnt on it own so it game over lol XD 

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CHOI TAEK ❤ SUNG DEOK SUN PARK BO GUM ❤ HYERI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNS THAT HE IS THE HUSBAND 1. Left- h

ONE LAST NOTE BEFORE THE FINALE...   Thank you, Reply 1988, for teaching me so much about love. I realized through this drama that love is a lesson you can never cease to learn from, no matter wh

Hi guys!  The mods have been merciful; my account is still here .. for now. Thank you darlings for your warmth and humor... a piece of my heart will always be in Taek's room. I know some of you e

On 12/28/2015 at 11:13 AM, 13infamyss said:


Your mention to me brought me to this thread. And just want to say thank you and I'm humbled by your praise. It took me a whole lot of time to watch certain scenes over and over again to justify my thoughts and put it into words. But in all honesty, this drama has been hard to put into words the moment things got serious with the main love line. I've done quite a few "compare and contrast" scenes between Jung Hwan and Taek these past few weeks, and the more I gather evidence, the more I become aware how just different Duk Seon acts with these boys. Yes, the grand gestures were swoon-worthy at first few scenes (that's how usually relationship starts, you think the guy is great and you're just head over heels for him). But what about what happens in your everyday life - the mundane things you do to get the relationship going? (Because sooner or later, it's the ordinary things you do everyday with your other half that will make spending forever with him worth it). And that's exactly how I interpreted Duk Seon is with Taek - their conversations and actions most of the time fit what couples in a long term relationship usually do (they can freely ask each other if there was something wrong, Taek: What do you want me to bring back to you from Japan?, Duk Seon openly suggesting what Taek can do - that it's totally okay to eat medium rare food, to lessen his take of meds, that it's okay to say no to people sometimes). Y'know little things like this - I live for moments like this - this is the kind of everyday life we live in. Little things like this that connect us with our other halves. I, for a while now, have been searching for scenes like this that connect Duk Seon and Jung Hwan. Sadly, the more I look for something, the more I wonder why I haven’t seen a scene where I discovered something new about them just from their everyday conversation. Jung Hwan can’t even naturally asked why she was crying – what caused her to cry in Ep 15. While he was having seconds thoughts whether to ask her or not, Taek had already asked her – as if it was a very natural thing for him to do. He didn’t need to think twice whether he should ask her or not. Duk Seon’s mundane conversations with Jung Hwan were mostly about something or someone else (They bragged about parents during the go-stop-game, Jung Bong and Min Ok’s date). I wanted them to talk about something that will make me learn new about their character – I learned Duk Seon ordered more than she ate in Ep 7, so that’s that – but... that’s it? They were even with her friends when they talked about that. Also, I noted that Taek and Duk Seon can plan things on their own without asking the rest of the group to come with them. This is the second time they planned to see a movie together with just the two of them. Jung Hwan and Duk Seon went to see two concerts by themselves only because the others couldn’t make it. Well, Jung Hwan and Duk Seon did plan to see a movie together, but we didn’t see that scene – we were only shown their backs discussing it with Duk Seon’s girlfriends spying on them. I’m still weighing whether I should consider that significant or not. Like I don’t know, I just wanted to have more substance in the scenes they are together – but I’m not just seeing it. I wanted them to do things that will make me connect to their relationship (I am in a relationship so I wanted to say: “Omg yes we do that too! OMG I do that too!” everytime I watch them together. But I noticed I’ve been doing that with Taek and Duk Seon’s scenes lately: I ask my bf too if he’s ever gonna eat or what because he is workaholic too, I tell him to dress warmer too cuz he does wear light clothes in the winter – I guess it’s a guy thing?).

Anyways I’ve written an essay again ~_~ Sorry guys. I’m just... really emotionally invested in this drama that’s why I wanted to understand each and every scene for the main love line. I wanted to have some sort of connections with the characters I fall in love with. And I love Duk Seon, Jung Hwan, and Taek so much because they feel so real to me and I feel the need to analyze each and every move they make - they don’t make. And my heart breaks every time they somehow disappoint me with their actions. That maybe one guy is stepping back and another is stepping forward because it’s really meant to be. That maybe one guy is just meant to love Duk Seon in the background, while the other one’s love is being reciprocated by Duk Seon. Whoever that guy is, I look forward to see him in the next four episodes. Either Jung Hwan’s arc has really ended at Ep 14 and Taek’s arc begins at Ep 17, or Jung Hwan’s arc continues on with a new and fresh limelight at Ep 17, we’ll see.^^

I forgot to mention the 4-episode gap between Sun Woo and Jung Hwan’s arc (Episodes 7-10). In my opinion, that arc was meant for us to discover more about the serious contenders as Duk Seon’s husband. It was somehow a break for us to get to know them more, how they interact with Duk Seon, and I guess for Duk Seon as well (to switch to a new interest).


@13infamyss! Both your posts (on the main thread and this one that I've quoted above) are so heartfelt and beautiful. I'm quite late in joining the party but I wanted to say, welcome to our thread! Please come curl under the pink blanket in Taekie's room. It's a little crowded here but there's always space for people like you who allow us to make so much more out of the show than what appears on the surface. And long essays are things we cherish the most. Ask anybody out here. I think fangirling over Taekie has infected us with a little bit of his patience as well. The reward is priceless. So no apologies for that, please. I haven't read on, but am looking forward to any more comments you may have posted below. :) 

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3 hours ago, shooastrid said:


Btw I feel really really down. :'( I don't know, I feel like the percentage is now lowered down to 60%. I'm unsure and feeling uneasy. I keep telling myself that it's okay if Taek is not the one for DS. His character arc and development is enough of a gift for me. The more I learn about him, the more I empathize and wishing for his happiness. :( 

Same. I can feel the next episodes will be tears all along. I cant imagine how will TK treat DS after he is coming back from China. And I wonder how will they parted ways especially TK. Im afraid he will run away from all of them and then after few years they meet each others back. Oh imagine how they miss each other..like soo soo bad. arhh so sad.T_T and that time the played Park Bo Ram song...

Arh maybe im just emotional now..or maybe the fact that the drama going to end. But I try not to lose hope as how the others said its DS feelings that might solve this puzzle for now.. The way I see it she is being affectionate to JH from the start was when her friend told her and asked her to confirm it and when its true, her friend asked her to WAIT until he confess. So from all the affection she showed to JH for me was to make sure JH confess to her. Of course they may be her feeling excited when someone likes her. But right from the start she never knew TK has loved her all this time. So then she gave up. Anyway, if TK or SW werent on JH way, will he ever consider to confess? Hmm... 

I never knew a week was sooooo sooo long. Even a day...my God..... waiting and waiting...


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Loving PBG more... so well mannered. 

Its hilarious how SW is being so shy when he sees Bora. Not sure what they were talking about though.

Hyeri is so funny when she does the 'fishing'. I think its pd nim who lol or was it someone else. 

Thanks for sharing the videos @Phuong Tam Nguyen im dying for something to read or watch. 

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I was listening to Part 9 OST on loop to get into the mind frame to cut me some Taek x DS MV!!


Then I think back on all the scenes.... and there is just not enough sad angsty scenes of the two of them now...LOL Its the complete opposite of when I cut the MV for December All I have is love!! XD

SO I guess, I will wait until Ep17-18...hahahahahah 

I'll go cut something else now... * cut up scenes and toss around *

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On December 31, 2558 BE at 9:44 AM, allegramente said:


OMG... Of course! and what is one of the books they have in future scenes...   "SHERLOCK"!



I was talking to my sister about R1988, suddenly we discussed this "Sherlock' topic, since she read and watch a lot about Sherlock ,she ask me what character traits of Taek are,then I told her he's like this....observant , genius, smoker, he's like have this little bit asperger but not asperger(don't know how to explain)..and so on.. then she told me,he have some similar traits of "Sherlock"..hihihihi^^ after she said that , I got 360 degrees smile!! ^^ 

anyway please feel free to share your thoughts,I'm not also sure  on the details..^^


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8 minutes ago, mellinadear said:

Haha..PBG cries easily..he's soft(no,not that soft I'm talking about. Why is your mind so dirty. Aish!).


Yeah I read on the main thread and found from somebody's translated summary:

PBG cries easily even if in the scenes where he doesn't need to cry. And then in a meeting with PD and the whole cast (the youtube video where he wears the red cap with a letter "T"), the PD asked him "Why are you not crying today?" and he replied "I hold it in." and we see DR gave him a note hahaha

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serious question how does anyone able to dislike/hate a PARK BOGUM that boy a genuine sweetheart,softie at heart,wonderful personality,great smile,hugable and so on....

he like every family dream for a son in law,son,bf,friend,husband and so on..

i hope he will never change..even Sun Woo say he is the nicest costar he ever work with♥♥♡

haha poor boy need to smoke and curse here

i don't really follow Girl's day so never know Hyeri before the drama well i do heard about her dating Tony An but don't really care ...i turn to like her after this drama she seem to be happy go lucky cute girl...her omma Il Hwa seem to really adore her XD it nice see her and RHY get along so well of screen since they always bickering onscreen...i feel like they gave DS both sister and brother alive this time to redeem them killing SW sister and NJ brother previously so it nice to Sung family is complete this time

just finish watching the bts so happy they keep us busy with the making while waiting..i always love seeing the process from 1st awkward meeting in script reading to them getting closer while filming and acting like real family...it gonna be tearjerking fiesta when they film last ep soon...

haha sw&bora seem they dunno each other gonna act in this drama since they seem surprise seeing each other and end up as love interest which awkward at first since they close irl XD

Kim family already awesome family in the making even from 1st script reading lol the cheetah is hilarious XD

Jinjoo the cutest R88 mascot ♥

JB&DR really funny even in real life lol

RJY and Bogum bromance always the cutest♥

and of course uri Bogummy&Hyeri is so cute and very shippable..she keep talking about Taek even with RJY lol

edit: btw it funny how Kim appa and omma rooting for DS to be with DR and JB instead lol and the question mark on RJY&Bogum head make it funnier



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Can't help myself... I'm grinning from ear to ear watching the BTS.

Bogummy why so adorable.. I bet everybody on set love him. It's hard not to adore him.. 

Jinjoo is sooo cute as well.


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 Hyeri dancing was so funnyyyyy >.< and I love how Mi Ran said what all the viewers are saying that TK and JH should just date lol

Considering how must of the early scenes PBG had to do was sad ( DS dad, lost game) I can see that he need to be very emotional....but it also shows he is a very empathetic actor. I feel he is the type to really immerse himself in the world of the character aka he uses method acting techniques ( something i was sensing before, but the BTS confirmed)

regarding the plane crash...I found it good actually that they did not focus on DS, because i feared that it would be to similar to 1994 NJ and CB and I think purposely they did not focus on her because it would take away from the moment between TK and his dad and center the triangle again.

and no preview...REALLY!? T.T

*kinda cute that Hyeri and PBG share water bottle ( dancing video)

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well, after my last post few days ago, I'm back into my lurker mode (especially when I'm online with my phone all the time), just coming to read another briliant analysis and observant things you guys wrote here and in the main page, nodding along and hit the like button whenever I agreed and love the content....

Just now, I finally able to online with my pc (and not being lazy), so I decide to say this. I actually read this "zodiac theory" few pages before (sorry I forgot who say it), about Leo and Libra zodiac sign  (is it?! please correct me if I'm wrong, since my memory is sometimes vague) and it just few days ago I realized it.

You (sorry I wish I can mention the name, I forgot who and tbh I'm so lazy to backtracking lol) said about this Leo and Libra dynamic etc.

So what am I trying to say is, according to your analysis DS is Leo and Taek is Libra (he's born in okt, rite?!) riight?!

But again... Isn't DS birthday is September 17, 1971 (same with SW),,, So her zodiac sign should be VIRGO, not LEO.... Well, my date of birthday is same with DS (yeay girl, fate huh, guess we have the same taste, we also LOVE the genius puppy,huh?! big lol) and SW, I also born in September 17 (not on the same year btw lol), so I'm pretty sure my zodiac sign and DS (and SW) are virgo not Leo. 

Well, except if DS and SW bday is on Aug 17, then yes they are LEO. (or is it really Aug 17, and I've been wrong all this time,thinking their bday is on Sept 17, no?!)

Once again, pls correct me if I'm wrong with their bday or maybe I was read the zodiac sign wrongly (its actually virgo and libra, not leo and libra). 


And the castingbees.tumblr.com owner (I wish I can remember your username, sorry) are you planning to release eps 3-10 subs too? since I'm planning rewatch the drama from ep 1 with your subs (if its available) and you are not planning to sub ep0? or maybe you know whre I can found ep0 with sub? 


And (another and,lol) I just heard ost part 9, while reading this awesome fanart and wow..... :bawling:  I dont know how my weak heart going to handle the possibility of broken heart if Taek isnt gonna be the end game. Eventho I'm fine if the writer decide that JH is the one (since I also still believe -not as much as earlier eps- that JH is the husband), I think I just can't handle another heartbreak crying Taekie scene.


PS. Any kind soul can explain to me how the new word "TAEKEN" is use? I mean is it like we use CHILBONGED? or? lol


PSS. I'm in the middle of making SunTaek's FMV (I hope I can finish it) but I'm still lack of sad scenes lol. Maybe in eps 17-18 I can get what I need (God, I need DS sad/crying scene, not TAEK), and when its done I'm going to share it here (If you guys want, if not, well I'm just going to publish it in my channel then lol)

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