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[Drama 2015] Sweet Savage Family 달콤살벌 패밀리

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

Date of airing : 18th November 2015

Broadcasting station : MBC

Time of airing : 10:00 pm (Weds/Thurs) (korean time)

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/dfamily/index.html

Official eng site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/program/drama/2701647_64285.html

Writer : 손근주 Son Guen Joo

PD : 강대선 Kang Dae Seon

Eps: 20 eps (70 mins each)

Main Leads : Jung Jun Ho, Moon Jung Hee, Jung Woong In, Yoo Sun

Supporting Cast : Kim Eung Soo, Kim Won Hae, Choi Min Chul, Ji Soo Won, Jo Dal Hwan, Park Hee Jin, Bang Min A, Lee Min Hyuk, Kim Byung Wook, Lee Yong Yi, Ga Deuk Hee, Kim Shin, Kim Kwon

Special appearance :

Licensed Streaming :

Story : Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Jun Ho) struggles to balance his life as a kind loving father who heads his family while hiding his mob identity from them. Hoping to gain the respect of his grown-up children and hold his head high in front of others, Tae Soo tries to legalize his construction company to incorporate his gang into proper, clean businesses only to meet obstruction from his biggest rival, Baek Ki Bum (Jung Woong In).




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Nate news link

Aja Aja's DL links (Raw + OST) for members only

Korean Wiki (Check here for ratings)

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Guest ororomunroe

Girl's Day's Minah confirmed for MBC Wed-Thur drama 'Sweet Family'


Minah will play the daughter of Jung Woong In and Yoo Sun. She's a pretty, well-rounded and inquisitive high school student who is an ex-idol trainee. She takes after her mom's honest and blunt personality.

'Sweet Family' will air on November following 'She Was Pretty'

Ilgan Sports - Naver: [Exclusive] Minah confirmed to star in her first public channel drama 6 years after her debut

1. [+3,574, -342] Why is it a natural thing for idols to do a drama when they're singers in the first place? If you want to act, why don't you build your experience through doing minor roles first? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+3,293, -387] First off all, her face isn't meant for acting. Objectively or subjectively, it honestly isn't

3. [+2,434, -287] Everyone and their moms are going into acting

4. [+1,764, -226] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+334, -34] Everyone in Girl's Day is going into acting.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+320, -51] Idols, if you want to be actors and actresses, your have to be at least as good as Im Siwan or Hwang Jung Eum. That way, you won't get hated

7. [+275, -36] Why her...? Is she even any good...?

8. [+222, -31] They cast Girl's Day in dramas that has 'Family' in the title. I'm curious why

9. [+241, -63] Why are idols so eager to become actors lately? Just choose one. Why do two and make us all confused? If your skill is subpar, it's better to stick to what you were originally doing.

10. [+126, -40] You're a good singer. Just stick to singing

Cr: kkuljaem


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Guest adikkeluangman

Yeay, girl got a drama. This time as a daugther of Jung Joon Ho. She also got an oppa of Minhyuk of BTOB.

‪#‎Kimjimin‬ [MBC '달콤살벌패밀리'] behind-the-scenes still cut :)



via JYPActors

With Moon Jung Hee as her drama mom. 

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Sweet, Savage Family


Sweet Family-Jung Joon-Ho.jpgSweet Family-Moon Jeong-Hee.jpgSweet Family-Jung Woong-In.jpgSweet Family-Yoo-Sun.jpgKim Eung-Soo
Jung Joon-HoMoon Jeong-HeeJung Woong-InYoo-SunKim Eung-Soo
Yoon Tae-SooKim Eun-OkBaek Gi-BumLee Do-GyungBaek Man-Bo
Lee Min-HyukMinahSweet Family-Ji Su-Won.jpgSweet Family-Jo Dal-Hwan.jpgSweet Family-Kim Kwon.jpg
Lee Min-HyukMinahJi Su-WonJo Dal-HwanKim Kwon
Yoon Sung-MinBaek Hyun-JiOh Joo-RanBong Jin-WookLee Joon-Suk
Sweet Family-Oh Mi-Yeon.jpgKim Ji-MinSweet Family-Son Ga-Young.jpgChoi Min-ChulSweet Family-Kim Shin.jpg
Oh Mi-YeonKim Ji-MinSon Ga-YoungChoi Min-ChulKim Shin
Lee Choon-BoonYoon Soo-MinKim Eun-SilKang Sung-GooSong Young-Il
Sweet Family-Kim Won-Hae.jpgSweet Family-Kim Dae-Ryeong.jpgSweet Family-Ga Deuk-Hi.jpgSweet Family-Jo Ji-Hwan.jpgSweet Family-Park Hee Jin.jpg
Kim Won-HaeKim Dae-RyeongGa Deuk-HiJo Ji-HwanPark Hee Jin
Son Se-WoonMa Hee-DoPark Sun-YoungJang Bub-GyooChoi Gyung-Mi



Main characters descriptions:


  • Jung Joon-ho as Yoon Tae-soo (42, male / Choongshim Gang boss)
He manages night clubs, gentlemen's clubs, illicit gambling parlors, liquor distribution as the boss of the Choongshim gang. When he was only in his late teens, he already made a name for himself as a tough streetfighter in Daejeon. But he had to support his mom and siblings so once he finished high school, he started working at a paint factory where he had to deal with noxious fumes every day at work. But despite his hard work, the factory boss never paid him his salary. He needed money to support his siblings, so out of anger, he assaulted his boss. His boss pressed charges but offered to drop them if he were to agree to work at the factory for a year without pay. His friend Ki-beom and Byung-nam, who were members of the Choongshim Gang, heard about his plight and did extensive damage to the paint factory. Their gang handled the blowback from their rampage. After this incident, Tae-soo naturally joined the Choongshim gang.
Her husband is a gang leader and her mother-in-law is a sociopath who torments her at every chance. Her daughter is constantly getting in trouble at school for bad behavior. Her life is terrible on so many levels. She is not happy with her husband’s occupation but she gets to live in a big, expensive apartment, and the money he makes is good so she is not complaining. But when Tae-soo does not answer his phone when she calls or comes home late, she gets very irritated and will nag him like nobody's business.
  • Jung Woong-in as Baek Ki-beom (42, male / President, Choongshim Construction)
Chairman Baek Man-bo's only son. Ki-beom is the future chairman of Choongshim Construction and currently works as the president. This is not what he wants but his father did not want his son to be involved in gang activities. His mother left the family when he was a young kid and this scarred him permanently. In the following years, he had different stepmothers, who he would treat with scorn and malice until they went away. This gave his dad a lot of headaches on top of his bad behavior at school. In high school, he picked fights with Tae-soo and Byung-nam but always got beaten. But the three of them forged a friendship and they were invincible around the streets of Daejeon. Due to his fiery temper, he got into a lot of trouble at school and was finally expelled by the principal. After that, he joined a gang.
  • Yoo Sun as Lee Do-kyung (female / Ki-beom's ex-wife)
  • Kim Eung-soo as Baek Man-bo (70, male / Chairman, Choongshim Construction)
He is the gang boss who held onto power the longest in Chungcheong Province and was a legendary boss in his prime. In the 1990s, he retired from his gang leader position but since he was able to amass a large fortune during his reign, he still wields power in the gang he founded. After retiring, he kept a low profile and appointed Tae-soo as the gang boss who oversees his many business interests in the underworld. His son Ki-beom oversees his real estate holdings and construction company while Hee-do, who has an MBA degree, is the brains who manages investments and bookkeeping.
  • Lee Minhyuk as Yoon Sung-min (18, male / Tae-soo's son)
He has an easy-going personality and is popular at school because he is approachable and friendly. He excels academically and constantly ranks near the top of his entire grade at high school while also performing his duties as the class president. He started taekwondo, judo, and kendo at an early age under his dad’s coaching so he is physically strong and athletic. Unlike his dad, he is academically inclined and is rather innocent about many things for a kid his age. His mother, Eun-ok wishes to see him go to one of the top universities in Seoul and has arranged for him to transfer to a high school in the big city soon.
  • Bang Minah as Baek Hyun-ji (18, female / Ki-beom's daughter)
She was a member of a girl band that never took off and you have to be pretty to get picked up by a talent agency so it goes without saying that she has great looks. After her parents divorced five years ago, she was forced to move to Seoul to live with her mom and this was against her wishes. She signed on with a talent agency and enrolled in their talent training program because of her mom. She made an effort in learning how to dance and sing but there were so many talented girls in the program that she never got her shot. But what caused her a lot of grief was being bullied at her school.

Supporting characters

Ji Su-won as Oh Joo-ran Jo Dal-hwan as Bong Jin-wook Kim Kwon as Lee Joon-suk Oh Mi-yeon as Lee Choon-boon Kim Ji-min as Yoon Soo-min (Tae-soo's daughter) Son Ga-young as Kim Eun-shil Choi Min-chul as Kang Sung-goo Kim Shin as Song Young-il Kim Won-hae as Son Se-woon Kim Dae-ryeong as Ma Hee-do Ga Deuk-hee as Park Sun-young Jo Ji-hwan as Jang Beob-kyu Park Hee-jin as Choi Kyung-mi Seo Hyun-chul as Seo Chul-joong Kim Byung-choon as Jo Dong-Choon Kim Byoung-ok as Chairman Goo
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‘Sweet, Savage Family’ Production Presentation at Sangam MBC




[Photo] BTOB Min Hyuk, Girl′s Day Minah, Jung Joon Ho and More Gather for ′Sweet, Savage Family′



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STARTED...First scene Yoon Tae-Soo and his boss...he tells the boss not to worry...next we see TS beating and blackmailing boss enemy ...next scene is TS new look as a respectable husband and dad...meeting his wiffe...His boss and son is also there ...TS is calling him chairman...boss  son does not look happy to see him close to his dad...the wife spectacle is so funny...everybody aplauding...

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Tae-Soo got a call from his daughter school...they went to school...problems with their daughter ...principal is upset police is also there ...mom defending her daughter...so funny moments parents fighting defending their daughter...TS forgot for a moment his role almost broke the other dad arm...

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