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[taiwanese Drama] Meteor Garden 1 & 2

Guest shred

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Starring F4 and Barbie Xu
Meteor Garden 1 An adaption from a popular Japanese manga: Hana Yori Dango (The Boys More Than Flowers) by Kamio Youko. MG.jpg Airing Period: 2001(?) No. of Episodes: 19 Director: Cai Yue Xun Produced by: Tsai Chi-Ping, Feng Jia- Rui, Mao Xun- Rong and Gong Min- Hui Opening Track: Qing Fei De Yi by Harlem Yu Closing Track: Ni Yau De Ai by Penny Tai Storyline: Shan Cai, a normal citizen, probably more on the poor side, is attending Ying De University, the private school made exclusively for rich citizens. Besides being looked down upon by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families and they donated a lot of money to the school so nobody dares to challenge them. This poor girl dared to attack DMS, which nobody has done before, and made DMS sprout an interest toward her. However, his constant torture of her has made her hate him, but made her fall in love with Hua Ze Lei, who helped her during DMS's torturing. Can DMS get her love through his cold and cruel exterior? Will their love last when everyone is trying to break them up? What happens when his fiancee comes and his mother has used all the worst ways to keep her from him? Cast: Barbie Xu Xi Yuan (Big S of ASOS) as Shan Cai Jerry Yan Cheng Xu as Dao Ming Si Vic Zhou Yu Min as Hua Ze Lei Ken Zhu Xiao Tian as Xi Men Vanness Wu Jian Hao as Mei Zuo Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (from 4 in love)as Xiao You Winnie Qian Wei Shan as Teng Tang Jing Ke Huan Ru as Xiao Zi Wang Yue as Shan Cai's mother Watch Meteor Garden episodes! Meteor Rain MeteorRain.jpg These are the side stories of Meteor Garden I... Liu Xing Yu. There are 3 separate stories for each of the F3, namely, Dao Ming Si, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. They happened in different times... before, during or after Meteor Garden I. Xi Men - meets a Japanese girl in Taiwan for a dance contest Mei Zuo - how he lost one girl he loved Dao Ming Si (2 episodes) - how a father and daughter touched his heart Meteor Garden 2 MeteorGarden2.jpg No. of Episodes: 31 Director: Produced by: Tsai Chi-Ping Opening Track: Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni by F4 Closing Track: Yan Huo De Ji Jie by F4 Storyline: F4 graduated from Ying De Xue Yuan. Dao Ming Si asked Shan Cai to go on vacation with him to Spain. Just before the trip, they had an argument, which made the trip become meaningless. F3 made/send Ah Si and Shan Cai to Spain, and Hua Ze Lei gave Ah Si an envelope with a "smart advice" in it. Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai's love had become inseparable during the trip. Ah Si opened the envelope, and the advice from Hua Ze Lei was to ask Shan Cai to marry him, so Dao Ming Si bought a "Meteor Ring" which Shan Cai had led her eyes on, and prepared to propose to her in a church which had special meanings of "love". But, on the way to the church, Dao Ming Si had a car accident which had caused him to loss his memory and he met Xue Er at that time, who helped and looked after him. The sudden disappearance of Ah Si had caused Shan Cai to worry, so she asked Jing to help her. F3 came to Spain immediately after they heard the news. What follows is a story full of ups and downs as Shan Cai tries to find Dao Ming Si and help him regain his memory, but a person gets in the way of their love as Dao Ming Si falls in love with another woman in his new life as Ah Xing. Cast: original cast plus Michelle Alicia Saram as Ye Sha Megan Lai Ya Yan as Mimi Watch Meteor Garden 2 Episodes
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Guest IN`vincible

Meteor Garden is a classic... hehe

I will never forget this drama.. it started the f4 phenomenon in the Philippines!!!


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Guest trueloveway

LOL, MG is what got me into the whole Asian drama thing. Seems like so long ago!

I've yet to watch another Taiwanese drama that got me hooked the same way. Dao Ming Si forever! Haha.

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Guest oh so delicious

definitely one of my favorite taiwanese idol series. MG 2 totally killed the story of the first one.

DMS.... gosh i totally fell for his character... everything he did for san chai... wow!

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Guest evercute

Meteor Garden has gotta be my favourite series of all time. An absolute classic series.

The acting was pretty B-grade, cinematography and costumes sucked, but heck, I loved it. I STILL love it to death. I think the main reason was because of that sexy DMS. Man, I was rooting for him ever since I saw the opening credits lol. HZL...bleh =_=;; He's nice and all, but DMS is BETTER!! He's the sweetest, cutest, nicest guy ever.

San Cai sooooo did NOT deserve DMS. SC annoyed the crap outta me throughout the whole series. So undecided about everything, my gosh. Seriously, I thought I would've robbed DMS of his virginity by then! :P Also the fact that I cannot stand Da S' at all. Thank god she's going out with Vic now and not Jerry.

And yeah, F4 kick richard simmons ^____^ That sexy Jerry of mine ^^


MG2 is a disgrace to MG and HYD. A complete waste of hotties. -_-

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Guest vanggirlie

it's my favorite taiwanese drama that's for sure.

i originally started watching mg because of barbie...wasn't into f4's looks because they seem girly or just not attractive to me but something stood out about barbie.

after watching it, f4 is great and vic is the best one. altho i'm a dms+sc follower.

yay, for barbie and vic being together.

mg is the best

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Meteor Garden AHHHHHHH!!!!!! One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie... :P I especially love Vanness Wu and Barbie Hsu is so pretty too.

This drama was awesome..

the second one just killed it. hahah...

This drama started my mom's and sister's obsession with F4. lol.

yeah, me too.. at first i was like F4 hmmm...??? later i was a F4 fan myself.

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Anyone have a favorite quote(s) in this movie while watching it or a favorite scene(s)????

"Sweet soar vegetable you are so special..." Vanness Wu

"She was you first love and you were my first cruch but I'm okay with it becasue we're going to be friends forever." Shan Tsai (Barbie Hsu)

This is not really my favorite scene but I just thought it was so sweet..

In part 2 when DMZ loses his memory. When the rest of F3 called Shan Tsai to wait in front of the billboard in search of DMZ... then all of a sudden the screen pops up and shows all the info. about DMZ and phone# and stuff,etc. Then she's starts crying and said "Mei Tzou, XiMen, Lei... Thank you." At that moment I was about to cry too. The guys are so sweet and lovable to Shan Tsai...

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I disliked MG2. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I loved DMS with SC in MG1 but after seeing MG2, I nearly wished she was with Lei instead.

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Guest Kay*Kay

i heard MG2 was a disaster.

but yea i never watched that

i watched MG1 tho and daoming si is HOT!! lol

yea i dont care abt the acting. it was a hot series [x

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