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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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Guest gakvinandrewz

haha ok :)

what about sungwoo and seungkwon?

They are both in SFA club, watch shoot dori 3's second match and you'll see. I believe its episode 4. OMG i think i know shoot dori too much, lol.

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Guest VINTAGE'art: moderne

I take back my words about uploading the eps, it's killer trying to convert the videos into smaller file sizes and then trying to cut them into the appropriate time lengths. :x Anyone know where I can find season 3 videos on clubbox or elsewhere? The episodes that I need are no longer available on Kaleena's clubbox... Those Jiwoo and Seungjoon pictures looks like they were taken when they were in Germany for WC.

**And i'm ecstatic about Lee Jung's return! As much as I like Bora as the manager nuna I'd like to see Shim Min again... she was awesome with the kids.

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i think hoseong is in buri.

when the boys play against buri/ sth like that hoseong is there. XD

and he says he will support buri more than shootdori, then the MC said why so

and then he ask shootdori boys to greet their sunbae. XD

by the way.. its getting quiet again o.0 T.T dont leave me alone

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Guest Kirari

OMG I didn´t know the show was still airing. Only watched season 1 & 2.

Are there still subs for this show or are you guys watching the raw. I want to download to watch but with out subs it's kinda boring. ^^"

Sorry if this is a frequent question, there are just too many pages to backlog.

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haha i have been a silent watcher for a while. im glad to see a lot of people still watching shootdori with the same passion as me. but for season 4 i really havent been able to keep up. so my question and request is can someone summarizes what has been happening on season 4 by each episode. my dad watches it and he seems to be lost too cause he skipped some episodes as well.

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what happen in the episode.. well XD i cant really say much..

but top scorers are : oobin taesuk and junsuk

goalie : daehyun junsuk

awesome midfielder : dongseong dongkwon jinwon kimsan XD

defender : edward

did i miss anyone? gayon is the only girl.

and leejung is back as a coach on episode 16.. ^^

hmm.. hmm.. cant really remember things..

but on 17 episode.. taesukie cries for the first time T.T

just for the milk prize LOL XDDDDD

he looks so precious with it.. XD

i have uploaded up to episode 5 in youtube..

just go to youtube.com/kirra12SDVI but i havent gotten the time to upload the rest. T.T

someone wanted to upload it i think..


on episode 16 and 17.. both sannie n taesukie met their brothers in the game.

LOL. sannie's older bro look just like him.. just fatter.. and definitely sannie is more cute XDDD

taesukie younger bro doesnt look as appealing LOL XD but he plays fine soccer.

other than that.. gayon cries on episode 17.. LOL other than the one she cries in the hospital..

other than that.. they play against japan n several other countries.. just go back one/two page.. ^^

noone really goes here so you dont have to backlog as many page.. XD


How i wish im in the period where shootdori 1 airs. T.T its like everyone in here talk all the time

man.. please dont kill this thread. D:

and ZOMG. what happen to our Sangchul on ep18? o.0 where is he?

and yurimi~~~ its nice to see her back on the field.

and some of those girls are huge compared to sannie LOL

they can definitely steal easily from him.

but hey, i think those girls have great legs especially mijin's foot.

i just dont really like the goalie. XD LOL

reminds me a lot like someone who is originally a striker but get picked as a goalie.

regarding taesukie.. is it cuz he sees leejung coach then he starts to become a cry baby again? XD

well i dont really mind. he looks really precious like that XD *oh yeah*

and our special boy *for me* junsukie.. dont you just love that new haircut? XD

buahauhuahuahahaha. and eddie 8D him and his love to gayon huauhauhuhuauhauha XD

just look at those interactions during eejung coach instructions. DX

and.. hm. hm.. i hope our daehyun trains more. he seems not to improve and deprove by days

i hope he can catch up with the rest of the team because his job isnt a striker but a goalie

so he shouldnt concentrate more on playing and instead being the goalie.

and eejung coach cant differentiate dongkwon n dongseong yet LOL XD

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Guest glitzyglam


i did NOT know this show still existed!

are the new kids as cute as the ones in the 1st season? hehe.

I actually think I vaguely remember a season 2 airing, but I wasn't really ever interested in it.

Season 4 now?

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^ finally someone posted 8D haohuahuahuauhaha

yeah season 4 now.. :D i guess the boys are as cute in season 4..

im never interested in season 2 cause it reminds me of season 1 everytime i see double S. seungkwon n seungwoo

n i never watch season 3 cause the boys PWN hard. XD

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They went to England and play soccer against other teams.

LOL but T.T junsu even cried. and taehoonie didnt get to play as much,

taesoo wasnt performing that well, and minho is overshadowed,

hweemin tried hard but that one boy had got an amazing foot hahaha.

well anyways, its pretty worth it to watch that.

and o.0 WHAT HAPPEN >.<

noone in here, T.T i wish someone can go in and share things T.T

aw man. anyways.. i never know the goal that oobinie makes in the penalty kick is counted.

hahahaha. i mean in real life is it really counted?

XD and poor sannie.. XD

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episode 25 of which season? ^^ i can try to help if ya want ^^

Deeheehee. XD anyone watched ep 20? XD

hohohoohohohoho XD i love shootdori this way, XD being everyone as striker ^^

this way taesukie junsukie n jinwonie can shine as well ZXD and OH XD sannie too XDD

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Guest cinthya

i don't know the season, I say that the episode with Jun Jin and Kim jong min, the date is 23-04-2006

please upload all subtitles if you have! thank you so much :P

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LOL. subtitles are only available if there is someone subbing it.

unfortunately there is noone doing it for us.

but hey you can definitely understand what they are trying to say all the time.

i mean the boys koreans arent that good yet. *esp the younger ones*

so we can still understand.

here's ep 25 season 1 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HJWQEDSK

beware there are some lags in the middle..

PS : dont think you are allowed to ask for episodes to be reuploaded.

so might wanna edit it with sth else just in case ^^

i will edit it once you do.

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Guest cinthya

it is a pity! I am Latina

i can understand a little of English

i can't understand nothing of Korean including children hahah Thanks for the chapters with subtitles

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Guest gakvinandrewz

Can someone translate for me please, does anyone know what's goin on? I hope its good news.


Thank you

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Guest puppyiz

HI ALL ... frankly I am not much of a sports-person with 'zero' knowledge for soccer... *blush*

yet, i hope to pick up on this programme & I must say I've been enjoying & admiring the interesting descriptions frm your commentaries.

Thanx for hi-lighting & adding the giffys..

This must be the young heroes for ' Shoot Dor I 4 ' ??


DO Keep up the spirits for ALL !! Thank you.

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^ that is actualy shootdori 1... the original kids.

anyways its been soooooooooooooooooooooooo long. i have been keeping up w/ some of the episodes but some eps got deleted in kalena's clubbox so i didnt get to watch it :(

but the recent episode (not this week) was amazing. it was a pretty close match at first.. i havent seen the gamdok actually coach in a longggggggggggggggg time. it was nice. that one boy was amazing & it was kinda scary hahaha.

oobin is getting sooooooooo amazing. but then when he & kang in played together u could see the difference. man kangin was just too good for words. haha.

cant wait for this week's new episode

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8D jewelz n gakvin r back

hahahaha. u dont know how quiet it has been after u guys gone D:

i thought its gonna end just like that.

anyways, which episodes r deleted jewelz?

i kept several latest ones cause junsuk is just totally adorable that i cant bear to delete the file


and is it me or last week it was not airing?

gakvin, so far what has been happening.

junsuk is slowly getting used to become not the striker but not the midfielder.

he dribbles real well, and knows when to give when to shoot by himself.

hahahahaha. he's suprisingly the best iceskater around when they bring them to iceskating place.

oobin is still the top scorer,

that kid surely knows how to get near the goal as fast as he can.

hahahaha also his kick isnt very powerful but very controlled as compared to other boys

they went to oobin's house the other day and he went to meet kangin to play soccer n watch seoulfc.

also YOU MUST SEE him fighting for the third place in iceskating with jinwon XD its hilarious

taesuk always scores when we least expect him to score.

and man he always shoots right at the corner ends, making it hard for goalies to catch zXD

ahahahaha. still a very lovable captn. he keeps falling when they play ice skatin

sannie gets better, he knows how to have fun more than earlier episodes.

and hahhahaha. his love to the cameraman isnt as bad either 8D

he gets bullied by uri kamdok real often, more often than usual.

edward is the second to reach during ice skatin XD hahahahaha.

and his name is getting weirder eddo edoo eti eddie. ahhahahahaha

but we all know kamdok has trusted the defender place to him.

daehyun. ahhahahaha. XD he looks so adorable when he's wearing that sleeveless. XD

so skinny and fair. hahahahah. also hmm. i still dislike that kamdok doesnt care bout the goalie.

D: i know they train harder to score more. and it seems like daehyun is also more interested in being the striker.

but hey, at times his instinct is really awesome.

jinwon, they still give the terminator title to him. hahahaha

but if you really look at him, he has definitely improved.

LOL. his nevergiveup attitude makes him a great dribbler.

i would say he can be the 3rd best dribbler after junsuk and oobin.

double boy rnt participating that much same goes to gayon.

kkut. XD hahahahaa

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