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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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i've read it gakvin XD very nice view indeed. XD leme write mine *its been a long time*

it saddens me too to see yoseph being like that T>T

especially when all 5 of them attack yoseph T.T

gahhh!!! T.T i think they shud have give him some slack.

come on the goalie dont even know if the ball is coming.

T.T even more sad cuz joseph sees oobin taesuk n sannie scores effortlessly. T.T

but on the good light, they learn to work together. XD

and... regarding junsuk T.T i still dont like it thou XD

i mean he will sooner / later notice that he doesnt score as much as he used to while oobin still does.

T.T and.. these days they no longer pass to junsuk

[explain why both taesukie n junsuk just move away to get the ball and end up noone getting the ball]

hahahahaha. XD i mean they shud have at least take it slower.

*cant bear to watch lesser smile of his XD i think he's the smiling angel in the group XD*

XD but i dont mind since he is still cheerful n sangchul kamdok still uses him as the cornerkicker.

PS : i still love him for having that longdistance goals XD

and.. oobin.. XD i think he is more open now than last time. XD

he's more relax and no longer show the 'hyung' side of him.

XD *i remember the first time i see 3 sd3 comin the first time and only oobin still has that wall to separate sd3 n sd4*

hahahahaha. XD and i like it that he always cheers for his teammate. XD

*taesukie n junsukie too, but i think oobinnie is the one that consistently cheers for the team*

and XD i think he can kill a fly that passes by with his shot. XD LOL

sanniee.. i think his dad will know that he's better playing rather than waiting for the ball to come. XD

LOL. XD sannie definitely works better running. XD and the fact that he never gives up tells all XD

muhahhhahaa. XD my fave time of him.. being with yuu kamdok XD i swear they act like a couple everytime XD

plus.. actually he dribbles pretty well yaknow XD hahahhahahaha, i dont know why its not highlighted *replayed*,

also couple of times he tricks the opponents and pass it at the right direction. XD

he definitely can become good if he grows taller. XD LOL

jinwonnie,, oh yeah baby, XD i think he improves themost. he was the slowest, the underdog, whatever u name him, XD

but now.. XD i know he is better than all except oobin taesuk n junsuk XD

hahahahahaha. seriously XD last week's didnt really prove it since its against a rather some ppl who dont know soccer,

but this week, thou the opponents are not that good but... he shows that thing of "neverending energy"

he reminds me of an excited energizer bunny. hahahahahahaha. so cute too XD

i think he looks cool on the field. XD i cancel my mind bout having edward/dongkwon as the sixth first player. XD

i think it shud be jinwon now. XD hahahahahahaha

anddd.. XD dongsong... XD he really concentrates on where the ball goes, XD

couple of times he runs toward the goal although he knows taesukie is gonna score XD

and.. i think he wants his bro to score too.

*LOL i know how it feels dongsong. XD i do that sometimes to my bro too*

but hey XDDDD i think he looks like joseph from behind *random* hahahahahahaha

seriuosly i thought o.0 joseph plays again then they change the camera angle,

it was dongsong. XD I was like LOL he's tall! XD

dongkwon.. im really glad he scores in the end. i mean..

if he didnt score it wud affect his selfesteem really bad.

everyone has improve helll allloooootttt from the past game,

and they score alot too. dongkwon,, one of his weakness,

he's still too careful when he plays. T.T i think in the beginning of the season i alrd said this,

but he's really being too careful when he plays. NEED TO IMPROVE> XD

after all playing is all about fun who cares bout rules *bad suggestion* XDDD

just be like jinwon XD noone is gonna shoo you if you get a yellow card. XD

taesukie. dang. he has become the other multiplayer, XD

he's good as a defender, and good as a striker. XD LOL

i think he has found his place instead of being placed at the wings.

hahahahhahaha. i swear he looks a lot happier these days compared to the first time we see him in sd4.

he looks a lottttt more relax and able to give in more and more. XD

hahahaha. he doesnt care if he scores or not

*fo this i must paksu sangchul kamdok for knowing that he is selfless n therefore suitable for captn position*

hahahahahahaha. XD loving him more and more. XD

*especially this episode the first minute when he's playing with kim coachie*

feels like he's protecting his team and hit the evil monster. XD LOL!

edward. LOL!!!! he sure knows how to steal. XD hahahahaha

the first time he was like.. looking at the ball.. and try to run but his body doesnt want to,

but now its like he can steal anytime. moahahahahahah. XD

i hope its not because their opponents are weaker than normal times. XD

he really really rocks XD hoahoaohaohaha. and.. the fact that he sorta likes the girl D:

i think it boasts his confidence and makes him an awesome midfielder.

*who cares bout scoring XD there's alrd so many ppl score. XD someone needs this awesome defender*

daehyun.. i think he's awesome, just need a lot of practice and..

sometimes he acts like kim taehoon. someone who is really awesome if gets enough attention.

hahahahaha. just look at him automatically comes out when a ball comes.

but sometimes.. he isnt as confident especially fighting against someone older. D:

joseph's several shots arent as deadly but he cant catch it. D:

i dont know if he has that 'feeling' that makes him scared of joseph / its cuz he's a lil arrogant *i dont think he is*

but hey.. XD im pretty impressed by his several times coming out without yuu kamdok asking. XD

gayon : she shud be a cheerleader of the team instead. D;

manager noona : XD usually coaches get more airtime as compared to manager, xD

but this bora manager is much more hilarious compared to the coachie nim XD hahahahahaha

i love her for being so lively. XD hahahahh. * this is a good thing of having young manager* XD

nyahahahahahaha. XD

yu kamdok is enjoying this more and more. XD

hahahaah. i love him singin a lil when they make the first goal XD

LOL of course his all 'kimsan i love you' act is the one i love most .XDhahahahahaha

plus.. XD i think he slacks a lil since the manager does all the work. XD

*think he trusts this bora manager alot XD*

hahahahahahaha. XD

and the duo MC,, i love the short one's expression when the tall 1 said " oh there's also gayon left"

he just "ah" XD as if not approving she's there too XD


PLUS.. XD i think the MCs n Mi referee side the opponent too much LOL

XD its suppose to be the shootdori show XD hahaaha

but then again, they also dont say anything when shootdori boys cross the line a lil during throw ins too XD

and.. whats up with that outfit. XD LOL.

they look like they are strangled by the butterfly tie. XD hahahaaha

on the side note : see this XD such angels they are


i find junsuk's style is more of taesoo's

and jinwon's style is more of minho's XD

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Guest gakvinandrewz

Ok, I'm not korean and sometimes I have no idea what's going on with some parts of the show, unfortunately this week is no exception. I know it's an emotional week for SD4 this week, my big guess is the other coach is leaving shoot dori, is that right?

If he is, why? Can anyone translate?

Anyway, the other coach will be terribly missed, he gave SD4 comic relief and gave the kids laughter in a stressfull environment. Good luck on your endeavours coach, we hope to see you in shoot dori again.

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Guest VINTAGE'art: moderne

^Yeah Kim Byung Man is leaving, idk either. I wonder if they'll find a new coach to replace him. I'm proud of Ga Hyun this week since she actually participated! She connected with the ball atleast 3 times! I plan on uploading all the episodes on youtube when I'm not lazy (either within 2-3 weeks) cause no one else seems to be uploading them. I watched season 1 and 2 and am tuning into season 4 but I missed out on season 3 so i'm dling all those eps and watching them. I'll probably upload those as well. *Will post links when I get the chance.

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^ vintage, i did LOL. but i stopped at ep5 i think. XD ROFL.

cuz i kept forgetting and end up deleting the videos before uploading.

anyways.. iono im not a korean either,

my best guess is he's going to be in the gag concert?

cuz it seems like they are talkin bout it in the gag concert place.

>.< and LOL. the gag ppl looks so different in reality.


edward looks like some old comic man. hauhuauhuhaha. so cute.

kim san.. he didnt wanna say hwaiting..

i didnt know what he's saying but is it "why shud we cheer when he's about to leave us"?

>.< gah. ><






neeways.. o.0 junsukie's kick somehow reminds me a lot of kangin sometimes.

like the kick off kick. the angle when he kicks. d:


*junsuk no1 fan* XDDDDDDD

LOL. *shoves off kim taehoon to second place*

and.. taesuk was like flying when he goes toward kim coachie.

i really think taesukie is a sweet boy. XD

hoahoaohaohoahaha. i mean we can really see that him going to kim coachie is really his will XD

LOL.. compared to oobinnie who's bout to forget XD huahuauhauhuahuaha

and.. gayon.. she improves alot ^^ im pretty happy with this.

*now i find myself for the first time not IOjrpairje; at her*

she didnt become a burden to the team for the first time *paksu*


plus.. both jinwon n dongseong is a lil too ambitious. LOL XD

the both of them dont have the patient to dribble etc.

as a result.. ball a lil inaccurate.. LOL

i hope they both will know how to be patient a lil . XD

and.. Jinwon -> terminator LOL! XDDDDDDD

n yuu kamdok.. oaohaohoahoaohahaha. "JINCHUL!"

hauhauhauhuahuauhaha. XD exactly like a fren of mine.

what he thinks will come out of his mouth. OLOLOL

manager noona. XDDD she's being really kind. hahahahaha

i thought she favors junsuk too.. but she was being all funny towards gayon

n help jinwon etc.. XDDDD definitely a good manager.

kim coachie.. thou my impression towards him -> playful but isnt really like stand out,,

but.. after seeing the last video slide,, it makes me realise he is pretty everywhere too.

XD i hope the boys wud visit him ifr eally he is in the gag concert. XD

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Guest VINTAGE'art: moderne

^Are you going to upload the rest of the episodes? (less work for me) :P If not, i'll just continue where you left off...

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o.0 that jincheol is a korean national player too o.0

i just found out today. he's really an amazin defender.

anyways.. hahahaha vintage.. iono LOL. but i will definitely post in the youtube saying to watch the continuation in your channel if yer gonna continue it. XD


gah. XD i cant wait for the next epi

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^ its only at ep15 so you have practically watched all.

hahahahahaha. ZOMG. today they air 8D have been waiting for a wk since im having holiday rite now n dont have a lot of things to do XD

and.. daehyun. it seems like everyone loves him eh? XD

another smiling angel

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Guest jhoy29

Omg! I love daihyun even though I've only watched 5 episodes. Actually all the kids are growing on me. Im just partial to him because he has my daddy's name and I've always thought goalie's were precious. They are the backbone to every great futbol team.

and okay...WOW...i LOVE yoosangchul. What a great man. He's so good to the kids yet he still manages to discipline them without being mr. monster.

is there any way to download or watch all episode of season 1?

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Look around the forum / dl at kaleena's cb ^

anyways.. D; dont really like this episode.

why would they waste a lot of time making us listen to leejung singing?

its not as if we can hear him in music bank / inkigayo / anything

dont get me wrong its just that these things are really unnecesary.

its a shootdori show. not shootdori coach show.

if they want to show us the process of how leejung meets the boys,

then just straight to the point where leejung is about to finish singing.

the people who dance too. i mean ???!! what they are doing there?

ive heard enough of that song everywhere. that same dance in starking too.

i wanna see more soccer kickin / at least interaction within the boys other than unrelated stuffs like this.

and.. iono who those boys are, but its pretty unfair that theres that 10yr old boy there.

4 years difference.. its lke yoseph +++ age.

are they korean soccer player's sons?

i heard a lot of adul but i dont really catch what they are saying.

well anyways.

dongseong.. for the first time i feel him being a burden in the group.

repeatedly i spot him being all stall and not willing to move / anything.

and even lazing around near the goalie's corner area during the penalty kick.

on the brighter note, im pretty happy with taesuk kimsan oobin n junsuk

dont think its oobin's best condition. several times the ball got stolen,

but he still runs for the ball. taesukie for the aggresive attack

sannie for not giving up thou he's pretty small

junsuk. is he injured? he's limping a lil but im happy he gets that goal.

the team really needs that goal considering they are lagging behind.

of course jinwon is awesome too. just need a lil more accuracy there.

daehyun.. i think his reaction is much better than his body.

his body cant move the way he wants it too. alot of times hs eyes move towards that direction but his body just wont move.

like alot of ppl here. im pretty worried that his skill will drop drastically after those easy matches.

right now i dont see him improving.

maybe im just having a bad mood after there r 14mins in total wasted by some unrelated event

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^ noone. the boys are alrd old hahahha.

if you see the last time seungwoo n seungkwon was playing for SD2..

they are giants LOL and no longer have the cuteness there. XD

from sd2 theres still sannie n taesukie left.



i still feel taehoon looks better with junsu rather than with jiwoo LOL

jiwoo looks better with sungjoon

MUHAHAHAHAHAH [The deadly kimjongmin stare]


just reminiscing the past

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Guest gakvinandrewz

wait...so none of them have been continuing with football? I mean...at least in other leagues/teams? that can't be...?

I think what kirra meant was that they're not playing continually for shoot dori anymore, but they do still play for other clubs:

Kim Taesoo - Jeju Angels

Jo Minho, Kangin and Hoseung - UB Club (I believe Yo Sangchul is one of their coaches as well)

Choi Sungwoo and Lee Seungkwon - SFA Club

and most of the SD3 kids in Goal Club - Sungmin, Jaewoo, Yoorim, Yoseph, Dongwha and Oobin

unfortunately i dont know where the others are situated.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Wah, this show still around. I read somewhere that Lee Jung will be the new coach. That's made me interest. Like the rest. I followed this show during first season. This show aired on KBS rite not in KBS World. It have it own slot air time? If that true, too bad coz I pratically live on KBS World. :ph34r:

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