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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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Guest SuhHyunMine

SunHyunMine thanks for translating XD. hahahahahaha

XD neeways.. XD yeah. XD i think taesuk has grown to be a better player. XD

n junsuk. XD i dont know why he isnt being used that much thru out 2 games with SD1 thou >.<


i think i can never get tired of him XD

thought he's really quiet n calm. XD

ROFL.. neewayss.. XD

sannie, >.< sometimes he's so small n a lil slow taht other players doesnt wanna pass to him> .<

poor him >.<

i hope he's fine. >,

and kyufans, i dnt think u can quote direct picture yaknow.

just take out the %7Boption%7D tag and im sure u'll be fine. XD

Ya I'm also noticing Tae Suk's fast improvement

Sometimes, Oo Bin seems more mature than I am lol He's gonna be one of those super serious people when he grows up (judging by the way he looks

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Ya I'm also noticing Tae Suk's fast improvement

Sometimes, Oo Bin seems more mature than I am lol He's gonna be one of those super serious people when he grows up (judging by the way he looks

yeah. 8D him and his tackles. i remember i was like o.0 taesuk didn do anything thou he's a captn at the beginning of the season.

just wait for him to grow up a lil and he wud do awesome.

and oobin. XD i know haohaohohaoha. XD he's like so mature especially on the field. XD

but just now that just crushed after seeing him acting like mad boy during the amusement park talent showcase. XD


kirra 12 wehre'd you watch the ep???!

kalena hasnt uploaded it yet. i wanna wathc it so badly!@

jewels.. i watch streaming only.. but its not HQ >.<

gotta wait for kaleena to upload in her CB..

neeways.. this is the first part. http://club.ipop.co.kr/syg0210/1/2133541

i cant remember whats the second part link since its not saved in my IE. think if you type shoot dori it will come out.

PS : looks like the next person gonna pwn page 89 XD

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whoots kaleena just uploaded ep11 in the cb. XD

hahahaha. anyways..

hmm dani, just go to clubbox.co.kr/kalena85

and type shoot dori. it will appear there.

After seeing all 11 epi..

for SD4.. i think it wud be awesome if everytime they place

taesuk dongkwon junsuk oobin n daehyun

as mains.

edward n dongseong r good too they can switch place. xD


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part 2 of shootdori 1 vs shootdori4

. ep 11... u ready for this?

---- game ------

-- seungjoons like "whats an edward?" & edwards like "ME!" haha. & seungjoons like 'are u an american?' & edward replies by asking 'why is ur accents so weird?!" haha i thoguht that was so cute.

-- taesoo changes kim san's name to hwa san haha.

-- yoo sang chul gamdok saying to seungjoon that his shoelaces are untied. & they played snsd's song.. haha. dont make fun of me cuz im young!

-- gamdok keeps saying the WRONG names. cheering for the wrong team

-- seungjoon IS SO TALL NOW!

-- taesoo wont do the ceremony :(

-- tae hoon is TOOOOOOOOO good. he's doing everything by himself

-- at first i didnt like kim dae hyun but i like him!! he's a pretty good goalie & never gives up. he always smiles & is sooooo adorable. he's also super brave. i'd be so scared blocking taehoon's goals.

-- freakin kim taehoon's heading BLOCK.. he needs to stop! he's unstoppable! ahhh~ haha. he's amazing i love hiM<3

-- 3rd quarter is not going well for taesoo & minho :(

-- TAE YEON!!!!!!!!!!!! taehoon's lil sister. omg she's back. in love w/ seunjoon still? haha

-- frckn taehoooooooooooon. he shoots from sooooooooooooo far & still makes a goal

-- taehoon blocking everyyyyyyyyyy goal. o gosh

-- taesoo tripping on the signs! i laughed so hard.

-- jo minho must be PISSED. taehoon keeeeeeeeeps blocking his goals.

-- kim san is doing well! :)

-- whoaaaaa anyone see hyunwoo's obvious handling? haha .. it totally looked like it hit his hands/arm

-- finally minhoooooooo!

-- again minho! so closeeeee 10 to 9.!

-- minho! he's on again. passing everyone.. including taehoon

-- um is shootdori in love w/ snsd?!?! they played tinkerbell by snsd too! wow all in 1 episode.

-- VERY CLOSE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job. way to go minho for catching up. & taehoon for making almost all the goals if not all. haha.

dude yoo sangchul gamdok is so funny now. he used to be so quiet & whatever about the games. but i mean he was so into it!!! love it! :D

--after game--

-- of course yoo sang chul always takes care of kim san<3 so cute!!

-- shootdori4 is pretyt popular. all the girls screaming haha.

-- whoa joonsuk cussed on the merry go roudn?! haha the older kids were so bored

-- jiwon is hilarious w/ his faces

-- i spy kim san's older brother ! :)

-- poor yoosangchul getting old

--d ang they had amazing food!

-- edward singing trot haha so cute! he did the 1n2d moves! haha

-- WHAT THE?~!?!?!?!?!? OMGGGGGGGGGG HAAHHAAH O OOBIN! OMGGGGGG HAHAHAHA. what the?! was the singing?! hahaha .. well he can become an actor w/ his goodlooking features. but singing is out of the questoin ahhaaha.

-- ga hyun! omg she's so cute w/ her dancing!

-- haha gamdok doing the wave. wow.

HIGHLIGHT-- taesuk, oobin, joonsuk. best players. BIG BANG?!?!?!? hahaha when they sang lie i was like DANG! but then it got messed up. oobin.. oh dear.. haha. cant sing. its so funny!!!!!

next week they resume their own games w/ their own age. yay :D

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Gayon. -.- she's like a statue

on the side note.. XD

everyone has improved hell loadss. XD

hahahaha as expected.

all 6 tht i predicted r the first to come out. XD

n san's disappearance. XDDD

and even come to the point where they just have to pass around to score. XD

and sannie scores. 8DDDDDD

taesukkiee too XDDDDDD

n junsuk.. XD i start to love him loads loads. XD

i love the fact tht he gets along with oobin alot XD

n i love his expression when the manager says " oobinnie go!!"

*thou both of htem r the ace* XD


n oobinnie. XDD

just love him the fact tht he is accurate n never give up. XD

*if only the goal is an inch bigger

nananana im alone T>T

what a sad life.



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ep 12

im hoping i'll make it short cuz its midnight & im tired.


---- everyone making food... yoosangchul LOVES kim san. i swear it always makes me happy.. he made the snack look like kim san! hahaha.

--- taesuk wrote a letter to ysc in ENGLISH! AHAHAHAH. his name is TOM in english?! omg ahahhahaha


---- this team was hilarious last year. i remember one of the guys made me laugh like crazy. i wish he came back :(

--- i feel like shootdori is going to win. thats what i predict.. u can tell by how they act.. hahahahah.

-- i remember this coach. he was the one who screamed SO MUCh last year that he lost his voice like crazy hahaha.

--- SANNNNNNNNNNN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ he made a goal! hahahah yayyyyyyyyyyyy. i think he makes a goal every season he's been on.

-- jiwon man! he's doing amazing!~ cutie

---- i was shocked when joonsuk said NO to ysc when he was like ''help gahyun make a goal''. i was like whoaaaaaaaa joonsuk.. ysc gamdok was shocked too. but i guess edward's aunt said she'd buy everyone food if edward made a goal. but still O_O joonsuk dont say NO to ur coach!

-- trying to get gahyun to make a goal brings back memories.. aka YOORIM!

---- yay taesuk made a goal :D

--- wow taesuk. another goal!

--- gamdok again trying to distract players. NE HOW!!! hahah he kept saying htat. lol. he's hilarious

--- taesuk telling everyone 'if u guys just make ur own goals, gahyun will be sad'. aw i love him<3

--- joonsuk is pissing me off. just let her make a goal! why does he have to ask 'what if she doesnt make one?' .. kinda asking like will we be in trouble kind of way.

--- taesuk is so cute. helping gahyun

--- gahyun = yoorim man. hahah. except gahyun doesnt move at ALL

--- she's pissign me off! WALK AT LEAST! she's a STATUEEEEEEEE X_X

--- gahyun had a perfect chance. she just STAReS AT THE BALL!F EL:AIJF:LIJEFLA:JEFFAELJIEFAL:JIefa

-- at least yoorim made a goal. & at least she TRIED. frkcn gahyun is annoying. i used to pity her now she's just alefijase;flijefsa.

next week looks fun. lots of girls! shootdori boys will go crazy. ahahaha.

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Guest gakvinandrewz

I'm sorry everyone, I was out on a business trip, but I'm back and ready to give my comments. Actually I'll do it after the next episode. I saw the last few episodes of SD4, awesome. Well cya next episode.

Till then, Tah Tah!

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Guest epic_darkness

The girl needs to start moving. I just felt the frustration coming off all the people, I'm just screaming "move" every time I see



So I was watching old season 3 episodes and I got to the last episode and I just teared up. I think that shoot Dori 3 was the best team, they all came together so well to help a teammate, and they all seemed to have grown up in that season. So my question is which is your favourite Shoot Dori team.

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Guest gakvinandrewz

The girl needs to start moving. I just felt the frustration coming off all the people, I'm just screaming "move" every time I see



So I was watching old season 3 episodes and I got to the last episode and I just teared up. I think that shoot Dori 3 was the best team, they all came together so well to help a teammate, and they all seemed to have grown up in that season. So my question is which is your favourite Shoot Dori team.

Oh yeah, there was frustration alright, I felt like going down there myself and just keep pushing her to move. They need to bring Kim Yoorim back, at least she'll try to get a goal.

To me my favourite SD team will always be Shoot Dori 1, they paved the way for the others. They made shoot dori what it is today, an awesome comedic soccer talent quest show. But if you asked me who my most favourite player is, then that's different. It would be Oo Bin. To me he's a rising star, he doesn't even have to try hard to be good, he is good.

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i so agree. yoorim at least know how to be competitive, konws how to run thou she's a lil chubby

D; i still havent watchd the one they play against japan XD

for my fave.. well, still kim taehoon.

did you watch the last one ?

=i think he has grown alot.

he's good at keeping the balls away from the goals,

he's good at stealing ,

and scoring too .

nothing he cant do 8D

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Guest epic_darkness

My favourite player will always be Taehoon, he won me over the first time he got hit in the face with the ball and didn't cry, instead he scored a goal.

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well okay. i start from where i reemember.

XD junsuk n eddie LOL XD

what a quarrel XD reminds me of sungwoo n sungkwon quarreling


and the japanese kids name XD

i keep on remembering hitsumabushi >.<


n eddie is such a cutie XDDDD

who ask him to go in when taesukie gets injured lOL!

and the MCs are so awesome 8D

h0ahoaohaohoaha. XD i just love those comments they make

n taesukkie 8D

2 goals MANSEH!!!! was he looking for sannie then found daehyun as a goalie insteaD LOL XD

n just now i just see sannie looks like a kamdok XDD

taesukkie 1 more whoa~!

and sannie 2 goals 8D

and LOL> it becomes panty 8D what dorks.

japan panty LOL! taesuk oobin can become comedians XD


i cant write no more *too happy*


junsuk. ZOMG. he can quickly replaces taehoon's place in my chart XD huahuhauhauhauhauhaha

XD i just hope he's fine with not scoring this game while others are. XD


XD junsukieeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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ep 13

i swear ysc loves kim san the most. they are together in this episode AGAIN haha. sitting next to eachother

--- san is so smart. being the teacher hahaha. knowing how to bow and everything. cute

-- omg edward & joonsuk fighting X_X ... dang it was mostly joonsuk's fault. >_> that boy is getting on my nerves!

--- k shootdori will win.. i have a feeling. u can tell from the START when they made a mistake haha.

--- yay taesuk<3

-- lol i j ust noticed the other team's name.. CONQUISTA?

-- taesuk again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!1

---oobin amazing goal

-- taesuk AGAIN!? dang! keep going boy!

--- there's the san & ysc romance again haha. i love it! san sitting on ysc's lap.. i swear he's like his son!! so cute

-- KIM SAN!!!!!!!!!!!! DOING SO WELL! AHHH!


--- everyone cheering for san.. oobin screaming "LOOK OVER HERE SAN!" hahahha. & then his dissapointed comment cuz san didnt look

-- OMG SAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG! HAHA I LOVE HIM! that was a good one too

--- LOL joonsuk as goalie tries to make a goal. hahahaha. i think the goalie was shocked & the other team too. they're like what the?!

--- the other team was cute<3. doing all the cheers

--- pooooooooooor edward. hasnt made a goal/ :( he's trying SO HARD.

-- finally edward! haha after i right that first one.. hahaha. oh well. but poor girl goalie not knowing what to do

-- OMG JIWON! almost almost.. i want him to make a goal

-- so funny when the goalie just randomnly ran & kicked the handling ball! omg! hahahaha i laughed so hard!

-- YAY JIWON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what's w/ his dead face though?! i think he was in shock ahaha

-- LOL JIWON AGAIN! WHATS GOING ON TODAY?!?! hahahahahah kim san 2 & jiwon 2!?! hahah

-- edward's mom is really pretty

-- o shoot gahyun.. she can do it! but she sucks & doesnt move! DANG IT!

-- omg the boy CAUGHT the goalie's kick?! wow

---- lol ysc didnt notice the goalie went WAY in the goal.. hhaha. he would've totally said something too

---the other team is so nice i wish they would at least make 1 goal. :(

-- AHH DONGSUNG MADE A GOAL!!!!!!!!! first goal. now the older one needs to make one.. hahah. dude everyone is making a goal today! HAAH

-- hey kim daehyun is REALLY GOOD. if he wasnt goalie he'd be amazing. first goal too.

-- aww donggun so close! HE HAS TO MAKE ONE!

-- dudeeeeee. frkcn selfish players! let dongun shoot. im pissed

-- yay other team made 1! :)

-- OMG SAN!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH hat trick! OMG!!!!!! hahaha that was an amazing goal toO! HAHAHAHA like nobody could block that. it was so good!

omg everyone made a goal today haha. except donggun & that girl haha. but hopefully donggun will soon :)


KIM SAN's HAT TRICK AHAHAHAHAH. 3 goals! HAHA the last goal especially!

jiwon's first goal

everyone's first goal! HAHA.

ok i know they were playing like super hard teams but now its like pathetic. its like the other teams have never played soccer! give some competition PLEASE

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Hahahahaha. which team they're playing against today btw? XD

hahahaha i cant wait for it to get uploaded. XD

neeways. i rewatch 10times alrd.

my special time is still junsuk going alone to score a goal XD manseh.

andd.. hmm. i think the only one who is good is the girl the puchi girl. D;

the rest are like.. joggin in the morning

and oh. XD 8d how can i forget the ilpon paenti? XD

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Guest gakvinandrewz

OK I think it's about time I give my opinion :)

But before I do that I just wanna comment on one particular part on SD4 this week, the prematch between SD4 and Goal Club. I'm not happy.

This was a disheartening match cause it wasn't team vs team, it was a team vs "one player", and you know what I'm talking about. I'm mainly pissed off cause this one player is one of my favourite players in SD, So Yosef. Poor kid tried his best to keep his team up, but the team he was played with did not know what soccer was. They could've at least put in one more real players from goal club, DongWha, Jaewoo or SungMin. They left Yosef crying at the end, I'm not happy and shame on you.

Anyways, time for my real opinion. We've seen Shoot Dori 4 develop in the past 3 months, and WOW! what an improvement from all players except one (You know who). So lets now analyse what these junior players have become in just 3 months of being a team:

OoBin - From the first time we saw this kid, we knew straight away that he's gonna be a difference maker. His potentials have now turned into skills and he is using these skills perfectly and to his advantage. He's always had confidence in playing soccer, but now, his confidence is rubbing on to the other players. A true sign of leadership. I know that from the start, I expected OoBin to be an awesome defender, but I guess where ever position you put this kid in, he will be just as great.

TaeSuk - From a cry baby to becoming the "heart of the team", this player showed the most improvement of all. In just one year TaeSuk has found his strength in this game and become a dominant force in Shoot Dori. TaeSuk has held the team on top on a number of occasions using his own knowledge and brute force. TaeSuk is definitely following on his father's footsteps, hold your head up high dad!

JinWon - I never expected this kid to turn out the way he is now, a very aggressive player. He's become the enforcer in shoot dori 4, i'm surprised cause his so small. Just goes to show you, size is not everything. We've seen this kid go up against 3-4 players by himself and either emerge victorious with a goal or with the opponents heavily bruised. In any case, you'd better watchout!

San - I must admit, this kid is now getting better. He's shot a few goals, has a keen eye on stopping momentum and a good direction as a leader. His father must be a little bit disappointed that San didn't turn out to be a goalkeeper, but hey he's still a great field soccer player.

Edward - Now he's starting to become a midplayer (Much Better!). His dribbling skills is amazing, of course I expected it cause of his height. But still, in a short amount of time, he has turned out to be an awesome all-rounder, like Jo Minho. I'd be watching out for this kid if I were you, you can picture him in the national squad.

Ga Hyun - Forget it! I'm not commenting on this girl, your lucky I remembered her name.

The Dong Twins - I'd say Gun is faster and has quicker reflexes. But of course, what one have, the other doesn't. Gun maybe faster and quicker, but Sung has a little bit more soccer skills. Sung has a keen eye on things and can pass through a lot of players using his dribbling technique. That's why these two are so much better together in one field area, just as I suspected at the start, they've got a good twin connection that can destroy an opposing team.

Dae Hyun - We saw a lot of potentials in this kid as a goalkeeper, sadly we are not seeing this grow properly. We saw a lot of beatings going on in the defensive part of SD4, that mainly lies on the type of opponents they are set up against. For these last few weeks, they were matched up against very weak teams or teams that has never played soccer. This is unfair to the defense, its unfair to DaeHyun, how is he gonna practice properly if most of the time the ball is in the offensive side of shoot dori. And we've seen a lot of evidence of this, the smallest shots that the opposing side has made, DaeHyun can't even stop properly. Please, help him out, either give him extra training a week or play against better teams.

Jun Suk - Still an awesome player, but Coach SangChul made the right decision to pull him back a bit. You've heard the expression "All work and no play makes (name) a dull boy/girl", well it goes for everyone in everything. You play this kid in the same position everytime and with no breaks, he's gonna get burnt out. And also this way, it'll give the other players a chance to shine.

Shoot Dori 4 now has their confidence as a team and confidence in playing this sport. Give them more credit, give them the opposing teams that they really deserve.

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