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Kim Hye-Soo 김혜수


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February 23, 2009

Actress Kim Hye-su Comfortable with Revealing Outfits


Sexy actress Kim Hye-soo, known for her provocative fashion sense, says she knows when people are staring at her, but that she doesn't mind and that it's a chance to provide a sense of fantasy to others.

Appearing on the KBS 2TV late night talk show hosted by actor Park Joong-hoon that aired Sunday, Kim talked about her sexy dresses. She was against wearing clothes that made a person uncomfortable in regards to what others would think. But she said she was personally comfortable wearing revealing outfits.

Regarding the rising trend of actresses baring more skin at award ceremonies, she responded positively, saying, "I guess I started the trend, but it's more due to the freer social atmosphere of today. I think it's positive. Actresses don't always wear fancy dresses. It's a time when the public and myself can enjoy something extra special and different."

She said her daring fashion sense resulted from her childhood, when she couldn't wear the clothes she wanted. She said, "It was different back then. As a child, I couldn't choose what I wanted to wear. I sometimes wore my mom's clothes and what she wanted me to wear: the 'good girl' look. I began to dress the way I wanted starting with midriff-baring T-shirts from my mid-20s."

Kim debuted in the 1986 film "Kambo" with Park and has retained star status over the past 20 years. On the talk show, she also talked about her life as an actress and a woman and about getting older.

She said, "I went through my adolescent years rather late in my 20s, when I seriously pondered on my life's direction. I couldn't even decide whether I would continue acting." On having children she said, "I don't want to get married but do want kids. It was a battle for me. But I'm now content to have my nephews. They make me sufficiently happy."

About aging, she said, "There is the fear of my physical condition getting worse, but what I fear the most is that my inner self will not correspond to my mature age."

On the pressures of being an actress, she said, "No matter how talented an actor is, not all his or her works can be fabulous. But no actor should stop evolving. We must express through our body the years we have lived."

Source: KBS Global

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I'd just like the to thank the beautiful miss for having the insight to reveal more of herself to a much appreciative public. :P And for inspiring other's, who are similarly blessed, to reveal more of their own assets, the nation of South Korea (and the nations throughout a much grateful planet) need to commission their greatest artists to construct a bust, set in gold, forever commemorating the great gifts which the lovely Miss Kim has so thoughtfully laid at the feet our our bulging eyes and pounding hearts. :o:w00t::phew::rolleyes:

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Guest valley girl

what i like about this maam,, she is show her sexyness equal with her achievement in acting.

She is still consistent with her acting which is recognizable

some sexy actress lack of achievement hate that!!!

she seems has bad experience with marriage?? mm why she don't want to get married

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March 19, 2009

US TV Journalist-Cellist Meets Korea’s Angelina Jolie

By Kim Se-jeong

Staff Reporter


U.S. cellist and TV journalist Paula Zahn, center, and the Sejong Soloists

perform the “Manha de Carnaval” (Morning of Carnival) by Brazilian composer Luis Bonfa

during the 2009 Korea Foundation special concert at Hoam Art Hall in Seoul,

Wednesday./ Courtesy of Korea Foundation

Paula Zahn, an American TV journalist and cellist, called actress Kim Hye-soo Korea's Angelina Jolie when she met her during a special evening concert at Hoam Art Hall in Seoul, Wednesday.

She hosted the event and played with the Sejong Soloists. When Kim introduced herself, Zahn said, "Oh, I heard you are Korea's Angelina Jolie. Do you have six kids?" Kim laughed.

Zahn has had a glamorous career as a broadcast journalist with CNN and now PBS. She said she had covered Korea many times as a journalist, but it was her first time here. "I was impressed by the warmth of Korean people, and will carry that back with me," she told the audience.

To those who are familiar with the Sejong Soloists, a New York-based classical music group, Zahn is rather well known as a cellist. For nine years now, she has appeared at the group's year-end benefit concerts as a host.

She began playing the cello at the age of five. In 1992, she had her debut performance at Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops orchestra. She thanked the Korea Foundation, the organizer of the concert, for giving her the opportunity to travel to Korea.

Other than Kim, actor Park Joong-hoon, foreign ambassadors and other guests also attended the performance, praising Zahn and the Sejong Soloist.

Credits: skim@koreatimes.co.kr

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April 9, 2009

Film stars get graphic at Open Art Fair

Actresses Kim Hye-soo and Sim Eun-ha will show their paintings at the Seoul Open Art Fair which starts at COEX in Samsung-dong next Wednesday.

Kim is among the country's A-list actresses while Sim, though she retired from acting years ago, continues to draw media attention.



The fair's special exhibition named "Star Arts Project" will also display artwork by other celebrities such as actor Kang Seok-woo, actress Kim Ae-kyung, singer Cho Young-nam, and TV presenter Lee Sang-byuk. In response to the high level of public interest generated, the fair unveiled the two paintings in advance to the press last week.

Sim will display three paintings in Indian ink. The untitled works are serene and calm, just like the actress's image. "Her works have high quality," said an official of the fair.


This is not the first time for Sim to display her work to the public. While learning from painter Min Kyung-chan, Sim participated in another exhibition in 2003. Sim has rarely made public appearances since she married in 2005. It is of great interest to the media whether or not she will show up for the opening ceremony next Tuesday.

Kim, meanwhile, will display three abstract collages. Her works also resemble her image -- sexy, confident and passionate. She created her work by pasting photo images onto canvas painted in intense red using broad, rough stokes. She is a self-taught artist.

Seoul Open Art Fair, exhibiting paintings, sculptures, photographs, engravings and installation arts in 105 booths, runs from April 15 to 19 at COEX in Samsung-dong, southern Seoul. For more information, call (02) 545-3314 or visit www.soaf.co.kr

By Park Min-young (claire@heraldm.com) via koreaherald.co.kr, additional images from nate.com

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Probably the sexiest actress in Korean cinema right now. I look at her and think: "maneater." :ph34r: (and I mean that in the most complimentary way)

...which was the furthest thing from my mind when she was annoying me with her unrelenting goodness in "Have We Really Loved?" :lol: Kudos to her for a successful career reinvention, thanks to "Hypnotized" and her unforgettable turn as Madam Jung in "Tazza." She has strong, independent and smoking hot down pat, but she isn't afraid to de-glam like she did in "Skeletons in the Closet" (where she made a pretty convincing slob, heh). The fact that she sounds smart in her interviews and has other artistic pursuits like painting are a plus too.

Kim HyeSoo's one cool dame.
































Marie Claire













Dazed & Confused




via Newsen

6 센스 로 프로파일 (6 SENSE RAW PROFILE) pictorial shot by top American photographer Terry Richardson, to be featured in Arena's June issue.





via Newsen


via Asia Today

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^ Very bold & sexy actress, indeed.. and still immensely talented, too.


April 15, 2009

Seoul Open Art Fair to Feature Celebrity Artworks


Kim Hye-soo poses in front of her artwork

at the Seoul Open Art Fair

The Seoul Open Art Fair is held from Wednesday to Sunday at the Indian Ocean Hall of COEX in Seoul. With 70 galleries participating, some 5,500 artworks by 1,200 artists will be on display, encompassing painting, sculpture, photographs, prints and installation art. Marking its fourth anniversary, the SOAF posted sales of W4.2 billion last year, according to the organizing committee (US$1=W1,326).

The artworks at this year's SOAF ranges from works by famous artists to young artists' works. "This year's event will provide chances for collectors to purchase artworks they have been hesitating to buy, even at much more affordable prices," said Lee Suk-young, head of the committee.

To garner interest in the event, artworks by famous entertainers will be also displayed at the fare. Those to be exhibited include works by singer Cho Young-nam, actresses Shim Eun-ha and Kim Hye-soo, and actor Kang Seok-woo. "Ms. Shim Eun-ha's Oriental painting and Ms. Kim Hye-soo's sensuous collage are open for public viewing," said Lee.

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

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April 15, 2009

Actress Kim Hye-soo Unveils Painting

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia

Staff Reporter


Actress Kim Hye-soo poses in front of one of her paintings at the Seoul Open Art Fair

(SOAF 2009), COEX, southern Seoul, Tuesday evening. / Yonhap

Actress Kim Hye-soo made her debut as a painter at the ongoing Seoul Open Art Fair (SOAF 2009) at COEX, southern Seoul, Tuesday.

Kim is well known for her sexy, stylish image in movies like "Tazza," and "Modern Boy," but, unknown to many, she is also an budding painter. She was one of several celebrities who were invited to present their paintings at the art fair.

To generate more public interest in the event, SOAF organizers introduced the "Star Art Project." Other famous celebrities who are showing their works are singer Cho Young-nam, actress Shim Eun-ha and actor Kang Seok-woo.

Kim presented delicately colored paintings, while Shim's Oriental paintings have attracted attention for their exquisite detail.

The SOAF 2009 opened to the public on Wednesday and runs through Sunday. Over 5,500 art pieces by 1,200 artists from 70 galleries are being shown at the art fair. Admission is 7,000 won for adults and 5,000 for students.

Credits: cathy@koreatimes.co.kr

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Guest yobiworld

she is sooooooooooo stunning when i saw her on tv i thought she was some suck up idiot but actually has a lot of wisdom.

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July 9, 2009

Actress interviews artists as part of OnStyle program


Kim Hye-soo will be participating in an art donation campaign organized by the cable channel OnStyle. In a documentary program titled “Style Meets Art,” Kim plays the role of “passion linker,” talking to renowned artists in Korea and around the world about their lives and love of art.

The actress will also be creating some of her own art pieces, which will be sold through auction later in the year. The profits will all go to the Korean National Commission for Unesco, where they will be used to support art and culture projects as well as young artists in developing countries. Style Meets Art airs in October.

Source: INSIDE JoongAng Daily

July 10, 2009

Kim Hye-soo Joins Charity Campaign with Artists


Actress Kim Hye-soo has joined a charity campaign called "Style Meets Art" with a group of artists. Co-organized by the cable TV channel On Style and the Korea National Commission for UNESCO, the campaign involves video interviews with famous domestic and overseas artists. Works that will be donated by the artists will be auctioned off at the end of the year and the proceeds will be donated to the Korea National Commission for UNESCO. The commission, in turn, will transfer the donations to a fund aimed at nurturing young artists and helping children from poor countries. Kim's works of art will also be put up for auction.

Launched in May this year, the campaign invites six to seven artists every year. The first artist to be featured was French animation director Jean G. Poulot. On Style airs Jean G. Poulot's animation works daily and will air Kim's interview with artists in October.

Kim says she is happy to publicize the importance and beauty of art through this campaign and that she donates her works not as an artist but as a person who loves art.

Source: KBS Global

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Wow, it's so quiet here...

Anyway, I have to say KHS is great in Style... I guess she isn't that popular in the soompi forum. Hehz.

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^ Hi hane.. maybe not yet.. fans can always learn more about KHS after Style. ^^

August 8, 2009

Kim Hye-soo Returns with Fashion-Themed TV Soap

Kim Hye-soo has returned to TV soap after four years of absence with the SBS drama "Style." Kim plays a charismatic career woman who is impeccably beautiful and professional.

"The four main characters in 'Style' are all charming with strong personalities. Watching how these people with contrasting characters harmonize and dispute, and imagining how the built-up tensions among them resolve themselves as the story unfolds will be very interesting," Kim says.

Set in fashion industry, "Style" offers viewers lots of visual treats. It portrays the romances of a fashion magazine editor, macrobiotic chef, and photographer.


/Courtesy of Yein Culture

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

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Hello Rubie

Style is already halfway through but the thread is still quiet. Anyway, I love her portrayal of PKJ. She totally brings the character alive and I watch Style mainly because of her...

Great actress and she seems smart as a person as well.

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

I want to say happy birthday to talented Ms. Kim.

A big fan of her since seeing her in did we ever love. and in Style.

Hope she always look beautiful, healthy, and happiness.

Continue the great work!

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