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[Current Japanese Drama 2015] The Emperor's Cook/Tenno no Ryoriban 天皇の料理番


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@bakachin, the ratings are okay. i love this drama too...the success story and the love of the people around Tokuzo are the things I drew me to the story.


​yeah, same here.. also the settings are really nice too, right? next eps he will go to Paris, right? 

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When I begin watching this drama, I am not fond of Tokuzo. In fact, I really dislike him for his irresponsibility and impulsiveness. As the story goes on, I find myself adoring Tokuzo. He has changed so much from what I see. He starts to take the responsibility for his actions and starts to think about his future plan. I am slowly but surely warming up to this character. However, I am mad at him for not understanding his wife's thoughtfulness. He never once thinks for a second that everything that Toshiko has ever said and done is all for his best. She loves him dearly and willingly to be hated by him probably for the rest of his life just so he can focus on his work and become the best chef in the world. What a wife that she is...I'm impressed by Haru-chan acting skills, and this is my first time seeing her on TV. She moves me in every emotional scenes. I wonder if kimonos are cut out just for her. I literally cant imagine her in anything else besides kimonos. She is truly a Japanese beauty. As for Takeru-san, this is also my first time watching his drama even though I have known him for ages. I am a fan of his best buddy-Haruma Miura, lol, but nonetheless, the only I can say that Takeru-san is really versatile actor, a natural performer, a bit overacting at times, and quite eye candy. :PAll in all, LOVE LOVE this show. I just hope that they give us a happy ending and dont sink my Tokuzo-Toshiko ship. 

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Yes @bakachin, he's going to Paris in the next episode.

I agree with your thoughts on this drama @thitu


March 21, 2015

I became 26 years today.
I’m really grateful to those who have always been supporting me, those who celebrated my birthday.
On this birthday, I did a shooting of variety programs to promote this drama.
I’m immune to jet lag.

source: http://twitter.com/ryoriban_tbs/status/579253312819593216
credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com

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Producer Iida's Most Dreary Days


March 21st, 2015, at 19:00

We had no shooting today.
So I came to the office late.
Since there’s no shooting, I enjoyed a cup of coffee alone after I arrived at the office.


The crew is busy preparing for the shooting after Monday after they came from France.
Ishimaru and Hirakawa-san seem to have stayed locked up in the editing room since this morning.
Probably they are working on the last editing of the first episode.
AP Ogata is editing the second trailer to be aired after the last episode of ‘Ryusei Wagon’, and the VTR to be uploaded on You Tube after 22:00 tomorrow (?).
Ishimaru’s check is always severe but Mr. Ogata makes it effortlessly.
Is it because they have been working in perfect harmony for a long time?
If I were him, I should be editing even after it was aired because he doesn’t give me OK.

Everybody seems to be busy even on Saturday without shooting.

I witnessed the shooting of the promotion program.
Today Sato Takeru-kun appeared.
I met Takeru-kun and attended the meeting as a co-producer.
I dealt with everything with a smile.
(I was at ease because the meeting about the scenario had been done by the program creator and Ishimaru.)

Then I witnessed the shooting at a studio.

Such was my day.
It’s 18:56 now.
Everyone is working silently.
Since this drama ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’ depicts the eras through Meiji, Taisho, and Showa, and at the same time, cooking, the staff have to research and study three times as much as what they do about ordinary dramas.
It never ends at all.
Actors usually practice cooking even when they have no shooting, too, though they are not doing today.
It’s quite tough…
It gives everyone a sense of satisfaction all the more, I guess.
Nobody feels like going home.
I hope they’ll do their best.

Tomorrow is another day off of shooting.
But from Monday on, we’ll start the shooting in Japan, so it is expected that the meeting for the location for a week will take long…
So I’m sorry for everybody, I’ll go home!
(I got information that Ishimaru won’t come back to the office from the editing room)

Hang in there, everybody!!!

It was Sato Takeru-san’s birthday today!
Happy Birthday!
Actually, I saw Ishimaru come to the shooting site today and quickly give a birthday present to Takeru-kun.

Hell … I was careless.

source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=797308957029220&id=749083095185140
credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com

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stephany-310:Shooting Report: March 22nd, 2015, SundayI~translation~ It was the day when Suzuki Ryohei-san, who acts as Tokuzo’s eldest brother Shutaro, started shooting. Shutaro is considerate and always smiling, unlike Tokuzo, who loses his temper easily.You can see their relationship at a glance at this scene.As you can see in this picture, Tokuzo-san was shooting bound by a rope all the time on this day. Fanned by wind or moving a bit, Tokuzo-san struggled against the condition of turning round and round. Since this was the first scene for these brothers together, they went on with the shooting, checking the details of the description with the director.      3%pFd

Shooting Report: March 22nd, 2015, SundayI


It was the day when Suzuki Ryohei-san, who acts as Tokuzo’s eldest brother Shutaro, started shooting.
Shutaro is considerate and always smiling, unlike Tokuzo, who loses his temper easily.

You can see their relationship at a glance at this scene.

As you can see in this picture, Tokuzo-san was shooting bound by a rope all the time on this day.
Fanned by wind or moving a bit, Tokuzo-san struggled against the condition of turning round and round.
Since this was the first scene for these brothers together, they went on with the shooting, checking the details of the description with the director.

source: http://www.tbs.co.jp/tenno_no_ryoriban/report/d20150322.html#report
credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com

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Shooting Report: March 23rd, 2015, Monday


Surprise Birthday Celebration for Sato Takeru-san!

Today, at the shooting site, we held a surprise birthday celebration for Sato Takeru-san!

The staffs prepared such a large cake that we couldn’t lift it …


After shooting one scene, Sato-san came out of the site knowing nothing, when, out of nowhere, with ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY♪’ as a BGM, an applause was given to him.

And then … following the staff’s call; ‘Stop the BGM!! Now, everybody together, ~Happy Birthday to you ~♪’, all the staffs and cast sang enthusiastically ^^

‘My birthday has already passed, so I never expected them to celebrate it!’ said Sato-san, who was so much surprised that he did nothing but laugh.

From Brother Shutaro, who appeared from behind, he was given a big hug, saying, ‘Happy Birthday, my bro!’ that made him a bigger smile.

From Sato-san, who has just turned 26 years old, we received a newly-twenty-six -year-old comment!


‘Thank you very much! I became 26 years old.

It was at the age of 26 that Akiyama Tokuzo-san became the Emperor’s cook … So I’ve caught up with his age at last.
The shooting has been going on for three months, but the real part of the story is yet to come. I’m going to try hard to be the Emperor’s cook!’

Actually, February and March are ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’ Birthday months.

We will report other surprise Birthday Celebrations that we haven’t reported, so please look forward to it!

credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com



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Producer Iida’s Most Dreary Days


March 21st, 2015, at 19:00, cloudy sometimes rainy

Good evening.
Sorry for posting late at night.
They started shooting in Japan today.
Though I was dropped from the staffs in France,
I was allowed to accompany them and joined part of the location shooting.
I feel comfortable with about the gaiety at the shooting site after a long interval.
However, I have no idea about acting or the nuances of lines even if I was asked about them.

So I’m determined not to have the script for the location with me.
Chief Director Hirakawa-san is in charge of today’s location,

who has been making remarkable progress during the location in France.
He may well have something like an air of dignity he gained through fierce battles.
I hope he’ll keep directing voraciously and delicately.
Hang in there!!

Well, as I wrote just now, they resumed the location shooting from today on
At the same time, the first location for the drama after Sato Takeru-san turned 26 years old.
Thought it was two days late, we celebrated his birthday at the site.
'It was at the age of twenty-six that Akiyama Tokuzo-san became the Emperor’s cook.’
Saying so, Takeru-san’s eyes were filled with determination.

As is expected, the lead actor’s words carry a lot of weight
Compared with him, how is me, thirty-three years old?
Though I won’t even deserve to be compared to him,
I think I’ll go all out keeping this journal at least, which is left entirely to me.
My goal is getting 10,000 likes on Facebook.
To fulfill it, I’d like Takeru-san to tweet on his temporary Twitter account …
I’ll ask him if given the chance.

Now, after coming back from the location,
①contacting with each office about the schedule
(It is, of course, office work to check the schedule by sending it.)
②Preparation for the videos scheduled to be uploaded one after another.
(Of course, I’ll leave more technical and creative tasks to Ogata-san, such as editing, though.)
③Checking the scenario to be used after tomorrow.
(Of course, the content has already been checked by Ishimaru, so I’ll check only typos.)
I did all these jobs without difficulty.
I’ve just got the news from Chief AD Izumi-kun that the location finished.)
Otsukare-sama-desu for all the cast and staffs!!

Well, tomorrow will be another all-location day.
I’m allowed to accompany them to the location tomorrow, too.
Anyhow, I’ll do my best to be of any help.
(Of course, except for what is concerned with creative stuffs.)
And, hang in there, everybody!

source: https://www.facebook.com/ryoribantbs/posts/798589766901139
credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com

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Tenno no Ryoriban report, March 28

March 28th, Saturday, 2015


What Happened at the End of Last Year

Last time we reported the New Year scene of Akiyama family, so today we’ll report what actually happened at the end of the year to the team ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’!

As we reported on real time about it on our official twitter (it is now hi-jacked by Sato Takeru-san!!), we’ll publish the story how Sato Takeru-san served ‘Toshikoshi Soba (year-crossing noodles)’ of his own cooking with newly released photos^^

At the last shooting in the studio at the end of last year …

Sato-san was busy frying vegetables one after another in silence to lace noodles with for all the staffs and cast before the dinner-break.


In this drama, there are many scenes where Sato-san cooks, so he had been taking intensive training in handling a kitchen knife.
Moreover, in order to get used to a kitchen knife, he goes to the instructor to receive intensive training during standby between intervals of shooting.
The noodles with beautiful fried vegetables showed every result of the practice.

And then he literally served it to all the cast and staffs one by one, saying, ‘Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (I’m looking forward to working with you) next year, too’.


Freshly fried and freshly cooked noodles warmed both our heart and body.
It stimulated unity among the cast and staffs and we welcomed a New Year of 2015.

source: http://www.tbs.co.jp/tenno_no_ryoriban/report/d20150328.html#report

credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com


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Tenno no Ryoriban shooting report

March 30th, Monday, 2015


Try Cooking with Kids!

Today, on March 30th, at ‘2015 Mama Sacas’ Tenno no Ryoriban booth appeared!

We offered the cooking class for parents and kids instructed by teachers in Hattori Nutrition College, who have been instructing the cast in this drama.


The design of the booth where they cooked came from the image of the kitchen in Kazoku Kaikan.

The real-size panels of Tokuzo, Shintaro, and Tatsukichi are displayed, which you can see only here.

How about trying unforgettable cooking with your kids just like Tokuzo in this drama?

※The details of this booth is here.






*note my steph*

serena*OORer横アリ玉アリ @srn0321tkr tweeted about what she heard from the instructor, Hattori Sensei:

・Takeru came to the cooking school in August and started to practice cutting potatoes and carrots like footballs. He borrowed a knife from the class, carried 20kg potatoes to his home, and practiced every day. Now his cooking level is as high as, or higher than the students there. Those students are surprised at his effort.

・He asked how to cook the potatoes after he cut them, and seemed to cook by himself at home (mostly potato dishes). He’s a very polite and serious student.

・The white cook costume, which Takeru-kun wore, took off, and was handed to him, smelled very good ❤ ‘Ikemen is good even in smell’, Sensei felt his heart throb, he said.

・Props in the booth are the ones that were actually used in the shooting. Today’s instructor was the person who actually instructed Takeru-kun. He said he was a very good model student ❤’Look forward to the drama!’ he said smiling.

・Impression about the cooking class ❤Even if it was a very short time, we enjoyed proper sandwiches for free & tasted them. It may be nothing special because it is done for the promotion, but I couldn’t stop smiling at Sensei’s extravagant praises for Takeru-kun ❤He answered my questions about cooking in a polite way and answered to my questions about Takeru-kun with a smile. Thank you very much.

・I said to Sensei, ‘Takeru-kun has never cooked by himself, so his fans are worried about his cooking a little …’, then he said, ‘He has made progress as quickly as no one would think like that, so we are amazed.’

credit: stephany-310.tumblr.com


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Satoh Takeru interview during the 9th Asian Film Festival in Venetian Macau.

He talked about Rurouni Kenshin, Bakuman, and other things.

April 2, 2015 (excerpt)

Q: Why did you accept the opportunity to play “Emperor’s Cook”?

A: First of all, the script is really very interesting. The story is very nice. That’s what impressed me most.

Q: Isn’t it because it has a lot of delicious dishes?

A: Yes, it is. My role is a cook. I love eating delicious dishes and have interest in them, but I’ve never tried cooking by myself. I hope this drama will lead me to learn how to cook.

Q: Is there delicious food at the shooting site?

A: There are many delicious dishes, so I’m happy.

Q: You’ll play from teenagers to the old man. Which period is the most difficult for you?

A: Now I’ve been acting my role at the age of 16 to 26. I’ll play the older one after this. It will be the hardest part, I suppose, 30s, for example.

Q: Did you have a fitting session for an old man?

A: It would be difficult. I’m not sure how I’ll play the 60-year-old; whether I’ll put on special effects make-up or they’ll use just my back style. But definitely I’ll play 30s and 40s. Actually I did the fitting session wearing a mustache.

Q: How did you like your style with a mustache?

A: Looked nice.

Q: You’ve just finished filming the scenes in Paris. What special experiences did you have in re-visiting your favorite city? Your feeling is not the same as the last time, right?

A: I stayed in Paris for a week for the shooting. But I was too busy. In Paris, I have a lot of favorite places, but it is a pity that I had so little time because of the filming that I did not go to any of them.

Q: You have worked with Producer Ishimaru a number of times. *** Is there something interesting to share with us?

A: Since I’m very familiar with the crew, all I did at the shooting site was consider my role. I focused my effort just on acting.

source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/m/f/2015-04-01/doc-iawzuney1894236.shtml
credit: hana-angel and stephany-310.tumblr.com

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