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  1. Baron Chen/River Chen/陳楚河 About River Chen (Chinese: 陳楚河; pinyin: Chén Chǔhé; born May 9, 1978) is a Taiwanese actor and model. His nicknames include Chen Xiaobao (陳小宝) and Baron Chen. Early life Chen is the eldest son of Chen Chi-li, a reputed gang leader who masterminded the assassination of dissident journalist Henry Liu in 1984 Not long after he was born, his parents separated so he stayed with his grandparents.He studied tourism at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei. Career Chen made his first major appearance in the movie Kung Fu Dunk, but became better known with his role as Dylan in Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You. He also appeared in two of Jay Chou's music videos for the songs "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) from the album On the Run and "花海" (Ocean of Flowers) from Capricorn. Profile Chinese Name: 陳楚河 / Chen Chu He Given Name: 陳後俊 Chen Hou Jun English name: Baron Chen, River Chen Nickname: 陳小宝 / Chen Xiao Bao / River Profession: Actor Birthday: 1978-May-09 Birthplace: Da'an district, Taipei City, Taiwan Height: 179cm Weight: 68kg Blood type: O Star Sign: Taurus Talent agency: Huayi Brothers Masterpiece works: Kung Fu Dunk, Meteor Butterfly Sword, Fated to Love You, The Xia Girls, My Daughter and The Magic Blade, Bromance Main achievements: 2011 Youku video Idol Award, 2012 Letv festival Most Popular Actor Personal Information Nationality: Han Chinese Graduated from: Chinese Culture University, Beijing Film Academy Talent agency: Huayi Brothers Blood Type: O Height: 179cm Weight: 68kg Ancestral home: Gaochun District of Nanjing city in Jiangsu Province Father: Chen ChiLi Family members: Eldest son of four Sleeping habits: Cuddles a pillow Most Cherished: Grandma and mom How to eliminate stress: Ask someone to pull out the ears The most satisfied part: palms Favorite Director: Oliver Stone Favorite Actor: Colin Farrell All time Favorite Actor: Al Pacino Favorite Movie: Scent of a Woman All time Favorite Movie: Jerry Maguire Favorite TV show: Miki Mizuno's "First Time" Favorite cartoon: Crayon Shin-chan Favorite Food: Pepper fried fish Favorite fruit: Strawberries Favorite color: Blue Favorite singer: Sade and Jane Zhang The most favorite song: Cry Me A River Favorite style of clothes: Handsome leather jacket + jeans Favorite Perfume: Emporio Armani lui/il/he/'el/hombre Favorite type of girl: Talented female TV Series When We Love Together 当我们爱在一起 (post-production) Luan Shi Feng Yu Qing 乱世风雨情 (post-production) Extremely Urgent 迫在眉睫 (2015) Bromance (TTV,2015) Bad Romantic 艾乐乐的罗曼蒂克 (2013) Wo Yao Dang Kong Jie 我要当空姐 (2013) Xiao Hong Yan (2012) Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao (2012) Dou Hong Yan (Hunan TV, 2012) Qian Duo Duo Jia Ren Ji (Sohu, 2011) Ai Qing Zhen Shan Mei (2011) Xia Jia San Qian Jin (2011) Meteor, Butterfly, Sword (2010) Because Of You (CTS, 2010) Fated to Love You (TTV / SETTV, 2008) Movies Moonlight Love (2012) The Treasure Hunter (2009) Kung Fu Dunk as Xiao Lan (2008) Music videos 2007 - "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) from On the Run by Jay Chou 2008 - "花海" (Ocean of Flowers) from Capricorn by Jay Chou External Links Chinese Wikipedia Official Agency Profile credit: dramawiki wikipedia baike (Chinese version of Wikipedia) photo credit: baidu baron chen credit: baidu baron chen (under construction)
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