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[Current Japanese Drama 2015] The Emperor's Cook/Tenno no Ryoriban 天皇の料理番


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The "Tenno No Ryoriban official recipe book" contains recipes for the food preparations which have appeared in the show plus some stills from the drama. It also includes a four page interview and photos of Takeru Sato.
The "Tenno No Ryoriban official recipe book" can be purchased at
photo credit: Rei











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The 85th Television Drama Academy Award announced the winners! Tenno no Ryoriban won 6 awards for Best Drama, Best Actor (Satoh Takeru), Best Supporting Actor (Suzuki Ryohei), Best Supporting Actress (Kuroki Haru), Best Screenplay, and Best Director!
credit: https://twitter.com/yskzmw/status/631244883693473792
via hana-angel.tumblr.com




additional photos

credit: Rei




CONGRATULATIONS TO TAKERU SATO, TO THE CAST AND CREW OF "TENNO NO RYORIBAN" !!!   http://i579.photobucket.com/albums/ss233/jjiiaayyuunn/Blog/Crazy%20rabbit/yeah-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif

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~translation of the winners’ comments (of Tenno no Ryoriban)~

<1> Producer Ishimaru Akihiko’s Comment

When I said, ‘I’m confident’, in the press conference for this drama, I meant to encourage myself by saying so. Since it was crowned with ‘TBS TV 60th Anniversary’, as one of the drama producers in TBS, I wanted to show the pride of TBS Drama. So I got more blessing than I deserve to have it valued highly. I had much more to consider about this drama than ever and it exhausted me most of all the dramas I’ve worked on. (lol) Concerning the fact that we had to show the cooking scene successfully, the efforts of one actor, Sato Takeru, bore fruit, I think. I just said to him occasionally, ‘(In the script,) it says ‘godlike handling’, but you’re all right, I believe, right?’’ (lol) And we spent maximum effort in showing the mood of Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Eras convincingly. We did location shooting in France, too. This was a rare chance, however, to describe three eras in one drama, I thought, so I told our staff to enjoy it properly. I was able to do my best because I was blessed with nice cast and staff.

<2> Sato Takeru’s Comment

It is all thanks to the great drama that I got this award, I think. I’d like to thank all the viewers of the drama and those who voted for it. Tokuzo-san was a man who came to be unable to give up his dream. It was not a dream that could be achieved all by himself, so when he remembered all those who had supported him, he couldn’t leave anything half done. It is the same to me, too. I’m standing here as an actor because there are people who have supported me. The staff, who took risks by betting on me, and my fans, who support me – all of you became my motive power. Through the experience of cooking, when I have meals, I’ve come to imagine the faces of those who cooked it for me. Recently, I boiled Udon-noodle. (lol) Team ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’ had an attitude of never getting satisfied easily and pursuing the best, a philosophy of putting the viewers first, and sincerity to the delicate and endless work of producing a drama, I felt. I think I have to apply this experience in the next work.

<3> Suzuki Ryohei’s Comment

To be honest, half a year of the shooting was really tough. I had the shooting about every two weeks and every time I was praised, ‘You’ve lost your weight ~!’ (lol) But after that I had another battle for two weeks… I was to finish all the shooting after the scene where Shutaro passed away. So I went to the studio, thinking, ‘I’ll be able to eat from today on ~!’, but all kinds of emotions welled up in me, and I couldn’t help crying. (lol) Shutaro loved Tokuzo at any rate, and holds him dear. But entrusting his broken dream to Tokuzo was half egotistic, I suppose. When Tokuzo told him that he would be the Emperor’s chef and Shutaro said, ‘Really?’, shedding tears. In that scene, Shutaro was much more moved by the fact that he was able to help him though he would leave nothing in the world than delighted at Tokuzo having achieved his dream, I felt. It struck me very much. I feel happy and lucky that the work that was made with all the efforts of the cast and staff was evaluated highly. Thanks for loving this drama.

<4> Kuroki Haru’s Comment

I’m happy that a great number of people watched this drama and appreciated what we all made with affection. I recorded the narration two days before the broadcast, so I felt I watched ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’ together with the viewers to the end. I cherish all the roles I’ve played, but Toshiko became a really great role for me. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Producer Ishimaru, Director Hirakawa, and all the staff at the shooting site, Toshiko was filmed more charming. Indeed, Toshiko-san is a perfect model of wife, right? She found her own job for herself, became independent, and supported others. She was great in that point, I think. I couldn’t devote myself like that. (lol) But Tokuzo-san loved Toshiko-san all the more for her devotion. I think they were an ideal couple. I’m really happy that you loved Toshiko as well as Tokuzo-san.

<5> Morishita Yoshiko’s Comment

This drama is based on a very strong story from real life, so I’m grateful to Akiyama Tokuzo-san, who lived a life like this. What shocked me was his ‘prank’. He has loads of praiseworthy features to be imitated, but has done as many deeds that make you want to avoid following. (lol) But they are all the other side of Akiyama-san’s energy and wisdom. I think what makes a person amusing lies there, so I tried to let it remain as his personality ’three-dimensionally’. What I have in mind when I write lines is to get rid of ‘the sense of the-producer-forces-him/her-to-say-it’ as much as possible. I’m still learning, but this time, actors said the lines really well and the staff staged the drama in a very careful manner. What I did in this drama was ‘to be given the very fresh materials, to cook them, and to serve them on a plate’… Everybody really made much of the script and inflated it, I think.

<6> Director Hirakawa’s Comment

We filmed in really many locations, sometimes very far places, in order to depict three eras of Meiji, Taisho, and Showa. However, even if we wanted to film authentically, there is a limitation what is left in this modern age. Eventually, each staff always did their best thinking of the viewers of this drama. I was happy I could film on the stage which was prepared with persistence as a professional. Sato Takeru-kun played a different character from what he has ever played, but I got a glimpse of his sincere attitude toward his character and diligent effort. I’m grateful to him for fulfilling his responsibility as the lead actor, leading the staff and cast, making them to do what they could. This drama has the sincerity, consideration, human bonds, and affection of family members, and every episode has an impressive scene for me. Among them, the scene showing that Tokuzo made a new family with Toshiko and even after Toshiko died, she continued to live in their children is one of the most impressive scenes for me.

credit: Stephany-310.tumblr.com

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“THE EMPEROR’S COOK” wins Buyers’ Award for Japanese Drama at MIPCOM, the world’s entertainment content market


October 6, MIPCOM held its award ceremony for the MICPOM Buyers’ Award for Japanese drama, in which dramas competed from major broadcasters in Japan on the basis of excellence and international appeal. The winner was TBS’s Sunday drama “THE EMPEROR’S COOK,” which starred Takeru Satoh and aired April through July. TBS has now won this important award twice, the first time being for the drama “JIN” in 2010.

The MIPCOM Buyers Award for Japanese Drama is held by MIPCOM organizers Reed MIDEM in coordination with the International Drama Festival in Tokyo. Since its establishment in 2009, the award has been given a total of seven times. Serving as judges are content buyers from across Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Asia, with their number increasing this year to 20. After watching a screening of the entries, the judges assess each drama according to several criteria, and the drama that gets the highest total score is the winner. At the screening session in Cannes, “THE EMPEROR’S COOK” was highly praised for its international appeal, which was seen as deriving from realistic portrayal of its time period on a grand scale and its human drama based on a true story.

Staring Takeru Satoh, Haru Kuroki, Kenta Kiritani, and other leading actors, “THE EMPEROR’S COOK” was produced as a special project in celebration of TBS’s 60th anniversary and was broadcast from April to July at 9:00 p.m. on Sundays as TBS’s Sunday Drama. It portrayed on a grand scale the true story of Tokuzo Akiyama, an ordinary man who, through a combination of the love and support of others and his own effort rose to become the Emperor’s cook in the early 20th century.

The award ceremony took place on the second day of MIPCOM, October 6, as part of the J-CREATIVE PARTY event, which served to promote METI’S Cool Japan initiative with Japanese content, cuisine, and more. Before the award ceremony, visitors enjoyed a performance by maiko (traditional Japanese dancers), as well as TREASURE BOX JAPAN, a special presentation by seven Japanese broadcasters of their latest formats. During the award ceremony, each broadcaster introduced its entry. Then the winner was announced, and TBS was presented with a commemorative shield. In his acceptance speech on behalf of TBS, the network’s Chief of Global Business Makito Sugiyama said, “TBS produced this drama in celebration of the 60th anniversary. On behalf of everybody back home, I thank you sincerely for this wonderful award. We are hopeful that the grand scale of this true story and its values will resonate with people around the world.”

7th MIPCOM Buyers’ Award for Japanese drama entry titles, except for “Emperor’s Cook,” are as follows:
“64 (Episode 1: The Window)” - NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
“DEATH NOTE” - Nippon Television Network Corp.
“DOCTORS 3” – TV Asahi Corp.
“Unhandy Handymen” – TV TOKYO Corporation
“Dating: What’s it like to be in love?” – Fuji Television Network, Inc.
“FUTAGASHIRA (Co-Heads)” – WOWOW, Inc.

credit: https://www.japancontent.jp/en/news/news-detail.html?nid=1853

Congratulations to Takeru san and to the cast and crew of "Emperor's Cook"!!!

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The TBS drama "Emperor's Cook" won the Best drama series in the "2015 Tokyo Drama Awards" award ceremony which was held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel on Oct. 21,  Takeru Sato who appeared in the same work (26) won the Best Actor Award while his co-star, Haru Kuroki (25) was chosen as the Best Actress. Ryohei Suzuki, who played the role of Takeru's brother, won the Best Supporting Actor award.



credit: http://www.hochi.co.jp/entertainment/20151021-OHT1T50091.html

a photo of the three winners from "Emperor's Cook"
credit: Ryohei Suzuki's website http://ameblo.jp/suzuki-ryohei/entry-12086712371.html


Satoh Takeru Staff Report. October 21, 2015


Sources: 1 | 2 |

via http://hana-angel.tumblr.com/post/131614803930/satoh-takeru-staff-report-october-21-2015

1: Takeru was awarded the Best Actor Award in Tokyo Drama Award!

2: Reunion with Toshiko and Nii-yan after months!
    Three of them were given the prize♪

3: Takeru during the press conference ☆
   ‘This time I was given for both the drama and individual award. I felt very happy to see the producer and the scenario writer again on this wonderful occasion after a long time’, he commented with delight.

translation credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/post/131618703034/hana-angel-satoh-takeru-staff-report-october

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Video clip featuring the acceptance speeches of Takeru Sato, Haru Kuroki and Ryohei Suzuki after winning in the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards on Oct. 21, 2015 for their performance in the TBS drama "Emperor's Cook". Each time they come out on stage, the drama's theme song, "Dreamer" is being played and it makes me feel teary eyed....
video credit: madigitv


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Guest hiranade

I think 2015 is amazing year for Tenno no Ryoriban casts, director and production. Their hardwork praised^^ with so many award they got. Can we said that this drama is among the best drama in 2015

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I guess this is the answer to your question @hiranade

Takeru Sato's drama, "Tenno No Ryoriban" a.k.a "Emperor's Cook" was included in the:

Top 30 highest-rated dramas based on single-episode ratings in 2015
by Chiaki
December 31, 2015



Note that this ranking includes full drama series and once-off drama SPs shown between 29 December 2014 and 27 December 2015. The figures in brackets indicate the ratings for that particular episode or once-off SP broadcast:

9) Tenno no Ryoriban (last episode) - TBS - 12 July 2015 (17.7%)


check out the full list at: http://doramaworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/top-30-highest-rated-dramas-based-on.html

photo credit: satoh takeru holic

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Guest hiranade

IMG_20160103_104235.jpgWow, you right @pechumori congrats for the cast, director and production. They deserve this high ranking. He he...coincidence, I just rewatch this dorama and then read good info from you, friend^^ sugoiii

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Guest hiranade

Takeru Sato and Suzuki Ryohei at Hashida awards ceremony. They won Hashida awards for their roles in Emperors cook drama.


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Woooh! I didn't realize there's a jdrama page. Was just looking  if there's Omukae Desu thread. I wanted to post something. But I saw this thread, had I known there was such, I'd have posted here lots ( for jdorama, I usually just post on twitter). So yeah.  Anyway I watched Tenno no Ryoriban last year when it started.. Oh that best actor! jongski like Takaru Satoh. for acting prolly more than.... Haruma, I guess.. he he.

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