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[Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988


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Very verrrrry late to the party ^_^;;

Conngratulations to Reply 1988 for winning the daesang, and for all the actors who win that night, Park Bo Gum, Sung Appa, The Kim parents, and specially for this two, my fave from Reply 1988 :wub: :

Both of them update their IG with this same picture :


Hyeri :  "Trending Actor Award!"


Ryu Jun Yeol : thank you emoticon

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I haven't watched the entire tvN10 Awards program yet... but it was so awesome. I admittedly watched only the first half of the second half of the program so far, lol. (That's pretty muchwatching only the third quarter.)

I did hear about all of the awards. I loved all of the awards that the Answer Me / Reply series got... A few more things didn't get an award that I wish did (Flower Boy Series, an individual one for Na PD himself, QIHM, etc.) but I'm so happy for this series... which has been all sorts of love for me. Parts of it hurt so much for people... and only those things you love can hurt you that much, right? XD;

From what I've seen so far, I love the Hyeri - Bo Gum call... which seemed awkward, but super cute. I loved how the team was waving at him and Ryu Jun Yeol was waving his place card. When the Taek impersonator tried to do a Jung Hwan impersonation and failed miserably... and then Lee Se Young came on, just perfect as Jung Hwan, hahaha. (Lee Se Young for the win, seriously!!) When Eun Ji Won was introducing the Reply series, I remembered the photo floating about of the 1997 group toasting at their table... and I wished he had toasted with them! I loved that Kim Sung Kyun tried to sing with Min Do Hee (so Kim Sung Kyun got to be on stage with both of his Reply wives LOL). He couldn't hit/hold the notes, but I loved it anyway. With Jung Eun Ji + Seo In Guk singing for 1997, and Min Do Hee + Kim Sung Kyun singing for 1994 (also, too bad none of the main love triangle was there!!), I was wondering who of the cast would sing for 1988... but then it was Lee Moon Sae!! When Jung Eun Ji and Hyeri presented the award to their dad, it was just so cute. I thought Sung Dong Il was going to start crying or something. ^^; 

I have yet to see the Daesang presentations and the Trending Actors... or the rest of the show, lol. Gonna get on it soon. <3

(As an aside, as it's not the Reply series, I also loved the Signal spoofs. The Cha Soo Hyun impersonator was funny. XD)


On 9/30/2016 at 3:27 PM, stroppyse said:

Does anyone know if the final orders on Director's Cut DVD is being sold through anyone else other than yes24.com? If I buy it, I need to check whether it would play in my region as well as whether they can ship it, but I can't actually tell from the details on the yes24.com site. Thanks in advance for any help.


I wish I'd seen your question earlier... but it's pretty much as you've assumed. It's only on YES24.


On 7/5/2016 at 4:40 AM, jeijei said:

Would you go as far as naming your child after a character in this series? Well, back in 1998, someone replied. 

  Reveal hidden contents




Oh, lord. I wouldn't do that. If I named my future kid that, they'd have such a hard time filling out scantron sheets for those standardized tests... and would probably get teased. They'd hate me FOREVER even though I would still love the show forever. _-_

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19 hours ago, sandjh said:

Just came to this thread cuz I was missing Deoksun and Taek-i :DDD 

Can't believe I just missed the deadline for the directors cut dvd... haha


there *might* be some left over after the pre-orders are shipped out. you can probably check yes24 after the release date.

incidentally, you'll get the director's cut dvd, but not the extras... :(

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This drama touches my heart...l cried and laugh with them.....it brings a true , caring love to this neighbourhood which this so similar to many of us staying in this kind of terrace....watching this drama..gives me much pain and memories...of my good old days......this is a real Family that deserves the BEST AWARD...:wub:

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For me, this was the best Reply. I could easily related to the community, the family dynamics, being the black sheep. Admire the writers and producers for putting so much effort in the details.

The characters and the actors playing them were wonderful! And congratulations to them all. 

It is sad that ship wars destroyed the fun in reading the comments section in the thread, drama sites and YT, besides being disrespectful towards the cast, writers and directors.   

I hope to see the cast again in different roles. Entertainer, luck romance and LITM were not my cup of tea. 

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Hi, the 5th CARI Kdrama Awards conducted among Malaysian fans under Malaysian Kdrama Critics and Fans Society (Kmania) has just concluded the last few days. Reply 1988 was coveted with two awards out of

Here, the results as follows:

5th CARI Kdrama Awards

Excellence Categories:
Best Supporting Actress - Ra Mi Ran
PD's award for Best Ensemble Casts [tvN] Reply 1988 – Park Bo Gum, Hye Ri, Sung Dong Il, Ryu Jun Hyeol, Choi Moo sung, Kim Sung Kyun, Ra Mi Ran, Ryu Hye Young(*Winner – Tied with Signal*)
Drama of the year
Best Director - Shin Won Ho
Best Screenplay - Lee Woo Jung

Best Supporting Actor - Sung dong Il

Best Album Production
Song of the year - Lee Juck, Dont Worry
Popular Categories:
Popular Ahjumma - Ra Mi ran
Popular Actor - Park Bo Gum
Popular Ahjussi - Jo Jin Woong
Popular Rookie Actor - Ryu Jun Hyeol
Popular Rookie Actress - Hyeri
Popular Child Actress - Kim Seol



Source: http://www.kmania.org/5th-cari-2016-k-drama-awards/

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On 11/15/2015 at 9:58 AM, mrukki said:

As for Bora's involvement in democracy protest I think it was mentioned starting the first episode, so it will be a running theme I assume. Don't expect them to cut the story line because of the history book protests going on now. Actually I think they will be more inclined to keep it going than ever because it serves as a memory for the people of how far they have gotten and as encouragement for people to keep fighting for their rights. The series is known for it's nostalgic touch and it's timeless relevance, so I think the connection will bring up the ratings. I've watched a few dramas that covered the 80's protests in Korea and I've always been touched by them, so I'm looking forward to next week. "


Can you please recommend which these dramas are??? I'm really looking for some, as I'm really touched too :-( Movies too, if you may! There's this one called Red Teacher (where donghwi's present lol) but it barely revolves around the topic and I just want to watch some. Please do reply!! :bawling:

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