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  1. i love love love the novel. i'm not sure i can imagine diliraba and yang yang as the characters themselves, other than that they do have the visuals. (i'm not sure if anybody could live up to my love, lol) as for fans protesting about yang yang being in yet another game-related series.... so what, if he wants to do it? =/ either way, i'll try to watch it when it eventually comes out.
  2. while i sometimes like to watch some game plays + competitions, i'm not really into esports. why am i so invested in this fictional team on this fictional esports league of a fictional game? now i'm learning the player classes for matchups #TheKingsAvatar

  3. So I tried translating Epilogue 3: The So-Called Peach Blossom... where all the girls who have a crush on Ye Hua get to see Bai Qian and Ye Hua together ;p You can read it here. It'll be public for a while, but I'll eventually set back the privacy settings to avoid potential issues regarding fan translations. Please let me know if somebody has already done this - it's probably better than what I did. I'm still looking for the English translation of the Ye Hua epilogue, if somebody has access to that.
  4. Just finished Nirvana in Fire... which was so good. Just a bit frustrated with the end... They stayed true with his character, but I wish more for him. 


    Also, how do they know this isn't their third and last life already? ;p

  5. So I'd been waiting for this drama for years... from when it was announced. I somehow missed when it finally came out... and I would have missed it completely if a friend hadn't been gushing about Ye Hua's hair online. I looked up this drama, "Eternal Love"... and realized it was Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. XD;; So I'm really behind. I got obsessed. I watched all the episodes in less than 5 days (I was still working my full time hours in between watching...). I watched the movie with Yang Yang and Yi Fei and was not really into it. (The cooking scene was so embarrassing for me XD; It was indeed pretty, though.) I bought the translated book and read it, and needed more! I tried reading the manhua translations, but I don't think I'm that into it. I have so many thoughts! But here's just a few of the more controversial ones: Bai Qian kicks so much butt! Or she could, but didn't get to so much. I'm just sad that towards the end, she didn't get to show as much of it. Whenever Ye Hua was around, she didn't really get to fight (except when she got to dole out a couple of punishments at the Purple Palace)... I really think we should have given her a chance to fight Qing Cang at the very end, instead of just holding her back. XD; I thought that Episode 36 in the drama when they finally got together... seemed a little, umm, questionable... but it was handled much better in the movie and the book. Bai Qian didn't seem to have as much agency. She has so much potential to be more! I keep wondering about how they don't seem to be taking enough care of A-Li XD;; I'm not sure Ye Hua really wants another baby, as much as he wants to get busy. :x I understand that Ye Hua loved and did so much for Su Su... but I think she is allowed to feel extremely hurt and betrayed by all that had happened. Standing in her shoes.. fully standing in her shoes... means being the one whose eyes were gouged out. It was definitely bloodier in the book. In any case, being obsessed and browsing about, I hear that there are epilogues. I did get to see the translation for the A Li Epilogue... but sadly could not find the translation for Ye Hua's epilogue anymore. (Could somebody help me?) In the meanwhile, I've tried looking at the Chinese ebooks and the Viet translation that @rabbit_casa linked a few posts back. I don't speak or read either Chinese or Vietnamese. (By the way, the Viet translation appears to only have Part 2 of the Ye Hua epilogue, not the Part 1.) I've tried doing some machine translation to get an overview and do some word-for-word lookups.... Anyway, it turns out that there are more than just two epilogues? The earlier ebook has 4 epilogues: Ye Hua Extra Story This is the one that's been called the Ye Hua Epilogue... that goes through Ye Hua's side of the story, from his birth to the time when they meet again at the Eastern Sea. Bai Zhen Extra Story This is the story of Bai Zhen's birth and how, as a child, he climbed on Zhe Yan's lap and kissed him 14 Questions for the Ye Hua - Bai Qian couple An interview style Q&A, with the author asking questions from Xiao Ye (Ye Hua) and Xiao Bai (Bai Qian) Spoof Extra: The Dumpling's Great Name This is the one that's been called the A Li Epilogue... where he ran away because Bai Qian wanted to rename him to "Black Son" The souvenir edition appears to have 6 epilogues: Extra Story 1: Lifetime Tribulation This is the Ye Hua Epilogue Extra Story 2: The So-called Conquest This is the Bai Zhen Epilogue Extra Story 3: The So-called Peach Blossom Tianjun celebrates his birthday with a looong party. Everyone is invited and all the parents tell their young single daughters to pay attention to the bachelors: Mo Yuan, Zhe Yan, and Bai Zhen.... except they're all intent on Ye Hua. They all think they can compete with that old lady Bai Qian... until they see Ye Hua and Bai Qian together. Bai Qian is gorgeous and is pretty much "gatekeeping" for Ye Hua. Ye Hua is attentive towards Bai Qian.... and breaks all the little fairies' hearts. Extra Story 4: The So-called Reward The fairies of the Ninth Sky notice that Ye Hua has warmed/softened a bit, but there are still times when he gets upset.... It's pretty much every time A Li gets in the way of his quality private time with Bai Qian. A Li is also upset about how his dad keeps getting in the way of him spending time/sleeping with his mom. A Li tries to think of a way to make his mom happy, and decides to take top honors at a test. He does, and Ye Hua is extremely happy. He says it's because he's proud of his son... It turns out that the reward for getting top honors is for him to study in Kunlun for three years. Extra Story 5: The So-called Great Name This is the A Li Epilogue. Extra Story 6: Through the Years This is a reflection on encounters with Qing Cang. I'm not sure whose, though. Maybe Ninth Brother? I think the other person might be the Earth God by Ruoshui River. It starts off with a memory of the final battle with Qing Cang - how Ye Hua had stabbed him so many times, he was riddled with holes like a lotus flower, and how Bai Qian held tightly to him after. It then reflects back to 17 and 9's first encounter with Qing Cang and the kidnapping. It then talks briefly about the time when Bai Qian sealed Qing Cang, and he kept calling her name and gloating.... It ends with him (Ninth?) going back to Mo Yuan's place. If anybody has English translations to any of the above, I would appreciate it. I would love to read it from a good language flow than what I've been trying to do. XD;;
  6. Eternal Love / Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms has already been a few dramas ago, but I still re-watch parts of the drama and re-read parts of the novel until now. I think I need more of a closure XD; 


    I've seen a couple of episodes of Eternal Love of Dream, but I'm still all about Bai Qian. Also, I get confused about why A Li seems to be a girl in this series.

  7. i did see this on instagram and managed to get in on the third batch! thanks i should probably register that on daum cafe.
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