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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Love Weaves Through A Millennium 相爱穿梭千年


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Guest kumagi3

Guys I submitted a channel request for the show on Viki... Hopefully the request will go through and we can start a subbing team for it! Please let me know if anyone is interested in subbing the show with me. :)

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So far having watched 8 episodes, 1. I like the actor for Gong Ming - he has the original Kim Boong Do air and personality - calm, clever, loyal, steadfast, earnest. Not sure about his martial arts skill though ... Thought he is supposed to be a scholar but how did he fight those assasins? 2. Neutral on Xiang Xiang - her puzzled/cute/sweet looks seem to look the same. The real test should come later in the later episodes ... remains to be seen if she can sob like Yoo Inna 3. Hate Jing Jing, Xiang's manager - too much shrieking and screaming, exaggerated facial expressions 4. Swoon over Wang Mang - so handsome, cool and collected. Playing conflicted character well, and can feel his deep love for Ying Yue.

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