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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Love Weaves Through A Millennium 相爱穿梭千年


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Love Weaves Through A Millennium 相爱穿梭千年


Country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV

Number of Episodes: 22

Originally aired from February 15, 2015 thru March 22, 2015

Zheng Shuang as Xiang Xiang

Boran Jing as Gong Ming

Evonne Lin as Jing Jie

Nana as Zhao Na Na

Denny Huang as Han Yu Fei

Chen Xiang as Wang Meng

Zhou Yutong as Ying Yue

Niki Yi as Zhao Fei Yan

Sources: Sina/Weibo, baikebaidu.com, koalasplayground.com, tofupost.com, dramaforreal.com

Links to Recaps at DramaForReal.com

Episode 1 * Episode 2 * Episode 3 * Episode 4 * Episode 5Episode 6 * Episode 7 * Episode 8 * Episode 9 * Episode 10Episode 11 * Episode 12 * Episode 13 * Episode 14 * Episode 15Episode 16 * Episode 17 * Episode 18 * Episode 19 * Episode 20Episode 21 * Episode 22

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i feel like crying... i can;t wait.. this drama was one of my fav. time travelling drama. the chinese version makes me even more excited becoz of their interesting culture and history. 
the hero will come from which period of time? if he came from qing dynasty it must be very funny and weird if he appear in 2015 with halfbald head. 

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