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[Drama 2014] 9th Boy/Plus Nine Boys - 아홉수 소년 - Thank You For Watching!


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Guest itashee

A funny article about 9 reasons to watch Plus Nine Boys

8:11 | 04/09/2014 |

9 Reasons You Should See Plus Nine Boys

TvN comes with an adorable rom-com for this autumn! “Plus Nine Boys” drama is about the boys in a family that each born ten years apart.

The boys all happen to have “9” in their age and when their extremely superstitious mother (Kim Mi Kyung) decides to check their fortunes, she learns that there is a curse associated with having the number 9 in your age.

So, in a household of FOUR boys with 9 in their ages, that’s a lot of bad luck. Actors Kim Young Kwang, Oh Jung Se, Yook Sungjae, and Choi Ro Won come together to ensure that their misfortune is, hate to say it, extremely amusing for the viewer.

If the summary isn’t enough to hook you, check out our 9 reasons why you should be watching “Plus Nine Boys.”

1. This scene that perfectly sums up the mother/son relationship.


Spoiler: he does.

2. This kid and his complex.


Is he a mini-Heechul? He has idol-byong and he’s only NINE!

3. This girl.


I see nothing wrong with this. Kyung Soo Jin is playing a real girl!

4. This girl again.


With Kim Young Kwang on one arm and Kim Hyun Joon on the other… I just really want to be her, okay!?

5. This guy.


His face it… never changes.

6. A couple of shirtless scenes.


For all you GSC (gratuitous shirtless scene) fans out there – two in the first two episodes!

7. The best (?) broadcast accident.


That’s some bad luck right there.

8. Everyone’s favorite from My Love From The Stars!


No, not Doh Min Joon but Kim Gang Hyun is a close second!

9. Convenience store gourmet hacks!


Those of us on a tight budget hope this is a constant corner – I’ve already learned how to make sausage soup and salmon cookie bites!

Source: https://www.ohkpop.com/178633/9-reasons-you-should-see-plus-nine-boys

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시청률 9% 넘으면 한강에서 치맥 100명 쏜다!
#아홉수소년 주연배우들의 시청률 공약이 공개되었어요!
그 치맥 꼭 먹길 기대해봅니당.....! 

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
More than 9% and viewership in the river Chi Mac shoots 100 people!
# Number of boys starring actors ratings nine commitments to Habitat for humanity!
Be sure to eat a mouthful that've for the Mac ... ..! 

The yes men to the ferocity of the romance, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy


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네명의 #아홉수소년 중 최강 아홉수는 누구인가...
여러분의 생각에 가장 불운한 1인은 누구?
(이들 중 한명만 아홉수 탈출 이라고 하네요 ㅠㅠ)

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
The strongest of the nine nine four # who is able to be a boy ...
You might think the most unfortunate person is who?
(These can be referred to only one of the nine escaped but I'm ㅠ ㅠ) yes men to the ferocity of the romance, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy

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Guest itashee

Plus Nine Boys: Episode 2

by LollyPip | September 4, 2014


Plus Nine Boys is just full of sweetness and heart, and I’m loving every minute of it. The boys all know the shape of their “plus nine” curse now and they each respond in different ways, giving us a bit more insight into the kind of men they are. I’m enjoying watching all four of them floundering as they try to figure out what happened to their previously-normal lives, though I can’t help but hope for their sakes that they find their curse-breakers soon. But not too soon, because the journey is just so endearing.

For more - go here:


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Love this show so much. 
For anyone loving the OST as much as I am, I found some of the songs:
1. This is from episode 2, the umbrella scene.  

2. And this is from episode 1 when 29 is running to confess at the end. You can find it on itunes also. The band is Peterpan Complex and the song is Nanuen Naege off Vol. 3. 

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Guest hipstere

@ChandlerJ‌ all the songs from the first two eps are listed by @nancykimlee on a few pages back and also the first post by @iloveporkandbeans if you're interested. I can't wait to see the new eps and more of Jin Goo and Se Young. I love them.

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Guest hipstere

@chandlerJ no problem. It's pages 6 and 7 and she posted YouTube links to the song with the artist and title. I think they'll be updating with every episode, or so I hope. :D

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@ChandlerJ‌ yep, just like @hipstere‌ said, I'll post the list of song used in every episode on page one. Will also try my best to update it with links. :)

I'm so excited to find out what happened to Jin Goo and why is he not confessing his love to Ma Se Young. Could it be the kiss + slap video happened in the past?!??!

Camping here as early as now. Can't wait to see the celeb airhead dong gooooo with his adorable gf <3

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So gok ju was the curator! He got the wrong girl or the girl changed a lot by gaining?! :))

Co director laughing at gwang soo's fate. Another cameo? Gwang soo with 2 girls in a cafe. I know they are stars but I dont know them :( co director suggests another ex, gwang soo flash backs when he was with the girl.

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Travel agency office workers in a bus, out to a field trip. Jae bum and jin goo sitting together. Ma seyoung and minha. Se young calls jingoi over, cracks an egg on his head. She laughs and eats but gets choked. Jae bum comes over to ask if shes ok.

Arrived at the place, jin goo orients the gang. They are divided by pairs. Jin goo and ma seyoung are partners. He teases her again.

Jae bum comes over to the couple to ask where they are going. Se young heads out to buy snacks and left jingoo talking to himself. They go and explore the place. (Which is very beautiful <3) they walk and chase each other by the shoreeeeeeee. (Streaming please dont do this now :( )

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