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[Drama 2014] 9th Boy/Plus Nine Boys - 아홉수 소년 - Thank You For Watching!


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Guest itashee

Another review:

Plus Nine Boys: Episode 1

by girlfriday | September 1, 2014


Coming-of-age drama Plus Nine Boys* premiered over the weekend on tvN, and I’m happy to say it’s as cute as advertised. It’s witty and full of funny meta references, but more importantly it has everyday, relatable characters and an earnest vibe. I already love the song choices in the first episode, and in fact the entire series is presented as a mixtape, which just makes it all the more endearing.

For full reading go here:

Episode 3 preview:


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Annyeong everyone! ^.^

I've been looking forward to seeing this new drama because of the cast and mainly Sungjae. And for the first time, I've decided to watch it without subs (of course I've planned subbed reruns) because I couldn't wait to follow it.

Each character is enjoyable and we can relate to at least one of them. The mom is really amusing with her superstitious side. Her brother too. I love his sentimental side : when he cried about a sad drama scene, haha. But his destiny seems more dramatic than the others because of his age.

Jin Gu touches me the most because his story seems a little sad. Being a playboy doesn't help him to get the girl he wants so much and we can see he's a deeper character than what we could think in the beginning. There must be something with him that prevents him from confessing her.

Min Gu is a funny one. I love each of his interactions with his brothers. He loves to tease them. I hope his character will be more built-up. By the way, Sungjae manages well to portray his character, for a rookie actor.

Dong Gu needs to quit his diva attitude, I agree. I think this jinx will help him to be less high and mighty. He has to realize that his previous fame isn't here anymore and that he has to move on and improve himself to be a better actor.

I'm really hooked on the story so far because it's amusing and a little sad at the same time. I can't wait to see how they will handle their new problems and how it will affect them. There is some kind of lesson to be learned thanks to this experience. Moreover, actors are able to convey emotions pretty well so that I've managed to understand globally what's been happening.

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진구세영의 목도리 스킨십 

그나저나 여름에 겨울씬 찍느라 정말 힘들겠네요ㅠㅠ

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
Jingu ♥ na shawl skin Dec > _ beware of a deep THUMP. <
By the way, in the summer, winter would be really tricky trying to take in the scene ㅠ ㅠ can romance the ferocity of the yes men, nine boys (Translated by Bing)


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Anybody wants to try some new dish? Intriguing!  :-/

후릅후릅 챱챱. 야 쩔어 쩔어.

‪#‎아홉수소년‬ 과 함께하는 편의점 야매요리!
3분만에 완성되는 곰탕 순댓국 먹으러 편의점 ㄱㄱ

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년

Take after take after chop chop. It's booze it up.

# You can have the convenience store with nine boys in every dish!
3 minutes, in order that the oxtail soup is finished for a convenience store, he shall be a wild romance of the yes men, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy10649599_775932272468666_77719593042474910351467_775932265802000_80839079665047610628436_775932262468667_84338671807369410635839_775932269135333_67101809253147510614168_775932275801999_267432886657941

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Ma Se Young's HUGE appetite yet very very small frame! [-(
급이 다른 먹방녀 #마세영!
이렇게 잘먹어야 진구 같은 남정네가 따라온다 합니다.

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
-Do not eat the other room maid # na!
Have to eat so well comes as Nam Jung Jin-ye.

The yes men to the ferocity of the romance, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy10599608_775972359131324_853619518434766

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salmon and chocolate and cheese?! ugh! passs!!  :-&
챱챱. 이번엔 다이제 연어 까나페다!

민구 친구는 요리사 하지 왜 유도선수를..ㅋ_ㅋ
실제로 해먹어보면 압니당ㅋ

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
 (6 photos)
Chop chop. This time, it is now the salmon, I face!

Why not a chef friend, judo player pushed a. ..Blah _ blah blah actually do know per meogeobomyeon the yes men to the ferocity of the romance, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy

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somebody has mentioned this to me before. massaging the space between the thumb and index finger helps relieve stress. try it if it works for you . ;)
좋은 아침입니다 

병원에서 과민성 대장증후군 진단받는 민구짤 보시고
모두 모닝똥 하세요~

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
Good morning:-)

In the hospital receiving a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome-min looked all morning milking, richard simmons! ~ yes man to romance, the ferocity of the nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy

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재범이랑 세영이랑 즈그들끼리 놀아서 
진구는 화가 났쯥니당. 우쮸쮸.

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년

Jae bum fun with his playing among themselves with na Jingu is angry at jjeub;. Wu jjyu jjyu.

The yes men to the ferocity of the romance, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy


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#아홉수소년 1화에 등장한 숫자 '9'의 저주들 ㅠ_ㅠ...
여러분도 숫자 '9'에 얽힌 불운한 추억이 있나요?
있다면 댓글로 하소연 고고 ㅠㅜ_ㅜ

네 남자의 사나운 로맨스, 아홉수소년
 (9 photos)

# The number nine appeared in episode 1 to boys ' 9 ' the curse of their drag ...
I hope the number ' 9 ' about the unfortunate memories?
If you have to complain and to the comments, and ㅠ ㅜ ㅜ the yes men's ferocious romance _ can, nine boys (Translated by Bing)https://www.facebook.com/9thboy


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Daum has now posted list of back ground music for this show. You can view them at

They list down music by the time it was air... so neat and cool!
 thanks to @nancykimlee for the awesome tip :xoh, I will still update page1 for easy reference :)
PS. @bacom come out...come out wherever you areeeeee.... he's waiting for youuuuuuu......tumblr_nb4i3ccNuc1sc9j44o6_250.gif tumblr_nb4i3ccNuc1sc9j44o7_250.gif

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Guest itashee

Kyeong Soo-jin, "Plus Nine Boys", vitamin girl



Actress Kyeong Soo-jin is apparently the vitamin of the tvN drama "Plus Nine Boys" set.

"Plus Nine Boys" deals with the romance of men at the ages of 9, 19, 29 and 39. Keong Soo-jin is Ma Se-yeong, one who grins at the sight of food.

Stills of Kyeong Soo-jin on the 3rd showed her mingling with everyone on the set, taking selfies or making 'V's into the camera.

Kyeong Soo-jin said, "There are many actor and actresses around my age and everyone of the staff are so nice it's like I've known them for a long time. Every day of the week is fun and it reflects on our work too".

"Plus Nine Boys" is broadcasted every Friday and Saturday at 8:40PM.

Source: http://www.hancinema.net/kyeong-soo-jin-plus-nine-boys-vitamin-girl-72986.html
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class="content-title" style="font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 26px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"BTOB’s Sungjae Sings About the “Pretty” Girls of “Plus Nine Boys”plus-nine-boys.png

The new tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys” has recently released a music video entitled, “Pretty.”

The short music video clip features the three male lead characters– the 19-year-old Kang Min Goo (BTOB’s Yook Sungjae), the 29-year-old Kang Jin Goo (Kim Young Kwang), and the 39-year-old Goo Kwang Soo (Oh Jung Sae)–and the apples of their eyes in the drama.

BTOB’s Sungjae expresses the great admiration that the guys in the drama feel for the ladies whom they have fallen for by singing the lines “pretty” over and over again.

“Plus Nine Boys” is about three brothers and their uncle whose ages all have the “fateful” number nine in them. Find out how the stories of their lives–romantic and otherwise–unfold in “Plus Nine Boys” which airs every Friday and Saturday night on TvN.

cr Soompi

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Thanks for posting it here because I haven't checked the website yet.

Oh, I already love this song. ^.^ By the way, Sungjae is a really talented singer. So I'm not surprised. I really enjoy it.

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