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[Drama 2014] 9th Boy/Plus Nine Boys - 아홉수 소년 - Thank You For Watching!


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Guest nancykimlee

"Track 13" songsScenes of all the couples: 

again when Jin Goo watches over a sleeping Se Young in her roomGo Eun cries, Se Young goes to apologize in the bathroom: 

Jin Goo + Se Young working late at the office: 
Kwang Soo looking at the rings: 
Min Goo calls/texts Bong Sook: 스웨덴세탁소 (Sweden Laundry) - 그래도 나 사랑하지Kwang Soo waits at the cafe with flowers and rings: 
Da In cries at the bus stop as Kwang Soo sits waiting: 짙은 (Zitten) - 그런 너Jin Goo texts Se Young and on his way to see her: 
Kwang Soo runs and calls Da In, Jin Goo at Se Young's door: 
Previews for ep 14: 피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) - 내 맘을 알기나 해

We're at the end, "Track 14" songs :)Jin Goo at Se Young's door, Kwang Soo goes to find Da In: 

Kwang Soo waits and looks for Da In and Eun Seo: 옥수사진관 (Oksoo Photoshop) - 안녕

Jin Goo runs to find Se Young after hearing about her resignation: 
Yoon Sang (<3!) reading requests on the radio as Kwang Soo drives: 
Kwang Soo pours his heart via the radio: 
Jin Goo recalls his memories with Se Young: 로코베리 (Rocoberry) - 그대의 의미Kwang Soo meets Da In and Eun Seo again: 
Jin Goo reunites and hugs Se Young: 
Kwang Soo + Da In talk: 
Min Goo sings at karaoke: 
again when Bong Sook puts headphones on himBong Sook cries and walks away from Min Goo: 
Jin Goo snuggles with Se Young in bed: 
The family sitting around watching Dad's video: 브릭 (Brick) - Thank You Montage of our men: 
Montage of the drama: 

This Drama was charming from beginning to end with very real people and circumstances that were enhanced by a truly superb soundtrack. I love and agree with what you've said @dingax @miky88. Dong Goo was under utilized in this Drama, but I loved that he had his moment to shine and soak in his father's love for him; it gave him depth and validated him beyond his "cuteness". I wished that there were more moments between the boys, but overall, I'm more than satisfied with their endings because it was so appropriate and reflective of their ages and stories. 
And a big thank you to @iloveporkandbeans :x for the thread and keeping us updated with so many goods, as well as @itashee! :) It's been a pleasure to read all your thoughts and hope to see you guys in another thread! 

Goodbye to our +9 boys! :) :xtumblr_ndb5vav8kX1qbxx00o3_500.png
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Well, I've just seen the finale of this drama and I'm really satisfied. Overall this show was a great one. I enjoyed seeing it a lot. And I don't feel it's rushed but on the contrary, it's well paced.

Dong Gu wasn't shown a lot lately but his character wasn't really a major one. And what concerned him was wrapped pretty well considering his personnality at the beginning. He matured a lot and was able to use his experience and hardships on purpose to act. The part about Kang father could seem a little strange. But it allows us to know what happened to him [i even thought he left the house] and why Mom was overly supersticious.

With one or two episodes more, I think the story would have been to draggy. Jin Gu is the one that found his lifetime love : seeing them preparing the wedding is enough. Their relationship is solid. Min Gu has found what he wants to do. He also learned a lot thanks to Soo Ah. Maybe they will meet again (or not) but for him, it's not the most important. As for Gwang Soo, he found a new way to be happy by himself and not through someone else.

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Guest peiyee1994_ddff

Does anyone know this song? It appears twice in this drama

i. Ep 2 at 30:35 - 30:56
ii. Ep 10 at 24.:35 - 24:47

Thank you.

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Guest chenderella

@peiyee1994_ddff if you check the first post of this thread @iloveporkandbeans‌ has updated music tracks for each episode. Nancy provided artist, track and even YouTube link for the songs.

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Guest ParkChorongLover

Anyone can tell me what is the first song Min Goo sing (I think maybe 1-2 lines only) at karaoke box before change the song to standing egg song in final episode? @nancykimlee

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