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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2

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Hi MinShinners *wave ... IT'S TGIF !!  It's been a while ... haha I wonder how's everybody ? You guys still hanging ? hehehe ... I miss this thread everyday ... I just trying to avoid it cos I worry

I ate a lot when I'm stress ... Imma stress when Imma read about dating news      Mom : This girl gonna be pig by the end of this month ...       I blame these two   

Who is Bashing????   Did u see me?    Yeaaah I am all smiles. I don't care!   But did u see what hiding behind that smile?    News or no news, not together or together, in love with another or eacho

Park Shinwon's tweet]
Wanna perform with Shin Hye too for her Thailand FM keke but (I) have performance hence unable to go keke I'm a big fan of IU sii! Thus very happy to participate in the performance! Please show lots of love to Shin Hye! And to IU too..kekekeke Chinese translation cr.tripleEdoubleLU:-
[朴信元140922推特]信惠泰國FM也想要一起演出 呵呵 但是有公演所以不能去 呵呵 我是IU xi的大粉絲! 所以很高興可以參與公演 ! 請多多愛護信惠! 還有IU也是..呵呵呵呵
cr: wintercherub.....

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itemprop="name" style="font-family: Varela, arial, sans-serif !important; font-size: 1.6em; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 1.2em; text-align: center; box-sizing: border-box; margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 10px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(252, 252, 252);"Lee Min Ho gives off a mature vibe in new Gangnam Blues still

Why excuse me, Mr. Lee Min Ho! You look awfully mature and masculine in this new Gangnam Bluesphoto/still of yours! 

Look at him all tanned and with a shadow of facial hair! Unless you were hanging out with Patrick Star under a rock in the middle of the ocean, then you're probably aware that Lee Min Ho has been working on a film titled Gangnam Blues, where he plays a character who's all mixed up in gang and political issues during the 1970s. 


This is an exciting look for Lee Min Ho, isn't it? Hopefully the character is as mature as his look. What do you think? Should Lee Min Ho go for a mature and masculine concept from now on or stay with the clean-cut "Flower Boy" image he's so popular for?

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/lee-min-ho-gives-off-a-mature-vibe-in-new-gangnam-blues-still/

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class="subject" style="margin: 0px; padding: 14px 14px 8px; font-size: 1.4em; line-height: 1.25em; letter-spacing: -1px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"[sTARCAST★&fan] “Do you know three-year-old Lee?”…Days when we fell into Lee Min Ho

Do not get surprised, it’s just a normal (?) bed cover.

 Gathering various magazine shoots and pictures is just a matter of everyday occurrence.  184615437_3.jpg Making a folding screen is easy. 184615543_4.jpg

They make phone pattern by themselves. Are only god’s hands gathered? No. Everything is possible if it is for ‘Minoz’. 184615682_5.jpg

‘STARCAST’ met Lee Min Ho’s official fan club ‘Minoz’ on last 18th. They gave reasons why they could not help themselves liking Lee Min Ho. We could notice what image Lee Min Ho has to fans through that person.How did Minoz fall into Lee Min Ho? We restructured the answer with fans’ talks. We marked their names in false names. 184615782_6.jpg
◆ “Lee Min Ho Over Flowers… How they fell in”The start was from one episode of a drama. They became a fan after watching a drama coincidently. After becoming a real fan was due to various behind videos after liking him through a drama. Fans fell into Lee Min Ho within the drama making videos and fan meeting videos."Is that a Lee Min Ho’s fan official question? When did you like Lee Min Ho?" (Kim Minah)"I first got to know him through 'Personal Taste’. I couldn’t watch ‘Boys Over Flowers’ since I was a senior high school student at that time. I fell into his eyes when I saw the first broadcast of 'Personal Taste’. I never liked an entertainer before but since then I still like him until now.” (Choi Hee Won)"I liked him since ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I was curious who F4 would be in the drama since I liked the comic and they said Lee Min Ho was going to appear. I got more curious since I liked him in ‘Public Enemy Returns’. I liked him more since he matched well with the character. I got shocked freshly by getting to know ‘this kind of actor’.” (Kim Minah)"I got curious of actor Lee Min Ho since ‘Faith’. I wanted to know about him more by watching the drama. I joined the fan café and watched all the former making videos. Then I realized that Lee Min Ho is very passionate and handsome.” (Park Soo Jin)"Yes, I think many fans go through that process. We get interest in him through dramas and fall into him by watching various videos such like interview, drama making video, behind magazine shoots, and fan meeting videos. I get to like him more by seeing his daily images.” (Kim Minah)"There are characteristics of fandom of each drama. ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was the most popular one among fans and 'Personal Taste’ was the one which made us get stabilized without the foam of the ‘Boys Over Flowers’. ‘City Hunter’ got loved by overseas fans, ‘Faith’ was loved by middle-aged fans in Korea and teenager fans were increased by ‘The Inheritors’.” (Everyone) 184615881_7.jpg
◆ "Human Lee Min Ho…Twisted three-year-old Lee "Fans were not only moved by actor Lee Min Ho. They said they feel bigger charm at human Lee Min Ho. They say that they get touched by his behavior of caring fans as the same since his rookie times until now. The point that he’s clumsy unexpectedly also makes fans fall into him."Isn’t Lee Min Ho so humane? He’s polite to every fans and one cannot stop falling into him." (Choi Hee Won)"Yes, it is right. Fans cannot fall into one if one doesn’t have humane charms. I feel humanity when looking at his pictures taken at the airport. You know the Chinese airport happening in last 2012, right?” (Kim Minah)  184615980_8.jpg

"That’s true. There were many fans at the Chinese airport and he also fell down by holding up a fan that fell down. He also eye contacts and handshakes with every fan in Korea too.” (Park Soo Jin)"His fan service is really amazing. He tries to talk with fans briefly even at hard situations. It’s really thankful at fan’s position. So I think ‘I like a quite decent person’ every time like that.” (Kim Minah)"It’s a word to make you laugh, but he’s a type of person which bodyguard dislike. LOL. When you look at the airport picture, Lee Min Ho is laughing but the bodyguard is crying. They say the bodyguard has become old when you look at the picture of him coming home by finishing the schedule.” (Choi Hee Won)  184616083_9.jpg
"He also has twisted image. He has matured image when just looking at his face, but he’s like a baby. His unique laughter and habits are cute. He touches his sideburns and open his mouth during an interview which he’s like a baby whenever he does that although he’s a man." (Park Soo Jin)"So that’s why his nickname is ‘three-year-old Lee’. LOL. Innocence that doesn’t match with his age. He rumored himself when he fell at the PaekSang Arts Awards and fans edited those photos of him. Fans kept on saying he’s really cute that time.” (Choi Hee Won)"He’s really cute when he gets red after dancing at the fan meeting. After saying all these things, I think he’s a consistent person since his rookie times until now. His polite images whenever meeting fans are praiseworthy… and good to see.” (Kim Minah) 184616189_10.jpg

◆ "Fan’s daily life…cycle same like the actor"The period which is called ‘forced diet’ among fans is when Lee Min Ho appears in a drama. It is because fans spend the busiest time. They stay up all night watching the live broadcast and also replay it. Then a week passes by so quickly like that."How do you do when drama starts?" (Park Soo Jin)"If there’s a Wed-Tue drama, I watch it live on the broadcasted day. I search for the drama reviews on Friday and watch the replay on weekends. They say spoilers, right? I guess about the next story by looking at those previews and spoiler articles. They week passes by like that.”  (Kim Minah)"I don’t make appointments on weekdays when the drama starts. I make them when the rerun ends at the weekday night time. I don’t go to get-togethers at the day of the broadcast since I have to watch them on live. If I couldn’t see them on live, I watch it although it’s late. I watch them twice before I go to sleep." (Choi Hee Won)"That’s right. So that’s why we call it ‘forced diet’ period. I don’t shoot dramas, but I live the same cycle with the actor. LOL. I get to stay up the night seeing the live broadcast, replay, and various data. Then I lose my appetite. But there are some people who gain weight by eating late-night meal.” (Kim Minah)"Did you give tributes when the drama started?" (Park Soo Jin)"We cannot give them individually but with individual fan club’s name. But it’s hard to give them since the competition is fierce. Lunch box menu is fixed. Since he has cucumber allergy we put them out and put in meat. He likes every meat.” (Kim Minah) 184616280_11.jpg
◆ "Fierce fan meeting ticketing…Our secret?"The most nervous time of fans is when the fan meeting ticketing stars. Since the competition is so fierce, getting the ticket is like getting a star from the skies. It is because overseas fans also compete with domestic fans. They said (although it’s not easy) just emptying one’s mind is the quickest way."Isn’t the fan meeting ticketing so fierce these days?" (Kim Minah) “It’s so hard to book it wheter it’s due to my slow hand or that I’m nervous. I fail after clicking on although I know the 2nd line is the keenest. I regret then I didn’t get the middle row. I shouldn’t be greedy but it doesn’t work like my mind.” (Choi Hee Won)"That’s right. It keeps on saying there’s no seat available whenever I do it…." (Park Soo Jin)"If I don’t get the ticket, I search until I get it. At 2 am, there are usually tickets that are cancelled, so I click on infinitely. I look into the fan site since there might be transferred tickets. And although it’s only a small amount, there are tickets sold at the scene so I try to get it no matter what.” (Choi Hee Won)"Tip of ticketing is emptying one’s mind. You get to sit at the 2nd floor if you lose all the front seats due to greed. I get to worry ‘whether there would be my seat’ since fans come from overseas too.” (Kim Minah) 184616387_12.jpg
"I think overseas fans come to Korea and the other way round too. We ask local people or acquaintances if there’s an overseas fan meeting. They get them instead of us since we’re same fans.” (Park Soo Jin)"It’s the same with the fan signing event, right?" (Kim Minah)"It’s impossible now when it was done by staying one night up in 2010. Since overseas fans come, the competition has become fiercer. We have to stay 2 nights up now. The agency tells us not to do it, but we can’t help since its first come, first served.” (Choi Hee Won) 
◆ "One wish?… Be an actor like now"We asked them whether there is a wish toward Lee Min Ho lastly. After thinking deeply, they shook their heads. They say that he’s enough for now. They only wished him to be an actor just like now as he wishes."What kind of actor do you think Lee Min Ho is? I think he’s an actor that accepts criticism. If you compare his former pieces to recent ones, I get to see he has improved more. I feel happy that he show results from his effort.” (Kim Minah)“I agree with you. Lee Min Ho has said in the 'Personal Taste’ DVD that he acts like this in this scene and like that in that scene. He explained the process of analyzing the character and I thought he was a hardworking actor.” (Choi Hee Won)"So I don’t have anything to wish from him. I just want him to live the actor’s life which he gets satisfied. He’s not going to just act for 1~2 years so I believe he would act for a long time.” (Park Soo Jin)"I agree with you too. I wish he would take various roles if he could. I wish to see him act loose roles that fits well with his actual personality and the role of an idle which he wishes to do.” (Kim Minah) “Everyone thinks the same. He’s enough for now so I hope he takes various roles until he joins the army. That’s the only thing I want from him." (Choi Hee Won) 185106899_14.jpg
"Appearance of poster, magazine, and goods"

"Review book made by fans"
 "Airlifted overseas items"

"Limited edition of donation ring"  184624150_18.jpg

"Rich of Lee Min Ho calendars"  184624310_19.jpg
 "Lee Min Ho official character" 

Writing=Seo Bo Hyun•Kim Hye Won (Dispatch)Picture=Dispatch DB, Picture provided= Starhaus Entertainment, Minoz 

 credit: http://m.star.naver.com/minho/news/end?id=3526780&platform=twitter#

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Guest ayeayewin

Thank you for Translation Shinhye FM in Thailand.Actually I attended 20th September Sh FM in Siam Paragon in Bkk.I have chance to see Shinhye two time.19th Sept Pressconfress and 20th September fm.She is so beautiful and tall.Her body is perfect not fat not too thin.I like her body.I am not Thai.For me problem not understand Thai language.At that night Shinhye showed Heirs Best moment clip three sepcial.All are Romantic sense.MC tease her whole fm with Kimtan.She is so cute.I saw so many Minshinner attended that night.They are so lucky.Mostly win lucky draw minshinner.MC tease Shinhye with Kimtan all fans are screaming a lot.Shinhye like so much Heirs Tan and Saung moments.I notice when she sings her background show Lee Min Ho.My friend and me don´t understand what they are talking.But I was really enjoyed fm Thailand.Thai fans love sh so much.Sh was really enjoyed 20th sept night.I also visited Kyocon chicken shop at MBK.I took photo with lmh photo.He is so handsome.Please more translate the whole Q and A MC and Sh.Even she cry so cute.This is one of share my experience at Thailand FM.

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