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  1. OMG she's holding a coin in the next week episode? What? What if she's the one who choose to return? It seems that WJ will break up with Joong Hoo? Since obviously she did not love him, that's why I want them to go back to 2006 and fix their mistakes so we will see a happy marriage and good ending for all the characters. I can't wait to watch it with Eng sub.
  2. There's only one time line here. You can't have JH returned back to 2006 and be with WJ in 2018, while having WJ be with Jong Hoo in this current timeline.
  3. That's why he is very conflicted and regretted his choice, in his mind he is letting go of WJ but his heart still longs for her. Insert Selena Gomez songs " The Heart Wants What It Wants" I don't feel bad for the wife because they are both being dishonest with each other, with her flirting with that college guy and trying to hide that she's married, aside from her rude attitude. Their marriage is already a mess from the start with no foundation of LOVE from JH's part. It's easier said than done for him to forget WJ and start living with his current life because he spends so many years with WJ and he still in love with her compared to his little times with HW , you can't expect him to forget those memories with WJ instantly, you have to give him time that's if he can forget her? Interesting, maybe meeting him will trigger her memories?
  4. We can't ask JH to suddenly become a better husband to HW, you have to remember he barely knows her and he is not in love with her. Even he is trying to let go of WJ, he can't force himself to love HW. Yes, calling Jong Hoo is the correct choice for others, but for JH he can't even think of anything else but to help WJ first in that moment and find his mother in law. In his heart he is still the husband and son in law and it will take time to change that.
  5. Agree with the 4th timeline, at the end all will be happy hopefully. I wanna see the best-friend be happy too with his real wife and HW to find her soulmate probably the college guy even though she's such a brat. They will go back from 2006 but this time (2018) we will see a happy marriage since they were able to reflect and make adjustment to their marriage. I can't wait to see WJ remembers it all haha I just don't see a happy ending on the 3rd timeline since obviously WJ doesn't love the best friend and same with JH who had no memories of his marriage with HW from the previous years. If WJ and JH get together they are both hurting two people. That's why the writer give a 3 month period for them to have a chance to time travel.
  6. @kooslee I agree, I want WJ to remember the past so it will be both their decision if they want to go back to their original life and for her to reflect what we wrong with their marriage since they are both at fault. I’m glad to see him being selfless this time and choosing WJ happiness in this timeline. As what the old man said, if this is part of his destiny he should accept it and if it’s their destiny is to be together it will happen. Next week will be interesting, aside from the office chaos it seems like WJ will remember their original life. We need that twist!
  7. I think the moment he knew he can alter his life is by going back to the past and changing his action was when he visited his friend and he was shocked that his friend’s mother was alive because before the time travelling started that mother was dead. You remember the scar on his hand that he got by the motorcycle accident after the time travel? That was not supposed to be him but the mother of his friend. So by that point he knew he can actually alter his life and he choose to do it. Anyway, hopefully the writer can surprise and give us a great ending. I wonder how JH will be redeemed. JiSung is really a great and versatile actor. I always watch his dramas. Of course I love Han Ji Min since Rooftop Prince. I’m glad they worked together in this drama.
  8. But he did choose to pick a new life, he knows what will be the changed if he didn't help WJ in that bus and not to be late with his date with HW. That's why he was so happy when he woke up with HW in bed but the thing he did not expect is destiny playing with him by bringing WJ closer to him again. Now his regretting his reckless decision since he realized that he is still in love with her and he is now trying to go back if he had a chance. For me his redemption will be for him to go back to his original reality and be a great husband and father (poor kids, he totally forgot about them when he changed his destiny). For sure it will not be that easier to go back.
  9. What I would like to see at the end is he goes back to his real reality and make amends to his wife. Work together and communicate to fix their marriage. Since he is still in love with her and knows now why they fall apart, they need to be honest with each other, spend time together and help each other. I would love to see them happy and the end with their cute children. But I also want Woo-Jin to remember so they can have the big confrontation about him choosing this alternate reality and both can decide if they want to turn back. The alternate reality is to make him realize their fault and to remember their wonderful memories back then. I think HJM said it well on her interview.
  10. probably after 2 months the 2 moons phenomenon will happen so he will have a chance to go back and be with his old wife. Maybe when he goes back, their marriage will be entirely different because this time he knows how to fix their marriage and he will be a better husband? Will have to see how everything will unfold.
  11. This is also another consequence of him changing his life, he only knows Hye-won for her outer beauty but he really didn't know more of her back then. Now he is just realizing their big difference and her true character.
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