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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Cruel Romance 錦繡緣•華麗冒險 - Chapter 6 (5) translated!


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"Love is an extravagant challenge."



Chinese title: 錦繡緣•華麗冒險 / Jǐnxiù Yuán•Huá Lì Mào Xiǎn
English title: Cruel Romance

Genre: Action, Love, Rebellion

Episodes: 40
Director:  Lin He Long (Miss Shanghai Sweetheart, Devil Beside You, Wish to See You Again, and Love or Bread)

Producers: Huan Yue (环玥), Huang Bin (黃斌)
Screenwriter: Yuan Shuai (袁帅)
Novel Translation: The Fate of Jinxiu (錦繡緣)

Broadcast Period: March 3, 2015 - March 26, 2015

Replacing: Legend of Fragrance 活色生香


Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) as Zuo Zhen
Joe Chen (陳喬恩) as Rong Jin Xiu / Yoko
Qi Ji (戚迹) as Maeda Ryuichi
Kimi Qiao (喬任梁) as Xiang Ying Dong
Lu Jia Rong as Rong Ming Zhu
Xie Jun Hao as Xiang Han Chuan


Rong Jinxiu (Chen Qiao’en) arrives in Shanghai in search of her half-sister, Yin Mingzhu (Lv Jiarong). Jinxiu’s family has fallen on hard times and is hoping for any sort of assistance from Mingzhu. However, Mingzhu, who is now the lover of a well-known businessman, still harbors hatred for the Rong family because they abandoned Mingzhu and her sickly mother many years before.
Mingzhu is willing to meet with Jinxiu once but does not offer any help. On her way out of Mingzhu’s luxurious house, Jinxiu literally bumps into Xiang Yingdong (Kimi Qiao), who has a crush on Mingzhu despite her being the woman of his older brother. With Yingdong is Zuo Zhen (Huang Xiaoming).
Unable to find food or lodging, Jinxiu wastes away on the streets of Shanghai and is discovered by Zuo Zhen and one of his followers, Shi Hao (Yang Le). They bring her to a high-end hotel owned by Yingdong. Thinking that she was rescued by Yingdong, Jinxiu develops a crush on him, which she confesses to Zuo Zhen.

credit: fyhuangxiaoming.tumblr
Watch here with English subs!

Raw Trailer:


Huang Xiao Ming - Fate (缘)


Chén yī shā - Passage

Edison Lin - Love is Trus


Tāng xiǎokāng - Insane


Tamia Liu - Wrong Love


Cáo xuān bīn - Lightly


Lin Yu Zhong - At Least (I've) Loved

Zhāng jìng - Thought Too Perfectly


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I am really looking forward to this drama..mainly because o Huang Xiaoming...I have been a fan of him since "Return of the Condor Heroes"...but there are sadly not many of dramas where he has a happy ending...I really really want to see another one where he ends up alive and gets the girl at the end...I hope this will be one...but I fear it will be the opposite.

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@DJG said: @sugarplum892 - Congrats on becoming a Mod and thanks for always updating the other dramas section :)
haha thank you but I've been a mod since 2009. :)  I guess the new labels/ranks really stand out now 
No problem!  Glad that theres some soompiers who finds them useful! hehe

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Updated with an English subbed trailer! :DCredit: Tumblein Tofantasy

and here are some character posters:
Joe Chen Qiao En 陳喬恩 陈乔恩 as Rong Jin Xiu
Posted Image

Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 as Zuo Zhen
Posted Image

Kimi Qiao Ren Liang 乔任梁 as Xiang Ying Dong
Posted Image

Lv Jia Rong as Mingzhu
Posted Image

Qi Ji as Maeda Ryuichi
Posted Image

Xie Jun Hao as Xiang Han Chuan
Posted Image

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Novel Translation: 锦绣缘 Cruel Romance - Chapter 1Translated by TUMBLEINTOFANTASY

The year 1935, standing before the huge western-style carved metal gate in Shanghai, Jin Xiu was stunned.

It was this address, no mistake about it, she had looked at it again and again. But the plaque on the door had “Yin’s Residence” clearly written on it. Looking through the railing, peeking in, it was obviously a luxurious courtyard, the green grass, water feature, the red brick mansion surrounded by tulips…how could it be, ten years ago, when Ming Zhu was chased out of the house, she was just twelve, and couldn’t even afford to buy even a corner of this residence, to think she was staying in such a place? Perhaps she married well, but when Uncle Tian came back, he said that she had yet to get married. Jin Xiu hesitated, but still bit the bullet and pressed the doorbell.

At least clear things up first before deciding what to do!

The person who answered the doorbell was and elderly maidservant in white top and black pants, she looked about forty-five, a low bun on her head with not a hair out of place. Through the railings, she looked suspiciously at Jin Xiu, “Who are you looking for?”

Jin Xiu asked, “Is Rong Ming Zhu staying here?

“The lady of the house has Yin as her surname, not Rong. You can’t even get her name right, who are you to her?”So Ming Zhu had really changed her surname, to Yin? Startled, Jin Xiu blurted out, “I am her younger sister.”

That old maidservant’s eyes widened. “My lady is an orphan, where would she get a sister, what nonsense are you speaking?”

She said she was an orphan? Jin Xiu’s heart sank. It looked it, after travelling all the way to Shanghai, things were looking gloom. Ming Zhu had completely denied the family name, perhaps because of her hatred, and would rather start anew than welcome this sister that she had not seen in ten years. But this relationship was more than meets the eye, since she no longer acknowledged it, explaining it would probably take too much effort.

“Lady, you look all prim and proper, of all things, why cheat like this? If you’re after money, the lady of the house might even take pity and give you some, but if you’re here to cheat her, she will skin you.”

Half of Jin Xiu’s face turned hot, she could not believe that a servant would say such words to her. She knew that the clothes she had on looked shabby, she had travelled all the way from Zhenjiang, undergoing the torment of travelling by car then boat, that blue bamboo cloth top which had been washed clean was now dirty beyond recognition, her cloth shoes were also worn out at the sides. But at this age, to be taken as a cheat, it was a first.

“Open the door, whether or not she knows me, let Ming Zhu decide,” Jin Xiu raised her voice, “Who are you to chase me away?”

“Ai, how fierce, what do you take this place for? Let me tell you, even the people from the police station dare not say no to my lady, if you don’t leave now, don’t blame me for taking action.”

“You!” Jin Xiu was so angry that she couldn’t even speak, shaking the railings as she yelled, “Ming Zhu! Ming Zhu come out! I’m Jin Xiu!”

In the midst of the commotion, a young lady in peacock green gown walked from the front of the building, very slim, with cloud-like long hair. From afar she raised her voice and asked,”What person? Hsu Ma, who are you talking so loudly to, beware of disturbing Ah Jie’s rest.” There was annoyance in her voice, but it sounded clear and pleasant, walking over with hurried steps, looking even more elegant, that slim waist and long legs peeked out from her lace clothes, as though a light breeze blowing against a willow branch. This beautiful lady was Ming Zhu right? Jin Xiu remembered that even at twelve, Ming Zhu was already gorgeous beauty and was always scolded by Da Ma (Big Mother, first wife of her father) who called her “foxy minx”.

“Ming Zhu, it’s me, do you still recognise me?” Jing Xiu’s surprise and happiness, caused her to sound incoherent, “I am Small Jin Xiu…”

That lady in green stopped before the door, stared at Jin Xiu from head to toe, “Don’t you know Ah Jie? You called me Ming Zhu?”

Jin Xiu was stunned, only then did she realise that she had made a mistake, hurriedly she calmed herself and looked clearly, that lady was undeniably beautiful, slender face, honey coloured skin, and a pair of sepia coloured eyes that were lifted at the corners, conveying an indescribable loveliness. But it wasn’t Ming Zhu.

Ming Zhu had snow white skin, a small face, almond-shaped eyes, but she had single eyelids and a tiny red mole at the corner of her lips. Although it has been ten years but the changes couldn’t have been so huge.

“Sorry I’ve got the wrong person.” Jin Xiu hurriedly apologised, “I’m the younger sister from her hometown, and we haven’t met in years…could you let me meet with her?”

That lady in green said the same words, “I’ve never heard Ah Jie talk about this. She has family in her hometown?”

Jin Xiu wasn’t stupid, she knew that if it continued on like this, it would no longer be possible to her to pass through, and had to tell a small lie, “Cousin, her paternal cousin.”

“Oh,” the lady in green seemed to understand now, and turn towards the maidservant, “Since she has come all the way here, Hsu Ma, open the door and let her in!”

That old maidservant muttered while opening the door unwillingly, “This year, out of the blue, unreliable relatives from all over never fail to seek for some benefits…”

Jin Xiu understood what she was getting at but didn’t bother to get angry. The impending joy of meeting Ming Zhu, managed to push out any unhappiness.

That lady in green led Jin Xiu in, towards the red brick mansion’s stairs, “Just now you mentioned, what was your name again?”

“Jin Xiu, how about you? I heard you address Ming Zhu as Ah Jie, are you Second Mother’s relative?”

The lady in green looked askance at her,”I wouldn’t dare, my surname is Su, everyone calls me Ah Di. I’m just a lowly servant, I wouldn’t dare claim to be Ah Jie’s relative.”

“Lowly servant? Jin Xiu got a shock, such a great beauty and she actually said that she was a lowly servant.

Just as she was thinking, she entered the living room, a whiff of light scent wafted towards her like a mist, melodious music could be heard, it was dim, for no good reason Jin Xiu felt sense of panic. When she raised her eyes, she first saw a set of long and wide western style leather sofas, two 17 or 18 year old girls shoulder to shoulder head to head, sitting and looking at a picture album together, upon seeing someone enter, they only lifted their eyes, without even a greeting, they continued flipping through the pages of the album, as though the person who came in was merely a kitten or puppy. One of them was in a coral red satin gown, the other was wearing a form fitting moon white silk top, her hair tied into a silky smooth long pig tail. They spoke softly and gently with their bright eyes and pearly whites, this pair was perfect like jade.

 On a further away couch there was one more, half sitting, half lying lazily, wearing a loose white blouse that only men would wear, black long pants, hairstyle short and cut close to the back of her neck. A pair of legs hung over the armrest, only visible were slim glistening limbs, nails painted light red, an embroidered pair of satin slippers were hanging off her toes like a swing. She didn’t even lift her head yet Jin Xiu could only stare in awe, that kind of lazy, casual trace of feminine charm. How come, what kind of place is this, who are these people? In that moment, gorgeous babes were aplenty like clouds, Jin Xiu couldn’t care less about admiring, she only felt very surprised.

Ah Di escorted her, “You may sit here, Ah Jie is having her afternoon nap, she should be awake in a bit.

Jin Xiu was a tad reserved, on the way here she thought about it many times over, what kind of place Ming Zhu lives in, only she didn’t expect it to be like this. Putting aside the leather trunk in her hands, she awkwardly sat on the nearest sofa, Ah Di told the young servant to pour tea, and went out as well, and actually left Jin Xiu alone in there.

Time passed extraordinarily slowly.

During that time, the lady sitting on the rocking chair got up for a glass of wine, the young lady on the opposite sofa also changed the picture album but these people seemed to not see her, not even casting a glance. Jin Xiu felt  more and more uneasily, as though she was sitting on needles. Looking at how they acted they didn’t seem like guests but if they were the owners, after seeing a stranger enter, they did not even bother asking, it was just too strange.

Finally she heard the sound of footsteps from the stairs, Jin Xiu stood up in a rush, 70% happy, 30% apprehensive, was it Ming Zhu who was coming down? Staring at the stairs, she first saw a pair of slender legs, stepping in a pair of Japanese style painted clogs, and then the pastel purple brocade nightgown hem…and then, the sandalwood fan held by an exquisite hand. Ming Zhu had arrived.

Her hair was permed, black and wavy. After not meeting for years, she didn’t expect her figure to be so willowy. Her face was snow white and small, without much makeup, her light coloured lips were elegant, the corner of her lips was vibrant red mole. That pair of eyes, only now Jin Xiu understood now what “bewitching eyes” mentioned in books meant.

Jin Xiu keep looking at Ming Zhu moving down the stairs one step at a time, only when she faced her that she realised she had been holding her breath.

“Ah Jie.” That two ladies who were looking at the picture album stood up together, one of them took out a cigarette from a silver cigarette case, while the other hurriedly went to get tea.

“Ding” this sound rang out, Ming Zhu was flipped the lighter open, lit up the cigarette and inhaled deeply, the movement of her hands, were so elegant it looked as though a light breeze had brushed apart the willow branches of a tree. Jin Xiu stood there blankly, in disbelief, this was Ming Zhu?

Just now when she saw Ah Di and the rest, she was already in awe, who knew that when Ming Zhu arrived, the house of scents and colours paled in comparison to her. Even in her dreams, Jin Xiu could not believe that such a gorgeous lady like Ming Zhu could exist in this world, such a deep scenery. She looked quietly at Jin Xiu and Jin Xiu felt as though half of her crumbled.

“Ming Zhu…” Jin Xiu actually wanted to call her Older Sister, but didn’t know why the words just wouldn’t come out. After calling her name, it felt wrong, after a moment she added on “Older Sister”.

“Wouldn’t dare.” A light smile lingered on the corner of Ming Zhu’s lips, slightly derisive. You are the third young lady of the Rong family, my surname is Yin, I can’t live up to the words “Older Sister”.

After hearing this, as though a basin of cold water splashed down on her, Jin Xiu’s heart turned cold, forcing a smile she said, “Where do I start, I specially came here this time around…”

Ming Zhu interrupted her, “I know. Last month I met Uncle Tian, he wanted you to come? On account of Uncle Tian, you may stay here for a meal.”

Jin Xiu was really stunned. Such an indifferent tone, such unhidden coldness, as though getting rid of a beggar. Ming Zhu had no intention of letting her stay.

“Cheng Zhen, ask the kitchen to prepare the Eight Treasures Rice and Rock Candy Turtle, the other dishes have to be more exquisite as well,” Ming Zhu glanced at Jin Xiu, “Tonight, Mr Xiang is coming over for dinner.” The lady sitting on the rocking chair gave a sound of acknowledgement, got up and walked past Jin Xiu.

“Older Sister!” Jin Xiu panicked, “You blame me for coming over without notice? But Father has already passed away, Big Mother has also returned to Xiang Shan with Shu Hui…”

Ming Zhu flipped the fan in her hands with a “Pa” sound, “What has your father’s death got to do with me? Finally the Rong family has died off, I would be so happy, why, you expect me to shed tears for you to see?”

Jin Xiu stood there blushing in embarrassment. What was going on, blood sisters, who had not met in ten years, did Ming Zhu really hate her so? What had it got to do with her, she was only nine years old then.

Back then she was young and couldn’t remember much, she only knew that Big Mother was extremely fierce with a bad temper, Second Mother was often ill, thin and sickly, coughing day and night. Ming Zhu had a stubborn streak, and was often beaten and scolded by Big Mother. On the day that Second Mother and Ming Zhu were chased out, the entire courtyard was strewn with luggage, clothes, makeup and other articles that were thrown around amidst the struggle. The servants were so scared that they didn’t dare come near, Jin Xiu could only cry. Afterwards then she knew that Second Mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis, under the guise of preventing the spread of disease, Big Mother forced them out.

Before she arrived, she knew that Ming Zhu would not welcome her, she just didn’t expect, this “unwelcome” was so intense, undisguised, and only short of being sent away.

“Ming Zhu” Jin Xiu forced herself to endure this humiliation, now was not a time to care about her dignity, “On the way here, I’ve used up my travelling expenses, no matter what, I’m afraid I would have to put you out for a few days, wait until I earn sufficient money, I will immediately return to Zhen Jiang…” her face and ears had turned red.

“Oh?” Ming Zhu smiled coldly, “Money?” she raised her voice, “Cheng Zhen!” Cheng Zhen walked over, and placed a stack of paper money in her hands. Ming Zhu slowly raised her hand, the paper money fell messily across the floor, “The money is here, help yourself.”

Jin Xiu widened her eyes, and felt a ringing by her ears, in that moment all the blood in her body rushed to her head.

She didn’t know what else she could say, in anger? Or continue to beg pitifully?

She turned away and rushed out of the main door, the speed at which Jin Xiu rushed out was like a lighted firecracker.

But “Bang”, Jing Xiu banged into the wall, that hard and huge object unfeeling bounced her onto the floor.

Falling over herself in a complete mess, a hand suddenly held onto her chin, lifting her head up, “Such clumsiness, you’re new?”

Before Jin Xiu’s eyes, gold stars swirled. She was stunned to see such a handsome face, as though it was carved, stooping low before her barely half a foot away, his warm breath brushed against her face. His pair of dark amber eyes, held a certain magic, brazenly caressing Jin Xiu’s face.

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锦绣缘 ~ Cruel Romance ~ Chapter 1 (3)Translated by tumbleintofantasy

Who is this?

In that moment, Jin Xiu forgot that she was unglamorously lying on the ground, looking intently at this face so close to her, how could anyone be so good looking? And with such a mesmerising, soul stealing pair of eyes?

Only when she felt her body float up, did she realise that he had carried her in his arms! Jin Xiu panicked, “Let go, put me down!”

“You this little wild kitten,” he acted so affectionately, “You knocked into me, yet dare unleash your claws?”

“Ying Shao (Ying Young Master)!” Ah Jie had already rushed here after hearing the commotion, “She’s not one of us.”

“Is it?” That guy named Ying Shao (Ying Young Master) seemed a little surprised, letting Jin Xiu down, “There are outsiders here?”

Ah Di smiled, “From Ah Jie’s hometown, she was leaving.” She turned to face Jin Xiu, “Your trunk is still in there.” Jin Xiu only then remembered that old leather trunk that she dragged all the way from Zhen Jiang, was left forgotten in the living room.

This entire mess, had finally calmed down at this moment.

Jin Xiu gained her senses and looked, she couldn’t help but move two steps back, since when had she gotten so close to a man, she was leaning so close to his chest.

“She was shocked by you, Ying Dong.” Another gentle voice said. Jin Xiu only then realised there was another man beside Ying Shao (Ying Young Master). He didn’t look all that threatening, and was wearing a casual yet expensive rice white linen suit. With short hair, and a handsome, calm and leisurely face.

That faint calmness about him, soothed Jin Xiu’s exploding heart and harried breathing.

What it this? Jin Xiu questioned herself, she was already about to be chased out like a beggar yet she stayed at the front door not budging. She lowered her head, bit the bullet and went back into the living room to retrieve her leather trunk, all the way through burying her head and rushing.

She would rather starve to death on the streets than stand here and let people from who knows where humiliate. The owner of this place, is her only blood kin on this earth, the only person she could rely on, yet she still faced the miserable fate of being abandoned. Jin Xiu didn’t know if the stabbing pain in her heart was because of the indignity or disappointment.

Just as Jin Xiu walked out the door, Xiang Ying Dong and Zuo Zhen had already entered the living room. The floor covered with money, Ming Zhu’s dark expression, an unusual quietness about the place. Usually during this time, Shuang Xiu and Ah Xi would have been overjoyed, calling out Ying Shao (Ying Young Master) and Er Ye (Second Master) to welcome them.

“What opera is this?” Xiang Ying Dong laughed as he sat ont he sofa, sitting comfortably with his legs spread out. “Was that lady here to thrash the show?”

Ming Zhu’s expression softened a little, “Could she even? Shuang Xiu, ask someone to clean this up. Ah Di, Cheng Zhen, why are you both in a daze, get some tea and snacks for Er Ye and Ying Shao.”

Once Zuo Zhen sat down, a pair of gentle orchid scented hands had already landed on his shoulders, helping him to massage the muscles on the nape of his neck. Ah Di smiled and said, “Not visiting for consecutive ten days, Er Ye, are you busy or have you forgotten us?”

Zuo Zhen let out a comfortable sigh, “Even if I forget how to get home, I’ll still be able to find my way here.”

Ming Zhu smiled, “Look at your tone of voice, it is so like Ying Dong’s, not even a little serious.”

Zuo Zhen replied, “To speak with seriousness is such a chore.”

“Looks like Er Ye’s mood is not bad today.” Cheng Zhen served the red tea, honey grapes and melon seeds, as Ah Xi sat on the hand rest beside Xiang Ying Dong. She used the small spoon to scoop honey into the red tea before sending it into Xiang Ying Dong’s mouth, “Ying Shao, today’s weather is cold and dry, soothe your throat with this first.”

“Yes, I’ve already given orders to the kitchen, tonight they will serve ice rock sugar pear dessert to clear the throat and soothe the lungs.”

Cheng Zhen asked, “Didn’t you mention that Mr Xiang would be here, I don’t see him around?”

Xiang Ying Dong replied as he drank the red tea from Ah Xi’s hands, “He couldn’t walk away as it was so busy, he’ll be here later, just nice to give Ming Zhu time to bathe and smell absolutely wonderful while waiting for him.”

“Truly ivory cannot be expected to emerge from a dog’s mouth!” Ming Zhu smiled in annoyance, “Brought out our finest wine and dishes for you yet you tease me openly and in the dark.”


Standingon the main streets as dawn broke, Jin Xiu’s legs were sore with exhaustion, she still had some small change with her. She first bought a bowl of fried noodles to fill her stomach but where could she go next?

Crowds swarmed around here, it was very lively. There were neon signs every where, in the night neon green meshed together with reds, an array of bright colours. Truly Shanghai’s night scene was beautiful. No wonder the lyrics of a song went,”Shanghai night, Shanghai night, You are a city that never sleeps…” Such luxury, such extravagance.

While she was looking all around her, someone suddenly knocked her down from the back. Jin Xiu let out a sound of surprise, completely unguarded, she staggered a few steps forward and almost fell. “Who was it?” She turned back and saw a man pick up the leather trunk she had left on the floor and run away.

“My suitcase, return it to me!” Jin Xiu was shocked, shouting as she chased after him. But a lady like her, who had never gone far from home, at this moment was already beyond exhaustion, how could she possibly catch up. The sky was dark, roads were unfamiliar, after chasing for a short distance, that person was soon out of sight. Jin Xiu knelt down on the roadside, panting while crying, yet the people around her went about their business, rushing around, at most glancing curiously at her, not a single one came by to ask, what had happened.

Jin Xiu was tired from the crying and slowly crawled up, faintly remembering an old saying, “Human empathy is as thin as paper.” Yes, she felt that she was no more than a piece of thin paper in the autumn wind, going along with the breeze, without a single bit of weight. This half a year, the happenings at home, her father passing away, debtors came knocking, unable to get help from relatives, Jin Xiu finally understood, that not all misfortunes would come to a positive conclusion. Truly there are times, that even a bit of hope and courage seem beyond reach.

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锦绣缘 ~ Cruel Romance ~ Chapter 1 (4)Translated by tumbleintofantasy

She wandered about for three days.

Shanghai new territory had a famous western restaurant called “Seventh Heaven”. The owner was French, it was said that, the black pepper steak and butter lobsters were the premier specialties in Shanghai, as well as a variety of old brands of french red wine. The wafting scents of butter and steak made the surrounding air around “Seventh Heaven” warm and fragrant.

Underneath the left steps of the restaurant, a small black shadow squatted, the blank gaze of a pair of eyes staring not too far away, two beggars were begging for money from passerbys. Only a tattered hat was held in their hands, upturned so the opening of the hat faced upwards, tugging on the sleeves of the people passing by to beg for money. Occasionally, a copper coin or two would be tossed in, accompanied by a series of rolled eyes and humiliating scoldings. But they seemed to have grown accustomed to it, unmoving to the humiliation and scoldings, continuously repeating, “Sir, Madam, please do some charity…”

If she had a hat, Jin Xiu would also flip it over, but she didn’t have one.” The hunger caused her head to spin, three nights in a row she had spent in the bus station, the cold, filthiness and noise caused her to be unable to drift of into sleep. Jin Xiu already felt jaded, her mind blank, no energy to think how people with ambition shouldn’t rely on the charity of others’. Now she would even be willing to lift her hands to beg from others, it was just that wave after wave of dizziness made her limbs feel weak, even standing up took too much effort, where could she find the strength to go out and beg.

“Buy a salty meat bun! Preserved meat and rice!” The sound of selling drifted over, it was a pushcart, a pair of hawkers, seemingly a couple were pushing the cart and calling out.

Jin Xiu lifted up her head in a daze, gazing at the wooden bucket and copper bowls on the pushcart, there was truly the enticing scent of preserved meat rice drifting towards her, inching its way into her.

“Two cents for a big bowl, comes with white rice drizzled with meat sauce!” The cries seemed particularly energetic, each sound piercing into Jin Xiu’s fragile state of mind, her legs seemed uncontrollable, Jin Xiu was dragged along by her pair of legs towards the pushcart.

“Young lady, hot piping preserved meat rice, would you like a bowl?” The hawker warmly tried to entice her, “it’s cheap!”

Jin Xiu stared at the meat and rice inside the pot, the fragrance permeating her senses, she uncontrollably nodded her head–she didn’t even had the energy to realise that she was nodding her head.

The overflowing bowl was placed in her hands, before the hawker had time to pass her the chopsticks, she had already buried her head it it, devouring the meal. The hawker felt that something was amiss and shouted,”Pay up, give it to me first!”

Jin Xiu raised her head, pleading,”I don’t have money, please take pity on me…”

Before she could complete her sentence, the hawker had already reached to grab the bowl from her hands, angrily scolding,”Scram if you don’t have money! We need to buy rice and meat to cook too!” Jin Xiu, unwilling to let go, turned and ran.

She didn’t run far before she was caught, suffering two stinging slaps on her face,”You dare to snatch? Think we are easily bullied?” That woman ran over to snatch the rice in her hands, Jin Xiu bore with the pain, instinctively retaliating, not knowing who she had hit, immediately after she cowered as blows rained upon her.

During this extreme humiliation, sadness and pain, Jin Xiu cried out,”Mum, save me! Ming Zhu, Yin Ming Zhu, please save me!” She was tugged around and her hair splayed on the floor, like a thunderstorm the punches and kicks that rained upon her had not a single ounce of pity. Jin Xiu rolled around om the ground pathetically, metallic scent of blood flowing into her mouth and nose. Nearby people gathered to watch, no one lending a hand to stop it.

“What are you doing!” A man raised his voice to stop them,”Continue hitting and she’ll lose her life!” Jin Xiu heard a buzzing sound in her ear, as though this sound was an echo in her ear. The surrounding commotion immediately quietened.

A pair of firm strong hands helped her up and upon seeing her face covered eitb blood, that person started to panic,”Hey, how are you? Are you okay?”

Jin Xiu tried her best to open her eyes to look but her temples were throbbing with pain, all her senses were in a mess, as though in a single moment the world had tossed her away.

“What happened?”

Seeing a flash of white behind her, Shi Hao hurriedly put Jin Xiu down, turned and replied,”This lady beggar was beaten up, it seems as though she has fainted. Er Ye look…”

Zuo Zhen tossed a glance, brows slightly furrowed. “Wake her up, give her some money…”

Shi Hao knew Zuo Zhen didn’t like to poke his head into matters, thinking about it, a lady who had fainted and was covered in blood, what could they do, couldn’t possibly take her along with them. He felt a bit awkward, explaining in a low voice,”It’s not that I want to meddle, just now I heard her calling Miss Ming Zhu’s name…”

Zuo Zhen who had already turned away, paused.

He thought back about how he bumped into Ying Ding outside the Yin residence, and the lady who caused Ming Zhu to fling money all over the floor, wearing blue top, black skirt, with a lomg black plait. Her face with a hint of resemblance to Ming Zhu, he didn’t ask and Ming Zhu didn’t bring it up, but he could tell at a glance that Ming Zhu and her had a certain special relationship.

“Wait a moment.” Zuo Zhen walked near and carefully observed down and out, bloodied face Jin Xiu. There was no mistake, it was this lady. “Tang Hai.” He turned and ordered the person following closely behind. “Drive my car and send her to Lion Grove. Discuss with Ying Shao and give her a room, find a physician to check on her. Say it’s on my orders.”

Tang Hai is an innovative young person, though he was youthful, he had followed Zuo Zhen for 4 to 5 years, at this moment he couldn’t help but feel surprised. Someone who didn’t use to interfere, what was happening now, suddenly extending charity. Let this woman go to Lion Grove? The rooms there cost 50 dayang a night. Shi Hao, who also seemed stunned, said to Tang Hai,”Hurry on, Er Ye can come along in my car.”

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