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right now I am...

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3 hours ago, Sejabini said:

wanting to watch something or reading something :no_mouth:


I've been reading something fun these past weeks, its title is 'Soompi', heehee...

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On 7/6/2018 at 11:09 PM, triplem said:

we’re free to talk a bunch of rubbish :w00t: & just have fun


:grimace: o.. kay... this post is not rubbish ah:


Right now i am...

checking out some IG posts...*fan fan*


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On 7/8/2018 at 10:41 PM, dotonly said:


I've been reading something fun these past weeks, its title is 'Soompi', heehee...


Right now i am .. envying dotonly coz she has something fun to read at soompi.

For me soompi is getting boring... wawawaaa... 

Ops... will i get reported for this post... hahaaa.... kwenchana.... *whisper* me don really care ...hahaaaaa

:tounge_xd: ok chill.. juz sharing ah... no offence to all (loyal) members heee

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2 hours ago, Sejabini said:

reading @supergal99 posts :star: hei chingu!! *huggssssss :blush: how are you? 


Right now i am *yawning*

:o ahh.... i cant find any *yawn* emoji:lol: hahaha

*power up*



*last cup*


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Try to keep in mind that there are minimum 20 characters rules on Soompi so i shouldn't post short sentence. 

But since this thread is part of the General Discussion section so...if i forget...will the m...o...


(No, General Discussion not that strict) *hide*


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On 7/5/2018 at 7:30 PM, supergal99 said:

ladder to rescue 

I most definitely need the ladder for sure. Me and my genius idea decided to jump off the tree, i was holding  my cat, mycellphone and at the same I was wearing a maxi dress. Trust me, it's was not a pretty sight when I fall:joy:. My maxi dress got tangled up with   tree branches  and at the sametime I twist my ankle, oh boy that was very painful, AS IS RIGHT NOW  i am immobil, i was in bed for a week...so  since i have nothing to do, i stay up and watch whole collections of Harry's potter .:lol:



Add: one thing I learned I will never try to be a superhero again, if my cat got stuck on trees, she on her own. I am done, it is worth it for me.:lol:

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feeling fed up with my best friend


i know that you're in love and so happy right now, but please stop suggesting me to find someone new or open my heart to someone else...

and i keep telling you that my heart just broke into pieces two months ago...and iam  in the middle of picking up myself right now...

why cant you understand...you're supposed to be my best friend

so please...stop it

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1 hour ago, Sejabini said:

trying to sleep :sleeping:


...giving tips to sejabini:

This breathing exercise will help lull you to sleep for free:

1. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds.

2. Hold your breath for sevenseconds.

3. Slowly breathe out through your mouth for eight seconds.

4. Repeat this process until you fall asleep.


This technique acts like a natural tranquilizer by slowing down your heart rate. 




Ello..ello sejabini... u...u... fell asleep??!!:wacko: tsk...

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15 minutes ago, Sejabini said:

@supergal99 I am browsing Hong Jong hyun's picts to make me sleepy.. hoayemmm -0- ... he is so handsome why he can't be mine? hiks .. :frown: 


Telling sejabini this is not a good technique... --> makes u more excited --> heartbeat will increase  --> pupils will dilate --> breathing rate increase --> more awake:huh:

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