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Shopping online for a new coat...omg i love this

Doing Math, adding by 2 and work hard to reach 1000.....

Here's my list:   3. FB 2. Soompi 1. Instagram   I have Twitter too but I was never active. I just never got into it.   Actually @triplem @cenching and I believ

@sejabin wae? Heee...

8 hours ago, Sejabin said:

so I asked him things like.. when was he start to work in this hotel and bla bla bla.. and so on and so on.." hahahaha he is cute btw..


Psst... did u ask him when is his off-day?:glasses:



O..kay ... i bet he is younger than u... ops!!:tounge_xd:


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1 hour ago, Sejabin said:

question: must I start to date a young boy? hmmmhhh


1 hour ago, Sejabin said:

good thing that he is my fan because he remembers me singing qeqeqeqe.. hua ha ha ha ha.. his pretty handsome eyes were like this to me :love:


Er... mmm.. since he like your singing *cough~~*... 



Sing your xmas wish to him ...heeee



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24 minutes ago, Sejabin said:


I just know that you are this caring :relieved: like.. you are paying attention to my 'okay' xuxuxuxxuxuxu :relieved:


Uri countries are neighbours so naturally i will be caring *cough*.:P

See -- even dotonly gave me trophy hahaaa

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5 minutes ago, Sejabin said:


nb: and they play adam levine's song now in the radio


Erhmm...Adam or Maroon 5??

"Gals like u?" Hahaaa...

Arghh... Maroon 5 coming next year concert.:lol:

My fav Charlie puth coming next month... but but i cant go wawaaaa


Edit: u are jinja superstar now heeee


"ah this is because of eunsani @Eun-San  now soompi comunity know my city ughhhh "

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31 minutes ago, triplem said:

Me too . I hv so many I want  to watch . 

I must have a serious case of FOMO ! 


@triplem same! But I only have so much time for drama watching and I've never been able to successfully manage more than one drama at a time. I either drop the other or get really behind in watching episodes.


I'm watching The Third Charm right now but considering starting Devilish Joy.

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