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  1. Currently obsessed with this song for some reason.
  2. Lying on the couch when I should be in bed. But since I napped all day due to cramps... I'm just lying here on my laptop. Hope everyone has a great day/night.
  3. 822 I feel like I have been gone for way too long! But I am back now~! How is everyone doing?
  4. False. My mother isn't sick, thankfully. Next person: Ready and waiting for the holiday months (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc.)
  5. My stomach has been in knots and it's because I'm anxious about the decision. When will I know what they decide? How much longer do I have to wait? It's driving me insane.
  6. False! I’m not chilling or eating, unfortunately. I’m working on updating my resume and applying for other jobs. Wish me luck! Next person is ready to go back to school.
  7. Very nervous. I know that what I was doing was wrong and that I've upset you. But now that you're talking to him behind closed doors (when you never do) I am nervous and scared. And I swear it's enough to make me want to throw up. Thing is, he isn't the person to tell me what was said even if I ask him. So, I will never know if you told him what I said... Please help me.
  8. I feel the same! I feel like I never get enough sleep, no matter how many hours of sleep I DO get. Right now I'm at work, listening to older KPOP and trying to stay awake lol It seems that's an every day struggle for me. xD
  9. Feeling super sleepy and trying my best to stay awake while I work on boring proposals. Someone please send help. And food!
  10. Kind of true? I love his voice! Does that count? The next person is trying their best to stay awake (I know I am!).
  11. 588 So much has happened since I was last on here. I have missed so much.... Last time I was here we were in the 800s! Anyway, I hope you guys have been well!
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