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right now I am...

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Shopping online for a new coat...omg i love this

Doing Math, adding by 2 and work hard to reach 1000.....

Here's my list:   3. FB 2. Soompi 1. Instagram   I have Twitter too but I was never active. I just never got into it.   Actually @triplem @cenching and I believ

9 hours ago, Guest031284 said:

.....btw at some point of life if you keep trying and not stop praying, I think good things will come. So keep fighting!!


Thank you. :heart: You are right and your advice is good:  we can't ever give up and we should always pray.


I have an incurable untreatable genetic autoimmune disorder that causes me to be ill constantly.  When  it seemed that I would die several years ago, doctors could not do anything to help me.   One doctor referred me to an herbalist.  That herbalist saved my life, and she taught me how to care for myself with vitamins and herbs.  There is no cure for my disorder but I can still live a good life when I follow what the herbalist taught me to do.


I have had CoVid since April, and I am fighting it with vitamins and herbs.  It is taking a long time for me to heal, especially since I have chronic lung problems, but I believe I will get better.   


There is something that I learned about praying:  when I thank God for the hard things in my life, then somehow everything works out for the best.





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Right now.... I am trying to patch up/log in and go back to all the websites that I used to post my fanfics in. Somehow I suddenly miss writing and would really want to continue writing again. This has been an outlet for me before when I was bored and somehow had problems. It was my own way of escaping reality. So now I decided to go back to writing.

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On 9/4/2020 at 8:50 AM, H0ney said:


tsk tsk tsk.. that 'someone' must have left a very strong impression because my friend Sup, hi sup ^0^ @supergal99 keep imagining about that 'someone' everywhere on soompi hang out section hahahaaa


Aw man... i mean woman ... u juz reminded me of that 'someone' again..(sigh) 


Yazz v strong impression coz -->> she is too drama queen and likes to show me her face ::unamused: (like this hahaaahaa)


Huh... sup?? Ooiyooo... sup sounds like supper ..tsk...tsk... 

Call me...


Seniorita... eerhmmm...mmmm.. ok? Ok.



right now i am .... flying off for .... sup..supper:glasses:

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23 hours ago, H0ney said:

I am opening soompi and got imessage from a oppa ahjussi who is living abroad who ever said that he has a deep brown eyes that made thousands of.. admirers immersed in to those eyes ahhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Ahhh...erhmmm... ok..

 Is your oppa ahjussi  ---->> bald??? 

3 hours ago, H0ney said:

Hating the rain


Ahhhh... erhmmmm ... is it coz itz cold n your oppa ahjussi is not here to hug u???


ok ok... right now i m flying off ... for sup... supper


" Ba...ba...ba...ba...BAAA~~~"

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