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[Drama 2013/2014] King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang 제왕의 딸, 수백향


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I ran into this drama by accident few months earlier and i'm so glad i did :)

It became one of my favourite ones...it is long and there was some scenes could be skipped...but in overroll it was great to me...and the main love story i adore.

CP and Solanan will stay with me 4ever :wub:...from the first time they met, hubby? and wifey chicken lady thing :D ...the way she was falling for him, he seeing her as 'property' and just teaching and testing her at first...but he admired her and when he realized he loves her there was not even one moment of going back...without spite and pride, he only had eyes for her...her confession of love was one of the best i've seen ever, his was good too but not like hers...their last kiss was one of the best for me from asian dramas too...i could go on and on just about OTP...without the rest in this drama but there is really a lot to say

It was one of the dramas i will come back to many times more

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I'm so glad this forum is still open so I can say how much I have enjoyed watching this drama :D I nearly didn't because it is108 episodes - too much for me I thought but then I realised they were just half hour episodes.  This is one of the best Sageuk dramas I've watched - up there with SFD, R:TWSTP (same writer), The Great Queen Seondeok,  Chuno.  I've had some very late nights as I found it hard to stop watching it - it really did seem to just flow and connect very well.  All the actors/actresses were so believable  and convincing as their characters.   And a big bonus for me - it had a happy ending :D  I have watched many Sageuks and often found myself in tears with the sad endings  :(  I was holding my breath for this one. 

Watching this was made more poignant for me because of the recent passing of Jeon Tae Soo - so very sad.  He was excellent as Jin Mu and expressed his emotions so well - his crying scenes brought tears to my eyes.  May he rest in peace now.

I read that there were going to be 120 episodes but it was cut short due to the Winter Olympics coverage - that's a shame.  I did think the last couple of episodes could have done with more detail - it seemed that some scenes were just skimmed over.  I pity the writer in those circumstances.

I  will look out for Hwang Jin Young's future dramas - such a great writer :D



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Where is Seo Woo ?


I am watching this drama again and impressed ( again ) by Seo Woo's very detailed acting.

Many beautiful Korean actresses, but who can look so devilish and obsessed like her ?


I watched Cinderella' Sister three times in the past and still think she and Moon Geun Young where absolutely top there , taking  the viewer down in a whirlpool of emotions.

Is there a reason why Seo Woo's thread in this topic is closed ?

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Wow Soompi it's been a while... I remember being a member here over 10 years ago.

Anyways, I am so glad that this thread is still open!


I stumbled across The King's Daughter after craving for another JHJ drama. This caught my eye because of the poster (can't help but be captured by SHJ's beauty and Seo Woo's cunning look) and the name itself was captivating. I finished this drama in 3 days because I was so addicted (thank you to Tubi for being fully subbed). After I finished it, I re-watched the series again but skipped many scenes because I was just that obsessed. Re-watching scenes between SN & CP is a common occurrence now and must watch it every day, including the big moment scenes (i.e. when DR finally realizes that SN is SBH, and the intense scenes between SN and SH).


My obsession with this drama led me to this Soompi thread, in which I flipped through all 261 pages of comments haha. Mostly because I wanted to see if any of comments were able to answer some questions I had, and I wanted to see how others reacted to this drama.


Overall, one of my all-time favorite dramas with a great ending. I like the imagination that comes with the vague ending between SN and CP. I am blown away by SHJ's acting and I am so in love with her.

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