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[Drama 2013] Answer Me 1994 / Reply 1994 응답하라 1994


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Reply 1994 / Answer Me 1994

응답하라 1994 (Eungdabhara 1994)

Network: tvN

Official Website: reply1994.interest.me

Official Twitter Account: reply_tvN




Director: Shin Won Ho
Writer: Lee Woo Jeong
Producer: Lee Myung Han
Episodes: 21Release Date: October 18, 2013Airtime: Fridays and Saturdays | 20:40 KSTGenre: Comedy, Romance




A drama about a group of college students who live in a boarding house located in Shinchon, run by Na Jung and her family, that houses students from all over the countryside who come to Seoul for college. It will cover the lives of college freshmen in 1994 as they learn to live in a big city and what the students will go through as they experience Seoul, the basketball tournament obsession, Seo Taiji and Kids, and other social issues that occurred in 1994.


Director Shin Won-ho and writer Lee Woo-jung had originally planned for their previous TV series to be set in 1994, which was the year they entered college (Shin studied chemical engineering atSeoul National University). But they decided to change the year to 1997 after casting Sechs Kies member Eun Ji-won, since H.O.T. and Sechs Kies fandom was at its peak that year, which made an interesting juxtaposition to the failing Korean economy during the IMF crisis.

Shin and Lee felt there was enough material for another series, and in a bid to replicate Reply 1997's success, cable channel tvN announced a "sequel" or "second season" in April 2013.

Despite having the same writer and director, Reply 1994 is not a prequel of Reply 1997; it uses the same concept of coming-of-age drama combined with 1990s nostalgia, but with a completely new plot and characters.

Related to: Answer Me 1997



Go Ara as Sung Na Jung


Jung Woo as Sseu Re Ki (means Trash / Garbage)


Yoo Yeon Seok as Chil Bongie (means seven shout-outs)


Kim Sung Kyu as Sham Chun Po (means Samcheonpo City)


Son Ho Jun as Hae Tae (means Haiti Tigers)


Baro (Cha Sun Woo) as Bing Geu Re (means smiley)


Min Dohee as Jo Yoon Jin


Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa (Sung Na Jung's Parents)


Extended Cast, Cameo and Guest Appearances

Yook Sung Jae as Sung Joon (Na Jung's younger Brother)

Yoon Jong Hoon as Kim Ki Tae

Im So Eun (NC.A) as Sung Joon's friend in 2013

Shin Soo Yoon as child Na Jung

Moon Kyung Eun as basketball athlete (ep 1)

Woo Ji Won as basketball athlete (ep 1)

Kim Hoon as basketball athlete (ep 1)

Yook Sung Jae as a boy at Na Jung's home in 2013 (ep 1)

Na Young Suk as Yonsei student boarder (ep 2)

Woo Hee (Dalshabet) as Ha Hee Ra (ep 2)

Kim Min Young as Lee Soon Ja (ep 2)

Heo Kyung Young as student boarder (ep 2)

Hong Suk Chun as gay ROTC (ep 2)

Kim Kwang Gyu as Sseu Re Ki's professor (ep 5)

Kim Jong Min as doctor (ep 5)

Lee Joo Yeon as Lee Joo Yeon (ep 5)

Yoon Joon Suk as Kim Dong Woo (ep 9)

Jung Sung Ho as songwriter (ep 9)


cr to The Class of 1994 Team @ Viki




cr to The Class of 1994 Team @ Viki


Sources: tvN | Nate| Hancinema | Wikipedia | AsianWiki | DramaWiki | Viki

Script Reading

All Photos: 1 | 2



cr to tvN

Pictorial/Poster Shooting

Cast Interviews





| http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=wZZV5IKSog0,

cr to uploader | CJENM


Part 1


1. "Seoul Here 서울 이곳은" - Roy Kim 로이킴 [4:24]2. "Seoul Here 서울 이곳은 (Acoustic ver.)" - Roy Kim 로이킴 [2:35]3. "Seoul Here 서울 이곳은 (Acoustic guitar ver.)" - Roy Kim 로이킴 [2:35]Lyrics: Kim Soon-gunMusic: Jang Cheol-woongRelease Date: October 18, 2013

Part 2


1. "To You 너에게" - Sung Si-kyung 성시경 [3:50]2. "To You 너에게 (Inst.)" - Sung Si-kyung 성시경 [3:50]Lyrics: Seo TaijiMusic: Seo TaijiRelease Date: November 1, 2013

Part 3


1. "With you 그대와 함께" - B1A4 (비원에이포) [3:11]2. "With you 그대와 함께 (Inst.)" - B1A4 (비원에이포) [3:11]Lyrics: Son Ji-changMusic: Seo Young-jinRelease Date: November 8, 2013

Part 4

1. "Can't Have You 가질 수 없는 너" - Hi.ni (하이니) [2:54]2. "Can't Have You 가질 수 없는 너 (Acoustic Ver.)" - Hi.ni (하이니) [2:54]3. "Can't Have You 가질 수 없는 너 (Inst.)" - Hi.ni (하이니) [2:54]Lyrics: Jeong Eun KyungMusic: Jeong SiroRelease Date: November 21, 2013

Part 5

1. "Happy Me 행복한 나를" - Kim Ye Rim of Togeworl (김예림 of 투개월) [4:12]
2. "Happy Me 행복한 나를 (Acoustic Ver.)" - Kim Ye Rim of Togeworl (김예림 of 투개월) [4:12]Lyrics: Yoo Yoo JinMusic: Park Geun TaeRelease Date: November 29, 2013

Part 6
1. "Farewell For Myself 날 위한 이별" - Dia (디아)
2. "Farewell For Myself 날 위한 이별 (Ins.)" - Dia (디아)Lyrics: Park Ju YeonMusic: Kim Hyeong SeokRelease Date: December 6, 2013

Part 7
1. "Only Feeling You 너만을 느끼며" - Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Joon
2. "Only Feeling You 너만을 느끼며 (Ins.)" - Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho JoonRelease Date: December 13, 2013

Part 8
1. "Start 시작" - Go Ara2. "Start 시작 (Ins.)" - Go AraRelease Date: December 20, 2013

Director's Cut
Various ArtistsRelease Date: December 20, 2013
Full Albumcr to K-Ost K-Pop

Source: CJENM / tvN | Wikipedia | DramaWiki

~ Pay-TV Household Ratings ~

AGB Nielsen Korea - Average and Peak Ratings

[131018] Episode 1: Seoul People (서울 사람) - 2.6% ~ 3.8%[131019] Episode 2: We're All Little Strangers (우린 모두 조금 낯선 사람들) - 2.3% ~ 3.2%[131025] Episode 3: A New Generation's Love (신인류의 사랑) - 3% ~ 3.8%[131026] Episode 4: Lies (거짓말) - 4.2 ~ 5.6%[131101] Episode 5: Words That are Hard to Say (차마 하기 힘든 말) - 4.7% ~ 5.8%[131102] Episode 6: An Introduction to Presents (선물학 개론) - 5.8% ~ 6.9%[131108] Episode 7: The Summer of That Year (그 해 여름) - 6.2% ~ 7.3%[131109] Episode 8: A Moment's Decision Can Affect Your Entire Life (순간의 선택이 평생을 좌우합니다) - 7.1% ~ 8.6%[131115] Episode 9: So, What I Want to Say Is... (그러니까, 내가 하고 싶은 말은) - 8.1% ~ 9.8%[131116] Episode 10: Something That Might Be The Last One (어쩌면 마지막일지도 모를) - 8.8% ~ 10.0%[131123] Episode 11: The Only Way To End Unrequited Love (짝사랑을 끝내는 단 한 가지 방법) - 9.3% ~ 10.6%[131129] Episode 12: A Miracle that Will Happen To Us (우리에게 일어날 기적) - 9.2% ~ 11.8%[131130] Episode 13: The 10,000 Hour Rule (1만 시간의 법칙) - 9.6% ~ 11.5%[131206] Episode 14: The People Who Change Me I (나를 변화시킨 사람들 I) - 9.3% ~ 11.8%[131207] Episode 15: The People Who Change Me II (나를 변화시킨 사람들 II)- 8.1% ~ 10.6%[131213] Episode 16: Love, Fear I; 1997 (사랑,두려움;응답하라 1997 I) - 8.3% ~ 10.1%[131214] Episode 17: Love, Fear II; 1997 (사랑,두려움;응답하라 1997 II) - 8.3% ~ 10.5%[132013] Episode 18: Should I Love You Again (다시 사랑한다 말할까) - 8.7% ~ 10.9%[132113] Episode 19: Do You Believe in Destiny? (운명을 믿으세요?) - 9.2% ~ 11.2%[132713] Episode 20: Start of End (끝의 시작) - 10.1% ~ 12.4%[132813] Episode 21: To the 90's (90년대에게) - 11.9% ~ 14.3%
Source: Nate | Wikipedia | DramaWiki

Go Ara's Interview with eNEWS

Lunar New Year's Day Special


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First Impressions by CouchKimchi

Review by LeeJin's Drama Corner

A Closer Look at the World of 'Answer Me 1994'

DVD Reply 1994

Click HERE for more details

Facebook page: DVD Reply 1994



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Answer Me looks to 1994 for a sequelby javabeans | November 18, 2012answer_31.jpg
When you’ve posted the highest drama ratings for a cable show, it makes sense for sequel talk to ensue, as tvN is doing with its surprise smash hit of the year, Answer Me, 1997. The show snuck up on everyone but built on strong word of mouth, breaking 6% ratings (and hitting real-time highs close to double digits), and making stars out of its rookie-filled cast.

Interestingly, the second “season” won’t be picking up after the end of the first, which took us from 1997 to 2005 to 2012, but will instead jump backward: We’ll all be clamoring,Answer Me, 1994 instead.

The Season 2 plans are just talk right now with nothing concrete, though chances are reportedly “high.” Talk that with a grain of salt, though I don’t see why a second series would be a bad idea. Great premise, great producers, and a love of nostalgia make it an attractive proposition.

Why 1994? Admittedly that’s a year that speaks to me less than 1997, but I suppose us Gen-Y-ers already got our show and our chance to relive our adolescence. Now it’s time for PD Shin Won-ho to dig into his own youth, with 1994 being the year he entered university (Seoul National University, in fact, where he studied chemical engineering. Funny how life takes a turn, isn’t it?).

This also gives us a slightly different pop-cultural landscape to refer to: instead of a soundtrack peppered with H.O.T and DJ DOC, will we get Seo Taiji and Kim Gun-mo and Lee Seung-chul? Actually, I could get really excited about that. And rather than the characters glued to the TV to catch the Cinderella drama Star in My Heart, they can drool over Jang Dong-gun with the basketball hit The Last Match, or Lee Jung-jae in campus rom-comFeelings. Or Sohn Ji-chang in both of them.

Apparently there were a lot of fans hoping for a 2002 version of Answer Me, but I like the idea of going back, not forward. 2002 doesn’t seem far enough back to really hit that nostalgia for bygone youth — at least, not in the way that the added distance of 1994 does. If all goes well, maybe 2002 can be the third series.

Via Joins MSN


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'Reply 1997' season two will not be about Seo Taiji and Kids


Article: [Ki-Z Interview] "'Reply' Season 2, the reason I won't be covering Seo Taiji and Kids..."

Source: Kuki News via Nate

He chose not to choose Seo Taiji and Kids as the topic for the next season because people felt that it was too sensitive a topic and that too many things could go wrong if they messed up.

I was actually surprised reading the comments because I had no idea people didn't want a second season... what?!

1. [+176, -11] To all of the people that are telling him not to do a second season... I think it's important that our country keeps challenging themselves with new seasons whether they succeed or fail. Since this is also a cable channel, there are less restrictions so it might be even more fun. American dramas that do well can get up to five seasons and they're all fun to watch. And just because you don't want a second season doesn't mean you're not going to watch it when it does come out... I'm personally for a second season, whether it does well or not.

2. [+118, -8] Can we please keep the original cast?

3. [+108, -1] This drama was just so full of nostalgic memor
ies ㅜㅜ It was like a line of light in such a treacherous world today ㅜㅜ I loved it. I am absolutely in support of a second season!

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Mixed Reports Surround the Second Season of “Answer Me 1997”


 “Answer Me 1997” was a 2012 cable drama hit that centered around the 1990s K-Pop fandom and with its success,tvN has been planning a second season as part of a “Reply” series.

There has been a lot of rumors and speculation regarding the focus of the new series and recently, on April 4, it was reported by a Korean news outlet that the second season will be about the basketball craze that consumed South Korea in the early 1990s. College basketball stars Lee Sang Min and Woo Ji Won were the hottest celebrities during that era with a fandom that rivaled the most popular K-Pop idols of that time. According to the report, the writers were interviewing the fanclub members of these stars, leading to conclusion that the new series would be about fandom like the previous one, but specifically about basketball.

However, new reports have come out contradicting the original source, with a representative from the drama production team saying, “It seems the news about the basketball plot came out while we were gathering different sources for the drama.” The rep continued, “It is still too early to say we have settled on a focus for season 2.”

Expectations for the second season are high as “Answer Me 1997” was praised for its realistic details and perspective into the 90s K-Pop fandom culture and elevated Seo In Guk and A Pink’s Jung Eunji‘s popularity to another level. While the second season is expected to air in the latter half of 2013, the plot focus still seems to be undecided.

What do the readers think? Was it a media play to see people’s reaction to a possible plot focus? Do you like the idea of a basketball fandom drama? What do you want the second season to be about?


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TvN Confirms Reply 1997 Season 2

Channel tvN confirmed that they are working on a second season to hit drama “Reply 1997.”


Recently, the producers of the drama revealed that they decided to make the second season of the hit drama in early March.

They commented, “We have been working without much sleep to plan the second season of “Reply 1997.” We have been planning and collecting information to sort out the details. Even if we hurry, the second season will come out at the second half of the year.”He continued, “We know that people is anxiously waiting for season 2, and director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung have been working and trying their best to do not disappoint the public.”

The also revealed that the second season will be set in an earlier year than 1997. Some reports say that it will be on the year 1994, but there is still nothing set in stone.

There were also rumors about the second season being about basketball, however this was not confirmed by the channel, and they said, “Nothing is confirmed yet. The producers are currently collecting data from the 90s. They have been talking to people, and some of them are fan club members from basketball players. They are also looking at music, movies, dramas that were very popular in the 90s. There is still not even a outline for the second season.”

“Reply 1997” starring Seo In Guk, A Pink's Jung Eun Ji, Shin So Yool, Infinite's Hoya, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Shi Un became a hit in the summer of 2012. The drama talked about a group of teenagers in the later 90s, their love stories, their love for the first generation of idols groups such as H.O.T, and Sechs Kies, and their reccent lives in 2012.


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Fans are already looking forward to the sequel of Reply 1997, which swept the nation last year


There are numerous rumors about season 2 already, and one popular tidbit is that the new season will be centered around basketball. However, cable channel tvN reported, “There is nothing that is confirmed. Currently, the staff of ‘Reply 1997′ season 2 is collecting data that would resonate with memories. The basketball story seems to have come up while the data was being collected. The staff is currently talking to people about the sports and culture popular in 1990, and some of the people that they contacted are the fan club members of basketball stars.”

He added, “Season 1′s PD Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung are working on season 2 of ‘Reply 1997′. It’ll air in the second half of this year. Right now, it’s hard to say anything is confirmed as season 2′s main theme. Various songs, movies, dramas, and sports were popular in the 90s. There is nothing confirmed on what the staff will choose to make the drama with. The staff are also flustered because people are saying it’s been confirmed as basketball when we don’t even have the synopsis for season 2.”

© allkpop


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laquetahodge said: I missed the first season when it was airing & had to catch up later, so I'll be watching this season since 1997 was so good. As much as some people would like it, it won't have the same cast members. It'll be an entirely different story with a different set of people. 
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Guest sicknine

Great season 2 is coming!I watched Answer to 1997. Very refreshing story and that's why people loves it so much and I feel very related when watching AT97 :D

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Guest sicknine

@ricca I feel related with AT97 because I was living in that year. Really like it how they showed how shitty and slow the Internet was back in 90s. People can't even watch porn easily on the Internet because it's so slow :))

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sicknine said: @ricca I feel related with AT97 because I was living in that year. Really like it how they showed how shitty and slow the Internet was back in 90s. People can't even watch porn easily on the Internet because it's so slow :))
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the girl who! said: Shin Won Ho will be directing the 2nd season rigth??? 

I really love and respect this man since his days as PDnim of Qualifications of Men ( my favorite k-variety show ) ... I'm really anticipating this drama , loved the first one! ^^
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“Reply 1997″ Is Planning On Airing a Second Season In September
Who is going to watch round two of this drama? tvN’s hit drama, Reply 1997, which ended last year is going to take a swing at a second season. The first
 episode of the drama is set to air sometime in September, and the plot will take place not in 1997, but in 1994. There were also rumors about the second season being about basketball, however this was not confirmed by the channel, and they said, Nothing is confirmed yet. The producers are currently collecting data from the 90s. ‘Reply 1997’ starring Seo In Guk, A-Pink‘s Jung Eunji, Shin So Yool, Infinite’s Hoya, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Shi Un became a huge hit in the summer of 2012 both locally and through international fans watching online. What do you think about this? Do you think it will be a hit or flop? I guess we can only wait until September to see where the drama goes from there. Source: Daily KPOP News


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Second season of ‘Reply’ to be set in 1994

On April 16 tvN revealed, “Season 2 of ‘Reply 1997′ will air in September The drama will be set in 1994. Like it was spread in the media although basketball will be covered, it won’t be the main focus We don’t even have the synopsis yet. We’re going to melt the various topics that were popular back in 1994

‘Reply 1997′ had been well loved by viewers, breaking a record for cable dramas with a 6% rating

Are you looking forward to the new season?


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Guest ahira

Bookmarked. So excited for this. I just recently watched Reply 1997. And it was so so cool! Well researched. Thanks for the updates! :)

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