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i haven't had a chance to read everyone's thoughts on this 'Uee versus Jin Se Yeon' thing. my comment for now is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. some people will like Uee more or some people will like SY more. no one is really wrong. but what is wrong is taking this 'anti-whoever' to start bashing other fans. i think that is crossing a line. no fan deserves to be hated by other fans over who they like more. i have to say that so far all my shippers are incredibly nice not to go bashing other Uee fans. all of you guys are keeping a level head about it and continue your love for SY no matter what. :)
sincerely, we all have thoughts of Uee being that girl who Joo Won cried over on "Win Win." but for some reason, i don't think it was her. it would seem out of character for JW to talk about a fellow actress so publicly, and in a romantic way too. it would also be awkward between them since they still had a contract to promote Cantata coffee together. to me, the girlfriend he was talking about was probably from a while ago. i want to reiterate that i wish JW all the best in his personal life. he seems like such a sweet and caring guy. i hope he finds the right person for him. i also want to say the same thing about Se Yeon, too... she seems like such a sweet and lovable girl. she definitely deserves some time to date someone since SY is still 19.
so, my shippers, let's put this discussion to rest. we could go on comparing Uee and SY, but we wouldn't achieve anything since everyone have their opinions. i want to remind everyone that this thread is dedicated to JW AND SY as a couple onscreen and off screen. so, please, let's gush and talk about them. thank you. :)

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thank you for posting the new pictures here, sunshine4ever. :-*
darn mannequins blocking my view of JooSY! *shakes fist* i want to see whether or not JW wrapped his arm around SY's waist. :D i really wish we can have more official photos from Edwin. the one where they're staring at each others is super cute. :x
here are 3 more pictures that Edwin employees took of the displays in their stores.
credit to cafe.daum.net/edwinvmd/MBdO/10276996505114657205B0D3226AB35051146574040DB7236AFB5051146576047250

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@sophiechoice, yes, we shippers have a new paradise now. get it? :D ......okay, that was a lame joke. :P
yes, that picture is from their winter campaign, and i backtracked through the pages and found this one that amlogos_10 posted. just look at the potential of cute and gorgeous photos we fans could have from Edwin. :(( actually... judging from the BTS video of the photo shoot, there was A LOT of really cute interactions between JW and SY. i am flabbergasted as to why there was no bigger releases for the winter photos. there was a ton for the fall campaign. it looks like this spring campaign might have even less skinship between our couple. i know some of you guys said it was due to JW's new leading lady. but seriously... you have two gorgeous people on set and you didn't tell them to be more lovey-dovey. WHY, EDWIN, WHY?!

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waeee ??? i'm really pissed off now *kicking wall*

@Micheru, i remembered what you said before in SY thread that Edwin has the trend for using the talents as their model for only 3 edition, if its true then this Spring Campaign is the last time we'll see JooSeyeon in Edwin Campaign, and thats limited skinship what we have as a farewell for our OTP,how cruel,  and we dont know if they're going to have another projects together again in the future....

okey this thought really richard simmons me off right now X(  X(

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@sophiechoice, i refuse to believe that this spring campaign is going to be their last one. :-SS i am holding out hope that they might be modeling the summer campaign as well. Edwin probably wants to do a full year contract with JW and SY. given their track record so far, Edwin's previous models, like Miss A, did more than 4 seasons with the brand. so, i am praying and hoping for the same thing to happen to our couple. i also think it would be cheaper to keep the current models instead of doing negotiations with new, bigger stars. i think it was amlogos_10 that said JW and SY are doing really well as models for Edwin... so, let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

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Guest jooseyeon4ever

lxands said: jooseyeon4ever said: You're very welcome :) it's been bothering me so much.. this UEE is better with joowon.. she's prettier, sexier, better actor.. I'm just like, yeah, but UEE hurt him! then when i read a post that wasn't very kind towards seyeon.. i got very protective of her (hahahaha sorta weird, i know) and i sort of exploded.. but tried not to offend all the JW&UEE shippers in the thread at the same time... It's okay if you can't answer my post, your answer here means a lot to me because you've always been able to make these amazing insights and read between the lines of Joowon's and Seyeon's interviews.. thanks for the support :) most of my friends except for one all support UEE and.. i'm pretty sure they wouldn't like for their celeb oppa to be hurt, even though she IS pretty and all that.. so i appreciate the support. and i totally agree with your 'KangDan shipper FIGHTING!!!!!!!" 

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Guest sunshine4ever

@Aera, I reuploaded this at tinypic.com, can you see?



credits to Edwin Naver & @Micheru

@Micheru, dearest, agree with you. I hope everyone will let to rest everything about Uee as this thread is about Se Yeon with Joo Won. All topics about Joo Won and his co-stars should be in his thread instead.

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since i can't make graphics, i'll post a picture montage of SY through the years for my shippers to see. :)

credit to Early Bird Entertainment, www.cyworld.com/barbie0215, and www.twitter.com/Jinseyeon

i'll continue with more pictures since SY hasn't updated her cyworld or twitter... and i have yet to see any pictures of SY's fans giving her a cake. these photos below were from last year when SY's fans came to celebrate her birthday on the set of "My Daughter, Flower."
credit to Early Bird Entertainment and www.twitter.com/Jinseyeonbdayparty1.jpg

i wonder what the cake that SY's fans gave her looks like... because the one they gave her last year was really cute.
credit to www.twitter.com/Jinseyeon, www.cyworld.com/barbie0215, and blog.naver.com/zzzzz1119/100151391978bday2012.png

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Guest sunshine4ever

@Micheru, thanks so much for reuploading pics in post 1. I saw them again and they looked awesome. I love the pictures at press conferences of Joo Won and Se Yeon. :)

Love all the pictures you ladies posted for our dear Se Yeon here and at her thread.

Happy birthday to Se Yeonie and hope she had a blessed time with her family, friends, and fans who love her. I hope this next year will be a totally awesome year for her and may all the best come towards her. I hope she will surprise us with more new productions of her. :)

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