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okay, i'm one of those who complaining about the lack of skinship from this edwin campaign *silly grin* but now it looks like i'm ready to take my words back, because i've to admitted that i looooooove all the pics especially in this HQ :D 

and you are right even with this lack of skinship, i feel all the fun and joy they've shared when did these photoshoot, aaahhh love is in the air qeqeqeqeqeeeee

thank you @aera for posting, i love you :*

but still lots skinship will make it into perfection LOL

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ahahah , @sophiechoice , I'm currently loving this spring ads the most, so many HQ pics!  :Dno words can describe how much thankful I am to those korean fans & EDWIN for giving us all those adorable picsbut of course, more skinship is much better ;))hear that, EDWIN? for next summer please? B-)

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i'm with you, my most favorites scenes in entire BM is that laundry scene in epi 10,, that was the most romantic scenes in every single sweet scenes in all kdrama i watched in 2012 for me :P
btw i want to tell my opinion abt Seyeon acting.. what i love abt Seyeon acting is that she's not over facial expression, she's natural, for most ppl who dont like SY, they said she was bland and flat, but for me she's a natural and not over the top,especially in the early episodes of BM when she's most of the times in rage-and-hatred-mode toward Kangto,she's trully badass..
tbh when i watched BM, sometimes (in a very little times of course), i felt like i was annoyed by JW/PKW acting because i felt like there were times when they did exxagerating for my tastes :D (i'm trying to be honest here, but it doesnt decreasing my love for JW/PKW but i have to be objective :P)........... my only problem with SY acting is maybe her lack of depth and inconsistency, and hope times and experiences will making her a better actress :x

dear, u'r last upload pic not appears in my PC T_T

@aera i see it now, thank you :)

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@sophieschoice , which pic? the one from JW's DC? I think it's PB problem...
@cutieloverz , that's one of my most fav KD scene too :DI became interested in BM after hearing that it's written by Yoo Hyun-mi, the writer-nim from my all time fav 'Green Rose', and this fanvid was actually brought me to watch BM,

hehe, I love spoilers! :Dit's my first drama of JW, I first watched him as MC at the KBS drama awards back in 2011, but I didn't care much about him then since I watch that only for TPM's cast. So glad I discovered him in BM, and he became my first [and only] actor crush :xfor SY, I watched her before in It's ok, Daddy's daughter :)
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@cutieloverz just alerted me that Edwin finally updated their main website! \:D/ i also found a link to look at each individual photo from the electronic catalog on the site. here is it, my shippers: http://edwin.co.kr/flash/e-catalogue.xml

credit to www.edwin.co.kr/catalogue/stillcut.aspwtv9zr.jpg

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besides the e-catalogue, there are more photos sprinkled throughout the website. so, enjoy the pretty again, my lovelies! :-*

credit to www.edwin.co.kr/main/main.asp11v1x5f.jpg

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man, i really want the yellow flower-print heels that SY is wearing in the last picture. they are super cute! :x
i think i am the only one who isn't loving the spring campaign. i do like it a lot, but i just don't love it. it is definitely cute and fresh. but it is not anywhere near the flirty and romantic vibe of the winter campaign. thinking about that photo shoot makes me want to cry because NO ONE actually scan the winter catalog. ah, the skinship and touching of my JooSY! :(( ..........maybe when JW and SY shoot the summer campaign, the lovely spring weather will mean less clothes for them. this way, more touching can happen. :D hey, one obsessed shipper can hope, right?

why do i feel like we are being cheated? i mean, come on Edwin. the e-catalogue basically contains the same pictures you have released already. if it wasn't for that awesome Korean fan who scan the paper catalog, i wouldn't be so mean to you. i know you have different outtakes from the photo shoot. now, GIVE THEM TO US!!! :-w

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@cutieloverz , aww thank you  :-* about SY pic, is that from It's Ok Daddy's Daughter or My Daughter Flower?now I really really want to see them in modern drama....sigh...

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