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Guest SeYeonLovely

thanks @Aera for good new :x
i am happy right now!!!!  >:D<
new pic is so funny and cute...
our couple is so beautiful when stay together...
hope to see more pic...
i miss them so crazy... :((

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amlogos_10 said:


My dear Aera, you deserve a big kiss from us all now.  Love love love those new pics from Edwin's Spring Cf so much, and love you too 


Oh....boy, looking at their Cf pictures make me want to go back to school again.....

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AHHH!!! THE CUTENESS IS TOO MUCH!!! :x thank you for posting the new Edwin pictures, Aera! did i say how much i love you, deary? :-*

i also want to give a big hug to the Korean fan who actually took the time to scan the whole catalog. >:D< we shippers are indebted to you!

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Guest sunshine4ever

@Aera, seems like a good idea to me for rewatching Bridal Mask in June. How about you remind us and we can all rewatch and spazz again in Bridal Mask's thread? I'd love to rewatch with you if you are watching it.

So there is another season with them in it? Yay. More more more! :) I hope they will do more of something together. I like the picture with Joo Won and the guitar and Se Yeon covered her ears...so cute.

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