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[Drama 2012] Glass Mask 유리가면


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tumblr_m99pw5YgCj1rb60l9o1_1280.jpgGlass Mask 유리가면Title 유리가면 / YoorigamyunEpisodes: TBABroadcast Network: tvNRelease Date: September 3rd, 2012Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:45 KSTOfficial WebsitePDShin Seung WooWriterChoi Young InReplaced: Yellow BootsFollowed by: TBA

SynopsisA drama about a woman's survival and revenge and born as a murderer's daughter.
Casttumblr_m99ru6zlZS1rb60l9o1_500.jpgSeo Woo as Kang Yi Gyung

  • Jung Da Bin as Young Kang Yi Gyung
tumblr_m99rvmOq6E1rb60l9o1_500.jpgLee Ji Hoon as Kim Sun Jae
tumblr_m99rte2uYk1rb60l9o1_500.jpgKim Yun Seo as Kang Seo Yeon
  • Ahn Eun Jeong as Young Kang Seo Yeon
tumblr_m99szqZ2aD1rb60l9o1_500.jpgPark Jin Woo as Kim Ha Joon

I didn't see a thread for this so I made one. Let me know if there's already one!

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Episode/s (Page on this Thread)
Ep 1-12 (1), Ep13-19 (2), Ep 20-26 (3), Ep 27-31(4), Ep 32-34 (5), Ep 35-38 (6),
Ep 39-41 (7), Ep 42-43 (8), Ep 44 (9), Ep 45 (10), Ep 46 (11), Ep 47 (12), Ep 48 (13),
Ep 49-50 (14), Ep 51 (16), Ep 52-53 (17), Ep 54 (19), Ep 55 (23), Ep 56-57 (24),
Ep 58 (26), Ep 59 (27), Ep 60 (29), Ep 61 (30), 62 (31), 63-69 (39), 70-74 (40), 75 (41),
76 (42), 77 (41), 78 (42), 79-80 (43), 81 (45), 82 (46), 83 (48), 84 (49), 85 (51), 86 (52), 87-89 (54), 90 (57), 91 (58), 92 (59), 93 (60), 94-95 (62), 96 (65), 97-98 (66),
99-102 (69), 103-104 (72), 105-106 (73), 107 (76), 108-110 (77), 111 (78), 
112-114 (79), 115 (80), 116-117 (81), 118 (82), 119 (83), 120 (84), 121-122 (85) THE END.

Episode 1 starts off well.  Yi Gyung and Seon Yeon were at the cliff struggling over a CD.  Seems like Seon Yeon wants Yi Gyung to be a scapegoat. Anyway Yi Gyung fell into the sea.

Detective Kang In Chul whilst trying to capture criminal, Shin Gi Tae, accidentally shot Gi Tae's pregnant wife and later his fellow colleague. This was witness by a gangster.  His colleague died and the Gi Tae's pregnant wife was rushed to hospital.  Gi Tae's wife died but the child was saved.

In Chul colleague's wife (who's also pregnant) learned of her husband at the hospital, went into labour but was still birth.

Traumatised, the dead detective's wife went to the nursery. Whilst the nurse stepped out due to a black out, she took (I reckon - Gi Tae's child) the crying baby and gave her a feed, took her and left the hospital.

Kang In Chul received a medal of commendation from the police force. There must be some underhand exchange between the gangster and In Chul so that Gi Tae stays in jail? 

In the meantime, Kang In Chul is haunted by guilt, went looking for the dead detective's wife who disappeared without a trace and also enquire at the hospital about the Gi Tae's wife.  The nurses was hushing about an accident to the baby which I am suspecting that Gi Tae's child is taken by the dead detective's wife.

Kang In Chul went to the orphange where Gi Tae's child was supposed to be. He immediately taken to the liking of the child and decides to adopt her.

Kang In Chul named the child Kang Yi Gyung.  The dead detective's wife named her child Seo Yeon.

Next Preview

Both In Chul and the dead detective's wife met and decided to get married.

Gi Tae ran away from jail.

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120-episodes is nothing to me since it's only 30 minutes per episode. I've watched more than 160 episodes few times so don't let the number of episodes scare you. :) I hope Glass Mask won't disappoint me in later episodes. I might download it if there's English subs available but again, it has to be good, too otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up. :\

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Ep 2 - Both In Chul and Hae Soon met at the police station.  Both struggle to raise the children as a single parent.  In the end of the episode both got married though In Chul was advised against the union by his senior colleague/supervisor because Yi Gyung was the 'child' of the 'murderer', Shin Gi Tae, who killed Hae Soon's husband.  Shin Gi Tae's man was finding out for Gi Tae where his child is.  He found out that the child was adopted by In Chul.  On one of his tailing of In Chul, but he was napped by the gangster.

Ep 3 - Both girls in school.  Yi Gyung loves her sister Seo Yeon dearly but Seo Yeon is always jealous of Yi Gyung because she is outstanding in school and loved by Mom and Dad and everyone else.  Hae Soon found out by accident at the end of the episode that Yi Gyung is the 'daughter' of Shin Gi Tae, adopted by In Chul.

Ep 4 - Changed in attitude of Hae Soon towards Yi Gyung.  Hae Soon went to prison to visit Gi Tae.  Gi Tae told her that he didn't killed her husband. Hae Soon didn't believe him.  Seon Yeon was hospitalized one day due to an illness (kidney?) and may be in need of a transplant.  In Chul and Yi Gyung rushed to hospital.  Yi Gyung was a willing donor.  Anyway, somehow, the operation was not necessary.  This is the turning point.  Seo Yeon starts to be outwardly nasty towards Yi Gyung knowing that her mom would back her up.

Ep 5 - Yi Gyung accused of stealing a set of color pencils from a classmate (planted by Seo Yeon) and was punished.  Yi Gyung was also removed from Seo Yeon's room and moved to the attic. A grown up Yi Gyung appears towards the end of the episode catching Kim Ha Joon whom she's mistaken for a thief trying to break into a house (an accidental kiss).  Yi Gyung was late for Seo Yeon's appointment to the doctor and was slapped by Seo Yeon.

Ironic how Yi Gyung became the daughter of a murderer - Gi Tae / In Chul - one is framed and the other is the real culprit.

Hae Soon raised the Seo Yeon, the real daughter of Gi Tae whom she thought is the murderer.

Who will Yi Gyung's love interest be?  Kim Ha Joon (Park Jin Woo) or Kim Sun Jae (Lee Ji Hoon).  Anyone knows?

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I was betting on Lee Ji Hoon just because he's the better known actor... but kisses like that are usually reserved for OTP moments so I'm not too sure.

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I should correct myself. Seo Yeon didn't slap Yi Gyung but she did tell her to leave. 

Ep 6 - Yi Gyung first encounter with Kim Sun Jae at the Convenient Store where she works part-time.  She thought he couldn't afford food and so she gives him a treat.  Yi Gyung was also asked to lie about herself and tutor Kim Ha Joon.  Kim Ha Joon is a chaebol.  He is also in a boy band.  Typical rich kid who spends a lot, neglecting his studies and singing in clubs.  Seo Yeon has a crushed on him whilst meeting him by chance with her friend in the restaurant and subsequently in one of his show.  Yi Gyung got drunk intentionally on her first day of tutoring whilst Ha Joon slips out to perform in one of his shows.  When he got back he was misunderstood as a thief again which was clarified by the maid.  Yi Gyung broke one of his guitar with a golf club.  Yi Gyung borrowed one of Seo Yeon's jacket and left a note.  Seo Yeon went into a fit.  When Yi Gyung came back, she ripped the jacket and slapped her (for real this time).

I read somewhere that Kim Sun Jae and Kim Ha Joon are step brothers? Is that true?

So Seo Yeon likes Ha Joon.  Ha Joon and Sun Jae likes Yi Gyung.  Is one of the two men going to turn bad?

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@babeyelmo - Not sure.  It's cable drama.  There's licensing issue. You won't be able to watch Chinese sub too on tudou as they were licensed to mainland china.  It will be a long while before english sub is out.

I forgot to mention that In Chul and Hae Soon has a biological son (what's his name? Anyone knows?).  He is closer to Yi Gyung.

Ep 7 - Yi Gyung was asked by Ha Joon to continue tutoring him under the guise of paying him for the guitar she broke. Ha Joon saw Yi Gyung and Sun Jae together at a park and jealousy was beginning to form. It was In Chul's birthday but he was at a police stakeout.  Yi Gyung was bringing him a change of clothes, food and present after her tutoring session but was tagged along by Ha Joon, thinking those things might be for Sun Jae.  Ha Joon was taken hostage by a criminal (not sure if that the one that In Chul was looking for).  Whilst saving Ha Joon, In Chul was stabbed.

Ep 8 - In Chul was taken to hospital and was operated on.  He turns out to be alright.  Yi Gyung was of course blamed by Hae Soon (she gave her a slap - There seems to be or going to be a lot of SLAPPING around in this drama.  If you don't like it, please stop watching).  Ha Joon overheard and know how Yi Gyung was wasn't In Chul's biological daughter and the way she was treated by Seo Yeon and Hae Soon.  Ha Joon went into the ward to visit and thank In Chul for saving him the next day.  Seo Yeon pulled Yi Gyung aside to question how she knew Ha Joon.  Yi Gyung explained to Seo Yeon about the whole tutoring situation and asked if Seo Yeon could keep a secret.  Seo Yeon agreed on condtion that she can tag along to her next tutoring session. 

On the day of tuition, Seo Yeon makes Hae Soon to call Yi Gyung to leave for hospital, making an opportunity for Seo Yeon and Ha Joon to be alone together.  Ha Joon gave Seo Yeon 2 tickets to his final show and tell her that she must come along with Yi Gyung.  Ja Joon confess his love for Yi Gyung at the show which makes Seo Yeon jealous and very angry.  I think Yi Gyung did not have that sort of feeling towards Ha Joon and was surprised by his confession.  Also she knows that Seo Yeon likes Ha Joon.  Seo Yeon felt betrayed by Yi Gyung after she tells her she likes Ha Joon. 

Seo Yeon went home and make a mess of Yi Gyung's room.  She accidentally comes across a box of photos of Hae Soon and her exhusband. She went to confront Hae Soon about it.

So, Seo Yeon always thought she is In Chul and Hae Soon's biological daughter and only Yi Gyung is adopted.  Next week preview - Seo Yeon, after learning the truth of her ex-cop father, is petitioning for capital punishment for Shin Gi Tae, helped by Yi Gyung, seen by In Chul.  How will this blow out?  Will Yi Gyung be told that her 'father' is Shin Gi Tae?

It is a daytime drama.  Though classified under REVENGE, don't expect too much.  There's always reconciliation at the end (Yellow Boots is an example).

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Ep 9 - Seo Yeon found out that she not In Chul's daughter and that Shim Gi Tae killed her real father.  Went out petition for Shim Gi Tae's death penalty with Yi Gyung's help (evil Hae Soon letting Yi Gyung do this).  In Chul, out of hospital, saw Yi Gyung doing this.  He wasn't happy with Hae Soon and had an argument with her over this.  Both Seo Yeon and Yi Gyung overheard the argument and found out that Yi Gyung is Shim Gi Tae's daughter.  Seo Yeon wasn't going to forgive her parents and Yi Gyung for this.

Sun Jae was hit by a car and suffered minor injury.  Helped by Yi Gyung.  That's where he knows her name.

Ha Joon though rejected by Yi Gyung was still willing to be her friend.  He will be soon sent abroad by his mother after she found out that he's still in the boy band.  While Ha Joon who saw Yi Gyung crying in the park after finding out her identity, sent her home.  He kissed Yi Gyung on the cheek and was seen by Seo Yeon. Yi Gyung suffered a slap from Seo Yeon. 

We should tally how many slaps Yi Gyung received from the drama.  I hope there won't be too many flashback.  I don't find them necessary.  Yellow Boots got way too much flashbacks.

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I'll correct myself again on ep 9.  Ha Joon did not kiss Yi Gyung. Blame it on my lagging broadband.

Ep 10
- So Yeon is so evil.  She called the reporters about Yi Gyung being Shim Gi Tae's daughter and her whereabouts.  And so there was swarm of reporters at the house the next morning.  She also told Ha Joon that Yi Gyung lied about her qualification/age.  Ha Joon was happy instead because he can become Yi Gyung's oppa.  I don't think Ha Joon knows why Yi Gyung was sad but he managed to bribe her brother Geon to take him to the house. Ha Joon took Yi Gyung out to cheer her up.  Whilst on another lunch date with Ha Joon the following day, Yi Gyung got a called that So Yeon was kidnapped.  The kidnapper thought that So Yeon was Shim Gi Tae's daughter. Yi Gyung rushed to the scene.

- Yi Gyung left the house.
- Time jumped.  Yi Gyung have a little clothing stall?  Ha Joon came back from abroad and found Yi Gyung.

I am wondering too if Yi Gyung and So Yeon are non-identical twins? They seems to be able to feel for each other?  But in episode 1, it only show 1 baby being born.  What do all of you think?

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Ep 11 - Cut the long story short (or shorter), So Yeon was saved, the kidnapper caught.  Yi Gyung left the house leaving her handphone behind so nobody can contact her.  It seems that she is keeping herself out of sight from her family and friends for 8 years, working and staying in a small sewing shop in a marketplace. Even In Chul can't find her. In Chul has been promoted and the family have moved into an apartment. Ha Joon came back from abroad and join Fideli (name of company) as team leader of design team.  So Yeon happens to be one of the designer.  Yi Gyung seems to be designing her own underwear label (not sure whether she copies Fideli's design and put her own label).  Ha Joon recognizes the cat logo.  Yi Gyung sewed on his handkerchief when she return it back to him on the day of So Yeon kidnapping incident.  Ha Joon found Yi Gyung but she ran away.  Instead, So Yeon ran into her in the market.

FYI - Darksmurf is subbing the drama but is kept private for members only.

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I'll admit that daytime drama is not for everyone. So far, Glass Mask is laying the groundwork of introducing each character.  Waiting for Seon Jae's appearance in episodes next week. 

I don't know what to expect relationship wise between the four of them, how will they end up.  It looks like the story is heading towards Yi Gyung and Ha Joon falling in love but may not necessarily end up together. Ha Joon may end up marrying Seo Yeon like in Yellow Boots with Yun Jae and Yu Ra. We will see.

I'm just wondering why Yi Gyung did not attempt to visit Shin Gi Tae?
Ep 12 - Sabotage by Seo Yeon begins

Ha Jun manage to find Yi Gyung in the shop.  Dragged her to be his partner to attend a function organized by the company (Is it Fideli or Fidelia??). Seo Yeon jealous. Intentionally bumped into her and cause her dress to be stained.  Ha Joon seen by mom (Jeong Hye Ran) kneeling, trying to get rid of the stain for Yi Gyung. Introduced Yi Gyung, the former tutor to Hye Ran.  Yi Gyung sewing skill was displayed to Hye Ran the next day.  Hye Ran and another team leader of the company was impressed.  They sought Yi Gyung to be part of Fideli but was rejected (pressured by Seo Yeon to be out of sight).

Meanwhile the shop owner of the shop Yi Gyung was staying and working got into trouble with the loan shark. They came to the shop looking for the owner while Ha Joon was there. Yi Gyung was visited by the other Team Leader trying to persuade her to help him out because of the injured hand he got from Seo Yeon by accident. Yi Gyung was forced to accept Fideli's offer because the money. She make it clear to the angry Seo Yeon that she will leave after the project is completed.

During the day of live on-air selling, Seo Yeon sabotage Yi Gyung's garment's so that it ripped during live TV.

Everytime Seo Yeon tries to sabotage, something goes wrong (take the fire in the art room for an example).  They are not smart villains.  Ha Joon is bit thick. Doesn't he suspect there's something not right between the two sisters? 

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Ep 13

Yi Gyung was able to save the life TV sale by doing a live sewing rescue. The phone sales went off the hook.  Hae Soon saw Yi Gyung on TV. Whilst discussing Yi Gyung at home with Seo Yeon, Geon overheard their conversation.  He was told not to tell In Cheol about Yi Gyung. Yi Gyung, I think, was offered a position in Fideli. Seo Yeon went to confront Yi Gyung about the position in Fideli but Ha Joon interrupted their conversation.

Ep 14

Seo Yeon has to change tatics. She told Yi Gyung to accept the position but went on line to spread bad rumours (not sure what exactly) about her, causing her to be ostracized and bullied by company workers. Knowing it was Seo Yeon doing and what Seo Yeon intention was, Yi Gyung decided to leave secretly.  Yi Gyung found Ha Joon cooked a meal for her at the shop (his cooking was terrible by the looks of it).  Yi Gyung is grateful to Ha Joon for always being there when she needs comforting.  She sewed him a cat key chain - one for him and another for herself as a present (thank you/parting). Geon went to find Ha Joon to find Yi Gyung's whereabouts. Geon went to see Yi Gyung and had a tearful reunion.  Geon went to tell In Cheol the next day secretly. But as they arrived at the shop, Yi Gyung was gone.  Yi Gyung sew a set of PJ for each of the family member. She waited outside the office to pass it on to Seo Yeon before she leaves.  Something suddenly fell from the roof. To save Seo Yeon, Yi Gyung went to pushed Seo Yeon aside and was hit.

In this episode, In Cheol met Sun Jae.  Sun Jae was a kid he met in one of In Cheol's murder investigation. His mother was killed and he's the witness but due to shock, he can't remember anything about the murder even till now.  In Cheol's kindness while he was in hospital open him up.

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