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[Drama 2012] Golden Time 골든타임

Guest Eja

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I have no words, it's beyond my expectations. LSG is awesome as always. I so love his character - insecure, gentle and pure and Jae In broke my heart when she realized that her oppa cheated on her. poor girl! :( but I love the most doctor In Hyuk and nurse Eun Ah and their beautiful friendship. Okay, I'm set for episode 5 - bring it on!

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Guest xopo17

class="ks_article_title"'Golden Time' Lee Sun Gyun, Hwang Jung Eum Betrayal Fines 'Hotel Fee $5000'


Lee Min Woo(Lee Sun Gyun) paid his fines for betraying Kang Jae In(Hwang Jung Eum). Lite rally.

On the 4th episode of 'Golden Time' that aired on July 17th, Jae In finds out that her boyfriend Sun Woo(Song Yoo Ha) has been cheating on her and becomes furious.

Jae In is angry that her boyfriend betrayed her like this but feels more betrayal from Min Woo because he knew all along.

From her boyfriends accident, to his cheating, to Min Woo's betrayal Jae In was in a panic state. Jae In left the hospital in her doctors gown and slipper in a taxi and arrived at a expensive hotel.

At the front desk Jae In stated "Give me a suite room. I don't have my card right now but I'm a member of the hotel. I should be in the system." and got a room without paying for it first.

Min Woo, tracks Jae In's number down and comes to get her at the hotel. Jae In tells him "If you're sorry then show me at least in money ways." And had Min Woo pay for her $5,000 stay at the hotel.

credit: korea.com

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Guest xopo17

class="ks_article_title"‘Golden Time’ Hwang Jung Eum Feels Betrayed By Lee Sun Gyun5062-golden-time.jpg

Hwang Jum Eum becomes shocked after discovering the truth about her boyfriend on MBC's 'Golden Time.'

Kang Jae In (Hwang Jum Eum) became shocked after discovering the truth about boyfriend Bang Sun Woo (Song Yoo Ha) in MBC's 'Golden Time.'

On the 17th, Bang Sun Woo's other girlfriend visited the emergency room on MBC TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Golden Time.'

Although Bang Sun Woo's playboy character was quite apparent, oblivious Jae In went so far as to hire an intern from Busan for her boyfriend. Bang Sun Woo's older sister did not know of Jae In's existence as well.

On this day, Sun Woo's girlfriend came to the hospital and revealed her identity to the doctors who asked of their relationship, "I'm his girlfriend. I had an accident while paragliding." The hospital workers who all thought Jae In was Sun Woo's girlfriend observed with curiosity. Sun Woo's girlfriend proceeded to greet Min Woo (Lee Sun Gyun).

Eventually, Jae In found out about her boyfriend's cheating and felt betrayed by Min Woo, who did not inform her about the truth. Min Woo grabbed Jae In, as she yelled, "Let go! Get out of my face, you bastard."

'Golden Time' is based on the meaning of the best time for treatment effects in the emergency room, one hour for externally damaged patients and three hours for trauma, stroke, and the like, to minimize damage corresponding to accidents.

credit: korea.com

another artikel :

Kang Jane (Hwang Jeong-eum) was made to cry twice by her boyfriend who had a affair and Lee Min woo (Lee Seon-gyoon) who hid this truth.

On the fourth episode of the MBC drama "Golden Time" on the 17th, Jane angered at her boyfriend Seon-woo's (Song Yoo-ha) cheat and ran out of the hospital.

This happened when her boyfriend had a paragliding accident. Seon-woo got into this accident while paragliding with another girlfriend and they ended up in Jane's hospital.

Min-woo knew about this cheating but he kept his mouth shut because he couldn't tell on his closest senior. He tried hard to hide it from Jane.

However the secret didn't last long. Seon-woo's other girlfriend came to see him. Everyone in the hospital knew that he was Jane's boyfriend so everyone stared with wide eyes.

When Jane came to see Seon-woo, In-hyeok and Min-woo tried with all their might to stop her running into his other girlfriends. But one of them recognized Min-woo and said hi to him.

Jane felt something weird and this girlfriend continued, "Why didn't you come to the birthday party at his cabin? Did you want me and Seon-woo to be alone?"

Jane was hurt by her boyfriend cheating on her but also felt betrayed by Min-woo who kept it from her and said foul language to him.

Meanwhile, as Jane and Seo-woo's relationship parted in different ways, many are expecting Min-woo and Jane's romance to take step. "Golden Time" is shown every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55PM.

Source : reviewstar.hankooki

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Unexpectedly i like this drama. ;)This is the second time I have watch LSG drama that at first I have no intention to watch but afterwatching the first episode I got hooked already. LSG's character in this one is a complete opposite ofhis arrogance in Pasta.Its funny though that the characters (the chefs) whom he used to scold in Pasta are now his sunbae (seniors) fellow/resident doctors in this one. Talk about switch roles. :)
But in as much as I like the drama due to LSG and HGE chemistry (looking forward to the progress of their relationship), I am annoyed on how the hospital are managed to have consultants/doctors who areonly up for the money/fame and not dedicated to the profession. I understand this is all drama and hintof reality but sometimes it just get into my nerves.
Anyway, I think Dr. Choi and the nurse will not end up as just friends but more than that.:\">:xWhat type of girl who is not excited about choosing her future house with her fiancee.She may not notice/realize it now but she is really into Dr. Choi. She might have fell in love with the skill,dedication and vision of him at first then realize she is in love. <:-P
My fave scene in episode 3 is when LSG was being mistaken to be the BF of HGE by the resident female doctor and as for episode 4 as posted by xopo17. EPIC. DAEBAK as the resident doctor in neurosurgery said.
Hope this drama will maintain the comedy in the right direction. Keep it up.

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Guest jolie_coeur

first OST released! Here are youtube links:


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From my perspective (well, this show has a subtle relationship-portraying, even for a medical drama standard, at least for now), JI is MW's pusher. She is behind most of MW's change toward become a better man/doctor, even more than dr.Choi In Hyuk at this point. From their 1st meeting while he subbed those "risky" US med. drama, then on the accident site, then she gave him advices after the child died (the catalyst for him to finally be an intern), when they transported the patient, etc, they slowly become a real partner-best friend (they often hang out together and compliments each other good and weak points). MW did grumbles and scowls at the beginning, they do clashed often, but he slowly, albeit maybe unconsciously, get attached to her. Most likely at the beginning he hid those affair from her because it was troublesome to got involved/for his hyung sake, but I think after some time, he become really concerned and care for her feeling if she knows his BF's betrayal. That's why he went after her immediately, didn't even care/think about many people around them and struggle so hard to explain and bring her back even finally willing to pay the expensive bill. He did need a little push from his sunbae to really went to her hotel, but I think that's already big leap from his usual laid-back and sometimes irresponsible behavior.
At the end of 4th eps, we could see that MW was much more affected with their rift, JI's angry and cold behavior toward him, he kept stealing looks at her when they were working. 

On a side note, I think the rumor about them will start sooner or later hahaha, what's with their friends taunting MW that he came to that hospital because of JI, the female doctor mistaken MW as JI's bf, and their chasing-and-bickering because those cheater bf.

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Hi everyone

Golden Time episodes 1 to 4 softsubs subtitle are out


Golden Time Episodes 1-4 English Subtitle can be found in the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-


Please visit the link for more information about the community translated subtitle (CTS) project

CTS project is about


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