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[Drama 2012] Golden Time 골든타임

Guest Eja

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Guest xopo17

class="content-title" Golden Time Official Drama Posters Revealed jbarky July 4, 2012


The upcoming MBC drama “Golden Time” recently released official posters. The posters show Lee Sun Kyun and Hwang Jung Eum with their backs to each other. While another one also features the rest of the cast Lee Sung Min and Song Sun Mi.

After the photoshoot Lee Sun Kyun stated, “The photoshoot for the poser was a lot more dynamic, because the drama itself involves stories at a hospital where everything needs to be swift.

The drama “Golden Time” is set in a surgical ward at a hospital. The two main characters are played by Lee Sun Kyun and Hwang Jung Eum. Lee Sun Kyun plays a top-notch surgeon with a cold demeanor who is very outspoken. While, Hwang Jung Eum plays a girl whose family owns the hospital but she decides to become a med student inter.

(The golden time or golden hour is the time period after an injury where doctors have the highest possibility of preventing a patient’s death.)

“Golden Time” will begin broadcasting on July 9.


credit : jbarky ( http://www.soompi.com/2012/07/04/golden-time-official-drama-posters-revealed/ )
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Guest xopo17

Aja aja for countdown : the premiere its almost 3 days more  :)>-

class="ks_article_title"“Golden Time” Hwang Jung Eum on Lee Sun Gyun: “There Was No One Who Was As Unlikeable As Him”4447-golden-time-hwang-jung-eum-lee-sun-

The heroine of the MBC drama "Golden Time" Hwang Jung Eum, who plays Kang Jae In, an intern who is the heir of five hospitals, revealed information about her partnership with Lee Sun Gyun through an interview.

Hwang Jung Eum stated that, "'Golden Time' is a piece of work that I encountered during a time when I was working to improve myself." She also stated that she had trouble with her script due to all of the unfamiliar terminology.

In particular, she playfully revealed her bad first impression of her drama counterpart Lee Sun Gyun. "My senior actor, Lee Sun Gyun, is an expert at ad-libbing. While filming, he added lines that were not originally in the script, making me even more confused than I already was. To be honest, because of this, I disliked him at first," she admitted.

However, "after some time, I realized that this is what acting really is," revealed Hwang Jung Eum. "If you watch the first and second episodes, my acting will probably look awkward. However, if you keep watching, you will be able to see more and more my improvements at ad-libs.":-bd

The first episode of "Golden Time" is to be released on July 9th.


its good, becoz both of lead actress and lead actor are willing to help each other, which is good and looks promising. 

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I enjoyed episode one. It was nice seeing a Kdrama focus more on a plot than the love lines. Lee Sun Kyun's character seems interesting off the bat, though it looks like we'll have to wait a few episodes to see what Hwang Jung Eum's character is like.

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I love it! Both HJE and LSG's characters are interesting, we can already see that each show a bit of "fake" superficial personality to other people, while hid their problems. And their chemistry are very good, Jae In-Min Woo have big potential to be great couple, with their dynamic and fun exchanges.

Though at this point, Min Woo is a lot more obvious, with his haphazard attitude and "chaotic-careless" way of life as a doctor. Therefore his turning point soon because of a sad incident is understandable already. Jae In on the other hand is still questionable, she seems like a rich happy-go-lucky albeit good natured girl and have high sense of responsibility, but I get a feeling there are much more of her, she already keeping some secrets and her personality right now might turn out to be a facade. Even her relationship with her boyfriend (a cheater?) feels more like a pastime flirt one. That's why the synopsis "Jae In only cares about her ex bf" now is questionable IMO.

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Yeah, they're revealing Min Woo's character in a detailed manner very early on, but it seems like Jae In will be a work in progress in terms of getting to know her character very well. For now, we don't know much about her.

Oh, one thing I'm liking so far is that Jae In is better at being a doctor than Min Woo. I just got so used to Kdramas making the girls seem useless or inferior to the male lead.

The preview for episode 3 looked good. I'm pretty sure Jae In was operating on her ex boyfriend in the preview.

So far, I'm pretty satisfied with the lack of romance in the drama. I know it'll probably never happen, but I want to watch a Kdrama not focused on romance for a change.

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You're completely right. I thought the same. I just wrote this in HJE's thread:

"Her character's story & personality still hasn't unveiled completely but Jae-in is a likable character, plus she's a reliable and competent doctor-intern, much better than Min-woo at this point, and she constantly push him forward. I like their dynamics. Their chemistry is palpable already."

Most of K medical drama tends to portray the female doctors as inferior than the male ones, be it the interns, residents, or even the specialist ones. So this is like a breath of fresh air, in many things. It's like this series gravitated more to American ones, with case-based intense situations one after another and the lack of romance (for now at least).

Plus this is an emergency setting medical drama, critical patients keep come, different than other medical dramas where characters still have plenty of time to interacts outside the works. So it's a given that romance, at least for now, is sideline. I've no problem with it, as long as they don't neglect characters development and interactions. I wish we'll get to know more about other interns beside Min Woo and Jae In, Jae In's bf, and MW-JI's family. As much as I love seeing MW-JI together, I do wish to start see them interact with other characters more.
Emergency room's setting is wonderful, but it's also so narrow that if the writers can't expand it successfully, viewers will eventually got bored and claustrophobic.

Btw, I suddenly remembered those preconceived idea about this drama and LSG-HJE's roles, which many believed LSG will once again be a genius, cold, hard-shouty surgeon to HJE's candy-type intern. Well, that couldn't be more wrong  :D

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Guest kawaiiyuki

Just noticed that it came out. Ha! The screen caps look really interesting. I can't wait to get started. As for the interview JE did,..... wow i didn't know SG ad-lips lots of his lines. he's gotten so good at it that it fits into the scene.  Judging from the screen caps we get lots of action!

Ps- I watched a few minutes of the first episode and a quick question. Is what is SG;s character doing? Is he making 'fan subs" (hehe wink wink) or is he commenting on the the show/movie he's watching?

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Just watched the first 2 episodes and i have to say i liked it. The characters besides the professor and his nurse who really are a good team are not necessarily likeable but they are interesting. I especially welcome the difference of the main characters compared to the norm in kdramas, LSG´s character isn´t the typical, arrogant genius who has to prove himself towards the other staff, he´s just a normal intern without big ambitions whose biggest enemy right now is himself. 

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